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The Hunt [Part 1]
Topic Started: Apr 30 2018, 02:47 AM (192 Views)
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Acacia pressed the wine glass to her lips, slurping down the last bits of red liquid. Her eyes traveled across the floor of the jet, finally landing on the young boy who she had kidnapped only hours earlier in New York city. The helicopter had brought them directly from New York to the New Jersey warehouse, where they had taken a limo to the airport and boarded the private jet. By now, they had passed the equator and were headed south to Brazil, just beginning to cusp over the ocean into the thick Brazilian forests. The boy, lying on his back, would be waking up any minute now. Acacia grinned. She had a lot of plans for the rest of the evening.

In the front of the plane, the pilot would carefully navigate the skies to minimize turbulence— Any shift or disturbance would result in discomfort for his employer, which was never good news. A bad word from Acacia could get him fired. But if he allowed too much turbulence and caused her to spill her wine... It could even cost him his life. It was with the same look of the judge jury and executioner that Acacia looked at the boy lying by her feet.
Growing bored of waiting for him to wake up, Acacia gave him a firm kick with her high-heeled foot.
"Wake up."
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Mr. Mufaska
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It was surprising how the boy stayed unconscious for the majority of this time, but plausible when talking about the one who caused it.

In his mind, the boy had been running through a dark forest while being followed by several dark figures with fluid-like features that changed unpredictably in appearance. Their faces contorting under their hoods, their bodies going out of proportion in random places on random limbs before shifting back to normal again, and the constant feeling of dread following the boy throughout the entire experience.

He weaved pass the towering trees and could hardly yell at whatever followed him thanks to the deposit of air in his lungs from the vigorous sprinting. Only wheezes of panicked breath escaping his throat in protest.

It seemed like it would continue forever, this game of cat and mouse with entities beyond his comprehension, but it was growing closer suddenly to its end as one figure began reaching out its hand while gaining by the feet per second. The presence was felt by Shin and his quirk activated for only a split second before he turned around to see-! Nothing.

Confusion was riddled across his features. How could this be real? Why and what were those things chasing him? The answer alluded him until he turned to see the image of a dark, distorted face of his mother only inches from him.

Suddenly, a sharp pain from his side woke the boy from his slumber as he threw himself upward in a loud "G-OWWW!" of agony. His head whipping around to see himself in a different aircraft with the same woman as before lifting her heel from him.

"Wh-wha-..? He rubbed his side, then his eyes. Even though he was scared, Shinkai had been too in shock to actually do anything. Helpless, I guess.
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Acacia grinned as the boy came to consciousness, resting her cheek in her palm. It wasn't often that she waxed sentimental like this, but her distinct sadism brought out a side of her that really cared about the little things. Like the yelp he made when he woke up. She looked down at the helpless boy, and cracked her knuckles quietly. Finally, she stood up, her light green hair rustling like palm fronds as the tall woman pushed to her feet. She walked over to the side of him and grinned. The chloroform had been applied after he already passed out, making sure he stayed in a reasonably serene unconscious state until she wanted to wake him again. During that time, she had changed his clothes into a bright orange jumpsuit, with a parachute backpack securely strapped on his back... And vines binding his wrists and ankles together.

With a quick release of her fingers, she would drop her empty wine glass on the floor of the plane, right in front of the boy's hand. It would shatter in one distinct crack, sending gleaming shards of glass across the soft floor of the airplane that some grunt would vacuum up later without a word. With that done, Acacia would go in for her move. Standing on his backside, she would suddenly lift her high heel and stomp down to his front side, hoping to slam down her shoe onto his right hand, pressing it into the shards of glass.

"You and I are going to play a little game,"
she cooed softly, her accent showing through, "But I'm going to give you a little handicap first to make things interesting."
If her foot had missed his hand and the glass shards, she would look for something a bit more devastating to handicap her victim with. The plane began to soar over the Brazilian coast, dipping down a bit lower over the vast patch of land up against the shoreline. There were small villages scattered here and there, and it wasn't the deadly part of the jungle, not yet. Three vast swatches of blue, beige, and green lined the windows of the plane.

Acacia pressed a manicured finger to the window, and stomped down on her hostage's back, holding him in place for just a few more minutes...

