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Denmark is on sort of on fire. (Sweden is SAFE for now.); two vikings and a forest fire (ask to join)
Topic Started: Apr 10 2018, 08:40 PM (227 Views)
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The Never Sleeping Vampire Duck
"Ohhhhhhh, shit." Oh, shit.

Flynn's english wasn't perfect, but the universal language of 'I've fucked up' is heard from all reaches of the world. The afternoon had started off like any other day! Normal! Completely FREAKING normal! But, alas, the confused personification of pop-rocks had yet again caused a disaster. A massive disaster. One that... arguebly is both the worst and most noteable thing he's ever done.

Denmark is on fire.

Or, in reality, Flynn has accidentally set a large forest fire into motion in the late months of Spring. Heat is kicking up with warming of the earth in recent decades, so the hotter days came much, much earlier. Both hands were pressed to either side of his head, eyes as big as the moon itself, and his tail was tucked like a quivering twig between his thighs. Fire licked tree tops and danced singing Kumbiya all across the forest floor. Animals were scattering left and right out of the forest and deeper within, and Flynn was left standing there with his jaw dropped to his knees.

"Ohhh, Jesus, bro, I've fucked up so bad," he trembled as the gravity of such a blistering blaze resting on his shoulders.

Twenty minutes earlier...

Loud shouts of hurrays and hyena like laughter echoed in the far reaches of a forests edge. Denmark's beautiful winter wonderland had long since turned to a warm springy flutter of grass greens, bright blues, and mountains that reached the heavens. What a better place to run free without care or worry than the outskirts of cities where plantlife was plentiful and authority was near non-existant. The scandinavian states were among the few countries in the world where crime was incredibly low. Not much happened here aside from culture thriving and constant festivals. Add in a mix of alcohol and a dash of national pride and you have the vikings united.

Loud cracks and booms occasionally popped off of a set of sweaty padded palms, a boy flinging himself across the sky as if he were a rocket. As he was midair he performed a blasting twirl, small pops pushing him all around like a ragdoll. Ice coated his hair, his toes, and the tips of his ear like a coat of red shine. The warmth added onto the hot day, but one thing lead to another... Flynn had missed his chance to properly land himself back into the woods due to a too small explosion. He was so caught up in his own fun that he wasn't exactly keeping track of the amount of explosive power he was letting out. Falling freely, Flynn counted his own lackluster explosion by thinking it would be a good idea to fire off a massive one to keep him up in the air.

The blast from his right and left palms had shot him high in the air, sure, but upon watching the ashen clouds blow away by warm danish air he was greeted with a flicker. The tops of two trees were blasted off, their branches burning bright and their leaves withering away as the heat bloomed. Flynn could only stare in shock before he felt his back smack into a thick tree branch. Tumbling through ferns and sap covered trees, Flynn ended up landing on his ass with his head stuck in a bush. Completely panicked that he had set two trees on fire, the young mans hair exploded with ice causing for the bush to be coated in an uncomfortable warm dose of bright red ice.

Today wasn't his day. As soon as he was up on his feet again that measly two tree fire had turned into five. Running out of the forests edge and into a large open field, Flynn's eyes popped into impossibly wide circles as he yelped at the disaster he's caused.

Back to present...

He whipped out his phone from his jacket pocket dialing emergency services and quickly explaining that a forest fire was in the making. The location was a popular one for tourists; a local seaside city filled with famous cheese, apparently, but off the cities borders was a short field of hilly grassland and locally grown flowers.All and all a beautiful spot for photography. To the far right where Flynn currently was spending his time goofing off there began the long line of tall trees that seemed to go on for forever. The forest was a large one that stretched a few miles making it one of the more known forests here in Denmark, but certainly nothing impressive outside the small nation.

His phone dropped to his side as the call was ended, and he stared in disbelief at the roaring flames growing higher and higher. The sheer level of heat made his palms leak with sweat, and the hand that wasn't holding his phone in a tight grip popped bright sparks of yellow and red. If only his ice wasn't hot as fire, maybe he could stop it himself! Curse his genes and the intense heat that coats his body.
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Kven skal synge meg
i daudsvevna slynge meg
når eg helvegen går
og dei spora eg trår
er kalde så kalde, så kalde

Njal's light voice soared through the salty air as he strummed at his lyre in time with his song, one tentacle rhythmically thumping the gunwale to emulate drumming as the other seven appendages worked the rigging and rudder of his small boat, keeping it on course as he sang. His eyes were heavy with tiredness, having still not recovered from the sleepless nights sailing across the Atlantic. Sure, he'd made landfall a couple of times as he sailed up the northern coast of Europe, getting a few souveniers and the like, but it wasn't enough to make up the sleep debt.

