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|| Current Year & Season: Fall of 426 || Based on Eyewitness accounts and the absolute state of denial the Freedom Pirates find themselves in, they have now confirmed that Lucy, after a years' investigation, died of her terminal condition. Information was gained by WISH's Chief of Staff of the CDC, Mr. Beckmen. || Abyssal has decided to hang up her cape along the news of Lucy's death and entrusts her lineage to a hopeful young one, Sub-Zero. Reporters asked a few newer members about Abyssal's retirement and they gave mixed responses.|| “I ain’t going back to Elysium for no damn reward. Fuckers insane.” - Newest Vitality Member, Big Smoke. No extra information was given to explain his ranting. ||

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Your staff!; The people who make this possible
Topic Started: Aug 9 2016, 04:24 PM (2,311 Views)
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If you haven’t received a friendly greeting yet, well then, here's one from your very own, MOD BOT . Welcome to HARP! As you may have noticed, our forum is way too cool to use boring old titles like Administrator, Global Moderator, and any of the other works you usually see around other domains. Down below is a list of what all of our custom titles actually are, the members of that title’s group, and a quirky little summary of each member in the group.

Enigmas: This is me, an account all staff members learned to become together. Please do not see me as highest authority, for I actually have no power. I am just the symbolization of staff’s union, we do nothing alone. Everything is a group collaboration, and thus if I posted it, you can rest assure that it was agreed upon.

  • Mod Bot: I am more than just staff, everything they care about is what I am. I am their fury, I am their patience, I am a mod call.
  • Rookie Bot: He's, uh, my bro. The Press fuse to make him. He has the ability to implement minor plot elements while I control the essentials.
  • Oni Bot: This thing is... well, the infamous Weatherman. Get ready for some dark happenings if he appears in your threads...
  • Builder Bot: Can he narrate your threads? Yes he can!
  • WISH Bot: When they show up you know the big kids are out to play.

Wish Administrators: These are your treacherous Administrators, the heads of the site. I figured since Admins usually receive hate, Villain was the best title for them. Their job is the entire forum, it’s that simple.

  • The Queen: Known fondly (fondle) as Harmy, is the classiest of all staff by far. She does do the butt-stuff, but unfortunately only with Reggie. </3 Head Reporter
  • Reggie: Known fondly (fondle) as Asshole, is the oldest, most ancient member of the site and is generally seen with a joint in mouth. Is a slave to his love. </3 Head of PvP Department
  • Ronziggy: Our hawt, ex-pro wrestling, military daddy. He is best known by the name of the infamous Ron Ziggler. 10/10 would be afraid. AKA Trashmod

Pro Heroes: The Global Moderators of the forum. If Admins are the site owners, then these guys are the managers. They’re the mods that all others should answer and look up to, essentially making them our Heroes. They can do both Researcher and Reporter work.

  • ZetaAzuel: The man that delivers every time. And I mean, every time. By the end of your time together he gives that sweet grade and goodies he promised you in the beginning. Our sites sexy delivery boy.
  • Prophet Misfit: The other Black Jedi. So chill, he almost may not give a fuck. He rolls quirks like it's nobody's business, and will eventually reply to posts... kek. Head Character Mod
  • StrongBadEmail: The guy you assumed his name was StrongBad Smell. They’ve sacrificed their sleep schedule to become one with the site.

Wish Homicide Officer: Our PvP Moderators or as I like to call, "The Bearers of Bad News" They are the ones who make the hard choices and decision in combat when members can't come to a conclusion or if it is in an event, narration, etc. The WISH Homicide Lead Investigator is in charge of the department.
  • Infinity Gohan: A sweaty nerd who is covered in whipping scars and Saiyan sweat. Actually the most savage moderator on the team, confirmed.
  • Big Guava: You will never have a better beard than Guava. Master of rolling new people tier 1s.

Law Enforcement: Our Character Moderators or as I like to call, "The Approval Goons." They are just the gangsta staff members assigned to check anything that could possibly require approving, like quirks, characters, purchases, etc. They are in charge of both Quirk and Hero Registration Mods.

  • DrPancakeMD: A sweaty nerd who is covered in whipping scars... and maple syrup. Fluffy pancakey goodness oozes from him on a daily.
  • Big Guava: You will never have a better beard than Guava. Master of rolling new people tier 1s.
  • Aptissimi: Great aptitude for quirk creating. His hobbies include pointing out small flaws and long walks on the beach.

The Press: Your narrators and graders are what these beauties are. Their job is to guide your SLs, even coming up with a plot for you, that of course is only if you want them to. They also review finished SLs and dish out the rewards earned in them.

  • Infinity Gohan: A sweaty nerd who is covered in whipping scars and Saiyan sweat. Actually the most savage moderator on the team, confirmed.
  • Big Guava: You will never have a better beard than Guava. Master of rolling new people tier 1s.
  • LukaLuka: A mute trap that owns more knives than is probably safe.
  • CrabSage: He likes grading threads almost as much as he dislikes X-Forms.
  • BlenderMutt: If you need a SL graded or have a Kamen Rider question, he is your guy.

World Builders: Similar to Normies, they are much like all of you. But these peeps have power to help us mods structure the world and help narrate things such as U.A. They are also generally amazingly creative and innovative.

Normies: All of you. You all are the bread and butter of the site. Without you lovelies we wouldn't have a very entertaining forum to role play on. Thank you all for joining the site and making it as active as it is today.
Edited by Mod Bot, May 24 2018, 03:33 PM.
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