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U.A. Academy; Hero school!
Topic Started: Aug 9 2016, 04:41 PM (4,221 Views)
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U.A. Academy

  • [go2=Anchor1]Storylines and School[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor2]Entrance Exams[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor3]Class Schedules[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor4]Lesson Grades[/go2]

There are many and numerous academies across the globe, but only one is open for player interaction: the infamous U.A. Academy. The academy life is simple, great, yet challenging with many benefits during a student’s stay such as; free costumes and interacting with famous heroes on a daily basis. While it is an amazing opportunity, you need to remain on top of your workload as if you are attending a regular school! Education is the priority here!

Storylines and School

As explained in the Storyline thread, HARP’s most basic and essential form of RP is known as a “Storylines” or SLs for short. Storylines for the school are a tad different from non-school Story Lines in the sense that they are typically staff monitored and have an extremely low chance of Invasions.

There are numerous types of School SLs that can be undertaken in your time at the Academy, and they are listed and expanded upon below:
  • Lessons - A fully staff-narrated SL with the usage of the Rookie Bot account. Your NPC teacher will set out a class task for you to complete with your classmates. They will happen TWICE per Academic year. Lessons use one of your thread slots, without question. With the greater influx of students, Lessons will vary in length between one week (introductory lessons) and two weeks (mid-late lessons), and missing Lessons altogether will have a direct negative effect on your overall grade! Repeated Lesson-skipping will incur harsher punishments, like being suspended or expelled. The 24hr post rule is in effect here.
  • Supervised Activity - A partially staff-narrated SL with the usage of the Rookie Bot account. You need to fill out the Request template for one of these SLs (laid out below), in which a narrator will drop a post of an NPC teacher supervising your activity. They will start the thread, and not post again until you ask for the SL to stop, keeping an eye on proceedings all the while. You can do things like study hall, gym classes; whatever you can think of. Post order is decided by those involved in the SL. These can be for any number of students, from two, all the way up to your full class.
  • Study SLs - A thread which can be made without a staff member to narrate in any way. In your Lesson SLs, you may be given homework to complete. In order to have the passing grade for your homework, you must complete it in a Study SL before your next Lesson. A Study SL should be marked up as following;
    Thread Title Here
    Participants Here - Study SL
    In the next Lesson, link your Study SL in your first post, and it will be duly noted by your teacher. Written homeworks are graded on a Pass (finished homework) or Fail (incomplete homework) basis, rather than with individual grades. Post order is decided by those involved in the SL.
  • School Alert - Events specifically for the school and fully narrated by staff, these are rare, one-off events which largely affect the school in some way. A Villain invasion is a good example of a School Alert. This must take one of your thread slots to participate. The 24hr post rule is in very strict use here, with potential for death/ injury.

Supervised Activity Template:

Character Name: Link your character here
Other Students Attending: Provide names of other students who will be RPing with you
Specific Teacher? - If left blank, the narrator will choose a random NPC teacher.
Activity/ SL Outline: Give details of how you want the SL to play out, in order to give the narrator ample info to set up your desired activity. Will it be a study hall session? Gym class? Arts and crafts? Detail this here.


At the end of each SL involved with school (excluding Study SLs), the grader will actually give the participants a “grade” which is determined by their actions. Each year the grade will be averaged by the staff and shall be posted on the U.A. RP section in order to let the students know their corresponding grade. If a student manages to get an F then they must repeat the year.

Stipulations for Entrance:
Each member can only enter the academy once*.
Any student attempting to enter the Academy with their Infamy exceeding their Fame will be unable to do so**. Similarly, if you have Infamy at all, you will be scrutinised.
In order to enter, the character chosen must be under 300 Total XP

* - Further elaboration: You can only receive one acceptance letter, essentially. If you fail the exams with one character, you can still enter with another. This rule has been tweaked to allow more members in general a better chance of getting into U.A.
** - Further elaboration: As of last year IC, we have been giving exception to the rule through what is known as a trial process. Further information about this can be found during the times of sign-ups and such. You have the potential to have your Infamy overlooked by undertaking this process.

Entrance Exams

In order to enter the each school, one must pass an “exam.” So rather than taking some boring old test, you will be thrown into ridiculous situations which not only test your ability to think, but also how good of a grasp you have on your life!

Seeing as how each testing will be different each time they are up, the rules for the actual test will be posted by the narrator along with the thread. This keeps the exams exciting and exhilarating. Even if the last one was an all out brawl against robots, you will never know what the next exams will have in store for you.
Although, with this being said, there are some set rules for the exam:

  • In order to sign-up, the participant must be below 300 Total XP.
  • All participants will be split up into randomized groups.
  • There is no posting order to the exams.
  • MUST, and I cannot stress this enough, you MUST only post after the narrator has posted. If the narrator has not posted in 48 hours, feel free to write up a complaint to one of the Gmods or Admins.
  • The Hero course and U.A. as a whole is selective, so it is possible to be put into General Education or to be not accepted at all. The better performing entrants go to class 1-A while the lower end heroes go to 1-B.


