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A Girl And Her Dragon; Head Guard Aki Shigure and Prisoner Cupid ; Graded
Topic Started: May 24 2018, 08:18 AM (300 Views)
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It was night and raining outside as it often did in Scotland, the pitter-pattering tapping against the windows of the van driving up the road. The driver was a man with a large scar stretching from the bridge of his nose to both sides of his face, resting just below his eyes and a small, strange cloud hovering above his head; the mans' expression was stern and unmoving as he drove in the dark. Through the windows one could see through the unlit sky a lone bridge to the penninsula containing the famous Stone Chameleon Prison. The ocean underneath roared in the minor storm and even with the windows closed the salty sea air managed to worm its way in. All of this would be noticable to the lone passenger of the van, the tiny dragon girl known as Cupid.

She would be in a small container in the back seat of the van, similar to the plastic containers used to contain and observe bugs by school children. But this was not a child's toy, made out of plexiglass with air holes smaller than the half inch dragon girl, this was meant to make sure she didn't try and escape her captivity. Along with the container was a colorful string tied around around the miniscule dragon's neck in a pretty little bow, acting both as an accessory and locating device, and also a loose muzzle that originally belonged to a dollhouse schnauzer figure, placed uncomfortably tight but not painfully so in hopes of discouraging any attempts to use her fire spit and attempt to escape, though she could still speak with minimal discomfort. Through the view given to her from her glass mini prison, she could see concrete walls appear and replace the dark sky. They had arrived at the prison.

Inside the prison in the wardens office lay the file containing all of Cupids transgressions. After the dragon girls vicious showing in the exams, UA had probed her mind to find out whether she would prove to be a danger to herselfs or others in the prestigious hero school. They had not been prepared for what they did find, that the girl had committed a murder that gruesome and heinous couldn't begin to describe, frying and devouring a mans brain after tearing out his eye socket and crawling through. The fact that she burned another man alive seemed almost secondary to this. After managing to break a multitude of laws and managing to quite possibly create some new ones, she was being sent to this prison. And reading the file containing all this was a paler than usual black haired young woman, with light skin and freckles adorning her face as she tried to stop shaking at the person being transferred here. With the wardens help, the young Japanese girl was really getting a hang on the English language, but several times she had been convinced she had misread something until her assistant, a tanned guard with a goatee, informed her that it indeed was correct, and this tiny, harmless looking dragon had done all these things. And she was the one to be in charge of interning this vicious prisoner as Warden Fullbright was away, leaving her in charge after she rocketed through the ranks to become his second in command after only a few months. She was not feeling as good about this as she had before however. But as she stared at the picture of the new prisoner she heard the van pull up. They had arrived.

Outside in the rain she waited alongside the goateed guard as the scarred guard exited the vehicle and saluted her, before going to retrieve the prisoner. Cupid would feel the ground under her tilt as her container was lifted, balance becoming increasingly difficult to keep, but as soon as it came it evened itself out, and the dragon girl would find the guard being very gentle in his movements with her, taking extreme care not to shake her or cause another personal earthquake for the girl. There the small dragon would finally get to see her new home, an expansive, comfortingly linear prison made entirely on concrete, the only abberations being steel bars and glass windows dotting the walls. The entrance to this prison were huge wooden doors fitting the castle motif the rest of the prison had, including the most as it became clear the bridge they had crossed was going to be the only way off this prison. Here she is ma'am. I promise she's in there. The scarred man would then gently lift Cupid up, where the acting warden and small dragon would finally come face to face, somewhat. On top of her pale complexion and freckles, she was wearing a beige uniform matching the other guards, the only thing separating her from her compatriots being the skirt ending at her knees. Also noticable was the cloud over her head, very similar to the scarred man carrying Cupid, except for the fact this woman's was much bigger. Lastly, and strangely, if the tiny dragon looked close enough she would notice that despite the rain this female guard was completely dry. In fact, everyone was, including her container, as if the rain avoiding them. But this would all be interrupted by the girl clearing her throat.

Shigures expression was stern and serious. While Fullbright was famous for his lax and informal attitude, it was already clear this girl was not at all like her superior in this regard. My name is Aki Shigure and I will be the one...escorting you today. You will be staying here for a very, very long time so...you should get one last look of the outside as this is your last chance. Holding you is Gekko Balastor and beside me is Travis Ruul, so do not try with the escaping as you will be caught and punished! The girl spoke like a soldier, yet her words were also somewhat jumbled as she audibly stumbled on some words and spoke in a incorrect fashion. It was clear English wasn't her first language, despite her practice and lessons. But as she spoke next her voice was calmer, almost gentle, or at least gentle for a girl with an obvious stick up her butt. We will be going through the prison, where showing you the rules and where everything is at is what will be happening. But...Before beginning the 'tour' is there...questions, or comments that are not about how you are innocent or involving swears? The girls serious expression hadn't changed as she asked, but her voice would be filled with sincerity. After all, they were going to be together for a long time.
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Cupid was not her usual self, in fact she was quite the opposite. If one looked into the container of the bug like dragon during this entire trip. They would find a stark white colored blob flopped in the corner of it. Unmoving, and largely unresponsive. The rain did little to help her cope with her stress. She always tied it to trouble, after all. She could not glide home whenever it rained. The dragoness always counted on the kindness of strangers to take her back or lend her a phone.

One might also think that the guards grizzled apperence might lend her to being further scared. But that was quite on the contrary. On any normal day she would have been beaming at him. Wondering if she could hop along the cloud stationed along his head. As she'd always dreamed about doing high in the sky despite her poor flying skills. But today she was quite thoroughly crushed. Not getting into UA was one thing, she was resolute originally with the knowledge that even if she failed, there were other options up. Other ways to be a good hero.

