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|| Current Year & Season: Spring of 427 || Based on Eyewitness accounts and the absolute state of denial the Freedom Pirates find themselves in, they have now confirmed that Lucy, after a years' investigation, died of her terminal condition. Information was gained by WISH's Chief of Staff of the CDC, Mr. Beckman. || Abyssal has decided to hang up her cape after the news of Lucy's death and entrusts her lineage to a hopeful young one, Sub-Zero. Reporters asked a few newer members about Abyssal's retirement and they gave mixed responses.|| “I ain’t going back to Elysium for no damn reward. Fuckers insane.” - Newest Vitality Member, Big Smoke. No extra information was given to explain his ranting. ||

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Table of Contents

  • [go2=Anchor1]Acquiring a Quirk[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor2]Rolling for All[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor3]Tier and Quirk Availability[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor4]Quirk Recycle[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor5]Illegal Quirks[/go2]

This is the mysterious evolutionary genetic mutation that grants people in the Boku no Hero world superhuman powers, some at the cost of their human appearance. The first quirk was discovered in Quig Quig, China and ever since then there have been reports of quirks showing up everywhere. Now 100% of the population has a quirk, which means everyone has a quirk. A notable feature of quirks is their unfortunate drawbacks. These drawbacks help prevent overuse of one's quirk such as Bakugou being less effective during the winter or Deku breaking his muscles/ bones if he goes over his limit. The drawbacks of quirks are determined by your quirk’s Tier and typing, which is further explained below.

There are 6 types of known Quirk:

  • Emission - These type do not include auras. Your character emits a certain substance of sorts such as gas, poison, water, or whatever from their body. These usually come with slight body modifications such as having a tape-arm or a different colored skin. Even though these tend to change your body it does not categorize as body manipulation.

  • Body Manipulation - Enhancements, transformations, and simply changing the state of your body such as turning invisible goes under here. Body manipulation also carry on to others such as mind control. Examples are turning into sand or hardening your body. Transformations usually transfer out into another power type but can also give physical buffs or de-buffs. Due to the complexity of Transformation types they shall be further explained below.

  • Mutation - These are the type that permanently changes your body, usually into a being that can no longer be classified as human. Much like alien features with uncanny skin tones and body types.

  • X - Form - These are very similar to Mutant Quirks in the sense of permanently changing your body. The only difference is that these changes are animal based, allotting the individual with the Quirk numerous traits and features of the animal there form is of.

  • Area Manipulation - These are usually the higher tier Quirks. They allow you to directly control the environment around you in however way you deem fit. This can range from creating flowers everywhere or having your own gravity field.

  • Transformation - A Transformation Quirk are one of the most rarest types out there. Whilst they do go under Body Manipulation they can also multi-quirk with any other typing. They tend to not only give you an additional superpower they also allow you to gain physical buffs or de-buffs to your character.


Acquiring a Quirk

Balance is something we like to advocate on HARP, but simpleness is also what we adore. We don’t want this section to be full of words so let's cut down to the nitty gritty:


  • Each member gets 1 custom quirk for characters, and 1 custom quirk for choosing double whammy.

  • Once you use your free custom claims you may only roll for your quirks.

  • When rolling you may either roll for all or pick four quirks.

  • Tier 1 Quirks cannot be custom claimed and must be rolled.

  • Only one Tier 1 OR Tier 2 is allowed per member.

  • Each member is allowed to create six quirks.

The rules for a Quirk Roll are:

  • You can only select one Tier 1 or Tier 2.

  • You can only select one self-made custom Quirk.

The Quirk Roll is done in the Quirks section of the forum found here .
After declaring what four Quirks you wish to roll and label them 1, 2, 3 and 4. After doing so, a mod will come in and perform a roll. If the Roller doesn't want their roll, they are allowed to wait one month, allowing them to reroll.

Rolling for All

This Special roll encompasses all of the quirks ,expect Quirks that exceeded the user per quirk limitation. This roll must be requested and done by a staff member by posting in the Quirks Section of the forum.
You can find that here

Tier and Quirk Availability

Quirks on this site are classified by their potential power, typing, and how many people could or should have it.. When creating a Quirk, a moderator will classify the Tier as deemed fit. The only clause to this is that you may only possess one Tier 1 OR Tier 2 quirk. If you have either a T1 or T2 you cannot roll for either till that character is up for reincarnation or has died. There is a limit to how many people can get the same quirk, which is further explained below.

Tier System
Tier 11
Tier 22
Tier 35
Tier 48
Tier 5+Unlimited

Lists of currently approved Quirks are available here for reference.

The Quirk Approval template can be found here.

Quirk Recycle

When users go inactive for four months(without an in character post), their quirk can go be rolled again by another person in case there's no more available slots.

The exception to this rule is Tier 1s. After four weeks of inactivity on a character who has a Tier 1 quirk, without notifying staff of the absence, the quirk will be recycled to be rolled again.

Illegal Quirks

Time based quirks
Molecular Manipulation
All for One
Insta-Character Control Quirks
Reality/Dream Manipulation
Magical Girls

With this all said and done, have a blast with our free, but restrictive, Quirk system!
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