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1-B: Rock'em Sock'em Rookies
Topic Started: May 14 2018, 03:22 PM (795 Views)
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Alone in a dark lab, lit only by a bright screen, a woman reviewed the footage gathered by UA on the new arrivals. Once again she would be turning this crop of children into a fine bunch of heroes, she had some moderate success with that last batch. Today was the first step for several of these fresh faces, as she left the lab she flicked a series of switches, starting the booting process for her ‘friends’ she would have her pupils play with today. The light of the morning blinded her momentarily, she had spent a good deal of the previous night preparing for today’s lesson. The footage had revealed some interesting points, and there were a few individuals who had caught her eye. The five teens slotted to be under her care would be in for an interesting year, their teacher having just now arrived outside of a modest classroom labeled "1B Heroics."

An air of regality followed the woman as she graced the classroom with her presence, making her way into the room as she flicked on the lights with a snap. She would stand before her desk, her head held high and her hands clasped firmly behind her back, presentation was key for first impressions. She had chosen to arrive early, hers would be the first face each arriving student would be greeted with. While she would remain courteous and return any greetings the students offered, Mother Metal would otherwise remain silent. One by one the student’s would make their entrance, some peppy and early, others making it into class by the skin of their teeth. She close to let the students pick their own seating arrangements.

Her eyes darted to the clock as each moment passed, calmly waiting until it was the exact time for the class to begin. She was kind, but a creature of habit, she would follow the schedule like clockwork. A small, mellow chime would ring out behind her desk as the hour hand reached its apex, signaling for the beginning of the First Year Heroics course. Clearing her throat, she would attempt to stifle any lingering conversations, there would be plenty of time to talk later.

Despite her polite nature, the woman did her best to command an aura of authority. The looming eyes of an awaiting teacher were often enough to silence even the rowdiest of pupils, the dichotomy proving to be rather unnerving. She assumed every student here would be beyond excitement to start their life as a heroics student, so she wouldn’t want to keep the eager teens waiting. This was their opportunity to either squander or flourish, and she would guide and nurture them into the finest their generation would have to offer. As soon as she possessed their undivided attention, Mother Metal would swiftly begin.

"Good morning students, my name is Nakano Mota. Most of you, however, may know me better as Mother Metal. You may refer to me however you wish, just as long as it's respectful." After introducing herself, Nakano would address her five pupils with a small sweeping motion.

"Every one of you has the untapped potential to become a hero. Potential is the key word, as your attendance here at U.A. does little to guarantee your career in heroics. You must allow this potential to blossom, furthering yourselves through determination and hard work. U.A. is simply the first stepping stone towards your legacy, please be sure not to squander your time here." She furthered this point with a stern expression, before once again returning to a warm smile. It was an old but effective speech that had served her well in the past.

"Before we continue any further, I would like for each of you to introduce yourselves. Please give your name, a brief synopsis of your abilities, and why you're here."

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Meiji’s morning had been incredibly uneventful, to say the least. Like any normal person would be, the boy was extremely excited and as such had forced himself to wake up earlier than he usually would - 6:00, to be exact! Now that he’d moved into the dorms, getting to his classroom on time was no issue, although it did take him some time to get ready; he wanted to make a good first impression, so preening his grey uniform so as to make it tidy was what took up the majority of his morning.

What’s more, he’d used his savings to buy himself some school supplies which were of the highest quality. Now that he was in one of the country’s top academies, there was no excuse for him to be using cheap and tacky stationary. After eventually leaving his dorm room and heading off towards the main school, the boy realised he didn’t know exactly where his classroom was - It was no matter though, luckily one of the older students who also seemed to be up bright and early directed him to where he needed to be.

Upon entering the classroom, he would be met by none other than mother-metal herself! While she wasn’t exactly someone he adored as much as he does Pink Peace, she was a pro-hero nonetheless and the boy hoped that he could get her to think well of him. Despite feeling a little intimidated in the presence of such a great hero deep down, the boy tried his best to seem calm, not wanting to seem weird or strange to the people he would call his classmates for foreseeable future.

Sitting at a desk which was quite near to the front, the boy unpacked his things and placed them on his desk. Strangely, there were no ‘regular’ colored pens but instead a plethora of pink glitter ones! To some, this would be very unusual, but the boy had grown used to using utensils the same color as his skin - he was allowed to do it in his previous school, so why not UA, the school that is renowned for celebrating individuality. Looking around, he would make note of the other people in his class, and given the fact that they were to be together for, well, a while, the boy tried to make small talk with them.

“I’m Meiji, nice to meet you!” He said while smiling and keeping up the facade that he was unfazed by the presence of Mother Metal. As he turned his head away from the other students, however, he noticed Nakano’s looming eyes and thought it best to cease all conversation entirely. Straightening his posture, the boy would listen as she introduced herself to the class as their homeroom teacher. Furthermore, as she gave the speech about untapped potential, the boy’s arm hairs stood on end. If anything, he was the definition of untapped potential - despite having what some would call a ‘one note’ quirk, Meiji had learned to use his mind to think of a solution that made the most of his surroundings. As a result, the by is always finding new applications and ways to utilize his quirk in the field, getting closer to his goal of becoming a hero every single day.

When tasked with giving an introduction to wh he was and what Heroism meant to him, the pink-skinned teen did not hesitate to stand up. He’d been dreaming of this moment ever since he was a kid, and had his answer prepared right off the bat. Shooting up from his chair, it would seem the boy was the first to speak.

“I’m Meiji Wata, and you can bet it’s a name you’ll remember!” he said, using a somewhat childish opening that he’d been repeating over in his mind ever since he was a little kid. “My quirk: Bubblegum. As the name suggests, my body is made of bubblegum, and I can do basically what you’d expect. I can stretch my limbs outwards, make myself sticker or inflate my whole body. It’s actually really fun, and I love finding new ways to apply it in battle. As for why I’m here…” the boy then hesitated; why he wanted to become a hero was something he’d never been asked, and while it was something he’d thought about in private, it wasn’t something he wanted to be common knowledge.

“...I want to bring a good name to my family while saving people in many different situations, just as my father had in his prime. He was in the army, and did his part in helping those in need across the world. Someday I’ll live up to his name.” Despite not wanting others to know everything about him just yet, the boy rambled a bit and let on perhaps a bit too much about his father. Having finished what he had to say, Meiji sat back down and waited for the others to answer. He could only hope Mother Metal wouldn’t think his answer was ridiculous.


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"Ooyyyyyy - wake up."


"Uhhhhhhhh..........," Tony mumbled, ripped out of his sleep by something that he could barely even register. But whatever it was, something had brought him awake. His hands clutched at the soft pillow under his head, toes curling under the warm blanket on his body. Why's my head hurt? Tony thought about it for a second, opening his eye ever so slightly to take a peek in front of him. Ughhh yeah. I told him to wake me up... Opposite to that pain though, a euphoric feeling of rest washed over his body after a second. It was attempting to drag him back into sleep again, washing over him a few times despite his struggle to remain awake. Shuffling a little and closing his eyes once again for a little more sleep, the boy lay there quietly for a second before- BONK, something hit him on the head again.