But heroes did not get sent to prison. There were a number of reasons she was convicted, the girl wagered. Where as if she had not been a scared fool trying to make it into UA and just fessed up right away to the self defense. It would have been far less likely for her to serve any jail time. The dragoness had been somewhat relieved with the decisions wish had made during her transport. She had tried to escape after all and pictured nightmarish restraints. Straitjackets that did not let her move her wings, keeping her dehydrated so she could not spit. But that had just been the all too imaginary ramblings of a young girl. Yet without any of those less than humane solutions, she was feeling a much different kind of stress.


Shigure might have been very surprised to see Cupid in her current state, after reading her file which contained a number of pictures detailing the dragoness's ability to change the colour of her scales (including one distressing enough one in which she was using them to hide at the entrance exam and it was distinctly impossible to pick her out of the image) She had always been so vibrant, with a downright silly amount of colors across her little body. Where as now she was curled up in such a fashion that were it not for the bow or muzzle that she intentionally did not hide one might mistake her for a glob of plaster.

Cupid's eyes slowly examined the active warden, it was actually quite difficult to tell given the rain unless if one actively bent over and squinted to try and make it out. Heartlessly she reached over under her belly, where her container of notes normally was. Before remembering it had been taken from her a long time ago. The dragoness really wanted to give some kind of impression, admission of guilt, apology. That would atleast slightly affect the woman's attitude. It seemed like she'd done this so many times before, and she felt bad that the girl had to handle criminals all day. Criminals like Cupid.

Cupid had been unable to speak most of her life, and only recently had she begun to find her voice at all. The muzzle did not help things but she did not complain. She walked to the center of the container, thankful to be dry. And responded. "Hhh-.... Th---" She swallowed, before responding in a voice so cartoonishly high pitched dispite it's somber tone it was inhuman. Like speaking to a mouse. "Thank you miss Shiguraki. For being a good lady and not being mean."

A small grey blemish of colour, like a cloud stirred briefly along her body and wings. Before the dragon looked down regretfully and it bled away as fast as it had came. "N-None of this is safe." She said with a quiet stammer, before trying to make herself heard once again. "I need more security before a tour or anything, please mahm. I-if I saw blood or got... I could break out and somebody might get hurt." She pleaded, it did not sound as a threat so much as heartfelt concern and a desire for the safety of herself and others. Which raised two questions, how on earth could an insect sized adolescent girl break out of a Plexiglas strongbox...

And how much control did she have over her own actions?
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Shigure's eyebrows raised when the tiny dragon spoke, being referred to as Shiguraki. There had definitely been a miscommunication somewhere along the line, but the girl didn't correct her. The acting warden seemed at the very least apathetic to the mistake, having personally decided that it was more productive to just ignore it for now and come back to it if it persisted. Instead she continued to listen to the miniscule girl, the only thing letting her even be aware of the tiny dragons existence being the string that was strung around her neck. Shigure wasn't close enough to see the bland colors of the girl from her understandable depression, but the girls voice was easy enough to read, the sadness hanging on every word. Of course this wasn't anything new, lots of prisoners came here speaking of regret, some sincere and some not so much. What was weird that the girl seemed to be saddened after having committed two brutal murders that she had never heard anything close too. She didn't have much experience with cannibals that have actually eaten ate someone's brain, but whatever she had been expecting from the little Hannibal regret definitely hadn't been it.

And as the little dragon continued to talk, Shigures eyes raised a second time at the girls words. They were inciteful to say the least, though while parts of it seemed threatening, other parts seemed pleaing in tone and words. Still the scarred guard holding her container gave a grunt of annoyance and slightly shook the girls cage, not hard enough to send her ricocheting off the walls through her mini prison but enough to make her tumble around. Hey! What did she say about choosing your words?! No threats! As long as you behave none of those things will become issues, understand? The last part was said less as a question and more a demand from the man, who had seemed to have interpreted the girls vagueness in the worst possible way, though given his job it was hard to blame him. Shigure herself neither reprimanded the man for shaking the cage nor encouraged it, being neutral in the possible 'overenthusiasm' of the guard. Though part of the reason for her indifference was the girls focus on her prisoners warning, whether good intentioned or not remaining to be seen. But she did at least decide to address them. The black haired girl would point straight out towards the bridge, her actions sharp and precise like a strict school teacher. That bridge is the only way on and off this island. It is six kilometers long with several checkpoints that can be used to close it off entirely. The girl would then point to the raging ocean far below, waves still rolling in the storm, yet looking more like splashes from the height. That is a ninety meter drop. Even in normal weather if the fall would not be killing you the swim would, let alone trying to do so now. And lastly she pointed to the completely concrete prison that was before them, standing in a majestic glory that mirrored that of a castle, though instead of spikes and turrets it was streamlined and modern looking. And that be the greatest, most securest prison in the world! No one escapes and no one riots. You will be over 150 meters underground and only we can access the elevator to leave. If you were to go and trying something, we have more guards inside, along with the security cameras. We are in complete control.

This was all truth, and the stoic girl even found herself smirking proudly at her explanation on why this prison was in fact the greatest prison. Of course, she was technically lying by omission. While everything she said was true, those technically weren't even half of the true capabilities of the prison, they were just what she and everyone else were capable of accessing. This prison was built specifically by the warden for the warden, and its entire concrete structure complimented his quirk and turned this entire structure into his weapon. But without the Warden here, it was just a normal prison at the end of the day. But Shigure didn't hint at this as they started to bring the tiny dragon inside, the only noticeable difference being her smirk becoming more stern as she thought on how limited she was, though it was befitting of her demeanor.

