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A Small World; Closed; Gabi and Pipin
Topic Started: Apr 12 2018, 11:07 PM (211 Views)
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Out of all places in the globe, one would wonder why this girl chose Japan, more precisely Tokyo, to be Gabi's first destination coming from her homestate of Bavaria. The reason was anything but unobvious. After all, it has to be the most famous country to hold the most famous heroes, to hold the most famous hero academy. It is here, in Japan, where the prestigious Sports Festival occurs. For every step you take across the region, a single hero has to be at least visible within your field of view. Gabi's reasoning for wanting to go to such a country is to not exactly join U.A., but more so to find a way on learning more about her quirk, about what she can do with it. About how she can be useful while using it. It's not a very complicated quirk, one has to admit, yet she's sure she can put more use to it other than utilizing it as a reassurance that whatever limbs she gets cut off, can always be attached back in their rightful place. The Schmitz hopes to find a way of being more diverse when it comes to using her own natural ability, without needing to join a hero academy.

"I had no idea they'd actually let me book a room seeing as I am a minor... Guess I'm in luck, huh?"

Gabi mumbles to herself in the mirror of the room she had rent in a hotel located in Tokyo. The high price was understandable; it had a 4-star classification, after all. Though, there she enjoys preparing herself for the morning following the night she had yesterday to book the now obtained hotel room. Only a towel enveloped her entire torso and a couple centimeters below her thighs, having just got out of the shower three minutes ago and opening a large drawer in order to take out what appeared to be a white hair dryer, turning it on and proceeding to blow it across the entirety of her long, black hair.

Hwee-hwoo...~ Wheeeuw...~! The girl whistled melodically, having her eyes shut yet still having a happy, half-goofy smile plastered across her features after every single pause to catch a short breath.

A couple more minutes would pass as she spent time making sure that she was all dried up and prepared to get going. Of course, she wouldn't forget a light breakfast, consisting of a mere red apple, chewing on it while she wandered about the room in order to make sure she wasn't going to leave anything behind. Out of the corner of her eyes would be her bag, carrying useful tools to be used while she goes on a lone tour across the city of Tokyo. "There you are..." A shoulder strap would be grasped and in a single movement, she'd casually put it around her back. A single look around would be offered by the door, ultimately opening it and walking out, always making sure to lock the entrance. Following a brief, peaceful time on the elevator, Gabi would feel fresh air for the first time in the day. Her vast hair would flow along the gentle winds of the summer. While she wasn't exactly a big fan of considerably hot weathers, at least the wind made it up for what would be otherwise a complete droughty morning.

In the end, there she goes, slow step after slow step, taking the sights in, wondering exactly how and where to start her one-person tour. It wasn't in her thoughts that someone would come to help her, seeing as she was clearly outfitted to resemble a tourist of sorts, with the backpack and all. But at the same time, it's not like she found the need for such. It's not like Gabi is new to taking care of herself. "Now... Where to go first?"
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Pip wasn't entirely sure why she was here. Like, she knew that someone had requested her to come to Japan, someone very important within the government who had ensured she had a free trip, accomodation, and even enough to live off of long enough for her to find meaningful work in the country. She had jumped at the chance to get away from her parents and their overbearing patriotism and general lack of awareness, but still... why had she been asked to come here of all places. Still, it got her away from her parents' house, and gave her a chance to explore the country with the greatest population of professional heroes in the world.

Not too shabby.

The same could be said of her lodgings, a private apartment with enough room for her to even set up a workshop. It was officially property of the German Empire, but she was given use of it for as long as she stayed in the country under invitation. It was smaller than she was used to, but it was all hers, and she'd heard that the Japanese generally had less living space than was common in Germany. It was nice to not have to share the two bedroom place with anyone else.

The first night in Japan told Pip that she needed to get a proper bed, because sleeping on the floor was not something that she enjoyed or wanted to do again. Her usual morning routine was rather rushed as she decided to go and explore, a quick shower, getting dressed in whatever clothes she first pulled out of her bag, and then heading out the door with a small satchel and no real idea what to do. The warm wind outside had her frowning slightly, wishing that perhaps she had been asked to come in winter instead. She hated the heat, especially what it could do to technology. It was the enemy of anything that used electronics after all.

Stepping out into the early morning, Pip decided that her first step should be getting herself some food, considering the fact she didn't actually have anything to eat in her apartment, and she may as well try out some of the local cuisine. It was a little difficult for her to know where she was going, as her reading comprehension of Japanese was not too strong yet, but she was determined to figure it all out. A map provided by the German Embassy also helped, especially since it was an electronic one provided via app to her phone. While she would have preferred to simply plug herself into the phone so she didn't have to keep glancing at it, she didn't want to have her cables exposed to just anyone looking, so she kept her gloves on and the cables wrapped in a 'hand' shape so as not to stand out.