"Okay okay okay okay okay, I get it I get it," Tony muttered, inhaling sharply out of pain. He sighed, rolling out onto his back in a sprawl. His eyes stared up at the ceiling with a listless gaze, unable to repress a weirdly melancholic feeling that he was no longer under the same wooden ceiling that he had gotten used to over the past few months. But yet, at the same time as he was missing his old house, his current living situation was far better than before. In all honesty, he'd been getting sick of that damned wooden roof. Always growing leaky spots and forcing him to fix it up. If he really thought about it, this was probably one of the best nights of sleep he'd ever gotten. How could any of the place's he'd been to compare to the world's greatest hero school?

"Humph." Tony pushed himself up, sitting up and crouching over. The boy yawned again, rubbing his eyes and looking out in front of him with a dazed look. "What time is it?" the boy mumbled, glancing over to his left at the 'guy' who woke him up. The man was unlike most any person you'd see, transparent and glowing a magenta hue like some sort of ethereal spirit.

"Class is in 20," he said, tilting his head down to look at Tony, tapping his baseball bat against the ground. Tony called him Kinzoku, he was a spirit from Tony's own quirk. But that was unimportant to the boy - he treated him like any other person and gave him a human name to reflect on that.

"Mhm," Tony let out, glancing up at his pal. The youth stretched his arms again, pushing his blanket aside and stepping out onto the floor. Pulling his shirt up over his head and dropping his pants down to the floor, the boy reached out lazily as Kinzoku handed over his school uniform. The tie felt constricting around his neck, something he was unused to the way he usually dressed. Fumbling with it, the boy tossed it back onto his bed and unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt, rubbing his neck as he felt free once again. "Alright, let's go." Kinzoku shot into his body, Tony slipping on his shoes and exiting his room.

The class took Tony a bit to find, narrowly making it in a few minutes before the class' start. Giving one last glance at the room number, Tony nodded to himself and stepped in. The first person he saw was the teacher, her gaze slightly creepy as he walked by and gave a wave. "Hey." Nodding slightly, Tony turned his head to the desks, finding one in the second row and plopping himself down. The time ticked down, Tony folding his legs into a lotus position on the chair. He didn't recognise anyone, although one girl kinda reminded him of Eun with similar hair.

But his attention was drawn elsewhere soon, glancing up to the front as his teacher begun. Oh cool, we get a hero as our teacher. Tony had no idea who she was, but she oughta've been pretty good at what she does to be a teacher here. Her speech was the kinda pep talk Tony was expecting, but that wasn't bad. Maybe it was generic, but it was true.

And then came the exciting part; introducing yourself. Now this was the kind of stuff Tony always imagined you would do at a school. All his expectations were coming true, school was really turning out to be exactly what he wanted. He watched as one of the kids started, intriguing Tony as he had a pretty peculiar ability. It seemed really cheerful and funny, it was bubblegum after all, but Tony also imagined some really cool ways he could use it. Like what if he blew himself up into a ball and rammed into people as a ball. But back to Tony himself, he was rearing and read to go, with no actual idea what he would say. Excited, Tony couldn't restrain himself as he went second. "Uh-, I'm Tony. I don't have a last name, so you can just call me that." Tony paused for a brief moment, trying to think up some cool catchphrase like the kid before him. Ahhhhhhh, whatever.

"And my abilities... I can climb things pretty well. Uh, and my quirk - I have a bunch of spirits with me, and they do what I tell 'em because I'm the boss. Some can shoot guns and stuff, or they can just change shape and hit things." Right on cue, Kinzoku popped out from his back (like a stand from JoJo) and gave a peace sign before disappearing back into Tony. His baseball bat was in his other hand, holding it slightly down to the side. "That's Kinzoku, he likes to hit things with his bat. And I'm here because my friend Eun asked me to come, and also being a hero is pretty cool." Tony nodded, giving a smile before sitting back down in his seat. His heart was beating in his chest, slightly anxious about introducing himself in a classroom for the first time.

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Ann's day was quite eventful already. She had woken up extremely early in the morning, about 6:30 am. Today was the very first real day of her classes at U.A. While a huge part of her couldn't wait, another part of her felt anxious. For everyone else, this might be their first day of school since all summer. But for her, this was the first day of public school in years.

Going to public school had always caused her to panic almost every morning, and waking up early to get cleaned and dressed was only bringing back bad memories. Her heart had pounded inside of her chest in the dead quiet of her dorm room, not making things any easier. Even after she was entirely ready and in her assigned uniform, sitting on her bed waiting for it to be time was driving her crazy with nerves.

Without even thinking about it, Ann began to breathe heavily to try and calm herself down. "I can do this..." She said to herself, smiling as she did so. Even in spite of her short pep talk, the wait was killing her. After a short mental debate on what to do to fill the time, she quickly decided on what to do. It was time to make a good appearance.


Ann showed up at her classroom almost as soon as it was time, her hair up in twin, adorable cute little buns on her head. Spending her morning doing her best to give a good impression, she smiled nervously at her fellow classmates when they arrived. Everyone was so interesting... But honestly, her teacher held her attention almost the entire time she waited for class to start.

She couldn't quite place how she knew the woman, but something about her face was familiar to her. The moment she introduced herself as Mother Metal, Ann's eyes quite literally lit up, smiling extremely widely. The Mother Metal? The Japanese hero who spoke to machines? Her nerves almost immediately melted away, transitioning into intense curiosity and awe.

Of course, Ann knew a little bit, trying to keep up to date with the latest hero sensations, but this woman sitting in front of her was basically a legend in Ann's eyes. She tried her best to focus as she spoke, hanging heavily on every single word and nodding along. The potential to be a great hero was inside of her... She just needed to let it come to fruition.

She sat patiently, listening with intense focus at the other students. The bubble gum boy, Meiji, had a fairly straightforward quirk. An elastic body that could seemingly stretch or expand as he wished. That sounded incredibly useful for all kinds of things! Why, he could grab someone from across the room, or bend around corners with incredible ease.

The next fellow student really intrigued her, however. Tony and his spirits had her eyes widening in surprise. What such a unique quirk. To have other entities exist as a part of you was insanely cool, even cooler that Kinzoku seemed to actually have like, a personality of his own. A quirk like that, you were a one-man army quite literally.

And suddenly, there was silence... No one was speaking. She quickly stood up to her feet, claiming the spotlight for the moment. After a glance at Mother Metal, she gulped nervously. It was time for a good impression or nothing. Letting out a long, deep breath, she finally spoke.

"M-my name is Ann Drover." She almost immediately stuttered, causing herself to frown a bit. Now was not the time for nerves! Forcing herself to continue, Ann gently held up a hand. "My quirk, makes me entirely mechanical. I am a living, breathing machine." Ann gave her teacher a nervous grin, unable to hide her excitement.

