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Statistics and Experience; Character Gains and Stat Functionality
Topic Started: Aug 9 2016, 05:02 PM (16,948 Views)
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Table of Contents

  • [go2=Anchor1]Experience[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor2]Stat Rank Table[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor3]Human Limit[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor4]Benchmarks[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor5]Stats Differences[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor6]Statistics Terminology[/go2]

Here at HARP we’d like to think that we have built a truly unique Stat system, a system that uses benchmarks. With that being said, if you read on you will find the system is relatively easier than most, albeit it may take some people time to master. Stats help determine a player's ability to run fast, take a hit, pick up a truck, etc. Basically, they help a player know exactly what their character’s physical state is like. There are five stats altogether:


The Power stat helps a character determine his physical strength. This stat affects the user’s ability to do certain things such as pushing a few boxes, lifting a heavy machine gun, or throwing a spear several meters. Be aware that without investing in other stats your character may find it hard to complete tasks or may constantly run out of Stamina.


The Speed stat helps a character determine how fast he can move themselves/ any part of their body. This affects the user’s ability to do certain things such as evading or chasing. Be aware that without investing in other stats you may have a hard time perceiving an opponent's attack or even dodging.


The Stamina stat helps a character determine how durable a character is. This affects the user’s ability to do certain things such as taking a hit, performing tasks easily, even simple feats like holding their breath. Be aware that without investing in other stats you may have a hard time dealing actual damage or just taking too much hits.

Stamina boosts your Limit Pool by 5 per rank (Beginning at D Rank and only applies after Letter Grade increases)


The Accuracy stat helps a character determine how perceptive your character is. This affects the user’s ability to do certain things such as seeing something move at high speeds, using a pistol like a sniper, or catching an attack. Be aware that without investing in other stats you may have a hard time reacting in time or making your hits count.


The Control stat is a rather special stat. This stat measures how much “Control” someone has over their quirk. The higher the level of control, the better the user may use their Quirk. Control helps you determine your techniques and Limit Pool. Your max technique rank is equal to your current Control. This means with a B rank control, you can only make up to B rank techniques.

What makes this stat so special is that you cannot add EXP/XP to this stat. The way to determine your quirk control depends on what the average of your other stats are.

As such, if your have 2 Rank D’s and 2 Rank E’s on your other stats, your control rank is D. In the case they are split, the higher rank is the one you use. Another example would be 1 Rank B, 1 Rank C, and 2 Rank D’s, in this case they get a C control Rank. Another example would be 2 Rank B's, 1 Rank C, and 1 Rank D, in this case they get a C control rank. In case they are all separated (1 Rank A, 1 Rank B, 1 Rank C, 1 rank D) the second highest is the control rank.


EXP will usually be given at the end of every Storyline/RP thread. You use this EXP to make the stats stronger (Power, Speed, Accuracy and Stamina). The only stat that is not controlled directly by your EXP is the Control stat (as explained earlier above). There is no restriction, or maximum EXP that can be used in a stat. All the stats will rank up after reaching a certain amount of exp. In the table below you can see the ranks for each Stat.

After earning EXP from threads, gains must be added to the corresponding character's sheet. They do not immediately have to be put into stats, but gains need to be visible in the Remaining EXP section.

The distribution of EXP into stats is on a 1:1 basis.
Example: I received 40 EXP from an SL, and wish to add it to my Power Stat. Said Stat is at 40. 40 EXP -> 40 Points for distribution. 40 + 40 = 80. My Power stat is now 80, which corresponds to D+ in terms of Stat Grade.

This is the table to determine what your stat should be:
Stat Rank
E- : XP. 5 -> 9E : XP. 10 -> 19E+ : XP. 20 -> 34
D- : XP. 35 -> 54D : XP. 55 -> 79D+ : XP. 80 -> 109
C- : XP. 110 -> 144C : XP. 145 -> 184C+ : XP. 185 -> 234
B- : XP. 235 -> 294B : XP. 295 -> 385B+ : XP. 385 -> 464
A- : XP. 465 -> 554A : XP. 555 -> 654A+ : XP. 655 -> 774
S- : XP. 775 -> 914S : XP. 915 -> 1,074S+ : XP. 1,075 -> X

However, all the characters are limited to only reach rank C+ in a stat, without the help of enhancements. Yet, this doesn’t mean you can’t continue to use EXP on a statistic which reached C+, all the extra EXP will count as normal, but the Rank Statistic will be considered virtual.



Human Limit

Statistic Cap

The purpose of the Statistic Cap is to, fortunately, help us define you as what you are: Human. The Boku no Hero world separates itself from most shounen worlds in the sense that not everyone can crush a boulder with a single punch or travel at blinding speeds, in fact most of the people in the world still retain their human physique. For our site the Rank that represents the human limit is the "C+ Rank". This means without a stat enhancing quirk or such as enhancements or overdosing.

Going over the Statistic Limit w/o Enhancements/Overdosing

Dumping is the process of pouring an EXP into a stat that has reached it's limit/cap Rank. By dumping EXP into a statistic which already reached the limit, the stat is then turned into a holding place for the next EXP you put into it. For an example a Power (C+) Stat, with more exp than his limit will have another Letter besides it, representing the EXP dumped.