Eventually Pip found her way to a small place that sold what she assumed was a traditional breakfast, and curiousity got the better of her. Ducking into the place the young German ordered a basic breakfast, deciding to settle on fish rather than risk finding out what on earth 'Natto' was. What ended up being spread on the table before her looked more like a lunch than breakfast, but she had wanted to try the local cuisine.

Just as she was about to try it, her gloved 'hands' struggling with the chopsticks, the sound of her phone going off had her swearing loudly. This escalated to even louder yelling as she realised who was calling. Not caring that it was considered impolite, Pip quickly answered the phone in order to began yet another argument with her father, the rapid fire German spilling out onto the street through the open window next to her. It was obviously not a pleasant conversation.
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Luckily she had brought a backpack with her. Who knows what would be inside of it, but surely items useful for country exploration. Thus, just after a couple of steps along the sidewalk of the extremely populated and loud streets of Tokyo, Gabi would slide a strap off her shoulder with a light movement of her muscles, head tilting to the side and her hands working on unzipping the bigger container. One of her hands would then slitter in, rummaging through its contents until she was able to feel a papery structure. Quickly, she'd pull out whatever she would have eventually grasped with her fingers, zipping the bag and putting the strap back on around her lone shoulder. She'd turn back forth, holding a fully white squared paper in her hand, merely folded. Carefully, the Schmitz would proceed on to opening it entirely, until before her would be a full and nicely detailed map of the whole city. "Mmm, let's see..." The obsidian-haired teen mumbled to herself, those sapphire orbs of hers scanning the map, firstly for her location. "This is where I am..." Upon realizing where she was located, Gabi would now go on to find whatever monument was nearest. It appeared that the Yoyogi Hachimangu Shrine was not too far away.

"A shrine? Seems interesting enough..." And so the girl begins her walk there.

Alas, she wouldn't have it without bumping into something rather peculiar.

From what others told her, from what she heard, from what she has seen and from what she has read, the Japanese people are one of the most polite communities to exist in the world. Rarely would you see people actually arguing amongst themselves on the street, fighting or doing other crazy things. Unless they were outsiders like her, of course. Yet, just as Gabi is making her way towards her set destination, most of the times looking down at her map and back up, she'd overhear something which actually caught her off guard. It had such an effect since her ear was the closest thing to the yelling which occurred inside what appeared to be a small place of sorts for people to eat. A café, most likely. Indeed, unfortunately, she would have come right past by the open window the very second what appeared to be an unpleasant conversation on the phone commenced. Just by glancing once at the situation, she could notice that the people also eating indoors didn't appear too satisfied with what ensued. After all, it should be obvious.

All of them were natives and the one on the phone was clearly an outsider.

But then she heard it. "Wait... He's speaking German..." Gabi thought to herself upon more carefully listening to the words that the individual spat out. At that, she quickly turned around, stepping to the side as to not be standing right in front of the fellow German-speaker. She'd pretend that she was just looking across the other side of the street, a single cupped hand stopping just below her chin as she pondered further. "I should probably wait for her to... Him, her... They do sound a bit feminine, but at the same time look like a guy... I'll just wait." A decision was made then, finding it rude to interrupt a phone call even if the latter was already being quite mean with talking so loud when the other people inside clearly wanted to have a peaceful time. Well, she can't do anything about it. She's just a mere tourist, after all.
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"Quatsch! So ein Misthaufen, lass mich in ruh!" Pip stated vehemently before hanging up the call, a dark scowl on her face. "Arschgeige," was her final comment on the matter before turning her attention to the few customers this early in the establishment. Pip glared at their looks, daring them to make a comment on the situation, before going back to her meal. It was a bit difficult manipulating her 'hands' to control the chopsticks, but she eventually manage to get a hang of them and began eating the rice and fish that were the main portions of the meal. It was about midnight back home and her father had decided to call her and heckle her about coming to Japan.

Unbelievable, you'd have thought that a direct invitation from someone in the government would be enough to get the old man off her back, but she supposed that was the only reason he even allowed her to leave Germany.