Upon walking inside the group would find themselves inside a large elevator filled with a multitude of buttons and signals. Shigure would take out a key from her pocket and insert it, and then press one of the buttons and the elevator would jerk to life as the descended into the depths. The falling was faster than most elevators, though none of the guards would seem perplexed by the falling sensation. Perhaps they had grown used to it after multiple uses? Either way the darkness of descending into the earth combined with the sensation of falling was enough to be intimidating for most first timers, which was part of the point. Combined with the fact none of the guards were talking or moving and this moment definitely had an eerieness to it. Thankfully that would soon end as the elevator came to a slow yet steady halt. Shigure would press another button and the door would open, and then she would remove her key and when they exited the doors would close and the elevator would ascend back to its original position. Before them laid a sturdy looking closed-door stall with see through glass that was almost certainly bullet proof like her container and a shower head above. The scarred man placed the container on a stool beneath the shower and turned the nozzle, no one explaining what was happening. Water would spray down, coating the container with perspiration as tiny drops rained down on the girl through the miniscule airholes, covering the container and leaving no place to go to hide from the water dripping in. This would go on for a minute, the dragon girl recieving a light shower but the water not raising to any dangerous levels in her cage. But then the scarred guard closed the door to the stall and pressed a button outside and suddenly the water turned to gas, and would slowly fill the stall. There was no explanation from her captors, watching silently as the gas surrounded the girl. Her breathing wouldn't be effected by the gas at least, and nothing would be in pain, but no one seemed to bother what was happening either.
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Cupid made distressed noises and fidgeted in place as her cage trembled and she was lashed out at by the first guards reprisal. A threat was exactly the last thing that she wanted to sound like she was making! Cupid tried to open her mouth to reply but was cowed down and beaten by her own lack of nerve to an authority figure after everything had happened. She then really wanted to listen to Shigure guarantee the safety of others, the security of the prison.

It took the dragoness a couple moments to process what she had been told, as they entered the building. Her scales shifted slightly to now resemble the stone of the prison. Not out of innate desire but out of instinct, and her feeling. The dragoness was not overtly smart, but as soon as all these points were brought up it only made her more anxious. Her breath started to quicken and she felt like a vise was put over her heart, it was very hard for Cupid to speak up.

The only detail she had heard at any point that had been settling was the fact that they would be over a hundred meters underground. But still the poor creature had to make her case. As they traveled along the elevator deeper down she spoke more quietly than before, wanting to make as little trouble as possible while still communicating what she needed.

"I'm really sorry sir, I diden't mean anything like a threat. And I want to behave but..." She says with a swallow, having lost a great deal of trust in herself in loosing control of her actions and not being able to hold herself accountable in stressful circumstances. "Please, please. I can fly over the bridge, there has to be somthing they said about that. And, and those camera's can't see me. I'm wearing this and you can hardly do it from right here, I'm not even hiding." She pleads, all the way down until they had arrived at the showers.

"Oh you really don't need to, I cleaned myself today. Haha, ummm...`" She vouches nervously. Forgetting the constant state of agitation she felt, way too conscious of how easily she could drown if they accidentally filled this container up. The dragoness was sure that this procedure had been invented for her, as the stool so obviously demonstrated.

Yet the water dd not rise to any dangerous level. Dragonette's head begun pounding again as thoughts from earlier seized her brain. She panicked, walking in circles to try to stay out of the spray until she found a suitable spot. Where her anxiety only grew, it was so apparent that she would appear as a little yellow figure distinctive in the water near the end. Before she came to a decision just as the gas came up.

"I'm going to do this to so you what I am talking about. If that's what it takes to put me away as best as possible, where nothing can happen to anyone... Fine." She said, working herself up into a bit of a fit as she'd turn to face away from the door that she was being observed from. A small, smaalll growl. That an insect might find threatening would come from the box as Cupid decided to make a demonstration of her power.

First, she disappeared. The water clinging to the side of the box, along with the gas. Made it distinctly impossible to spot out her figure as it matched the plain color of her surroundings. With her body and wings easily covering up the alternate colors of her muzzle and bow. Which she then proceeded to easily pop off. In the entrance exam, it would be easy to surmise that due to her small size and inability to fly with the objective. That her body was very weak and this containment would be effective.

The reality of the situation was that her wings were the only weak part of her body. Cupid was able to move around cars when she put her mind to it, abliet slowly. And with challenge. She had not tested if the ribon was made out of any special material before, but practically speaking it did not matter. Even if her muzzle was entirely casted out of a very strong metal like titanium her claws could cut right through the absurdly tiny amount of material.

If her captors were watching, which Cupid distinctly hoped they were. They would see the bow and muzzle foat gently around the bottom of an apparently empty container. Distressingly enough, Cupid did not even stop talking. "This is bad behavior just so I absolutely can't do it anymore. And... This box makes no sense... Look." She'd say outright.

The dragoness walked over to the side of the box that was facing away from them. (Seriously desiring for nobody to get hurt in her demonstration) Before steadying herself, and giving it a shove. The claws of her hind paws digging into the ground. "CHUNK!" The plexiglass suddenly screamed. Flexing to it's limit before the hard layer was shattered and a small hole almost effortlessly opened in the corner. Making the stool raddle.

The camouflaged dragoness was then left staring at the ceiling shower nozzle. "Uhh. I just had a really scary thought. You know those bugs that get in through your the drains? I think you know where I'm going with this." Said Cupid, who while wanting to scare the daylights out of her captors so they would take the necessary precautions to protect themselves. Did not want to risk drowning on a possible myth.

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Jeez, to have to deal with this Ex-UA applicant like this was going to be a bit of a hassle, especially as the internship date was coming up very soon. Thank goodness he returned early, but he felt utterly embarrassed that he overslept. Waking up in one of the empty cells of his own Prison, Maze yawned loudly and stretched his own body. Reaching out for one of the walls of his own prison, Maze dug his fingers into the cement and pulled out a chunk, throwing it into his mouth to chew and swallow. The small prisoner across the way rolled his eyes and Maze's display, as the Prime Warden couldn't help but chuckle at his response. Opening the door the cell he napped in, Maze pulled out his phone from his usual rattlesnake pants, and the bare chested, cape wearing warden looked into his cell phone, looking at the date before having his own eyes widen. Ah yes, this was the supposed date that the Kid Criminal Cupid was coming in. Sighing to himself as this was the opposite of the internships he was about to receive, Maze patched up the chunk of cement he ate out of the wall with part of the flooring. He'll make a more permanent fix later.

