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Vanguard Action Squad Quirk Update
Topic Started: May 5 2018, 08:06 PM (288 Views)
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God of Destruction

Muscle Augment || Tier 2

Ability: - allows the user to manipulate and amplify his muscles to such great strength that they can't be contained by one's skin.

The user is capable of reaching S+ cap raiser in Power and B+ in Stamina.

Limitations: - while the quirk appears like super regeneration, it is not, it's just manipulating and growing already existing fibers. Bones, skin and organs (such as the eye) cannot be manipulated). The greatest weakness is the ability for others to exploit the muscle fibers in a way that allows a foe to stick to the user's body, granting a one letter grade bonus to the strength of a physical grapple against the quirk user. When the user goes over their limit they are unable to use their quirk for two posts and suffer a -3 to stamina and speed.
Theme: Muscular

Compress Tier 2

Ability: - the quirk allows the user to "compress" anything in a spherical area into a small marble without actually damaging it. To activate it, the user needs to touch the target with his bare hand. The weight of the compressed objects is reduced considerably, making it possible to carry them in one's pockets or even in one's mouth.

Smaller areas can be focused to mutilate and damage instead of ensnare.

Ensnared targets are trapped for one turn at D-Rank and gain +1 round per control rank to a maximum of 5 rounds at S-Rank. The balls cannot be broken out of without an escape of some type or technique made to do so. Breaking the material is a possibility.

Marbles can be released in a single second by wishing it, or all of them at the same time by snapping ones fingers.

Limitations: - the user suffers a -3 to all stats when going over the limit and all their marbles break immediately. The size of what can be compressed is equal to the AOE range of the user.
Theme: Canon Compression - Area Manipulation

Human Magnetism Tier 2

Ability: - This Quirk allows the user to magnetize people around them, up to a 1 meter radius of themselves (arms reach). Biological males are polarized south, and biological women are polarized north.

The user can magnetize a person's entire body or specific portions. Once magnetized, the targets either attract or repel each other depending on whether they're of the same sex or not.

Can function with regular magnetism.

Limitations: - The user cannot magnetize them self. If they go over their limit the fluctuates a magnetic current that attracts all objects to them for one post as the suffer a -3 to stamina and -2 to speed for two posts.
Theme: Canon - Body Manipulation

Double Tier 1

Ability: - The user possesses a Quirk that allows them to create a copy of anything, two at a time, through touch.

With Double, the user can create replicas that can serve as useful distractions or support in combat. Clones of people possess the same personality and abilities as the original, making it hard to distinguish them from the real person at a first glance, however they are only as strong as the user's control (explained in Limitations).

However, in order to create a perfect clone, Jin requires a flawless image of whatever he plans to copy. This includes precise measurements and features. The copies are also less durable than the original thing, dissolving into a viscous liquid after suffering enough damage, and a second copy is apparently even more fragile. Worth mentioning is that the user is capable of detecting when clones get destroyed no matter where they are.

Because the clones share the same personality as the original user, they can also rebel against him or each other.

Limitations: - The user is control dictates how strong any given copied material, object or person is; this means that if the user copies a character with all S stats but is only D rank then he will only have D rank stats.

Every letter grade of stamina or durability the user copy has equals the amount of damage or hits it can take. D rank is two hits, on the second hit it will melt away. The second replicate of which will only take a single hit to disperse. So, at S-Rank the user's copying an S Rank character would have five hits before the copy disperses.

If the user goes over their limit their copied doubles disperse and is unable to user their quirk for 3 rounds and suffers -3 to accuracy and speed.
Theme: Canon Double - Mutation
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