Holding her hand up forwards, her fingers suddenly began to twist, open up and fold back into her hands. All kinds of little tools replaced them all at once. Small socket wrenches, electrical screwdrivers, power drills, a drill, basic power tools. "My quirk allows me to transform my mechanical body to do... Well, almost anything! I haven't found a limit yet, that isn't just my inexperience I mean. From energy blasters to rocket boosters, I can do it."

Satisfied with her explanation of her quirk, she let her hand fall down to her side as her fingers whirred back into place. "And... I want to be a hero to prove I can do it." She paused, not entirely expecting those to be the first words out of her mouth. "I m-mean... I grew up in New York City. Everyday was another question. Would I get hurt today? Would another super villain try and attack the subway I'm on? Would someone else hold me hostage? Enough is enough. I'm done living in fear. A-and I want to prove that others don't have to either!" She spoke with as much conviction as she could muster, her voice raising louder as she did so.

"My parents.... Aren't supportive of me here. They think I should be a teacher, or a mechanic like they are. They won't say it, but I can tell... They don't think I'm strong enough." Maybe she was answering the question in way too much in detail, but once she started she simply couldn't stop. The floodgates have been opened. "T-they still see me as their little girl. Scared and weak! I-I'm not that girl! A-a-and I'll fight to prove it! I want to prove that if a girl like me can become a hero, then... T-then I'll make sure no one has to be afraid to simply go outside ever again." Her face certainly read as if she would cry from the intense emotions, but not a single drop formed on her metallic face.

She continued to remain standing for a little bit, feeling the embarressment and the heat rising on her face. Although, to be quite real it was simply red LED lights behind her cheeks forming a slight visible flush through her metal skin. She eventually sat down, trying not to look at anyone. Compared to everyone else, she had definitely overdid herself... But she wasn't going to keep any secrets. This was U.A., right? All she hoped was that she would be commended for her honesty.

"S-sorry. I didn't mean to take up so much of your time. Please continue."

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His alarm rang at seven and he lay in bed wondering if this had perhaps been a colossal mistake. Today was Jun’s first day of U.A. and… his first school day at any school that wasn’t Jogakuin. His first school day without Taro there beside him.

God. He was going into a strange school with all these incredibly talented people and he was probably just going to be a human disaster the entire time and end up being kicked out. Would the kids in his class be as bad as the kids at Jogakuin? Would he end up just as miserable in such a prestigious school only to find that it was just as shit as the old one? Just as shit, with kids with bigger egos? Was it even a good idea to attend or should he just pull out now?!

What if they didn’t want him there? Or what if they did and he did that thing where he thought they didn’t anyway and tried to leave them alone and then they all thought he was a standoffish asshole and he ended up digging his own grave and dooming himself to three years here with nobody who’d be his friend because he was just that weird dude who didn’t let anyone talk to him and was rude because he didn’t join in group activities? Oh God, would there be group activities?! What if he had to take part but he messed up and wrecked the activity for the class entirely and they all hated him forever because he couldn’t even do a group activity right and was messing up their education?!?!

He hadn’t quite started crying, but his breaths were coming hard and fast and his face was flushed red as he panicked over the tiniest what-ifs, and it took a ridiculously long time for him to try and relax somewhat. On jelly legs he stood and reached for his water bottle, trying to soothe his now-parched throat, and trying to calm down.

His uniform was neatly set on his bed-end, and he dressed carefully, trying not to catch his skin too badly on the hems. The shirt under the blazer was a blessing, it would keep the thicker material free of flakes and clean. He ended up having to google, red-faced, how to do his tie after three failed attempts, craning his neck to see what he was doing in the mirror, before finally getting it into an acceptable knot. He slid the koi-shaped tie pin onto it, holding the tail in place, and then went on dressing.

He liked the uniform. It was neat and reminded him of the kinds of clothes you’d see on flashy Western movie stars in spy movies, complete with the neat lapels and cufflinks. And the long sleeves were definitely appreciated.

The walk down to his class just made him wonder if it was obvious he’d had to buy new shoes for his uniform. They were stiff and loud against the floor and was it weird that he’d gotten new shoes for his formal uniform? Was he going to be judged for the neat, fresh laces and telltale shine and the way they clicked against the polished halls? Was he going to look silly? Did anyone else buy new shoes? Did he even need new shoes?!

He was a little early to the lesson- what if people thought he was a stuck up nerd for being so early?!- but he would rather that than being late. He nervously shifted from foot to foot as other students arrived, all but trying to smush himself into the wall to avoid notice. He might well combust if anyone tried to talk to him, there was no way he could handle that! He was so nervous!!

When the door was opened he ended up hanging back, not wanting to shove anyone or risk bumping people. He ended up sitting further away from the door than he’d have liked, which made him nervous, and he was near the front- too visible? what if the teacher called on him? what if people thought he was a suck-up for sitting near the front?! would that be worse than looking like an edgelord sitting at the back?!

He was sitting next to a very pink boy, and Jun was...kind of intrigued. He looked kind of huggable and wow that was so creepy Jun never think that again. Slightly red-faced, he found himself sinking a little in his chair, clutching his notebook like a lifeline. He almost missed the boy introducing himself- Meiji, that was such a good name, wow. Oh god he had to respond. What if he said too much?
“I-I-I’m J-j-Jun,” he stammered. “N-n-nice t-to meet, uh, to m-meet you t-too, M-Meiji,”
There. That wasn’t weird, was it?

And then he finally looked at something that wasn’t his feet- namely, the teacher, and he’d have to be dumb to not recognise her! He was pretty sure he had a t-shirt or two with Mother Metal emblazoned on them. Gah, a real pro hero teaching his class...it was so unfair for him to be here! And so awesome!! And she gave them her real name?!?! So cool!!!!!

Potential. That was her advice, to work on potential. He could do that, right? Except then she asked them to stand up and introduce themselves. Jun immediately went into red-faced lockup, frozen even as the cute pink guy- Meiji, Meiji, don’t forget his name, that’d be rude- beside him stood up and kicked off the ritual humiliation.

God, god, all these kids had such good reasons for being here, and for wanting to be heroes, and for everything and god he was going to look like an idiot!! It was only when the silvery girl- Ann, she called herself- had gone that Jun realised he didn’t want to go last at all, because people would remember last right?! And there’d be nobody else and they’d just be waiting on him to stammer out his silly excuses and and and-

He stood up, twisting his fingers in his opposite hand nervously.
“I-I’m Y-yu-Yukimura J-Jun, uh, h-hi,”
He cringed. What a bad opening. “M-my, uh, my quirk is, uh, well it, uh, it doesn’t have a n-name? B-b-but it’s, uh, my skin. S-sorry, you could probably tell,” He ran a hand through his hair anxiously. “It, uh, it’s tough and I can s-s-sorta, uh, you know, t-toughen it m-more, to d-do different t-things…”
Should he demonstrate? No no that’d gross people out!
“It’s, uh, kinda gross, I know, b-but useful!”