Eg songane søkte
Eg songane sende
då den djupaste brunni
gav meg dråpar så ramme
av Valfaders pant

He planned to stop in Denmark for a little bit, then one final break at Norway before heading to the Faroe Islands to see his family again, show them that he was still alive and tell them of the exciting places he had gone and people he had met. The song died in his throat as he spotted a plume of smoke rising from the shoreline. It was dirty smoke, the smoke of something burning that should not be. It wasn't a village's chimney smoke rising above them, and that had the young man worried. Not for himself of course, a fire on land had no bearing on him at sea.

But if there was someone there in danger...

The drumming tentacle changed the beat to help him stay focused as he pushed his rudder towards the shore, the sail snapping as it caught the wind and tried to pull him back out to sea. Frustrated, Njal put his lyre down and began to work as fast as his limbs could go, folding up his sail and running out the oars as quickly as he could. With eight tentacles along with his two arms, Njal could use three pairs of oars to propel the boat forward while leaving four limbs free to take care of other tasks he needed to in order to efficiently sail this boat on his own. It didn't take too long to find a small safe bay near the fire, and he beached it as quickly as he could, sliding a small axe into his belt and all but exploding off the boat as fast as his tentacles could pull him.

Which was surprisingly quick, considering how awkward it might seem to others to move in such a fashion.

Njal didn't know what he was going to be able to do to help, but he wasn't about to just sail past a potential catastrophe and let people die. Cresting the beach and getting his first view of the situation the young Faroese boy quickly made note of the fact that the fire seemed to have originated in the forest, and was a fair distance from the small seaside town. This allowed him to slow down and just observe the growing inferno with curiousity now that he knew there weren't any lives in danger as of yet. He saw a furred boy standing just at the edge of the forest also looking at the flames, the redhead seemingly entranced by the natural disaster.

"What happened?" he called out in Faroese, the only language he could claim to be fluent in, and similar enough to the other Scandanavian languages that there would only be minor misunderstandings, "are you ok?"
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The Never Sleeping Vampire Duck
Okay, so the fire is there, but what should he do? Flynn held out both of his hands in front of himself staring in disbelief at their furry, padded palms and fingers. Onyx claws curled in poking at his padded palms, and he dropped both arms down at his sides in tight fists. Blasted fires were a hassle to deal with. What bothered him was that he wasn't able to do a damn thing about the raging flames that continued to gobble up trees and bushes and grass. Luckily the fires was moving away from the city making it impossible to harm citizens, but this was still a forest! A home to hundreds of little critters! His chin dropped at the thought of animals dying or baby birds that had recenlty hatched earlier this spring.

A voice called out behind him shaking Flynn out of his stressed thoughts. Turning his head toward an unfamiliar figure, he shot an arm up in a single wave while called out in Icelandic, "Yo." The language barrier was practically nonexistant, but the monsters tail wiggled from side to side as he picked up on the odd dilect. This stranger was from the isles, and that was both exciting and interesting. He had questions! He wanted to know about this sea quirk man! Questions aside, Flynn winced when he was asked if he was alright, and he rubbed his plam to the back of his neck. Grimacing, he quickly removed it and swipped both his hands across his bare thighs to try and rid them of the accumulating clamminess.

"Peach, bruh. This shit's going nuts. Not gonna lie, though, this is probably the third worst forest fire I've ever started-- IT WAS AN ACCIDENT THOUGH! I SWEAR! I WAS, LIKE, JUST HAVING FUN!" His arms flapped arind in the air like a wild nut case as he stomped his feet and shook his head. The idiot must've looked like he had lost his damn mind, but he soon calmed and sagged his shoulders in a range of guilt or stress, it was impossible to tell. Oddly colored eyes of bright frosty blue on a backdrop of yellow glanced upward toward the stranger who had asked him if he was okay, and he straightened himself up. A black clawed thumb tapped to his chest before he gestured his whole arm toward the smokey flames that rose to the endless blue sky.

