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Rebellious Teen Vigilante Gang; A Hero Doesn't Need A License
Topic Started: May 7 2018, 12:05 AM (197 Views)
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The Dork of Ages!!!!
Rebellious Teen Vigilante Gang

Posted Image
"We don't exist to solely pick fights, but as a way to protect people from small crimes and stop the villains that we need to. Showing we don't need a license for the safety of others."
- Ryoka Tsukino


In the summer of 426, a group was formed by two teens aged 14 and 15, named Wesley Withers and Ryoka Wilson, respectively. While their personalities were almost polar opposite, they both had the dream of applying for UA the next year in the hopes of becoming a hero, to be a beacon of light in the darkness. However Ryoka's heart beat faster and he seemed impatient and threw out a simple idea that would change their lives. Become a Vigilante. And at that point, the RTVG or the Rebellious Teen Vigilante Gang was born.

Their first meeting to collect members had a few problems, Ryoka actually out up posters to advertise, much to Wesley's dismay. Luckily the posters were done poorly enough to not attract much attention, except from one participant of the Meeting, Taro Hayashi. But the problem was resolved, leaving Taro with doubts involving the group. However five people joined the group, and the ground was founded with seven starting members. After Ryoka's first night on patrol, he was left with scars and cuts across his body, all thanks to a fight he had with American villain Clownface, who specialized in using citrus juice and vapors that he ejected from his body as weapons. And while he faced that villain, Wesley made friends with Eric Gottamacher, a young gadgeteer. Okame Himori and Aiko Nakimura made new friends too. And after the events that took place, Ryoka and Wes met with a young boy named Coby Hayai wanting to join them on their crusade for justice.

Base Information
Posted Image

Rebellious Teen Vigilante Gang

This is the base of the Rebellious Teen Vigilante Group, or better known as the RTVG. The base is located in Tatooin Japan, in the expansive backyard of one of the members, and resembles a rich child's treehouse from the outside, giving it an aura of innocence that doesn't house a Vigilante Group. The group is fairly young, with both its members and amount of time it has existed. The RTVG was founded by Ryoka Tsukino when the boy planned to become a vigilante to prove he could be a hero and protect those who needed it without having to jump through silly hoops. He teamed up with the other founding member, Wesley Withers and the two began to recruit members through a meeting at Wesley's house. And at that point, the group began to grow.


Location: Tatooin, Japan (Built in the backyard of a wealthier member of the group)
Size: Small (5 Rooms)
Power Core: Small
Bank: Small

  • Small Bathrooms located in Common Room
  • Standard Satellite Antenna for Internet and TV
  • The building is a treehouse and has a large wooden staircase leading to the entrance, with a simple porch.
Size - Small - 10k
Location - Urban - 5k
Small Power Core - 2k
Custom Resources - N/A

The RTVG Base, is designed to look like a rich child's treehouse, that seems to emphasis the youthfulness of the organization. And there is also the bonus of people not expecting a vigilante group to be meeting there, which makes everything much easier. The tree house is elevated with a staircase rising up towards the entrance. It's well lit and has a soft relaxing atmosphere. Upon reaching the entrance and entering, you enter the group's common room. The common room gives a nice mixture of modern technology, with a rustic look and feel of the room. There are various couches, chairs, and coffee tables for relaxation, and a TV, with some gaming consoles. There is even a refridgerator sotcked with food, giving the place a great feel for teens.

There is a set of stairs leading up from the Common Room, into a hallway. To the left, there is large conference room, with a U-Shaped Table, and a bunch of chairs. To the right is the Sleeping Quarters. While members aren't required to stay at the base full time, there is a barracks sized room, with bunk beds, dressers, and cabinets for members to stay when needed. There is a curtain with every bunk if the sleeper wants some privacy. There also is a communal style bathroom here equipped with showers, on the far end from the entrance to the room. Down the hallway, is another set of stairs,
where there is two more rooms, a training room, and a study.

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The Dork of Ages!!!!
Members are given a good deal of freedom when compared to other groups. They aren't required to live on the base and are free to live in their own homes, as the members are underage. They go on patrols to stop crime and try to plan against any other threats. Their base is a hangout for members too, being fully equipped and well suited to the needs of a teen. Members are expected to act honorably, not pick fights for no reason, to not kill, and always be willing to protect civilians. But for the most part, members are free to do what they wish.


Legal NameImageAge and GenderQuirkVigilante Name and AliasOwnerPosition in Gang
Ryoka TsukinoPosted Image15,
Alchemist Skin - T3 Body ManipulationIronwork;
The Metal Marauder
Ry_BurstFounder and Leader
Wesley WithersPosted Image14,
Squid - Tier 3 X-FormTBAWalterFounder
Taro HayashiPosted Image17,
Fibrous - Tier 2 - MutationTokugawa;
The Big Friendly Giant
Regular Member
Ariane "Ari" MercadoPosted Image15, FemalePK Kaleidoscope - Tier 2 - Area ManipulationPreternatural;
The Phantasmal Star
ScoutOutRegular Member
Shinobu ShiratoriPosted Image12, MaleBlack Mark - Tier 3 - Area ManipulationBlack Bullet;
The Back-Alley Bruiser
Attack Frog
Regular Member
Okame HimoriPosted Image15, MaleGecko - Tier 3 - X-FormHidden Eye;
The Lucky Lizard
GameRegular Member
Aiko NakimuraPosted Image14, FemaleEasy Breezy Cover Girl - Tier 5 - EmissionTBAPlatnumRegular Member

Eric Gottmacher
Posted Image15, MaleLight Manipulation - Tier 2 - MutationDeus ExDondogoraRecruit
Coby HayaiPosted Image16, MaleHeartbeat Runner - Tier 3 - Body ManipulationPinku, the Pink VigilanteLokus
Lei XiaoPosted Image15,
Hue Heat
- Tier 3 - Mutation
Edited by Ry_Burst, May 9 2018, 12:06 AM.
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The Dork of Ages!!!!
Thread Tracker
Thread Tracker
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Visiting VigilantesRyoka Tsukino, Wesley Withers, Taro Hayashi, Ariane Mercado, Shinobu Shiratori, Okame Himori, and Aiko NakimuraWesley and Ryoka begin the first official meeting of the group, and the founding members gather. Completed and Graded
A Metal Kid versus a Citrus ClownRyoka TsukinoRyoka runs into a villain and fights him, with it being his first night on patrol as a vigilante. Completed and Graded
The Agony of a GeniusWesley Withers, Eric Gottmacher A Thread, where Wesley works on getting a gadget built, and also ends up recruiting Eric.Currently Ongoing
Classmates in TatooinOkame Himori, Aiko NakimuraClassmates talking and interacting with one anotherCompleted and Graded
Entrance Exam Group 1- Magic MountainAriane MercadoAriane's entrance exam to UA. She made it into Class 1-CCompleted and Graded
Recruitment and Tea at the Heiwana CafeRyoka Tsukino, Wesley Withers. Coby HayaiCoby's recruitment threadCurrently Ongoing


Debts Owed

Base Cost: 20,000 Cash
Amount Paid: 5,000 Cash

Amount Left to Pay: 15,000
At 10% Morgate Rate to Members

Edited by Ry_Burst, May 15 2018, 03:24 AM.
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