Upon exiting the rental cell he loves to use for naps, so he could avoid the prying eyes and words of his guards who wakes him up to do every little thing underneath the sun. But he knew that he had to see what this Cupid was like, as the reports said that the memories were disturbing, to say the least. He didn't read too much about it, but apparently this Cupid had murdered a couple people and from what he could remember either she burned them alive or quite literally ate them. Either way, this information was gathered from the memories of that child, and was credible enough to toss the X-form into the slammer. And it was Maze's duty to see if these were ringing true.

Knowing full well that Miss Shigure may have it under control, he kept his presence in the prison a secret up to this point, as this was more or less a test to see how she can handle the situation. After all, he trusted the young woman to do the job well, but there were many unknown factors to account for. For example, the child criminal was actually much more capable than the reports had let on, as she was competing for a spot to attend the prestigious hero school after all.

Finding himself outside of the room that Shigure and Gekko were occupying, Maze let his head sink into the wall using his quirk, so he can overhear the conversations going on. Only letting enough of his ear to peek on through the other side of the wall, Maze was so grateful to have such a quirk that allows him to morph himself into stone and sink through his own cement walls. What he heard on the other side, however, proved his doubts as it seemed this Cupid was, initially, afraid of what she was able to do. Which means that she might not be in control of herself? Theories and possibilities became apparent, but thankfully Gekko was able to try and quench those threats, and Shigure was being professional in explaining the capabilities of this prison. In great detail even, as there have been no recorded riots or escapees. Sure there were attempts, but every time they were quelled. Every time, it was stopped by Maze.

And as they were in the middle of washing down the Tiny Dragon, it seemed that the prisoner had her own ideas. Saying that she was going to do 'This,' Maze poked the rest of his head through the wall in order to watch what was going down, only to see that the X-form was actually turning invisible. Raising an eyebrow about this little 'prank,' the loud thumps soon made themselves very well known, before the small glass side of the box seemed to be burst through. Alright, this game was over as Maze knew for a fact that it was better to discipline this rambunctious little prisoner instead of test his own guard. Shifting his own body into Liquid Stone and moving through the cement walls. Maze was able to discern her location because of his keen eyes, and her chatty mouth continuing to babble their meaningless threats.

"Miss Cupid, you COULD do things like that," Maze spoke as he full emerged from the wall, Liquid Stone forming back into hard flesh, "But little jokes like these are your undoing. Rather, I've seen enough to deem you a Level 2 Criminal, as you've broken whatever trust you had with us. Honestly, you would have been better off not pulling these shenanigans, while being able to keep your privileges, because this Prison runs on a trust and privilege system. Just because you CAN break through your box doesn't mean that you SHOULD. The same could be said as to you murdering those people, as you shouldn't have done that in the first place even though you had the ability to do so. So, if you may, please turn to normal or I WILL be forced to take you down."

Standing like a colossal statue, Maze leaned over towards Gekko, whispering into his ear, "Scarface, since Miss Cupid broke our trust, please bring the limb restraints, AND the wing restraints. Though she'll only be a level 2 criminal, she can not be trusted to have her limbs properly freed."
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As the dragon girl was escorted to the decontamination room, she continued to maker her plight about how the prison simply wasn't fit to hold her, how she was a special case that no other prisoner had ever even managed to compare too. Needless to say, the guard in charge was getting slightly annoyed at the girls insistencies that none of them were safe. Not only did it insult the prison, it insulted her personally, saying she wasn't capable of handling a simple prison transfer. Of course, it didn't help she herself was nervous over handling her very first transfer as the person in charge, and desperately wanted the approval of the awe-inspiring warden of this prison. Which was another point, either this girl didn't know what he could do, or was underestimating him as well. And to the ever loyal soldier, insulting the person in command of her was in some ways worse than insulting her. So she turned to the girl on their elevator ride down, acknowledging her once more. Could you? Where you go? That bridge be the only direction to mainland, going flying any other way and you will simply fly across the everlasting ocean until you die. And you are not the first to have flying quirk, will not be last. Same with size. Shutdown consider this, it very thorough. Same with cameras, you small, but not that small. Do not underestimate this prison, or its warden. He control concrete, entire prison is his weapon. Bridge as well. You not get far. She gave her explanation calmly, but she didn't hide the growl to her voice that was very clear in saying knock it off. And fittingly, this is when the elevator ride ended, thus ending the conversation.

The dragon girls quips were ignored by both Shigure and the cadre of guards as her container was gently washed as water drops showered through the holes and lightly dampened the bench the carrier was upon, the stray drop flickering to the floor or wall, leading to a small stream of water being drained. After the decontamination gas was turned on however in an attempt to get rid of any possibly dangerous bacteria, Cupid went rogue. As the tiny girl talked about doing something to show her point, Shigure's face turned hard as stone as she watched the girl, being very clear on how she would look upon such an attempt. But before she could give voice to a warning, Cupid was already acting, the girl cutting a hole through her plexiglass container and stepping into the bench before discarding her muzzle and string, as if taunting the guards. Cupid herself would discover as she ripped them in twain that the string had been a simple piece of string, and the muzzle just slightly stronger than most plastics.

As for Shigure her eye was twitching now, her face a mix of annoyance and anger. In truth, it would have been very simple to simply wrap the dragon girl in a custom straitjacket, toss her in a dark, steel cage, and just be done with it until they got to her cell. But the warden was a man of chances, and tried to give most prisoners a chance to play by the rules, and hopefully show they can be given some amount of autonomy. But this was a test that the dragon girl managed to fail in a most spectacular fashion, not even managing to get through the literal first step before breaking out of her containment. And then there was the disrespect an act such as this showed, especially to her. Once again, it was questioning her capabilities as a guard. So when Gekko went to hit the alarm for an escape, Shigure grabbed his arm to stop him, before approaching the door of the stall, the anger in her palpable. But before she could explain the reason for why everything had been the way it had been, something unexpected happened. Maze appeared.