The meal was... odd, and left her feeling odd as well, like she shouldn't have been eating that this early in the day. Even the fact it came with tea threw her off. Sighing, the young girl got to her feet and stomped out of the restaurant, having already paid for the meal so she didn't feel guilty for ditching, and she didn't complain to the staff because her dislike of their food wasn't a quality issue. She just needed something more substantial to eat, maybe get used to Japanese food more slowly. As it was, she could maybe find something worthwhile to eat at a bakery... unless that was too Japanese-y too. And there was something else that the restaurant had been missing that she desperately wanted, something even more important than actual food.


Pip let out a groan of frustration as she pulled her phone out to try and find the nearest coffee shop that did things in the proper European way. She hadn't had any coffee in over 24 hours, and it was starting to get on her nerves. She knew relying on an inefficient stimulant like caffeine was illogical and a waste of time, but until she could develop something better it would have to do. Besides, there was something distinctly soothing about sitting there sipping at a hot beverage, so it was technically a more efficient method to wake up and relax at the same time. Pip liked being efficient where she could be. It was how she'd gotten so good at medicine at her age.

After a few moments of indepth study of the map she found something that seemed promising and let out a cry of success. "Blessed Omnissiah, may their coffee machines be of high quality and their roast within acceptable parameters, amen!" the girl declared, holding the phone up in triumph. Pip turned to head in the direction of the coffee shop only to see a girl with very long hair staring at her.

"What? Is there something on my face?" she asked in accented Japanese.
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Indeed, it was German.

The more the irritated individual kept speaking, the more confident Gabi was that the former was indeed speaking her native language. "The world really is small, huh..." She mumbled to herself, obviously in a tone low enough for nobody to be able to eavesdrop on it. Right now was just a matter of time for such a person to exit the café. She couldn't miss this chance at meeting a fellow Germanic. And while she waited, since she knew it would most likely still take some time, she'd raise the prefecture's map back up to her face, her eyes continuing to scan the various points of interest spread across its entirety. Just like mentioned before, the one nearest was the shrine. Sadly, there didn't appear to be anything else of interesting around it. Only far away and deep within other districts, like the Tokyo Tower in Minato or the Kaminari Gate in Taito. Those are the ones she heard the most, yet now she had to most likely take a vehicle if she ever wanted to get to it without tiring herself. It was an early morning, anyway. Much time to use.

Only a few more minutes would pass and once those were over, she'd lower back down the map, taking notice of the same individual she heard speaking German finally stepping out of the café. They stopped at first, taking out what looked to be a phone. It meant that now was her chance. Though, before Gabi could even close the gap properly, they would have turned around and faced her, seemingly not too comfortable with the fact that she would halt herself and stare in their direction. A question was made. Even if she didn't understand Japanese, not even a single bit, she would have guessed perfectly that they were probably saying something along the lines...

"... What are you looking at... Right?"

Of course, this was a mere thought of hers. While she knew that they could speak German, she didn't want to make it look like she had been stalking them in order to have gained such information. Instead, she scratched the side of her head first while stepping forth to make less distance, nodding faintly in greeting. "Umm... Can you speak English?" Gabi asked, obviously in the same language mentioned in the question. She must find out that they speak German in a proper manner and not in the suspicious kind of way. Even though the brief goofy smile that showed was already not the best move to make oneself seem friendly. While she could also take out her translator book, it would take too long for that. The obsidian-haired teenager thought this method was much faster and simpler.
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Pip blinked slightly at the blank stare her question received before getting a question back in return, this time in English. Mentally reminding herself to work on a translation software that worked better than current systems, she raised an eyebrow at the girl's query. She couldn't figure out what was the cause of that weird expression on the girl's face either, it was hard to figure out what was going on truth be told. But there was no point pondering on it too much she supposed, not when it would be rude to not answer the question.

"Ja I speak English," she responded, the heel of her foot jiggling slightly with the desire to go and get herself a coffee, "what are you doing in Japan if you can't speak the language even a little?" Pip was not particularly aware that the question could be considered rude. It just seemed illogical to her to have come to the country without even knowing how to ask if you spoke another language in the native language. Basic words as well were no-brainers as far as Pip was concerned, but it seemed that it was not a universal opinion.

Normally Pip would have just walked off at this point, having expressed her displeasure at being stared at, but there was something odd about the girl that made her curious, gave her a reason to stay and try and work out what it was that seemed a little off. It was a mystery, and Pip hated to leave mysteries unsolved, but there was a more pressing matter for her to attend to as well, namely the distinct lack of coffee in her system. That was truly an unnacceptable state of affairs. And something that she needed to rectify and fast. "Look, I need to get some coffee, there's a place just down the road. If you'd like to talk you can come with," Pip said finally, deciding that her need for caffeine outweighed her desire to work out the mystery, besides which it was highly likely the girl would follow. After all, if she didn't speak Japanese she'd probably want to be able to talk with someone.