Now the hard part.
“I-I’m here because a f-friend of mine c-couldn’t b-be,” He was fiddling with the hem of his blazer now. Did he look like an idiot? He was probably all red faced and looked like he was about to cry! God! This was a mistake what was he doing?!
“H-his name is T-Taro, uh, and he always w-wanted to be a, uh, be a hero b-but he g-g-got sick and n-now he’s n-n-not allowed to be? He s-said he was going t-to drag me to this school with him, uh, when he applied and h-he encouraged me to do it, uh, without him...so, uh, I guess I w-want to be a hero because h-he couldn’t be? And, uh, that’s not f-fair and, uh… I guess w-we sort of thought one of us should, uh, should do it? Oh g-god I’m rambling, s-s-sorry, gah, you d-didn’t really n-n-need to know all that, I’ll sh-sh-shut up now, I’m so sorry, uh, but uh, that’s why I want t-to be a hero, um, yeah,”

Flaming-faced, he sank down into his seat again, knees feeling like they would have given way if he’d stayed standing for even a moment longer.
Hey, said the little voice of self-encouragement. You spoke to the class! Well done!
, Jun thought, but I looked like an idiot doing it.
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Penelope could barely sleep the night before, a whole mishmash of feelings kept her awake, though it was mostly excitement. She had managed to get into U.A and today was the first day of classes. She had already sent in the information for her Heroics suit and she was still waiting for that, but she hardly cared. This was too exciting for her, and maybe not getting any sleep didn't help her.

Penelope arrived to her classroom half an hour early, she didn't know who to expect teaching the class or who were in the class. Upon entering the classroom, Penelope found that there was a very small number of students in the class and the teacher was some hero she had never seen before, although she didn't know many japanese heros. She didn't recognize many of the students in the class save a few, but she had a feeling it wouldn't take long to get to know them.

Penelope greeted the woman who seemed to be the teacher. "Im Penelope, nice to meet you." She said shaking the teachers hand. Penelope didn't have long to talk to the other students as the second the hand hit the hour, the teacher brought their attention to the front of the room. The teacher introduced themselves as Nakano Mota, and then introduced herself as Mother metal. Penelope definitely hadn't heard the name before, and ditto for the hero name. The teacher then talked about their potential as something only to be grown here, and their success as a hero.

Mrs.Mota then asked them to share their abilities and why they are here. A pink dude introduced himself as Meiji and described his quirk as being made out of bubblegum, kinda odd but to get into U.A must be good. A second introduced themselves as Tony and promptly stated that they could climb well and make ghosts, seemed a bit more useful then the first girl. As he talked a ghost popped out of his back only to sink back in with a 'peace' sign

Another girl introduced herself as Ann and told everyone that she was basically a robot and could turn into different things, normally that would be enough but then the girl continued to talk about her being looked down upon by her parents for being in U.A and pretty much put a major damper in the class. A second boy introduced themselves as Yukimura, a native and described their quirk as something to do with their skin. The stutter and the clear lack of self confidence seemed to make this simple introduction a whole ordeal for the dude. Like the girl before Yukimura then gave an extremely sad life story about their sick friend, jesus these people need to see the counselor.

Then it was Penelope's turn, and thankfully with the bubblegum burl going first she felt better talking about herself."Uh my name is Penelope Hill and I shoot pressurized propane from special vents." She said to the small class, she was extremely glad the class was so small, it made talking a lot easier. "The reason why im here is to help my home, and help make things safer. The situation overseas has gotten worse and I want to help stop it."

"Uh I really don't have a sob story to tell you guys, and im not going after you two for sharing that personal information but she kinda only asked for your name and quirk, i don't know we start with therapy in this class but yea, no hate here." She was here to become a hero not be a therapist.

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One by one as they filtered in, Mother Metal greeted each of her new students. There were no surprises when it came to their appearances, as she had been studying their exams for weeks, formulating a lesson plan, and preparing her side of the process well in advance. First up was the exceptionally pink Meiji. He had a bubbly personality that matched his quirk, as well as a positive attitude for the future. Smiling, Mother Metal responded in kind. “Your enthusiasm is noted Mr. Wata, if saving people and fostering a reputation is your goal, you are certainly in the right place.”

Next up was Tony, and from the very moment of his introduction, Mother Metal’s mouth curled into a smile. ‘Another Spirit user? At least this one didn’t arrive covered in face-paint’ she thought to herself, reminded of a certain energetic student from the following year. With a smile, Mother Metal nodded and spoke up. “Glad to have you Mr. Tony with no Last Name, while I can’t promise you much climbing today, I do hope to get a better look at those spirits of yours in action. I do hope in time you’ll foster a motivation for heroics less dependent on what your friends ask you to do.” Next to introduce themselves was someone Mother Metal had been eager to meet. While she fostered no favoritism, she was genuinely excited this particular student was placed with her. Mother Metal noticed the passion in her voice, she had something to prove, and luckily it seemed she had the quirk to back it up. “A truly fascinating ability Ms. Drover, I certainly hope to explore those unknown limits this year. Being a symbol of courage and a paragon of safety is a rocky road, but a route worth traveling, I look forward to seeing you in action.”

The next speaker tugged a bit at Nakano’s heart strings, it was a challenge for her to contain her own maternal instincts while he spoke, once again she was glad he had been assigned to her. He had potential and his heart was in the right place, but she was going to need to do something about that stutter of his, heroes don’t hesitate. “It’s alright Mr. Jun, I for one think your quirk is fascinating. Carrying on the dream of another is indeed a noble goal, but I hope in time you begin to see it as your own dream.” Finally, it was time for the second girl in the class to speak up. She was clear and quick to the point, explaining her quirk rather clinically and summarizing her goals in a curt and tacit manner. Despite her prompt introduction, she seemed amicable enough, Mother Metal could only hope she had as much control with her quirk as she did with her words. “Well said Ms. Hill, I could think of hundreds of applications of such an ability, I’m glad you have chosen to apply them to heroics. I hope in time you’ll feel comfortable enough to open up.”

With introductions out of the way, Mother Metal addressed the class as a whole. She had a good understanding of what made up this class, and had a fun morning planned for them. Clearing her throat, she explained “Today we will be conducting our lesson outside, we will be exploring and measuring the individual natures of each of your quirks to better customize future lessons accordingly. If you would follow me, we can begin.” As the students rose to follow, she lead them a short trip down the campus to one of the training fields. There were gendered changing rooms available as she instructed them to get changed into their gym attire. While not stopping any conversations, she wouldn’t leave students to idly talk and hold everyone up. Upon exiting, they would be greeted by a bulky six foot robot standing beside their teacher (X).

This robot seemed sturdily built, reinforced to serve a singular purpose. “Everyone, say hello to Sandbag, he’s going to be helping us with the first part of our lesson.“ On cue the robot gave a bow, waving to the gathered students. “He’s built to be incredibly durable, and is loaded with a ton of sensors to measure various factors. Each of you are going to take a turn hitting him with whatever you’ve got, don’t worry about hurting him though, he was originally built to handle blows from gargantuan foes.” Sandbag nodded and dug his feet into the ground, clamps digging in to secure him in place. Holding up het tablet, Mother Metal continued. “Feel free to use your quirks to deliver the biggest blow you can, be it physical, energy, or what have you” She moved away from the target and watched eagerly, curious to see what each student would do. “You may begin when ready”

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Ann's smile was a mile wide as Mother Metal talked back to her. She was absolutely overjoyed, nodding her head excitedly. She knew that she'd eventually truly discover the difficulties of her path in the future, but for now, she was determined to do her best. She had overcome difficulty before, slowly overcoming her own anxieties and fears. Nothing was going to hold her back any longer, this she had mentally promised herself.