"Behold, dude, my contribution to the scadenavian society," he added dryly. Sighing, he scratched his cheek and glanced away bashfully. "Like, my name's Flynn. Flynn Frost. Name doesn't exactly, like, mix well with my quirks. I'm from Iceland, too! So, like, that's even freakin' weirder, huh? A country ful of ice or snow quirk citizens and then there's me," he laughed nervously as he stuck out his furry pawed hand for Njal to shake if he wanted. A proper greeting was one way to try and lighten the mood.
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It was such a relief to be actually able to communicate with someone properly after so long. He'd felt like a retarded baby half the time in Japan and the other half he was sure that the people he talked with assumed he was mentally deficient. Of course, that relief was soon overwhelmed by disbelief as he listened to the monster boy talk, his face settling into a raised eyebrow and slight hint of something like sarcastic judgement. "You caused this? You caused worse fires than this?" he asked dryly, looking to where the column of smoke rose high over the treetops. "Have you ever considered carrying around a fire extinguisher for times like this, if causing fires is a regular occurance for you?"

Sighing slightly as he continued to stare at the fire, Njal couldn't help but shake his head. A forest fire was far beyond his ability to influence, and since it didn't seem to be a risk to the town he didn't feel like he needed to actively do anything. "Njal Iversen," he said in response to Flynn's introduction, a tentacle extending to wrap around the offered paw and shake it. He'd never felt comfortable with using one of his hands for that, no idea why. Flynn would find it surprisingly firm, warm, and most importantly, dry, the skin smooth and soft as velvet. Njal hated it when people assumed his tentacles were slimy and gross. They only felt slippery when he got out of the water after all.

"Quirks are weird like that, everyone in my family is fully animalistic, and then here I am looking mostly human, except for the tentacles, and my teeth." To emphasise his point he bared, each tooth bar the molars much sharper than a standard human. They were in fact, much more like Flynn's own sharp chompers.

Njal's teeth

"So, what do you want to do? Are you intending to stay here and see this fire through?" he queried, continuing to watch the fire as the forest burned. They could do that after all, or they could leave. Either one had dangers in regards to being blamed for the devastation, but Njal hadn't done anything wrong so he wasn't particularly concerned for himself. He was curious though what the monster boy planned to do next.
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The Never Sleeping Vampire Duck
Being asked whether or not he seriously committed acts of pyromancy more than this had made him howl with a belly aching cackle. His hand pressed to the flat of his stomach, tears dotting his eyes at the dry tone Njal had taken. Another series of snorts and boyish chuckles popped out at the suggestion of a fire extinguisher, and all Flynn did in response was shrug his shoulders and flash his teeth back at the oddball of an x-form.

"N-Njal, huh? Ahem- You got it, bro. I, uh, never considered it. Not that I'm too invested in stopping them. Sometimes it's better to let nature take care of itself, dude!" He took the tentacle without a single care whether it be slimy, dry, cold, or warm. A fine dusting of bright red crawled onto the dry limb that shook his furred palm, and he cooed at the frost that coated his fingers. Laughing, Flynn explained cheerfully, "Sorry 'bout that. Not tryin' to freeze you where you stand, man. Not that it'd freeze you; my ice is as warm as a summer breeze."

He took his hand away from the firm shame and then plopped both palms down on his fuzzy hips. Wincing, Flynn looked back at the monsterous flames that licked the trees tops and danced in the blue sky like a vivid contrast of seasons. Knowing that if he stuck around for too long he'd be in a world of hurt, the tall monster of a man flashed an equal set of mishapened teeth toward Njal.

Flynn shook his head at the suggestion that he stay much longer. He held out his arm gesturing toward the flames with a slight twitch in his left ear. "Like, I'd suggest we high tail out of here. Authorities'll probs' think you're involved with me when they get here in a few, and, like, I'm not all about having the blame be thrown around! Even if I said, "Officers! Like, I totally did it, and not Njal here! Hell, don't even know the guy," they'd cuff us both and send us to a six month long court case. Not about that life, fam." He waved both hands in the air at this making a strong shake of his head as well. Not only did he not want himself in trouble, but Njal was so far a kind, caring person! The x-form had an interesting quirk, and Flynn had nodded along with stars in his eyes when he explained that he, too, had a family of oddities and quirks alike. It was fun to learn about those you meet, Flynn thought happily.

Squinting at the fire and secretly enjoying the warmth that bounced from it in waves, the frosted man tapped a finger to his chin and turned urgently to Njal. He fanned out both hands and animated a fanning motion in doing so, both eyes squeezing shut as he nodded behind the octopus male. "G-Got any ideas?! I'm, like, so unsure of where to go! How did you even get here?! Where did you come from? This side of town is, like, off a cliff edge toward the docks, and, like, you seem to be the kind fo stick to the sea... Less that's racist. Hell, you could be a firemen for all I know, but that'd, like, contradict your quirk I think? Hell if I know, but anyway, do you maybe work nearby? A place to lay low, mayhaps, bro?"