Shigures eyes raised and mouth opened at the sudden appearance of her boss, she hadn't even been aware he was here, he hadn't made any appearances and had suggested he was going out before. She had assumed he hadn't arrived back, which had left her to take care of things. S-Sir! She raised her hand in a salute, both of these things having been things he had chided her for on more than one occasion. But for the ever so formal girl, it was a hard habit to break. But thankfully, Maze seemed more focused on Cupid, explaining the reason why everything played out the way it did as she had been going to. But the relief was short lived, as it dawned on the girl just what had happened. She had lost control of a rowdy inmate and was very gently being relieved of command. She had had one chance to prove herself, and as quickly as it came, she had lost it. She at least knew better than to believe it was the wardens intention, but it did send a message of lack of faith, that it had come to a point that he felt she couldn't handle it anymore. At first she was filled with dejection, to a point it almost hurt. But as Gekko went to retrieve the straitjacket, someone still had to receive the recalcitrant dragon. And the no longer acting warden would look at the bench, daggers in her eyes as it became clear that the neutrality that the girl had shown Cupid before was now long gone.

In one single motion she'd open the door to the shower stall, her body covering the opening that was there for only a second, blocking any exit attempt. And then she'd just stand there for a second, staring at the bench, not sure where the girl was but knowing she was there somewhere. Then she'd move forward, but instead of approaching the bench her military style boot would instead cover the drain on the floor, preventing any water from escaping, and any tiny dragons that could have been caught along with it. There. No more worries of going down drain. Then, water would start to fall. But the shower hadn't been turned on, instead the clouds that had been above Aki had spread apart and now covered the entire top part of the shower stall, a light rain drizzling upon them. But it wasn't a random drizzle, the bench seemed to be getting wetter than the floor, which only had a few puddles across it while the bench became soaked. And adding to the peculiarness, the water wasn't acting like normal water, instead it was thicker and more solid, almost like ice except it was fluid and even harder to walk on. My quirk. I can create rain, and control rainwater. Even make it thicker. Is it difficult to move? Thats natural, it takes practice and only I can practice it. As Shigure finished talking, the light shower stopped, and in its place came a downpour. The rain poured down from the tempest above as if a hurricane were occurring in the area, and as Aki's foot was blocking the drain the water had no choice but to rise. I can also control intensity. Shigures face was completely blank as she explained, which made the harsh kick to the stool in the next second all the more surprising, knocking it into the water with a crash. By now the water had risen above Cupids height, though a second after the kick the rain stopped almost instantly, thankfully for the little dragon. But what could have been construed for mercy quickly became clear as otherwise, as Aki scanned the water for the splashing and struggling of the little dragon, and upon finding it instead of reaching her she kicked a wave of water at her right towards the glass stall wall. After watching her spash break against the stall wall she removed her foot from the drain and watched as the inch high water drained in seconds. But Cupid would thankfully not drain with it, instead upon falling down the hole in the ground where the drain was, she'd land on something solid. With the water gone, Aki knelt down looking at the drain, and pointed at the shower head, revealing holes smaller than the girl. Small holes. Smaller than you. I was prepared. And Aki would look up to finally see Gekko returning with the straitjacket, and looked back at the drain where she knew the girl was. And you are in big trouble.
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As Cupid's 'restraints' toppled off very very easily. The sudden realization hit the dragoness of how mind bendingly lax the security had been. Was it because she was cute? No, that couldn't possibly be it. They knew everything, taken right out of her own noggin as infallible proof of a double homicide. Cupid became light headed, and had trouble keeping her footing. Even the most basic of sprays short of a mist had a surmountable chance of washing her to the floor if she was not prepared. So her claws gently found purchase on the stool.

Cupid was not even able to fully recognize the wardens appearance, or make out every word that he had said in her state of shock. She might not have even noticed him at all if not for, holy crap he was amazingly big. And SUPER scary. In the position Cupid was in now what words she did make out sounded even more angry. There again it was. He reminded her of her crime. So he knew, did this mean that the wardens arrival would change things? Keep others safe? From the sound of it, this was the case.

Cupid had gotten exactly what she wanted, and couldn't complain. Less privileges, less kindness. It was simply better this way. At the demand to reveal herself from Maze, Cupid's camoflage dropped like a light. Appearing in a bright shade of scared yellow and orange like a baby poison dart frog materializing on the scene. If one decided to pay her close attention they could see she was shaking. Shivering from the water and still dizzy as to why anyone would design a toy muzzle for the maw of a murderer.

The dragoness had a couple of smart comments to make to the guard, feeling as if she had failed her somehow in the decision she'd made to trust Cupid. But the dragoness did not find she had the heart to say it. Shortly thereafter. Weird rain began to fall. Cupid found it very unpleasant, and was instantly drenched head to tail by a single droplet landing on her. She struggled for a moment to regain her footing. Forcing her claws through the material and into the wood in fear of sliding off.

"H-hey come on, don't make a mistake like I did." Cupid was barely able to utter, looking back at Shigure's expression. If there was one thing she was scared about since the incident besides herself. It was anger from other people. She'd gotten hurt badly during the incident, it's what had caused things to spiral out of control into what wound up being her second killing. There was no end to her fear if something like that were to happen again.