Turning and heading towards the coffee shop, they'd reach it in a few minutes, Pip ordering herself a strong latte and some cookies before sitting down to consume the blessed mixtures of caffeine and glucose. If the girl followed, she'd also wait patiently for any further discussion.
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That was quite the relief. If the other wasn't even able to speak English, then there would be a problem and Gabi would have to most likely reveal the fact that she was previously eavesdropping on the phone call happening between this individual and their father. The teenager's smile grew a bit wider at that, still carrying its goofy-looking shape, especially due to the way her lips are shaped. Truly a rare occasion, could almost even call it a disease. But at least it wasn't anything extremely scary or suspicious. Just a little, yet not enough to creep one away in a split of a second.

The following question made her blink once in light surprise. It was a good one, though Gabi didn't exactly expect it to come. "Well..." She begins, proceeding to close the gap a bit more, stepping forth in the direction of her new acquaintance. "... I didn't really have enough time to bother learning it. I'd hope I'd be able to do it while I'm here." The girl states, sliding a backpack strap off and allowing her to turn her body enough for her hands to extend and work on unzipping the bigger container. "Thankfully I brought this with me." She says, withdrawing what appeared to be a translator book, included in it useful Japanese words and sentences to use on a daily basis. The Schmitz would grasp it with both hands, ultimately stretching them out in the other individual's way, showing them the front of the manual. "I haven't used it much yet, since I found no need." While Gabi's English was quite accented, she was still able to properly construct sentences, barely failing on pronouncing anything. The time she spent learning the language could have been used on Japanese instead indeed, yet by the time she was learning it, which most of it was in school, it wasn't even in her thoughts or desires that she would want to travel to Japan.

"But that's basically all I have to help me. For now."

After finishing her long response, the girl would save the book back inside the bag, zipping it and strapping it on the free shoulder.

Her look only turned the happier the moment she was invited to talk over coffee. Expectantly, a nod was rapidly offered, a closer approach made. "Sure! I'd love some company right now." And onwards they go, reaching the shop in a brief span of time. Surprisingly enough, Gabi would have ordered the same, except for the cookies. Upon getting relaxed in their seats and if the order would have already arrived, the girl would carefully take her first sip. It had been some time since she has drank coffee, noticed by her probably hesitant manner of drinking it. Either way, now was her chance to properly discover her company's origins.

Those sapphire sights of hers would fixate back upon the other's brownish own, a similar smile kept plastered across her features prior to offering another inquire.

"If it's not too much to ask, where do you come from? You don't seem to be a native from here in Japan."
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Pip listened as they walked to the coffee shop, reaching out to grab the book from the girl to absently flip through it, her eyes scanning a number of pages before reaching back to return it to its' owner. "Not a bad book, not ideal though. You should probably grab a few others too, and get practice with someone who's bilingual at least. And I'd suggest not worrying about Kanji until you can hold a conversation. Better to be illiterate than unintelligable after all," the German girl advised casually, not really concerned if it was taken or not, because really why should she care?

Pip didn't consider herself to be a rude person, it was just that she had so much going on in her head that she didn't have time for dancing around the stupidly arbitrary social cues that others demanded. It was much more efficient to make the point and get on with their lives.

At the coffee shop the girl held up one gloved 'finger' at the girl's question as she took a long sip of her drink, the bitter liquid scalding her tongue and filling her belly with warmth. She kept the gesture up until she had drunk at least half of the coffee and one of the cookies, sighing in contentment as she finally felt ready to deal with the day ahead of her.

"Dresden, capital of the state of Saxony, the German Empire," was Pip's answer to the girl's query, a shrewd look on her face from behind her large glasses as she laced her 'fingers' and rested her chin on them, looking the girl over with a raised eyebrow. "Your accent tells me.... Austrian maybe, not too sure. I do have to wonder, of all the questions you could have asked, what reason would you have to ask me that one, before you even know my name. It's Pipin Lorenz by the way," the brunette remarked, tapping her chin as she tried to figure out the mystery that was this strange girl with the odd smile. It wasn't usually the first question that someone asked after all. Sure, it was usually an early question in the whole 'getting to know one another' phase of social interaction, but usually names were first, some small talk as well. So why did this girl break the usual script for such things?