Her wide smile softened a little bit as she heard Jun speak. Someone who was even more nervous than she was... Honestly, it was a bit of a comforting thought, even if it did make her a tad bit guilty. Hopefully, he would grow in confidence here at U.A. as well! That's what this school was here for, after all. Teaching kids how to become a true hero, confident in themselves and strong enough to achieve their heroic goals.

Penelope however, genuinely upset her a little bit. She did indeed ask for more than just name and quirk. Mother Metal asked why they were there, and she answered honestly. Before she could say anything, Ann bit her tongue as Mother Metal mentioned how she hoped that Penelope would open up in time. She let out a soft sigh of relief, turning her attention back to their teacher. Without a doubt, this was going to be a good year.

Listening intently, Ann stood up to her feet as they were told and followed her out of the classroom. Testing their quirks? It made sense in theory, but she had ultimately no idea what that would consist of. Ann quickly changed into her gym attire in the locker room, not really that intent on making idle chitchat with the only other girl in her class... Of course, she wanted to make friends with her! But talking during class wasn't appropriate, right? U.A. wasn't like any normal school, so she really didn't know anymore.

Once changed up, her hair still in buns as she stepped out onto the training field. As to be expected, her eyes immediately swept up and down the giant robot standing before them. Her eyes nearly sparkled as a grin spread across her face. Mr. Sandbag was to be their test dummy for today, built to take the strongest of attacks from anyone.

All she wanted to do was sit down and chat with the giant robo, but she couldn't exactly converse with him. Even still, she planned on giving him some words before she took her turn. After all, she would want to thank him for working with them today.

After Mother Metal said to begin, Ann immediately stepped forwards, claiming the spot to go first. "I'll go!" She quickly stepped forwards, bowing politely towards Sandbag "Uh, thank you! Thank you for helping us test our quirks today, Sir."

She let out a soft breath, stepping forwards once more to give herself some space from the rest of the group. What to do? Maybe she should punch him? No, maybe not. She punched everyone in the entrance exam, not once did she have a chance to show off her energy blasters. However, if this was her one chance to go all out, then just one single attack might not be enough.

Ann stilled her breathing, eyes locked onto Sandbag as he remained clamped into the ground. At least she didn't have to worry about missing, that was for sure. Holding her right arm out away from her body, the entire forearm opened up, transforming and rotating until an energy cannon replaced it entirely.

Gritting her teeth, Ann aimed at Sandbags chest, the biggest target and less likely to miss. Holding her weaponized arm with the other, almost like one would an actual weapon, Ann suddenly charged forwards. The cannon suddenly began to glow with purple energy, matching her eyes. It was time to finally show off what she hadn't been able to use in a long, long time.

A sudden barrage of purple colored electrical orbs fired out at a rapid pace as she ran, holding her arm out right in front of her. Assuming nothing would go wrong, the energy attacks would land directly onto his chest just like she aimed. However, she wasn't done yet. Just as she came within a few feet, Ann's arm quickly transformed back into its normal position. However, her fist was crackling with electricity as she continued to run.

Face steeled with determination, the petite robot girl would leap as high and far as she could without her boosters. Slamming her first in a downwards motion as she jumped, the electricity would hopefully bounce around Mr. Sandbags entire body. Landing on her feet, Ann wobbled ever so slightly as she tried to keep her balance.

Her hand was still shaking from the attacks, the electricity bouncing between her fingers slowly fading into nothing. Taking a step back, Ann immediately let out a deep breath. Her fist didn't hurt nearly as bad as it used to when she punched someone, had she grown used to using her body as a weapon? Either way, her body was still close to overheating after going all out at once. Instinctively, vents opened up on her neck to take in more air to cool down her body. If one were to touch her skin, she'd be hot almost like a computer running like crazy would be.

"I... I think that's it." Ann said out loud, slowly walking back towards the teacher, patiently awaiting her evaluation. "H-how did I do? I could have tried overclocking myself to hit harder, but I think I'd overheat and end up even weaker." She looked up at Mother Metal, eyes wide as she intently listened for her opinion. Quite clearly, she respected her opinion rather greatly.

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Listening closely, Meiji would take notes as everyone else explained the abilities granted by their quirks. While he cared little for their convictions, he was at more than invested in what everyone could do, especially because he would be their classmate for the time being.

Tony was second to speak, and the pink-skinned boy was rather surprised by his quirk. Never had he seen anyone who could summon and control spirits, and when Kinzoku popped out of his back Meiji’s eyes widened. “Whoa…” he said to himself under his breath, in awe of the extent of his future friends’ powers - the boy had expected for him to common something small like a dog or bird, but certainly not a full-fledged human!

Next came Ann, who Meiji nicknamed 'bun girl’ as a subtitle in his notebook. In pink pen, he took notes on her quirk she hadn't found a limit for yet. The boy listened as talk about her quirk divulged into talk about her past; when the girl began to tear up, however, he put his pen down and tried to comfort her. In-between her speech and the next person's, he would turn to the robot girl and reassure her that what she’d said was completely fine. “Hey Ann, for what it's worth I thought that was great. The most important thing to remember is that we made it to UA, so we can show the world what we’re made of. One day, I'm sure you can achieve your dream and contribute to making a place free from Villainy.”

In the time it took Meiji to whisper to Ann, it would seem he’d missed the first part Jun’s answer. Despite this though, the boy could tell from his stammering that he was incredibly nervous. That was natural, with the day being the kid’s first time in a real UA class, but even still the pink boy believed he provided quite the inspirational answer. As he did with the robot girl, the boy whispered to Jun after he'd sat back down. It wasn't good seeing others upset (mostly because it made him feel sorrowful too), so the gummy guy tried to make the dry-skinned youth feel better. “I thought that story was inspirational! I'm sure you can live up to both your friends’ dreams and show the world that you can accomplish anything if you set your mind to it one day.

Last to speak was Penelope, and the boy had purposefully sped up his conversation with Jun so as to not miss information about her quirk. As with Tony’s quirk, he thought her quirk was incredible. It was a complete contrast to his own mutation, which did not deal well with heat. If Meiji and Penelope were ever to meet in battle, the fight would be incredibly one sided should she find a way to ignite her propane. Upon hearing Penelope’s dig at the others’ convictions, Meiji’s brow furred. The school was supposed to be a place free from judgement, so hearing that really annoyed him. As opposed to speaking, the both shot the girl a dirty look before turning his attention back towards Mother Metal.

Putting Penelope’s words behind him, the boy listened to what his teacher had to say about everyone. Smiling, he was proud to hear that he would certainly be able to make a name for himself in UA, but the boy kept quiet as everyone else was given advice on their answer.