As the tempest filled the shower, Shigure's comments on controls, intensity, and holes. Would be drowned out by a little, little figure rising her head up and making a distressed call up to the ceiling at the top of her lungs. The chair she was on wobbled before being easily kicked down. Cupid still clinging to it for dear life. She did not let herself move a muscle, and from her aqward position. Cupid could barely see Aki. It was really bad, she was starting to hit all of the high notes and would not stop until left alone for several seconds or picked up.
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Now standing still in the room, the commanding Warden had watched Cupid go from her little invisible self back to her timid, weak persona. He wondered if this was either a facade that she wore to see if she could trick the guards, or if this was some sort of actual mental disorder. Either way, from the reports he was able to read, this little girl had already done somethings that deserve far more than a simple reprimanding. From what he already could understand, it seemed that the dragon girl wanted to show off how dangerous she really was, and wanted to feign a prison break just to get that point through. Despicable, if she had wanted to go up to another level, all she needed was to ask. After all, this prison was meant to accommodate the rehabilitation of criminals after all, and if she doesn't feel the self control to be able to live in a normal cell, then it would have been a transfer which would have been approved ALONG with some psychiatric help.

There were more ways to prove or get help, other than acting out like some sort of inane brat. And it seemed Miss Shigure was doing her best to keep control of the situation using... "Ooooh, I didn't know you could do that," Maze mused as he watched her create rain water with her clouds, rubbing the beard on his chin with big anticipation as he knew full well of how her quirk works. With how the rain was pouring, she was explaining how prepared and equipped this prison was for Cupid. Which was absolutely true, as there are many different people with many different pours. Hell, he remembered a time when he first started this job that during the shower sequence he had the normal drainage systems involved, and someone who was able to liquefy their body almost made an escape. It cost some money to replace the drainage system due to the damages caused by Cement manipulation, but it taught Maze a valuable lesson.

Everyone had their own advantages, everyone had their own powers, and Maze had to think of every single route and idea. Even if they may seem farfetched, it could be easily achieved when people applied their quirks for mischievous deeds.

Then a loud noise started to permeate the air, as it seemed the young dragon gal started to screech out like a god damn banshee. Even Maze had to hold his hands up to his ears from how loud she was screaming, that infernal Cupid. That was when a mass of cement shout of the wall, formed in the shape of a hand, moving to pick up the girl as tenderly as possible. Palm facing upward with the girl in the middle of the Concrete hand, Maze took a couple steps forward as he had some heavy words to deliver. "Miss Shigure, I am surprised and glad that you can use your powers in such a fashion, AND that you were quick to halt any kinds of attempts of escape. Though, despite the evidence being heavily skewed against our young girl for murder of the highest degree, she is still just a child. Our prison is meant for rehabilitation, so there was no extra need to use your quirk in a fashion just to make a point. You're still learning, Miss Shigure, and I'll teach you all the ropes, so use this knowledge to move forward. OH, and your still in charge in the proceedings of Cupid, I'm just tagging along as I have nothing else to do as of this moment."

Moving around the table to the outstretched hand he created in the wall, he bowed his head downward so he can look Cupid in the face. He was confident in his own abilities to stop whatever she could do, plus he wanted to hold some shred of trust in her. After all, no one was born to be innately evil. There are those who can't come back from being evil as they have sunk way too far, but this was possibly a case of what to do with her. "Miss Cupid, rather than acting out of line, you can always talk with me. After all, your actions were a mistake that you consciously made. Today, we'll be interviewing you about why you have been incarcerated, and as such we request you to tell us everything you have done which may have broken the law. It will look better in your favor, because I personally want you to return to the outside world a changed woman. You have the potential to walk on the right side of the law, and we are here to make sure it's possible."

Pulling himself upward again, he turned to Miss Shigure with a smile on his face and nodded at her, letting her take the wheel from here.
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As Shigure created the raging storm within, clouds spread and rain started to fall, yet through it all she still heard the warden mention how such capabilities had caught him off guard, though in a nice almost amused way. She was far too pissed at the little runaway before her too comment on this, but it was touching, and slightly embarrassing. She had really only just recently gotten enough control over her clouds to create rainwater, and even then that was all she could do, no thunderstorms or hail, just rain. But that was more than enough, especially with her quirk as the little dragon Cupid was finding out. Which was when the girl dared to make a comparison between them! There were many things you could do to someone who's kindness you abused, comparing them to a murderer was not one of them. The freckled girl was completely livid now.

While hooking her claws into the bench had saved her from the worst of Shigures wrath, the splash breaking against the bench instead of her tiny, vulnerable body, she wouldn't be able to maintain this grip when the guard allowed the water to drain out, the crash of the bench having loosened her claws before and the draining water having too much pull on such a small person. Thankfully, the drain was covered. Unfortunately, Shigure was standing over the girl still fuming. She was getting ready to completely tear into this girl, pointing out every single difference between the disgruntled guard and literal cannibal before her. But then the damn dragon started shrieking as it laid in the drain, causing Aki to recoil and cover her ears. The file hadn't mentioned this, was this part of her quirk, an attack!? But as the true warden gently lifted and carried the girl with his quirk she stopped, revealing it had been nothing more than a terrified, screaming child. A fast that was easily forgotten in her dragon body. The warden also stepped forward towards Shigure, who was looking at him with a mixture of shame and embarassment. She had lost her temper, again. The warden was aware of her previous incident when she had gotten too angry, and had seemed sympathetic, but this was different, and probably why he was taking over. At least that was what she assumed, and while she was rightfully yet extremely gently admonished by the giant man for going overboard, she was shocked when he stated how not only would he teach her personally on how to become better, but that she was still in charge. Flabbergasted, the girl could only stammer at the bare chested man, who was giving his signature smile as he stated he was just tagging along out of boredom. It was funny, his intervention had helped both Shigure and Cupid, and had simply happened because he was bored. The warden was a very interesting character, as always. Yes sir! Understood! I'll do better! She yelled them with a salute, it was all she could do.