"It's fairly obvious I'm not from here, I don't have the Japanese meekness to me after all, but there's something that made you want to know this first. If I had to guess, you heard some of my phone call and wanted to be sure that I was in fact a fellow European before you brought that up? I mean, it's not like it would have been hard to hear that phone call, even from outside. But that's the only reason I can really think you might have asked. Am I on the right track? I rather dislike being uncertain of things if I can see the answer waiting for me." Pip didn't really feel angry at being potentially overheard, her casual stance and tone expressing that as best she could, it was more that the oddity needed to be explained in her mind before she could let it rest.

It was that drive for knowledge that had her reach her current level of understanding of the world after all.
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Thankfully she didn't take those words as rude, continuing to keep up the usual goofy smile that she has been wearing for quite a while. Grab more books though? The fact that it would be better for her to find someone that could speak the language was understandable, but why would she need more books than the one she has now? And what kind of books in that case? It was something that Gabi would most likely want to ask soon enough. For now, she must enjoy the time that she was going to spend with her newfound company.

At the coffee shop they sat, the obsidian-haired teenager patiently waiting for the other female to speak out, managing to take another sip of her latte before proceeding to attentively listen to the words shared by the fellow German. Finally, now she could properly confirm that she indeed hailed from the same country as herself. Yet, before Gabi could do the same, her origins would have been almost instantly guessed by the same individual sitting ahead of her. A blink happened, both to the sudden guess and the look that was being offered. "Close! I'm actually German like you, born in the state of Bavaria." She responded in turn, smirking just a tad wider. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to disguise herself in the end. It appeared that she had been found out. Or at least close to being caught in her mystery.

"Well, heh... I was just curious really." The teen states, adding afterwards. "You can call me Gabi."

Indeed, she was close to being caught... Before. But after she had equally made an introduction of herself, Pipin would have accurately presumed Gabi's intentions. At that, she rose her arms in the air momentarily, sarcastically assuming a shocked demeanor. "Oh, no. I was busted!" Though, a few snickers escaped in the end, her entire palm supporting her chin as she gazed in her company's eyes. "You're smart, Pipin." She compliments, rolling her eyes back down at her coffee cup, rising the rim over to her lips and proceeding to take another sip as her palm slowly removes itself from below her chin. Then, another look was offered forth at the fellow German, the same smile kept active across her features. "Yes, I did end up overhearing your phone call. And couldn't help but stay there so that I could meet you. You know..."

Gabi admits, sneakily slittering one hand over the table and attempting to snatch a cookie before quickly shoving it in her mouth, munching on it a few times. If she was able to do such, a teasing wink would be offered, another sip of the coffee taken while the cookie was still being nommed on, just to ease the swallowing.

"... I wouldn't dare to miss the opportunity of meeting a fellow native in a foreign country." In the end she'd speak in German, most likely to allow Pipin to do the same, free of worries or concerns.
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Considering the proximity, Pip could be forgiven for mistaking a Bavarian accent for Austrian, but still it was an unacceptable error in her mind, one that she would endeavour to never make again. She couldn't help but snort into her coffee as the girl, Gabi, commented on her intellect. "I should hope there's some intellect in there, otherwise they were highly negligant at the university," she muttered to herself before taking another long gulp of the coffee, feeling it warm her from her toes to her wrists. It was taking some time to kick in, but Pip could feel herself waking up more and more as time passed. Still... she needed more time to be fully cognizent.

"You one of those Bavarian nobles?" she asked as she crunched on a cookie, yawning widely mid-chew, "don't think I ever met one of those, heard they weren't as useless as the other ones that got kicked out." Pip's parents had always been rather derogatory towards Bavarians because of the survival of the aristocracy there, which of course only meant that Pip herself couldn't care less about the whole situation beyond a mild curiousity.

She stared briefly as Gabi took one of the cookies, eyes narrowing slightly but otherwise not saying anything. Much as she might feel miffed about having one of the treats taken, considering the other girl hadn't deigned to order her own, she decided that such a disagreement wasn't even remotely worth the time it would take to actually have it. Instead she decided to move the conversation onwards instead.

"So then, what brings you to Japan? You've come here without any real preparation for it it seems, so it wasn't planned, but it also couldn't have been because it was the only place you could go, so there must be a reason." It was just a guess, Pip didn't really know for sure, but it made sense to her to have had a reason to come here. If Gabi had spoken Japanese it would have made more sense to come here from Germany on a whim, but she didn't. Honestly, Pip wasn't too sure why she cared to even ask, it wasn't like she was astounded to find another German here. There were loads of Germans in Germany, so it didn't seem too special to her just yet. Perhaps after a few months amongst the Japanese she'd have a greater craving for her countrymen, but for now... not so much.

Puzzles though, they were interesting enough, so she supposed finding out how right she might be was worth the time.
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