Cutting right to the chase, Flynn figured it'd be best to outright ask if Njal was a local who maybe had a place he could hide. Scatter wasn't a likely idea,and he would rather have a secure place to tuck tail and run. He clasped his hands together and batted his eyes to add and even more childish charm to him, but there wans't a whimpering plea or cry. Instead, Flynn was barely containing his smiles as he snickered, his face resembling more of a coy cat than a begging puppy.
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It seemed that the tall monster boy found his suggestion amusing, and Njal had to wait for him to quit laughing beffore the conversation could continue. The play of ice over his tentacle barely tickled him, and he shrugged off the apology easily, "Octopuses are able to handle extreme conditions, it doesn't particularly bother me, it's fire that's less than appealing," he replied, staring out at the forest fire absently as it burned, it certainly was frustrating to be unable to help prevent such a catastrophe, but Njal knew his limits and was not about to do something stupid like go into a forest fire to try help. When he had left his ship his intention was to help evacuate people from the village or something, but that wasn't necessary anymore.

He sighed when Flynn suggested they left, knowing the monster boy to be right, but also knowing that it could end badly for them as well, looking like they had fled the scene of the crime. Still, there wasn't much for it, and he was fairly sure his presence in Denmark wouldn't be appreciated considering he didn't exactly have the papers for it. So being caught by authorities wouldn't be very good for him, and he definitely hated the idea of being stuck in the country for months at a time, the mere thought of it gave him the heeby jeebies.

"I was sailing by when I saw the smoke trail, I beached my boat in a bay over that way," Njal began, a tentacle pointing in the direction of said vessel. He wasn't particularly impressed by the Puss in Boots impression, but ultimately couldn't bring himself to leave the monster boy to his fate. "I was going to stop off in Norway before heading for the Islands, so I suppose you could tag along as long as you don't get in the way. Sailing on your own isn't easy, and there's not a lot of room on the boat for sleeping." It was far from ideal, but it'd certainly get them away from the fire, and ultimately there wasn't much he could do to stop Flynn from following him anyway.

Sighing again, he began to move back towards the bay, gliding across the ground on his tentacles, his robe like outfit making him seem almost ethereal in motion. It wouldn't take him long to get to the boat, and his tentacles wrapped around it as he pushed it out of the loose sand that it had been stuck in, climbing aboard as the vessel began to be pulled out to sea with the retreating tide. It wouldn't be hard for Flynn to get on as well, as long as he didn't hesitate. The boat looked remarkably like a single masted longship, the only real difference between the old viking ships and this one was a permanent cabin built into the hull. Small, but large enough for a bed and to store his possessions.

"So, you don't sound like a Dane, what are you doing in Denmark?" Njal would ask as he guided the boat out of the small bay, the sail dropping down the mast and cracking as it caught the wind, pulling the little vessel further out to sea and away from the fire and the village that was near it. "Also, please don't set fire to my boat, it was my father's before he died, and I'd rather not lose it."
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The Never Sleeping Vampire Duck
"HA! Fire, huh? Good thing I'm, like, not one of those crazy people with quirks that can set everything on fire with the blink of an eye," he exclaimed with a touch of laughter. His quirks weren't exactly the type to magically light everything on fire, but judging by the sizable blossoming of red waves behind the two oddly shaped humans that was up for debate. Grinning broudly, Flynn clapped his palm to his forehead and tilted his head as Njal confirmed that he had a spot by the docks. Overjoyed to hear the news but not exactly wanting to stick around to express himself, the rambunctious zip of energy bolted in the direction that Njal began to stroll.

The walk was a quick one; much faster than Flynn had thought it would be. From the distance he could spot several cars and firetrucks pulling into the grass and sandy fields that lay before the fired forest. His ears twitched upward, wind making his hair bounce as he watched in awe at the water quirks being pooled out from the palms of hands and from mouths. It was amazing how quirks worked. Blinking at his own palms he squeezed his fingers inward and frowned at the soft crackles that popped to life. Njal's voice calling out from the boat yanked him back to reality, however, and he shot his new companion a smirk.