The purpose of the Benchmark system is to help us determine exactly what your capabilities are in the HARP universe.

It is important to note that these stats are not hard, but they are certainly not soft. This means that if someone had a D- rank in speed while you have a D+ rank, you are not automatically better than the lower ranked. Other factors begin to come into play such as "Does he have a speed quirk? Does their character seem to be trying harder to outrun me? Are they lighter clothed?" etc. These benchmarks only help in determining the category of each letter and like most things will be represented by using a table:

Note: Accuracy is not given in the benchmark due to the wide variety of variables that come into play when aiming and fighting. These are RP'd out based around the rest of your statistics, which is why they are given below. These are a rough idea, let RP be your guide.

RankCORE StatsControl Stat
Can't lift one's own body weight; Can't run for their life; Weak and sickly.
A person with this control level cannot use their quirk; Range-wise: Melee
Can lift an average persons body weight; Have the ability to run at normal speed (~10 mph); Average resilience to injury and/or disease
With this control level you are a novice quirk user meaning you don’t fully understand the full potential of your quirk or you can only perform the basic functions of your quirk.; Range-wise: Short
Able to lift, without ease, an average Sedan over head; Can easily outrun a pack of squirrels (~25mph); Conditioned metabolism enabling highly efficient healing (Not to be confused with regeneration)
A person with this control stat is adept at using their quirk. They haven’t quite mastered it but they certainly understand their quirk and quirk usage far better than the average civilian; Range-wise: Medium
Able to flip around small cars like they are tables and chairs; Can easily outrun a deer (~60 mph); Conditioned metabolism enabling extraordinary efficient healing
This control stat reflects the understanding of your quirk. Your character can now use this quirk as easily as they can move their arms and have begun putting personal spins on it's functionality; Range-wise: Semi-Long
Able to stop a speeding Semi, pick up cars like pencils; Can easily outrun a cheetah (~100 mph); Skin, bone, and muscles are augmented to levels that are somewhat harder and stronger than human. Impervious to injury to a certain extent
A person with this control stat has finally mastered their quirk. They are brilliant in their quirk usage and know it’s boundaries; Range-wise: Long
All Might; so fast you appear as a blur, able to dodge bullets thanks to the combination of sense and agility; the user's physical durability (ability to endure/resist damage) is extremely high, allowing them to take numerous blows of internal or external assaults before succumbing to the effects. Furthermore, the body is able to heal injuries on par with regeneration in order to prevent a users death that would prove lethal to ordinary humans by regenerating cells to a limited extent. (This is nothing like Wolverine)
A person with this level of control has become an innovator, a trendsetter. They have not only mastered their quirk but they have went beyond their capabilities ; Range-wise: Super Long


Stats Differences

Below is a list of how beneficial a situation may be when your stats are pinned against another's. Keep in mind that below doesn't only apply to same stat versus same stat (Speed vs. Speed) but different stats as well (Speed vs. Accuracy), in fact, more often than not it'll be the different stats being compared. For instance, if a character's speed stat had an advantageous difference compared to another character's accuracy, they can freeform being seen as a blur. Vice versa, the character with the accuracy advantage over speed wouldn't need to pay attention to their opponent to notice what they're doing.

  • 1 - 2 Stat Grades: Slight Difference, less than one whole letter grade.
    At this difference, attempts are serious. Whether it's speed to evade something or power to overwhelm someone, the character is still expected to make an effort.

  • 3 - 5 Stat Grades: Distinct Difference, one or more whole letter grades.
    Here at this difference, attempts can be roleplayed as easy or a cakewalk. The player can type that his character easily out ran his opponent or overpowered them if in a clash.

  • 6 - 8 Stat Grades: Advantageous Position, two or more whole letter grades.
    Now differences are so in your favor that there's room to toy with your opponents. Maybe your stamina is so high that compared to another character's power stat, you can say their punches felt like pinches.

  • +9 Stat Grades: Out of their League, three or more whole letter grades.
    This is where the difference is so great that nothing the opponent does phases you. Your character is so powerful that their freeform punch ought to break bones, they're so fast that their movements are invisible to the naked eye, sights so good that near impossible shots stay on course, stamina so great that they feel nothing.

Statistics Terminology

Seeing terminology that is confusing you? Don't fret! Have a look down here to understand better what we mean when we refer to numerous aspects of our system:

  • Benchmarks: What each Letter Grade of stats can achieve (see above). For example: D-Rank characters are trained, and can do the following; lift their own body weight; have the ability to run at normal speed (5 mph); average resilience to injury and/or disease.
  • Statistics: An umbrella term to define what we refer to as the whole system.
  • Stats: Another blanket term when referring to your individual stats, such as Speed, Power, Accuracy and Stamina.
  • Stat Grade: This defines what we call incremental stat increases. For example: D- to D is a Stat Grade.
  • Letter Grade: This defines what we call a whole stat increase. For example: D- to C- is a Letter Grade.

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