By now Gekko, also known by his nickname "Scarface" whether he wanted to or not, had started putting the straitjacket on Cupid. The dragon girl had finally gotten her wish, she would find it impossible to move her body and her wings after it was strapped on, and unlike everything else she had been wearing it wasn't going to be destroyed with a few simple scratches. She was completely immobilized, and completely at the mercy of the warden who held her in his stone grip. Thankfully, she likely couldn't be in better concrete hands, and Shigure listened as the man proceeded to give the little dragon miscreant some life advice, but also possibly some hope for the future. Along with a therapeutical approach to this tour, they already knew what she had done, but talking about things such as these always seemed to help inmates make progress. The wisdom of the warden always surprised her, and she couldn't help but stare again.

As Gekko gently carried the girl, Shigure decided to proceed as planned, having the girl talk as they went along. Talk about yourself. Shigures words had a certain gruffness to them, mostly because she was still miffed at the dragon defying her multiple times previously, but she wasn't aggressive when asking her to talk. It wasn't an interrogation, though the dark hallways of the underground did create a certain ambience, she'd could say or leave out whatever she wanted. Right now it was just about getting the prisoner to talk. If she wanted to talk about the incident, she could, if not, well they were going to a more special location to talk about that after seeing the most important parts of the prison anyways. And all of those parts led through here, the courtyard. Despite being underground, there was a hole in this area going up to the sky, though there was also a huge cement net near the top, preventing any hopes of flying away, and strangely a shutter covering the hole. Why have a hole and net if they're just gonna close it off? Normally shutter is open, but due to rain it closed for today... She actually sounded dejected as she explained, looking visibly disappointed. But she wasn't sad because it was raining, instead she was sad because the shutter was blocking the rain, while dark rainclouds and storms were a downer for most for the girl who's quirk depended on rain it was beautiful. Unfortunately no one else enjoyed a soggy courtyard, meaning the girl would have to enjoy the pitter pattering the rain made against the metal cover instead. Anyways, this is the courtyard. You eat, exercise, and do everything else here. And like everywhere else, it is watched 24/7, and can be shut down instantly. No acting up. She emphasized that part, looking at the girl. The courtyard was empty now, all the prisoners being in their cells. The last thing they needed was a riot after everything else. The infirmary is also nearby. Now, as a level 2 prisoner you don't get same privileges, but you do get come here still. Unless you make trouble. Understood? Shigure wasn't a very good tour guide, she didn't have the charisma for it,and literally everything was here in this room except for the cells. Which meant it was time to get to business.

Cupid would be led down another hallway to a small room with a desk and unlike every other interrogation room on the planet yellow wallpaper to contrast with the dreariness associated with these places. Cupid would be placed on the table gently by Scarface, who stood next to Shigure who took a seat across from the little dragon. Now...You've talked about yourself, now talk about the incident involving those two men. For once, Aki didn't sound scary, instead just talking as gently as she could.
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Cupid melted without resistance into the hand Maze made, intrepid voice dieing down as the tiny figure started panting. Being far more little than even a section of the hands pinkie her platform was relatively spacious. Her leg was trembling just slightly and she regained her breath. Her lungs were not cut out for this whole talking thing. She realized. Picking up her head to look at Maze. If somebody had good ears they could make out a response in micro volume. "I think I'm done misbehaving forever now."

Cupid was glad to hear that Shigure was not in trouble with her boss, partly because she did not want to cause any more trouble till the end of her days. And admittedly also because she was afraid of what the girl might do if Cupid put her in hot water. Then, she got a surprisingly encouraging speech from the warden. Along with a much more appropriate measure for security. It would even be funny to walk like this, despite her size and strength due to the simple fact of balance she could barely take a couple steps on her hind legs without falling over. Not that it would hurt.

The walk through the courtyard was nice, making her feel more safe when reminded of her lack of flight. Although the dragoness could theoretically fly up on a day with clear sky's and a potent updraft. That had recently been made impossible. Climbing, which was normally of great ease for her even on a flat wall unless if it was impregnable enough to repel the tiniest of claws. Was also out of the picture. Her own mental image of the no doubt three day process without sleep it would take to crawl up to the sky with feet and mouth alone was almost enough to make her laugh. She snapped to attention with a moments hesitation.

"Yes Mahm...!" Cupid responded, voice still worn out from her fit of screeching earlier. The dragoness had always been introverted, and the idea of spending time with other prisoners still made her tummy swirl uncomfortably. But at least the knowledge that she did not have to be alone all the time was comforting. She let daydreams of one day being a reformed citizen dance across her eyes all the way until she was set on a table. And stood up again very carefully. Making no sudden movements.

Cupid wound up laying on her side, tail entwining her own legs in an effort to preserve her modesty. In a funny way she almost felt more naked wearing this much clothes now that a little bit of time had set in. Then she was asked something that she'd simply never been asked before. She made a tiny groan, looking off to the side in a forlorn expression as her nose turned white. Since she'd calmed down the rest of her body seemed to be a healthy blue color.

She tried to string together the words once, but lost her nerve and instead gave a self loathing whine to the side. Then, embarrassed. She steeled herself under the principal that it would be nice to finally be able to say what happened. Without lieing. "They weren't just two men they were Alphonse and Moe...." Cupid said in a regretful, quick string eyes clamped shut.

She then looked Aki properly in the eyes and continued her story at a reasonable rate. With longer sentences her English accent became more apparent. "It all started a couple years ago, my daddy and me ran away because mommy didn't let me try and be a hero. We moved to Japan because that's where all the best agencies are and because she'd have a way harder time finding us. I want to school a couple years, and he got remarried... Uh, ok but... those two..." She said, swallowing and getting back on subject.

"I knew both of them, they took care of me when I was a dragnet so small they needed a magnifying glass to see me. It was... Ok, but. I really couldn't stand how they talked to me all the time. I knew they cared but they only ever did what mommy wanted them too. Well, Moe was a little scary sometimes when I was older. It wasn't like that when Isabel was still alive." She said, forgetting to clarify who on earth this girl was in the first place.