"Norway? Fun! Count me in, fam, and don't worry 'bout the boat. It'll be me, you, and the big blue, so if you think I'll fuck up just, like, kick my ass in open waters and let the sharks do their worst," he chatted idly as he climbed into the rockety sail boat. Clawed toes tapped and padded on the wooden surface, and though it was small and compact, Flynn had to admit that it was a comfortable, lovely home to take on the sea. His nose wrinkled as he sniffed and snorted at the various items laying around such as ropes, buckets, or tools that belonged to Njal. An ear flicked against his head at the question of what his deal was, and why he didn't sound danish. Smiling at the sea that surrounded the boats walls, Flynn dropped down to a sit on his rump. The small tail on his backside wiggled in a sweeping motion making a soft 'fwish' sound each time it waved on the floorboard.

"From the land of cold, colder, and coldest. Hate to break it to you, but Denmark's one hell of a tourist hotspot, man. Like, I was in Sweden a couple weeks ago chillin' with my Pops-- Erm, not my real pops, but an old man who kind of takes care of me? Sort of? He's flippin' awesome, bro!" Describing Lee as 'awesome' was an odd thing to do, but Flynn did so with a sparkle in his eye and a dazzle in his toothy beam at Njal. Tilting his head like a pup, the frosty male quirked up a brow and eyed the eight limbed sailer with a sneaky snicker. "So, you're from the islands, you said? That's cool, cool... So that means you, like, know everything about the sea? And, like, this boats your Pops... Man, that's freaking stellar! He must've been a fantastic person to have his own freaking boat!" He pumped his arms in the air with his fists cheering animatedly.

Leave it to Flynn to celebrate the simpliest of things in life!
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Njal laughed lightly at the mention of sharks, until he realised that Flynn was most likely serious about them, before his laughter got a bit more intense. "Sharks? Sharks aren't scary," he stated as one tentacle took the rudder of the ship and others curled around the various ropes that held the sail in place, the small boy working to get his vessel moving with the ease of long practice. It was only a few moments from shore until they were racing along the waves at a steady pace, the salty wind blowing through their hair (and Flynn's fur). "Sharks are lame, can't fight for their lives, taste fairly good though. You can have some if you want." Njal absently pointed to a basket near Flynn which, should he open it, contained thin strips of sea salted, sun and wind dried shark. Essentially a jerky that Njal had made while sailing across the oceans. "Dolphins are more irritating," he added.

He listened to the other male talk, nodding slightly as it clicked that Flynn was from Iceland, a place he actually hadn't been, despite its' proximity to the Faroe Islands. He probably should, he'd heard that there were a larger population of believers there than even in Faroe. It might be nice to feast with them. Daydreaming a little of the many foods and drink that such a gathering might have, it took him a moment to realise that Flynn had asked him a question, and a moment longer to work out what exactly was being said. There was also a word or two there that didn't quite match in Faroese to what he assumed it meant in Icelandic, so it took him a bit more time to puzzle through the context cues of what was said.

"Anyone who claims to know everything about the sea, knows nothing about it. Only an idiot would claim such a thing," Njal replied as he tied off a few more ropes and then flopped down onto one of the small benches built into the boat. "It was his, but I don't remember him, he died when I was very little. But having a boat isn't a big deal in the islands... but I suppose this one is really cool, because I sailed to Japan in it!" His eyes lit up slightly at the mention. Honestly, the trip had been hellish, long periods of time with no sleep, storms, a few large creatures that had ended up filling his belly, but to make such a trip on your own, and return.

Well, that was something to be proud of. And it was something he felt Flynn would be interested in hearing. "Not many boats this size could do that, not without sinking or breaking or just... vanishing. I mean, it was a bit easier for me since I could just gather food from the sea whenever I needed, but still, it was pretty amazing right?" He hadn't really considered it until now truth be told, he'd just... done it. But when he said it out loud he realised that he'd done something to be proud of, and a wide grin spread across his face. Normally his smiles were closed mouth as he knew that a lot of people were unsettled by his sharp teeth, but Flynn's teeth were even larger than his, so he figured that it wouldn't bother the monster boy.

"So what were you doing in Sweden with this 'Pops' of yours?" he asked as the land faded away behind them, the ocean filling most of their view by this point.
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The Never Sleeping Vampire Duck
A loud 'haaaaa' scoffed out of Flynn, but he was smirking and patting at his knee in his sat position. "Ha! That's funny! Sharks might not be a hassle to you, bro, but me?! My quirks are all fire! If a big ass shark, like, came swimming at me I'd die! Like, totally die! The o-ocean is a horrific place, fam," he gulped as he eyed the splashing waters that licked the boats walls. The sea was a wonderful, beautiful place that he could never fully experience. Most cases of travel for him were ironically on boats and ships, as flying gave him the heebee-jeebees. Snorting out a twinkling laugh, Flynn plopped the palm of his hand against his right temple.