Class Schedules

First Year

So you got into U.A.? Fantastic! Just like every other school, there are some set guidelines for you to meet in order to pass your first year here. During your first year (which is four months long; see RPing rules for more information), you must attend at least one Supervised Activity SL, the rules for which are listed above. That, and make sure to attend your Lessons!

U.A. Sports Festival : U.A. Hero Academy, Japan
Known as the biggest and most prestigious Hero high school in the world, this high school hosts the U.A. Sports Festival. This festival is not only renowned in Japan, but also the whole world! There’s no way you can live in this world without hearing about this festival at least twice in your life. During these festivals, many hero offices or villains even, take note of potential heroes/ villains to recruit when they graduate, or for internships in their next year (see Second Year description for more info). The chance of an invasion during these events are surprisingly low even though it is a hotspot for all heroes, meaning the security is extremely tight, so be extra careful!
Extra Rules:
  • The Sports Festival is an event that every First Year student attends, and it is specifically a School SL.
  • It is mandatory for First Years to attend, otherwise, they will be expelled.
  • 24hr post rule is enforced heavily during these events.
  • It will be narrated, to some degree or other, by a narrator on the Rookie Bot account.

Second Year

Hero Office Internship

In these you will either spend your time at a NPC or PC owned Hero office. This is determined by your results in the U.A. Sports Festival. Meaning that if you want to be recruited into a great Hero office, it is better to have made a huge impression on the agencies during event.

This is the one time in which your life could truly be at stake seeing as how you are not only RPing outside the school, but are also constantly doing heroic activities depending on the Hero office you have been taken in by. A thing to note is that the higher rank the office is, the more dangerous the missions will be meaning that depending on how you feel it, there may be a slight downside to doing so well in the events of the past period.

If you survive this, you may be given a reward or, much like an intern, will likely be offered a chance at a permanent position for when you graduate.

Otherwise, you need to at least be present in your Lesson SLs!

Third Year

Hero Licensing Exams

For your Hero work to be legal and recognised, you will need the relevent license to do so! In third year, two examinations are held for students to get their licenses; at the beginning of the year, and at the end of the year.

The exams are highly competitive and unpredictable, with only a selected few who get their license per exam.

Graduation Event

This will be the final wall you must overcome to be a full fledged Hero; everything you learned will be put to the test. This special graduation event is a secret to all students as it varies over the years, this final test will truly define whether or not your character is a worthy hero.

Due to the differences year on year between these events, rules pertaining to them will be released by the Narrator within the first post.

School Bonuses

Yes kind sir, going to a Heroics high school has its benefits, and limitations as you’d expect! You don’t get paid to go to school in real life, and you certainly don’t get paid to attend U.A. As such, all of your school SLs will not earn you any Cash.

Hero Course students get the following:

Free Rank D Material Costume + Free Rank D Gadget

General Education/ Remedial Heroics get the following:

Free D-Rank Gadget

Support Course students have the following boon:

Able to build any D-Rank and C-Rank gadgetry or costumes on school grounds for free. B-Rank items can be built with a 50% Cash reduction. A-Rank and S-Rank items cannot be built on U.A.'s campus unless all cost/ materials are fronted by the student.


U.A. Prestige

Although not immediately famous for attending U.A., students of this prestigious school will start being recognised from televised U.A. events, and from any U.A. uniform/ merchandise they wear. Everybody knows the best school for Heroics!!

With all of this being said, we hope you enjoy our rather intricate and well thought out school system! If you feel like anything is missing or feel unclear about any of these rulings, feel free to contact the staff and we will attempt to respond in a timely manner! Chances are the information may actually be missing or we simply hid it from public knowledge!

Lesson Grades

The grading system is meant to allow students not only to move up/ down a class when they end a term (Class A to Class B vice versa) but also to determine who gets held back and the even more rare option, expulsion. The grades will be given at the end of each lesson.

Grading System
F - Fail. Getting an F overall in any year means that the student has to re-do the year. Anything under 60 is a Fail. If you are to get an F for the both Lessons you are likely going to be held back whereas if you get an F for one lesson and skip another, you shall likely be expelled.

D - Low passing grade. Congrats on just scraping by. If these grades keep up (say, three consecutive D grades in assignments), the student will have to re-do the class. All Ds = no graduation. Between 60-69 is a D.

C - Passing grade. This is an average grade. Not too shabby, but not fantastic either. No penalties given with this grade, it’s just… average. Between 70-79 is a C.

B - Good grade. This is where the student will start giving their parents their report card. Getting B grades and above with graduation will give them better chances in the real world. Bit of a no brainer really. If something is better than a pass and not quite up to excellent standard, the student gets a B. Between 80-89 is a B

A - Outstanding grade. The best that a student can achieve. These students are the whole package of exemplary work, extra curricular and everything else you can possibly think of. 90 and above is an A+.

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