Eventually, the teacher would lead the classroom to one of the training fields and explain to them that they were to be training outside for this first lesson. As advised, Meiji got changed into his gym gear; unlike others, however, he did not make small talk with the other boys. He really wanted to see what he would be up against as soon as possible, so put on his alternate outfit as quickly as he could. Stepping out into the open, Meiji would be met with sandbag and be in awe of him. While he had no idea of the work that went into making him, the boy could see that he was clearly a fully-functioning robot and that was something he respected. Presumably, Sandbag was one of Nakano’s own bots and as such Meiji certainly didn't think low of him.

When asked to present his quirk and hit Sandbag, Meiji would have stepped up right away had it not been for Ann stealing the spotlight. Watching, the boy gasped as Ann’s arm transformed into...a cannon? It seemed far too complex for the pink teen to understand, but he did know that she was powerful. A series of purple energy blasts would pulse from the weapon, and Meiji would smile as they did so. ”That was incredible! Wow, you're so cool!” he called out as the girl stepped back from Sandbag.

Smiling - and still somewhat In awe of what Ann had done - Meiji took ran forward, regardless of who wanted to go next. “I call dibs on next!” he said. Strangely, the boy didn't start his 'performance’ until he’d cracked his knuckles. Turning around, he'd address his peers one last time before beginning his attempt at hitting Sandbag. “You guys might want to stand back…”

With that, Meiji would turn back to face Sandbag. Then he would thrust his fist upwards into the air, and as he did so his arm would begin extending! After stretching it to as far as it could currently go, the boy would begin to swing his extended limb around in a circular motion in the air for a few rotations, before finally making contact with sandbag. The boy strived to seems flashy, and this was the only way he believed he could be considering physical attacks weren't his forte. There was an audible SMACK as his now open palm slapped the bot across the face. Slapping metal with such force hurt like hell, but the boy pushed past it hoping that he’d seemed cool and flashy for showing off what he could do.

Regardless of Mother Metal’s opinion on his quirk, the boy would explain his actions to everyone else as he took his place with the other students and brought his arm back to his body. “I’m not all too powerful, but hopefully the swinging of my stretched out arm added some extra momentum and therefore power into my slap. How do you think It was guys and gals?” the boy asked, hopeful that at least one person would compliment his power after he'd tried hard to make it seem fun.


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Tony listened in as the other wrapped up their introductions, taking short note of a few as they spoke. He'd calmed down, resting in his seat as the spotlight moved away from him. The Ann girl spoke after him, her story a lot deeper than Tony's own. It was a rather stark contrast to his simple lighthearted speech, the boy fidgeting in his seat as he straightened his back. He pitied her, feeling so much pressure and sadness already. It was a like a tragic movie protagonist's backstory. But movies were movies, and Tony and everyone else was living the real world, so he found no reason to dwell on sad things like those. Her parents were slightly disapproving of her, but at least she had them. And in the end, they still let her be here. Tony didn't start spouting off some reassuring speech about it like some kinda therapist, but he did make a silent prayer that the girl would figure everything out. Tony fidgeted again, pulling his right knee up and resting his head on it as the next boy started.

The boy furrowed his brows slightly at his next classmate, the guy quite something when he spoke. Well, he was quite something even before he spoke given his appearance. His skin was incredibly dry, like a cracked outer shell covering his body. Naturally, this was due to a quirk. "It ain't gross, don't worry bout it," Tony pitched in as Jun mentioned his quirk. The boy was evidently really timid and stuttered on every word, and it only seemed like he was getting more timid as he spoke, so Tony felt any bit of reassurance would help. And to round it all out, was the last girl. Looking closer, Tony had a feeling that he'd seen her before. Chances were she was in his exam. Unfortunately he'd only really paid mind to one or two of his fellow exam-takers at the time. This girl was a lot more confident than the others, lacking a long story to tell. But Tony didn't feel that the two were kindred spirits, rather, she was probably the least likeable from what Tony'd seen. He didn't tell a sad story either, but that was out of a desire too look forwards to a brighter future as he promised on new year's eve. This girl on the other hand seemed hateful, annoyed and intolerant to the words spoken by her classmates. It was like she withheld her own story out of annoyance of those who did, looking down on them for doing so. Oh well, that's her choice. Tony didn't expect to see eye to eye with everyone he met.

Moving on, the teacher spoke again, grabbing Tony's attention as he looked up to the front. Already? Tony expected them to just talk in class for the first day, but this was U.A. after all. The boy got up as everyone else did, trotting out towards the exit and following the teacher. They made their way down the campus, reaching what he assumed was a field, guided first towards the locker rooms. Tony glanced over at the other students, keeping to himself as most everyone was. Inside the locker room, he put on the gym clothes, finishing up as he pulled the top over his head. It felt kind of awkward changing alongside guys that he just met, although that was mostly placebo of being in a school for the first time. It wasn't like Tony was a stranger to walking around streets shirtless.

A robot? Tony jumped a little as he left the changing room, a robot greeting them alongside their teacher. The damn rust bucket was staring at him with the cold listless gaze that the damn rust-buckets always gave him. Maybe it was just in his head, but that was enough for him. "Hisssssssssss. Stay away you demon," Tony mumbled under his breath, taking a few wary steps back to distance himself from it. The teacher explained the situation, even going as far as to call the metal imitation of life a name.

We can beat it up? Tony's eyes instantly lightened up as she said those words, raring and ready to go now. He was almost cackling as he imagined it, cracking his fists and giving the machine a death-stare briefly. It was cut off though as Ann jumped at it, Tony breaking out of his focus as he watched her go at the thing. It was pretty cool, living up to her quirk as a cyborg. Tony liked cyborgs, he found them really cool. But there was a clear distinction between cyborgs and robots.

The bubblegum boy went next, Tony paying attention as he found the boy interesting. And he lived up to his name, swinging his arm around and slapping it down on the robot. Hehehe yeah, hit it real good. Tony nodded, cracking his knuckles as he got ready to go next. "That was cool, nice one!" Tony said, giving the boy a thumbs up and smiling. Part of that smile was him gleefully being entertained by seeing the robot hit though.

Alright, my turn.

Tony stepped forwards, rolling his neck as he said, "My turn." Kinzoku popped out of his back as he took a step, another 4 smaller spirits popping out as he took the next step. These were far smaller, about the size of a basketball and wearing suits with while holding Tommy guns. Tony grinned wildly as he stared at the robot. Given what the teacher said, he was pretty sure nothing he could do would really hurt it. But it was the intent that really matters deep down.

"Now," Tony said, Kinzoku rushing out towards the robot as the lesser spirits shot around it towards its back. Tony moved after they did, shooting off to sprint at it. Kinzoku ducked low, rearing the baseball bat back as he pushed forwards and slid towards Mr. Sandbag. Skidding to a stop along the dirt and grass, he rapidly slammed the bat down against the robot's abdomen. Tony came in at the same time, leaping up into the air faster than Kinzoku could and smashing both feet down against its head in a flying kick. And topping it off for extra flair, his lesser spirits unleashed a barrage of gunfire against the robot's lower back, just behind it so that they couldn't miss.