"Be a good boy and sit still. I won't have to kill you if you don't struggle now."
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Mr. Mufaska
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He watched her rise from her seat and warily followed her movements with his widened, slightly panicked eyes. A feudal attempt to swallow his fear ensued, but to no avail as his body jerked away from her. It was just then he looked down to the clothes he was wearing and vines that were tightly wrapped around him."What the-? H-hey what is this? Why am I dressed like some kind of inmate?!" Regrettably, he scrounged up the courage to speak.

The sound of shattering glass startled him and caused his body to jerk back once again, right into an oncoming heel. His back cracked under the sudden pressure she applied to it, and his hands instinctively went out to catch his fall yet failed miserably. His chin hitting the plane's floor before his left hand was pressed into the shards, causing his mouth to drop with a wail of pain flooding their space.

"Please-GAH! Stop! Agh!" The protests he made seemed to go unnoticed apparently as she continued. The pain soon caused tears to well up in his eyes as adrenaline failed to numb it and his tougher personality softened.

"Why..?" Shinkai said, sounding broken and looking the same.
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Acacia took a deep breath, and turned down to look at the boy struggling under her. Her sadism was always reaching new heights, but this was a new high. Unfortunately for her though, the usual rush that came from wrapping her fingers around a neck and snapping it were completely absent right now. In fact, when the boy cried out in helpless pain, this once, she frowned, sneering slightly and narrowing her eyes. There was no thrill in this pain— While he was completely helpless like this. Acacia cracked her knuckles, taking in another deep lungful of air and slowly exhaling it. She stepped off his back, looking down at the boy who was perfectly set up for her game.

There was something that just felt off— It just felt off. She wanted to see what he was going to be able to do, and having him all shaken and broken from the beginning like this... It wasn't any fun. The joy was in chasing down her victim, in asserting her power and breaking them at her whim. The writhing worm sitting on the ground in front of her— It just disgusted her. Acacia sighed.

"I've changed my mind." Acacia said shortly, not making too big of a deal of it, "I don't want you handicapped after all."

Walking over to the left side of the private jet, her green hands clutched the package above the miniature refrigerator that said "First Aid." She wasn't any good at medical care of course, but there was someone on the plane who was. She pressed her finger to the intercom button and a soft ding resonated through the chamber of the plane. She walked over to the boy, holding the first aid kit in her hand. An attendant emerged from the back of the plane, and immediately accepted the first aid kit from her hand. It seemed like he did this kind of thing alot.

Acacia knelt down next to her victim as her grunt set down the first aid kit and opened it up. Almost immediately, the brazillian man flipped Shinikai over, and grabbed his wrist, pulling out a pair of tweezers. "Get all the glass out, and bandage it up," Acacia commanded, her cold eyes watching the boy and his attendant. She would never admit it, but there was some level of sympathy she had developed for the boy. But beyond that— She really did want him to operate at full capacity for the trials ahead.

The Brazillian grunt spoke, warning his "patient." "This will hurt a bit," the man spoke. It sounded like that was the only phrase he knew in english. With that, his tweezers plunged into the cut, removing the first big shard of glass from the boy's hand.
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Mr. Mufaska
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Shinkai couldn't see the change in her demeanor, but he could feel a shift in the atmosphere once her weight lifted from his back. This caused his brow to furrow and body to slightly relax in a weird fashion. Though relief was a pleasure far from his reach.

"You what..?" Had this been a kindness she offered to him just to make it more fun for whatever she planned? What kind of sick and twisted person would do this? "Handicapped for what..?" His shocked nature fading slightly into a more analytical confusion.

As she made her way to somewhere out of his blurry sight, Shinkai wriggled his way up into an awkward kneeling position with a hefty grunt. Ultimately failing in the attempt to get up and falling onto his stomach again. It wasn't too late to think of an escape, right? Had there been a possibility? How far were they from home..?

His attention slipped from those thoughts for a moment once his captor came back with what looked to be a first aid kit and an experienced attendant in tow. Her command bringing some of the most confusion he had so far. Though before he could wonder too much about it there was a searing pain even worse than before coming from his bleeding hand. "Krk-!.." Successfully, he held back more wails of pain. Not that he was exactly tough anyways..
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