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Role Playing; Story-lines, Grading, Invasions, Missions
Topic Started: Aug 9 2016, 07:14 PM (5,242 Views)
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The World

Table of Contents

  • [go2=Anchor1]Story Lines[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor2]Grading[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor3]Invasions[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor4]Missions[/go2]

Here at My Hero Academia RP, there are some basic things that should be outlined about the world in which we RP in. It is largely based on the series, My Hero Academia, but set without canon characters. It is a new generation, and the whole world is changing drastically. Most important of all is you, and what your characters do to shape the world in which we live. All plot on the site is shaped through our members, and the world is always diversifying and changing every day!

Time flows differently here. Each site year consists of six real life months. Currently, we are in Year 425 and this will be updated every time a new site year ticks over. Below is an list of how the six month year relates to the seasons and months in a real life year. The year is based upon Year 0 being the first quirk user. The site's story began 420 years after that.

Year Cycles

October - Autumn
November - Autumn/ Winter
December - Winter
January - Spring
February - Spring/ Summer
March - Summer

April - Autumn
May - Autumn/ Winter
June - Winter
July - Spring
August - Spring/ Summer
September - Summer


Story Lines & Threads

On MHARP, Story Lines, or SLs for short, are the most essential and only way to RP. With SLs you may RP however you wish starting from a story about walking down the street to all of a sudden robbing a well renowned bank.

The hardest part of an SL is finding the right people to actually RP with. There are many ways to recruit members such as asking politely in the cbox, PMing members you wish to participate, planning ahead in your Hero office/ group, or simply going to the RP Discussion Sub Forum and advertising your SL or creating a thread to see if anyone is available.

You cannot thread between your own characters.
The main goal of SLs should be character development above all else, and as such, you should be focused on describing your character and exploring their capabilities rather than just going around everywhere and spamming up a bunch of Rank S techniques.

A thing to note is that staff are within their right to come into an SL at anytime and mess up your day if they see fit. In most cases this will only occur if you are attempting to do anything extremely unbelievable in order to cheat the system or simply break the system. Then there are other times that this will occur simply because things might be going a tad too perfect.

By default a thread is Open, this means anyone can join. If a thread is marked Closed then someone wanting to join without permission has to invade.

You are limited to only 2 threads at one time. Regardless of faction each character will only be allowed two slots for threading. Once in use a character must wait until each thread expires, submitted as incomplete, or put on hold to then have another empty thread for use.

The World Builders are people that set aside their time to be narrators for member SLs, and run large events for people to partake in! They, as their name may state, look after the state of the RP World and RP as Site NPCs when staff are otherwise indisposed. If you are looking for a narration, search for the World Builder group on the site and contact one of the people involved directly.


At the end of each SL a staff member will grade it usually resulting in several gains such as XP, Cash, Fame, Items, etc..

Write your best and see what you get!

After earning EXP from threads, gains must be added to the corresponding character's sheet. They do not immediately have to be put into stats, but gains need to at least be visible in the Remaining EXP section.



Invasion occupies your next available thread slot.

An Invasion can range from anything such as: a Villain invading a Hero, a fight situation in a street, a character crashing an ice cream party, and a Hero coming after a Villain. They are not violent affairs, and are devices used for making RP more engaging and interesting. There are certain rules for Invasions, which are listed below;
  • Your character cannot be invaded whatsoever if they have less than 150 Total EXP. If they are in a thread with someone above the EXP limit, they are free game however. That's what happens when you RP with stronger people.
  • Any Invasion with hostile intent or similar must have valid IC Reasoning behind this Invasion. (e.g. Your character takes a vendetta against another, and gathers a lot of intel in various threads so that they can invade and exact their revenge.) This can also be a methodology of your character's alignment or their beliefs.
  • As a repercussion to the above not being followed, Moderators will be checking all active threads. If a character is Invaded without IC reasoning just to cause havoc and antagonise the member in question, Moderators will react by sending the authorities or Pro Heroes to resolve the problem.
  • When your Renown reaches above C-Rank, you start to become very vulnerable to Invasions. Your face is plastered all over the country, after all! And if you're in the city in which your D-Rank Renown pertains to, you will be in a similar boat.
  • Putting a 'Closed' tag in your thread does not make it impervious to Invasion! Any thread that is out in a public place has the possibility of being seen IC and Invaded.
  • In the first post invading a thread the invading character cannot use any Techniques or attack unless the Technique is how the character is what allows the character to enter the thread. This means web swinging into a thread, not using ultra hearing to know about it.

Sudden Alert:

A staff invasion where some of the rules do not apply. Typically the invader will make moves against the characters in the thread. How, why, or what they do is up to the staff. Enjoy the ride.


Missions are SLs meant to move site plot forward, and said Missions are typically narrated by staff. Users may also create Missions equal to their fame level and must be approved by moderation before being added to either WISH's or The Book-keeper's list.

All mission registrations will need mod approval and the user may ask to craft a major plot SL to revolutionize the site or even craft SLs to hunt down and gain information on site plot npcs or even other users.

There are requirements for joining a mission, if you don’t meet the requirements you will not be able to join. Said requirements will be listed in the Mission Description.

If a character's fame is high enough, missions may be made about them. A mission could possibly end in death or crafting you into a legend.
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