Pushing off, Tony fell off to the ground after his kick, rolling up and onto his feet right away as his chest moved up and down. His hearing was muffled from adrenaline and blood pumping through his veins, a euphoric feeling rushing through the boy as he could still feel the metal head under his foot. Kinzoku and his other spirits moved back to him, merging into his body as Tony inhaled a deep breath. Ohohoh, I'm gonna like this class.

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F-fascinating? His quirk was fascinating to Mother Metal? Jun could feel his face reddening as he stammered thanks, and even more so when Meiji beside him spoke up.
“Th-thanks!” he said to the bubblegum-coloured boy, nervously smiling. “That’s, uh, that’s really nice of you?”

His good mood was quickly crushed by the next girl’s speech.
Oh my god I overshared, they didn’t care and I didn’t even need to say it and now she thinks I’m an idiot and I bet everyone else thinks that too and she made a crack at therapy I don’t need therapy that’s so mean why would she say that I was just trying to show that I wanted to be here but was that a stupid reason and I don’t actually deserve to be here at all? Was that what she meant? Oh god, they probably all hate me now.

He almost missed Mother Metal’s instruction, too busy stressing internally, and scrambled to his feet to follow the other students to the changing rooms. Changing his clothes made him feel extremely self-conscious, particularly about his left arm, which was still mottled and covered in even more cracks than usual from the blow it had taken in the entrance exams. He shed his shirt nervously, loosening his tie and pulling it off over his head without undoing it because no way was he going to be able to redo that thing without Google’s help. Facing away from the others and praying that nobody was looking- while simultaneously convinced he was being stared at- Jun pulled on the gym clothes. They didn’t cover as much of his unpleasant skin as the formal uniform did, which made sense for practicality, but...yeah his arms were completely out. They were kind of nasty to look at on the best of days, let alone with one messed up from an exploding furball.

The robot they met- Sandbag was kind of an absurdly cute name, and if he was to ever get a second fish he wanted that kind of name for it- reminded him a little of the policemen from the exam. He couldn’t help the slight shudder at the image of a diminutive dragon exploding Sandbag, and was glad Mother Metal assured them of the robot’s sturdiness. He...didn’t want to blow Sandbag up. Not that he could, but.

He hesitated even as the android girl launched into action. He had thought he maybe saw someone else with the same kind of nerves and anxiety as he had, maybe a kindred spirit of some kind, but her enthusiasm immediately changed that opinion. He was...a little jealous, actually. He didn’t like being jealous, he decided, picking at his right arm with his fingernails. She was so talented and free to show off and just...he wanted to be that, and it made him upset that he wasn’t. She could conquer her nerves. Why couldn’t he?

He stopped scratching at his cracks when he realised they’d started bleeding, and flushed red again, hoping nobody had noticed. That was probably a gross habit. Meiji leaped forward next, and he wasn’t sure why Meiji’s enthusiasm didn’t annoy him the way Ann’s did. Maybe because he’d seen the enthusiasm in Meiji from the beginning. Whatever the case, the pink student looked to be quite impressive, stretching his arm in a way that reminded Jun of Taro before slapping the robot loudly.
“T-that was really, um, really cool,” he said nervously to Meiji, fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

Tony went next, and wow. Jun almost took a step back at the flashiness and scariness of his spirits. That was…actually kind of mind bending and faith-challenging? Jun got the sense that he’d be questioning his spiritual beliefs very intensely in the coming months. How the hell did ghosts appear in a quirk?!

Keeping with not going last, Jun stepped forward next, curling and uncurling his fingers anxiously. He couldn’t really think of anything to do other than just...punch the thing. In the exams his long-range attack hadn’t done much to the robots and he doubted it would here, so that was a no-go. Raising his fist, Jun let his skin harden to a rocky state, long, hard spikes raising across his knuckles threateningly.
“I-I’m so sorry,” he said to Sandbag, then punched the robot as hard as he could in the face, spikes and all. A burst of skin flakes abruptly parted company with his arm at the impact, but aside from that it might as well have been a regular punch, Jun thought miserably, backing off from the robot. He was so blatantly unimpressive...everyone here had a cool quirk and he was just standing around punching things like an idiot. He’d never make the cut here.

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Thankfully Penelope's concern with the extra information shared in the introduction didn't blow up in her face. The teacher praised Penelope for her choice in taking heroics, and the other students seemed to be a little taken aback by what she said. Penelope said what she meant and in her eyes it was true, even if she had to sugar coat it for them. The teacher on the other hand seemed unfazed by Penelope's addition, Mother Metal seemed impatient to hurry and start the next part of class which seemed to be outside, although the students had to change and get outside.

Once the group was outside they were introduced a walking tank-like robot named Sandbag, Sandbag seemed to be built to support a house and honestly he looked like he could. When Sandbag was introduced, he bowed and waved to Penelope and the group. At least this robot had manners, the last robots she meet had a thing for being a pain in the ass. Ironically it seemed that they were going to hit the robot with everything they had as a sort of test to see what they could do.

A couple of people went before Penelope, the first one was the mechanical girl. She bowed and thanked the robot for helping them test their quirks, kinda odd but ok. Though when Penelope saw the girls arm turn into a literal laser gun and shoot the robot straight in the chest Penelope was a bit taken back. "That's actually fucking cool as hell." She said to Ann. Next up was the bubble gum dude, and if he could do shit half as cool as Cyborg then this was gonna be a fun class. It was a bit disappointing when pinky only whipped the robot with a extending fist but with being made of bubble gum you gotta make do.

Next up was ghost dude, and he apparently didn't like the robot as he had audibly hissed at it. Penelope could barely hold back making a comment about it, even so he still got to hit it. His whole attack seemed like a cluster fuck of smaller attacks by him and his 'ghosts' against the metal dude, he went and attacked from the front while his ghostly companions attacked from different sides, where those spirits holding guns and a bat? From what Penelope could see sandbag seemed to shrug off everything else including the gang bang from the ghosts.

Next up was the stuttering dude, Meiji who also looked like he could faint right then and there. He also apologized to the robot before punching it in the face, a audible sound of metal on something hard rang out as it hit the robot. Seemed the shy kid wasn't to bad. Now it was Penelope's turn, as she stepped towards the robot she looked it up and down. Sandbag had taken some scratches from the other students but seemed almost untouched. "Your a tough motherfucker aren't ya?" She said to the robot. "They thanked you for being beat up so i guess it's only fair for me to do the same, thanks." Once she had finished her sentence, she went on the attack. As she dropped down low, a gust of propane blasted out from the bottom of her feet pushing herself as she took a step forward. Her arms went back to allow a more aerodynamic approach to Sandbag. This reminded her of the Entrance exam where she shot under the mech to get the Furby past it, but this time she wasn't going under.

As Penelope got into the strike zone her arms flew forward and caught herself on Sandbag, Penelope's arm bent slightly as she unleashed to real attack. A exponentially more powerful gust of propane exploded from her hands directly to the chest of Sandbag, as she aimed to either push him back or for him to fall over. The attack was pretty much a one time thing for right now because as she got up she tried to contain the slight fatigue the rush of propane cause her.