"B-b... But I got really scared when they broke into my house when nobody was around that night! They shoved me in a jar and started taking me to some car that was parked way down from my house in those, parking tower things. I wouldn't have made it out for all if they did not... If they didn't meet Jirri." While she was certain about her feelings, the messed up painful feelings for the two men. It was clear the child had still not properly identified this boy.

"He heard me yelling for help at the last minute and used his quirk to break me out. But, before or right after I don't remember. Alphonse tried to convince him" She wined, getting to the most painful part of the memory. She spoke like a bug sized mouse. "he said that daddy kidnapped me, and mommy'd been waiting years to see me again... Then he called me RETARDED said my BRAIN was too SMALL. Told him I'd get myself KILLED playing HERO."

It was almost like Cupid was back in the moment again, her arms writhed in their jacket in frustration. Remembering the level of outrage she'd had in that minute. Her voice had venom, it was deep. Tiny amounts of smoke rose from hr mouth as her saliva heated up. "SO I RIPPED OUT HIS EYE, TORE IN THE HOLE-" Timidness hit her like a wave. And like that she was back to herself. Moping pitifully and barely getting the words out. "Jirri said stop, but I went into his head and killed him. I even... ate some of his brain when I was coming out. I don't..." It was too horrible. If nobody had given her any comfort during the hardest part of her story she'd be weeping. Something that was very hard for little dragons to do.

"... Moe saw me kill his only friend and crushed me really, really hard with his quirk... Both my wings snapped. I burnt him, just.... just a little. But his power... He was all made out of, tar... He burned, and yelled so loud. I hear it sometimes..." Cupid did not have the strength to go on telling the story. She had her head tucked into her jacket, using it to try her tears. She never wanted to live in that moment again she realized. How out of control she felt, how scary and heavy every single thought was. It was simply a nightmare.
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Once again, dealing with people whose sizes were far more diminutive than his own, and as such was able to overhear the gal talk about never doing this again forever never. Maze was at least relieved that she wanted to go down the path of rehabilitation, but was extra wary as to whether it was all a facade she was wearing or legitimate promises to behave. After all, this was only the first day, and criminals of all kind would plead and bargain anything to put themselves in a better light. Knowing this as a pure fact strengthened his heart against these emotional sways, and just let himself be guided through the courtyard.

Maze kept his silence as they moved into the interrogation, only half paying attention to his guards explanation. She was pretty on point, so there wasn't really a need to interject, and opted to observe his prisoners. They were all acting cordial with one another, the rainy days always bringing a level of peace to the underground criminals. He spotted, however, a lot of empty positions were seen at the guard posts. Reminding him that a slew of guards felt uncomfortable working here after the England Riots and the events causing them, thinking Maze as irresponsible and reckless.

Disappointed in such a lack of faith, Maze was almost caught off guard when they all arrived in the interrogation room. Miss Shigure fixed her demeanor rather nicely. Actually trying to get Cupid to explain her side of the story, and oh boy it was going to be doozy. She began with a bit of her story, a typical set up for a disheveled childhood since the parents seemed to be at ends with one another, over Cupids own desire for heroics.

Then it seemed everything turned all Topsy turvy when it seemed her mother's own connections would lead to some shady kidnapping. Whether the legality of who truly had custody over Cupid seemed to be up in the air, there may have been some wrongs on both sides. Especially when Moe's and Al were hired to try and kidnap her back. Then the appearance of a third party rescued her and... Oh God he had wished the reports were wrong, but Cupids own voice started to twist itself when mentioning those guys. They were demoralizing beyond belief, and Maze could understand that frustration, but Cupids seemed to be the one who attacked and murdered the man in such a cruel fashion. Cupid had the opportunity to run away and get the police, but she chose to stay and succumb to her rage.. or perhaps jet rage completely coated her brain in a shroud if red, akin to a crazed bull.

Then her accidental immolation of victim number two came up, and Maze had already deemed her too dangerous to be allowed to run around. After all, this could have gone much smoother if she turned herself into the authorities immediately following this incident as she could please for self-defense to a degree. But she chose to hide it until being caught after a psychiatric exam which included some memory examination. Rather than treat this instability that may or may not exist, as Maze held some doubts still due to not being a psychiatrist and all. Plus, Cupid was a murderer who hid acted in an inhuman manner, which was the reason he made no attempts to console her during her testimony.

"I'm glad you regret your decisions, Miss Cupid," The large man began as kindly as possible, but with a stern undertone, "But you let it become far worse through hiding your actions. You should have contacted the officials to stop your mother's men, as they were definitely in the wrong as well. But it seems we will need to properly interview your parents in order to determine both custody and legality of their actions, plus who would be trusted to look after you during your rehabilitation. I will try and have professional psychiatrists come and properly analyze you, in order to determine if you really might not be in control of your own actions. And under proper behavior we may allow you to have your fully body free of constraints once more, minus the wings. I'm sure you can understand!"

Smiling a little, he righted himself upward and looked at Miss Shigure while saying, "I think this is enough. Please escort our new prisoner to her new cell, Miss Shigure, I have my own issues to deal with."

Stretching his limbs, he left through the door like a normal person while pulling out his phone. He was contacting some of the local shrinks and psychiatrists who would be willing to either work full time at Stine Chameleon or, at the very least pay the prison a visit for an examination of their miniscule murderer. And, while he was currently on hold and listening to some sub-par elevator music, he made some plans to hire some new blood into his prison. Maybe Miss H'wedo would interested in being a part time guard as she's already proven herself invaluable as a Chancellor.

Ideas, ideas

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An interesting thread. Cupid is gonna need some help and the people running the prison are nice folk.

Cupid has spent enough time in prison and is a minor. However, she is equipped with a B-Rank parole anklet. She is to have this for 2 IC years and see a psychiatrist and a parole officer once a week. These do not need to be done in threads, but when starting a location out of Japan a post will need to include letting the officer know.
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