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The Market Guidlines; Where you get your stuff
Topic Started: Aug 9 2016, 05:11 PM (5,030 Views)
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Market Guidelines

Table of Contents

  • [go2=Anchor1]Market Guide[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor2]Material Ranking Table[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor3]Effects Per Rank Table[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor4]Repairing Items[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor5]Building Items[/go2]

Welcome! Hero, Villain or who ever you might be, we don't discriminate here at the Market because money has no affiliation. It can be dirty money or clean money, but we don't care as long as it's cash (cash money, dollar dollar bill).

Items that give free stats cannot be purchased, crafted, or otherwise attained.

Market Guide

When purchasing an item, there are numerous aspects that feed into the item/ gadget’s price.

First, there is the material to consider. You may have whatever material you wish, but its strength/ quality will depend upon its rank. For example: You wish to have a Steel Gauntlet, but want to pay for a D-Rank item. You are permitted to have this item at this strength, in spite of the material. In terms of it being in a real setting, you bought and paid for the worst-tier steel with imperfections within its makeup.

When performing techniques to use your item/ gadget, it is advised that you do not use a technique of higher rank in conjunction with an item/ gadget’s material. For example: You have a D-Rank material shield, and you try using a C-Rank blocking technique. Your shield will shatter from the resulting pressure.

Below is a number of descriptions of the different rankings in materials;
Material Ranking

Rank D
The lowest rank of material you can buy. These materials are typically poorly made, and at their lowest durability.

Rank C
Still quite a low rank of material, but it is undoubtedly better made and put together better than Rank D. They do not differ too much, but their durability crosses the threshold into average, rather than poor.

Rank B
Beginning to “mean business”, so to speak. They are well-made with thoughtful craftsmanship, and reflect the money that you pay for them. They are certainly above average in terms of durability.

Rank A
is only one step away from the elite of the elite, and as such, the workmanship is near impeccable. They are nearly at the highest level of durability as far as materials are concerned.

Rank S
Legendary, pure and simple. The highest rank of material you can buy on the market, and literally the best around! They are at the highest level of durability. To break S-Rank material, you must either: use an S-Rank item against it, have the Masters of Control: Elite Enhancement, or have your technique boosted to S-Rank. In order to purchase or make S-Rank items, you need to have the Advanced Gadgeteer license. In order to purchase S-Rank items the user must have the Black Market license.

Alongside ranks of materials, there are also ranks of effects for your items/ gadgets. Depending on the effect rank, you are allowed to have a certain number of effect ‘slots’.

This is decided with a pyramid system which depends on its strength, and number of effects you wish to have.
Effect Information

Rank D
1 base effect. It is a weak effect at lowest rank. (i.e. weak fire properties, weak enhanced durability)

Rank C
2 base effects. This can be further divided to have two D-Rank strength effects, or one C-Rank strength effect. (i.e. weak fire properties and weak enhanced durability; or average enhanced durability)

Rank B
3 base effects. This can further be divided to have three D-Rank strength effects, or two C-Rank strength effects, or one B-Rank strength effect. (i.e. weak fire properties, weak enhanced durability and weak enhanced sharpness; or average fire properties and average durability; or above average fire properties)

Rank A
4 base effects. This can be further divided to have four D-Rank strength effects, or three C-Rank strength effects, or two B-Rank strength effects, or one A-Rank strength effect. (i.e. weak fire properties, weak enhanced durability, weak enhanced sharpness, weak electrical properties; or average fire properties, average enhanced durability and average enhanced sharpness; or above average fire properties and above average enhanced durability; or near elite fire properties)

Rank S
5 base effects. This can be further divided to have five D-Rank strength effects, or four C-rank strength effects, or three B-Rank strength effects, or two A-Rank strength effects, or one S-Rank strength effect. (i.e. weak fire properties, weak enhanced durability, weak enhanced sharpness, weak electrical properties and weak glow-in-the-dark properties; or average fire properties, average enhanced durability, average enhanced sharpness and average electrical properties; or above average fire properties, above average enhanced durability and above average enhanced sharpness; or near elite fire properties and near elite enhanced durability; or elite fire properties)

Repairing Items
So, you bought your fancy new gadget and it’s super cool! It shoots fire and it’s got a gold coat of paint, and oh, aren’t you just the bee’s knees? But, what’s that? You got too heavy-handed and reckless, therefore having your gadget broken? Your wallet isn’t looking too healthy? Have no fear! Here at HARP, we have two different systems to help you out when it comes to items, costumes and gadgets. These do NOT work for single-use items, however. If you use a consumable, it’s gone forever.

Option 1: You can use your Cash to fix the broken item in the Market. To do this, provide the original approval link for the item, and your repair price will be half of what you paid for the item.

Option 2: You can do an SL with a Gadgeteer Character which has to be a total of 10 posts (5 on each party) to RP out the fixing of your item. This option is free, provides EXP, and can fill your Normal thread slot. It also boosts the Fame of the Support Character who fixed your item.

Option 3: The final option is only open to Yuuei Academy Students. To do this, you must submit a Process Pending stating that you wish to have your item fixed. You must do two full threads without the item while it is away being fixed in the school. The SLs you have done need to be graded before you are allowed to use your item again. [/spoiler]
Building Items
So, you got a fresh new idea, awesome! Let's build. As a gadgeteer you can build items and ignore the market for the most part.

Option 1: Paying and working past the middle man, inventors and gadgeteers only need to pay reduced costs to gain the material and they then can go and build to their hearts desires. This is done on a tiering system, as soon below;

D and C-Rank Gadgets/ Items: 50% discount
B and A-Rank Gadgets/ Items: 25% discount
S-Rank Gadgets/ Items: 15% discount

The building takes one of your thread slots, and the Story line must be written to certain lengths, as described below;

Starting at D-Rank it takes two posts to build your item. From that point, the item scaling increases by two post up to ten posts at S
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