Penelope didn't have time to admire her handiwork after she hit sandbag, because right after she hit him a piece of paper landed at her feet. On it was some kind of comic with some guy with a straw hat, a black haired girl and some guy with a runny nose. The only thing recognizable to her was one word, Adrestia and even then Penelope had to rack her brain to remember what that was, wasn't it that one dudes island in the middle of the ocean. Then it hit her, this was that guy who killed a shit ton of people and some hero agency went after him. Is he fucking declaring war on the world, and why did he declare it using such a comic with, whiteout and pen? Penelope seemed more confused than anything else about this comic.

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One by one Mother Metal examined the readings on each of the student’s attacks, as well as keeping an eye on their unique style of fighting. While it was true there was far more to heroics than just being offensive, combat was an unfortunate necessity in the Hero World. While their time at UA would be punctuated with far more important lessons, today was a chance for these young kids to let loose and show off in a world where their gifts had to be restrained. As each student stepped up to perform, she gave a small bit of feedback and encouragement.

First up was Ann, whom unsurprisingly offered a polite introduction to the training robot. Sandbag offered a polite nod in return before bracing to endure her attack. As she fired the blast, the gauge on his chest popped open to absorb the blow, then sealed back up with a faint hum. The reading was sent to Mother Metal’s tablet and she offered a smile and a thumbs up. “Good numbers as expected. Nice 1-2” With Ann cooling down it was Meiji’s turn to show off. His wind up brought some flair to his attack, and the numbers weren’t bad either. Sandbag’s head would rotate and move with the attack to ease the blow on both of them. “Nice style, flair is an important skill for a hero as well.”

Next up to bat was Tony and his spirit friend. The boy seemed a little too eager to assault the durable assistant, enthusiasm was nice and all, but he seemed to have a vendetta against the machine. His assault was well coordinated and peppered Sandbag with attacks from every direction. “Nice kick!” She commented as the data came in. It was a tough act to follow, but Jun provided a sporting show. His empowered punch collided with a loud clang, a smirk crossing Mother Metals mouth. “Impressive, for a quiet guy you pack a mean punch.”

Last up was Penelope, whom didn’t fail to deliver. Her combo landed true and the data seemed solid. “Creative, using your fuel like a projectile” Mother Metal finished jotting down her notes and offered a smile to the class. “Impressive display everyone” she then turned to Sandbag and gave him a pat on the shoulder “Thank you Sandbag, that will be all for now” The robot gave a content chirp and moved back toward the edge of the field to power down.

Continuing with her lesson, She let out a sharp whistle. “Next up we’re going to assess your defensive and evasive attributes” Like clockwork a squall of aerial drones arrived to surround the kids. Numbering next to double their numbers, they all began targeting the students as Mother Metal stepped out of the way. From out of her pocket she retrieved five small spheres, each of them sprouted tiny wings and began to whizz around her like hummingbirds. “Now that you’re warmed up from Sandbag, I want each of you to retrieve one of these little guys, they are pretty quick, so don’t take them lightly. Be sure not to let your guard down though, these bigger drones will be trying to protect the smaller ones… don’t worry, they aren’t loaded with any thing lethal this time, but I don’t recommend taking them lightly either.” As she finished the tiny drones hummed and flew off, darting away from the students.

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Jun would be lying if he didn’t see the winged balls and immediately think “Golden Snitches!” He looked at Meiji beside him, hesitating, before kicking into action. He knew he wasn’t going to be the fastest of the class- he remembered with a wince how poorly he’d run during the entrance exams- but he’d been working on that ever since then, and wasn’t going to let hesitation handicap him here! He worried that he looked ridiculous, going off first, but...that was what they were meant to do, right?

He didn’t know what to expect from the larger drones. They were focusing on the class. Ms. Mota had promised they weren’t carrying anything lethal but he was wary of the robots, particularly after the exams. How many of his fellow examinees had been shot with those fake bullets that still hurt like hell? He was pretty sure he still had bruises from them, and that was with his toughened skin. Should he toughen his skin again now? He didn’t know if he could actually do that, to be frank. He had never really tried toughening his skin so soon after using it to make something like the spikes...was it worth it?

He supposed it was, if it meant not getting knocked out shot in the head, but maybe…
Stuff it, he decided, feeling his flesh toughen. Now suitably armoured against any incoming attacks, Jun went after the nearest zipping ball, keeping his eyes on it. He felt kind of stupid chasing after it - at least Harry Potter had been given the aid of a broomstick - but kept at it anyway.

He probably looked like a colossal idiot though?? He slowed a little, trying to trace the path of the whizzing ball carefully instead of flailing at it like a fool. He couldn’t rely on his quirk to catch the thing for him, so he had to do this smart. And not worry about what he looked like! Even though he certainly looked dumb. Were they looking at him do this?!

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Unlike some, Meiji was completely blind to what the golden balls represented. All he knew was that they looked expensive, so upon finding out that the bigger bots which Mother Metal had unleashed prior to revealing the snitches were to be protecting them, the boy knew he had to try his hardest to impress everyone while being as flashy as possible. Luckily, his Homeroom teacher seemed to praise what he did to Sandbag. Flair was certainly what he was going for, so he was happy his actions were presented in such a way. Watching everyone else's 'performances’ only made him more eager to show off more; they each had very interesting quirks, so he would have to try hard to stand out.

Fortunately, a fight against aerial opponents seemed like something right up his alley. He could easily gum up the robot’s propellers or grab them with his extended limb. What's more, the boy seemed in great condition after his assault on Sandbag; while his classmates had chosen to put more energy into their attacks, he had kept things simple and as such was able to keep his heart rate low and the negative effects of his quirk at bay. With these things in mind, the boy didn't hesitate to leap into action. While the kids didn't yet know what the bots could do aside from knowing that they were 'non-lethal’, Meiji’s cockiness and flashy nature got the better of him.

Smiling at Jun - the boy whose assault on Sandbag was, in the pink-skinned teens’ opinion, very well thought-out and powerful - the boy mentally and physically prepared himself while giving the others a tip of sorts. “Do your best, guys! I'm going to try my hardest to be the first to catch one, so I'm not going to hold back!” he said, addressing everyone in 1B. He'd already seen what their quirks could do, and in terms of versatility it seemed that all five of them would be competing for the top spot. Each of the teens could do incredible things, so the pastel kid set his mind in trying to outshine them.

Without so much as a thought, the boy began to try and catch the snitch. As he did previously, the boy stretched his arm outwards. This time though, he made the palm of his hand incredibly sticky; in doing so, he made it easier for him to catch a hold of one of the golden balls. If he was good enough, all he would have to do it graze one of their wings and they would be stuck to him like a fly on, well, flypaper. It took him a moment to see one of the five winged balls, but after doing so he tried his hardest to follow it with his arm. Hopefully, this would yield good results and he would be able to grab ahold of the snitch. One thing he didn't account for though were the other bots. The only thing he could do against them was weave his arm around them while hoping that he wouldn't be attacked.


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