"They taste awesome, yeah. I heard in, uhhhh... What's that country call... Erm, I'mm think of it in a few, but they eat shark fin soup! How nuts is that, bruh?" At the offer of dried shark jerky, Flynn whipped his head toward the basket and licked his lips. A snack for the road, huh? Couldn't blame the guy seeing as there aren't exactly... stores out here. He snaked his hand in and snatched a few hardy strips. As the conversation carried on, he sat back with an arm slung over the boats edge, and jerky in his other hand occasionally being ripped apart by gnarly teeth.

Ah, he didn't actually know his Father. That fact saddened the monster a touch, ears drooping and his head tilting to the side curiously, but he perked back up as he considered the idea of knowing 'everything' about the sea. "An idiot claims what an idiot can! Like, the sea is near endless, but there's always, like, gurus out there that know every freakin' thing there is to know currently about it. Weird how that works, huh? We don't, like, have it fully discovered yet, but it's still a super studied subject. Man, the world is weird."



His eyes popped as he sat up straight and glanced around himself and eyed the homey boat in shock. It wasn't large enough to sail for thousands of miles! No way! JAPAN?! That was the country he was trying to think of earlier now that he thought about it, and he openly gaped at Njal. But... His brows furrowed. The way that the smaller male easily manouvered and cared for the ropes, sails, and the entire steering of the boat itself was as easy as breathing to him. To Flynn this appeared more like a science than a walk in the park.

"That's flipping insane, dude! You sailed from eastern europe to Japen!? What the heck, bro! How aren't you DEAD! That's, like, hundreds of thousands of miles away, and- Damn. Damnnn, damn, dude," he paused to cackle before picking up with a strong admiration in the way he spoke, "I'm im-freaking-pressed. That really is awesome! Like, holy shit, you're a master!"

He let out a howling hoop of cheer for Njal, but out here on the open sea it wouldn't bother anyone aside from, well, Njal! He flashed his own pearly set of broad, ill-charmed teeth that would normally scared the shit out of any walking by passer. Sharing a small detail such as tearing teeth was a plus one in his book. Excited to continue to learn more about Njal, he moved his hands around as he smoke animatedly, "So, Japen?! What's that place like? Is it hot? Cold? Is it pretty? Baren? I've, like, never even seen much on it. Got a few friends who, like, obsess over their heroes, but otherwise... I dunno, it sounds flipping stellaaaar!"

Blinking at the question of his 'Pops', or Lee in this case, he smirked and sat back with a thunk of his shoulders hitting the sidewall. His arms swung out on either side of himself getting mighty comfortable; making himself right at home. "Like, he's teachin' me all sorts of cool shit. How to manage my, like, quirks and what not since, erm... as you can probably tell I have poor control. My impulses are a bit out there, too, but he watches over me! If I ever got, like, a problem I go hide out in his place or if I need advice I got to him. Think, like... a step-dad? Even though he's not even freakin' married to my Ma, and my real Pa is just as cool as he is. Like, I dunno. I tried to mug him and instead we became buds." Ah, yes, that time he nearly mugged an old man for a flask and later became his pupil. Interesting how life works, isn't it?
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Njal couldn't help but laugh at Flynn's declaration, his voice high and clear as he turned to shoot the other boy a cheeky grin, "go far down enough and you can't see anything at all, it becomes pitch black and ice cold," he said with all the relish of someone telling a ghost story, "the water presses down on you like a fat man sitting on every part of you at once, and the things that live down there... they make x-forms and mutants look normal. They taste pretty bad too," he added, sticking out his tongue in memory of the time he'd tried to eat a fish that looked like a glob of gelatine with eyes.

That had been a big mistake.

"Apparently if you go deep enough you'll find Jormungandr, but I wouldn't want to come across that... there are some things down there that scare me too much," he shuddered at that point, turning his attention back to their bearings for a few moments before he pondered his answer to Flynn's assertation of knowledgeable seamen. "Those kinds of people know everything about their part of the sea, that's for sure. My Grandpa is like that, even though I can go more places than him he's so far ahead of me in knowledge that it's hard to imagine ever catching up" His heart ached a little bit at the thought of his Grandpa, and he couldn't help but be glad he was heading home to see his family. The old man had been strong last he'd seen him, but Njal knew these things could change very quickly at that age, and that the old man wouldn't stay around if he thought he was getting too old.

Flynn's reaction to his trip to Japan had a pink flush unwillingly appear on his cheeks, the Faroese boy feeling rather sheepish at the praise. "It was more an accident than anything, though I could probably get back there on purpose now I guess..." he said hesitantly, "it was probably easier for me than others considering the fact that I can sorta live underwater and stuff too, and restock while sailing. Honestly the hardest part was staying awake for so long... well, that and the storms. Japan itself was interesting, I met a bunch of different people, but it was really hard because I couldn't speak to them too well, I only really know Faroese properly, so I hadd to try with English and whatever Japanese I could pick up. I have some books and recordings to practice so that I don't sound so dumb when I go back. It's warmer than here, generally, and their food is weird, and they wouldn't sell me beer or let me carry my axe around, but it was interesting"

The white haired boy then listened in silence as Flynn took the time to explain his relationship with his 'Pops'. There was no condemnation for trying to mug the man, it had obviously been worked out between the two so it was none of his business. It must be nice to have a father figure of some sort. Sure, Njal had his grandpa and older brother, but it really wasn't the same. He wondered briefly whether his father would be proud of him, before shrugging slightly and adjusting their course a little after looking at the angle of the sun. The coast was barely in sight, and the plume of smoke from the vanishing forest fire was a good marker to tell him where he had come from.

"It can get a little lonely and boring out here on my own, you're my first real passenger," Njal admitted, giving the excitable monster boy a toothy smile and enjoying the fact that he could actually do that without making someone uncomfortable. Actually, that made him wonder, "do you have an average diet for a person? I don't mean to be insulting, just that you're the first I've met outside of my family with teeth like that, and I wondered if there's a reason. I know mine make catching and eating fish loads easier, plus they let me deliver venom properly." His question was innocent, the curiousity of someone who was considered 'abnormal' in body who met another like himself. Even if the coming of quirks had made abnormal so much more normal, it was still rare to meet a non-related person with similar differences to your own.
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T-This... was... SO FREAKING TOTALLY AWESOME! Flynn shouted a Viking worthy roar as he flashed his fists in the air out of fun and fearlessness. "PITCH BLACK 'N ICE COLD!" As Njal continued Flynn's arms slowly lowered down back into the pit of his lap, and he leaned forward, eyes blown wide, and his lashes batting in utter awe. Normal...! A shine sparkled in the broad snaggle of his fanged teeth, and he slapped his hand to his chin rubbing it in thought. "They taste bad, but, like... NORMAL?! Th-That's fuckin' craaaazy! Njal! Bro! I can't believe it! Not, like, literally, I totally believe this one hundred percent, but holy cheese and crackers my mind is freaking blown right now."

The idea of the ocean weighing down on his lean body made his stomach twist and he shuddered as he eyed the boats water glistened edge with a weary raise of his brow. At the mention of Jormungandr, Flynn's ears flopped upward in brief interest. Now that'd be a can of worms he wouldn't want to open, either. Good on you, Njal. Flynn sneaked another pull of jerky in his maw chewing thoughtfully as Njal went on to explain the happenings of his Grandfather. Surprised about this piece of knowledge, the young mixture of fire and ice dropped his jaw and scrubbed his nails at the top of his frosty auburn head. "Ever thought, like, maybe we don't gotta catch up to the old folk? Take what he knows and apply it, bro! Soar the skies, reach for the heavens! All that mushy, gushy shit, but it works. Your old man is already a legend in my book and I don't even know the guy," he hooted a cackle at this, but one out of pure childish glee.

Flynn hushed himself leaning onto his opened palms. A dreamy look took over him as he listened to Njal continue to tell the tales of Japan and what the seas had in store for the lone sailor. What he wouldn't give to see the whole world from a mere boat ride away. The idea was simple in his pea-sized mind. Get boat, sail boat, and bam! Land! Though he knew it was more of an art form than anything else, and the more he sat there on his rump, tail thumping, and his ear twitching, the young monster quickly realized sailing... wasn't exactly something he'd be good at. He was a bit too chaotic to openly sail a boat! Plus, he thought offhandedly, his quirks weren't wood friendly, either.

"Storms? Man... I've heard stories about, like, the craziness that goes on in a sea storm. Is it true that waves get, like, freaking forty plus feet tall?! Do magical water tornadoes appear out of thin air?! Does a dragon with logs of hands come out and try to eat you, too?! Like, so many questions, but too much ocean to answer them all," he plopped his back against the railing with a thud as he rambled out a series of questions. So much could happen in so little time out here on open waters! Flynn glanced over his shoulder, a snort of frosty crimson flakes flushing from his nostrils as he did so. The billowing smoke far beyond their sails was history in his book, and knowing he was safe from the shoreline he kicked back relaxing his fuzzy shoulders.

Blinking, his nose wrinkled at the question of his diet. Fingers tapped at his bottom lip before he fish hooked his fingers into his mouth to display the unholy mouthful of off white teeth stained a natural worn manila. Like a beast, they lacked that pristine white that humans typically had. He snapped his jaw a few times before spitting out his fingers and wiping spit on the back of his hands. Gross. As he did so, Flynn cleared his throat and began to sing a light tune, "Nope, nope, nope! Eat what I like, when I like, do as the wind says! Sometimes she says a barbaric bear, sometimes she says fruity pear! These here puppies munch on bones, crowns, and gold, but not a single thing too old. Poison? Pah! Witches got nothin' on me."

One leg kicked up over the other, and Flynn hummed the rest of the silly tune out while picking his pinkie nail at his fangs. Glancing upward at Njal as he steered, the young man stated boldly, "Like, I don't have any fancy poison, but I bet I can munch through word or something like that. Anything too strong, though, not so much. Like, they're mostly for tearing at meat and scaring little kiddies for a good jump in their skins."
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Njal couldn't help but be amused at how strongly Flynn seemed to react to everything, especially at things that were relatively normal to the octopus-boy. It was... pleasant to talk with someone so energetic, even if Flynn HAD set fire to a forest. He wasn't too woried that the same would happen here on his boat, after all Flynn would be the one who was most in trouble if the boat went down. Eyeing the yard and checking the wind speed, Njal nudged the steering oar a bit to alter the boat's course, keeping it skimming over the waves with an experienced hand. The trick with this type of boat was that it was most stable when it was in motion, like a bicyle. With no real keel and a shallow draft, it practically surfed over the ocean, but once it stopped it was far more at the mercy of the waves.

"You might be right, but if I don't learn what he knows, then it could be lost when he's gone," he responded to the idea of not catching up to the older generation, "I don't want to get so far ahead that I don't know something that should be basic. There are so many people who wouldn't even have a clue where their food comes from nowadays... they look at something like that jerky and can't even comprehend that it was once an actual shark, and that I had to hunt it, kill it, butcher it, and dry it before it reached that state." He shook his head at that, the idea of such ignorance bothering him greatly.

As the conversation turned to the ocean once more though, Njal stared at the redhaired boy for a few moments before laughing. "Yeah, the waves get massive out in the ocean. My grandpa told me he's seen them reach more than 60 feet high. I didn't experience ones that big, but it was... well, I imagine it was like jumping out of a plane with no parachute. Even for someone like me who can live pretty much indefinitely in the ocean it was scary. But..." he trailed off for a few moments remembering the storm he'd had to sail through before he'd reached the Americas, "it was also exhilarating. I survived that, I rode those waves and came out the other side laughing. I felt so alive afterwards." Another pause, this time with a sheepish grin on his face as he remembered the aftermath, "I also ended up beaching on the first bit of land I could find to sleep for a day or two because it was exhausting too. I haven't seen any water tornados or dragons, not yet anyway."

He nodded along with Flynn's explanation of his teeth, figuring the answer was about what he'd expected but there might have been something more to it. The other boy's whole appearance was basically like your stereotypical children's monster, so that seemed to just fit in with the other parts. Njal couldn't really find the other boy scary, he was kinda fluffy and cute, in a teddy bear sort of way that made the octopus-boy want to pet his head more than anything. He was amused by the fact that Flynn had eaten a bear, or at least implied that he had, but it wasn't any more outlandish than some of the things Njal had consumed.

As the ship skimmed over the sea, Njal couldn't help but start to sing, his voice clear and high as he sang the ancient song. "Hljóðs bið ek allar helgar kindir, meiri ok minni mögu Heimdallar; viltu, at ek, Valföðr! vel framtelja forn spjöll fíra, þau er fremst um man." The words weren't quite Icelandic, weren't quite Faroese, but they were in the mother to both those tongues and so Flynn would be able to piece together what he was saying. 'Hearing I ask | from the holy races, From Heimdall's sons, | both high and low; Thou wilt, Valfather, | that well I relate Old tales I remember | of men long ago.'

He wondered if Flynn had ever been taught the story.
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