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Puck Off!
Topic Started: Apr 9 2018, 04:07 AM (544 Views)
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Alright, this was it. FINALLY A VACATION. Well, technically every day was a vacation for a certain woman, but this was something that was sorely deserved after all the shit hands she had been dealt with over the past couple of months. Dealing with the South America bullshit, going to Egypt and getting tricked into trying to find gold in them rivers, going to Japan and getting fucked over royally in a trade gone horribly wrong. Having some time to relax was what the Diamond Queen needed, and the best place to do so was the quite possibly the quietest, the least newsworthy country in the world. The one place that everyone forgot about, even her, until they looked real hard at a map of the United States.

Posted Image

Having traveled to Canada, Cora had decided to visit a particular area of one which she continuously recalled upon doing searching about the kinds of places in Canada. And having landed in Toronto, Cora once again thanked the guy she gave some favors for a ride, before heading out into the nightly city. Arriving in a hotel of sorts that bordered the coast of this city, Cora made sure to open her briefcase full of fun clothing, and made sure to pull out her trusty mallet. As always it was sneaked through customs because of favors and the like, so thank god people were thirsty as fuck, no matter what part of the world they were a part of.

And just as it was reaching the best portions of the night, a little past ten O'clock, Cora decided that the best thing to do was to visit the biggest, largest nightclub in all of Toronto. There, she knew she would find some of the best partygoers, and could quite possibly find herself meeting some very well needed dealers. Honestly, ever since things turned sour in Japan, she was desperately looking for her next fix. And, according to the nearest internet searches on her handy smartphone, Cora was able to find the most popular Nightclub in Toronto. Some weird place called Puck Off!

Well, whatever. Shrugging to herself, the young woman left her hotel and took the streets with her Diamallet, following the directions to the easily noticeable building which glowed very neon colors. A bit retro in her opinion, but it definitely was not lacking in partygoers, because it was especially rowdy tonight. Smirking to herself, the young woman walked around the building and into a nearby alleway, finding a window that was well above reach for a normal person. Well, using her hammer, she bashed through the window and used her weapon to hoist herself up the wall, crawling in through the broken window and into the male bathroom. Thankfully empty, the young woman adjusted the mallet onto her back using a strap, as she left the bathroom to find herself facing the dance floor, which was slightly barren for the moment.

Smiling as she was enjoying the music, Cora practically jogged onto the dance floor and started losing herself to the music, deciding to party now and have some fun for the first time in forever. The young woman's own curve and figure dominating the dance floor, despite being shorter than pretty much everyone else in the nightclub. Underneath the strobing lights and the lit dance floor, the young woman was wearing something rather new for a change. Adorning her chest was a white button up blouse, with a tanktop underneath to make sure that she could take off if things were getting a bit heated. Along with this, she wore a pair of nice, form fitting jeans which straddled her curves very nicely, as her violet sneakers bounced along the dance floor. She was even wearing some light-crimson lipstick, which was something she hadn't done in what felt like forever. God she felt amazing, now that she looked the part of the Party Queen right now.

Little did she know, this night was going to get a lot more interesting~
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Ciaran wasn't quite sure why he had decided to go to a club in Toronto, to be honest he was already pretty out of it. Most likely he'd been irritating one of the other higher ups in the Horde and they'd dumped him over the border... or something like that. It was a little blurry. Actually, now that he thought about it, he vaguely remembered complaining about being bored and someone telling him to head here just so he didn't cause too much trouble in the US with Kull still trying to settle into his new position. Still, he was here now and the music was... well, it was pretty terrible truthfully but he'd helped himself to some rich guy's wallet a while ago and the bar had things above 40% so he was relatively content. It could have been better of course, but he'd settle for what he had. Besides, any drink was good when someone else was paying for it.

The small Irishman had been sitting at the bar just people watching, crimson eyes scanning the crowd when he spotted a figure emerge from the bathroom with a massive mallet strapped to her back. Well, that was interesting, he hadn't seen her enter, and he definitely would have. Which meant that she had probably chosen the 'back entrance'.

That was amusing.

Shrugging to himself and throwing back the last of whatever nasty floor cleaner the barkeep had given him, Ciaran dusted himself off and decided to wander towards the dance floor, figuring that anyone who decided to break into a club with a massive hammer on their back had to be at least mildly more interesting than anyone else in this otherwise painfully normal establishment. He drew eyes as he moved along the dance floor, his small stature combined with the ragged clothing and truly horrendous spiked leather jacket coupled with the pale expanse of bare flesh covered in red stitches bizarre enough even in a world with talking pandas and people that could spontaneously combust.


Moving with the grace of a predator through the crowds of taller people, Ciaran didn't even have to nudge people aside as he approached the slightly shorter girl dancing to the music. Catching her attention as she moved, the small man quickly began to match her movements, reading her body as best as he could to dance in sync with the hammer wielder, noticing with amusement the sparkles of what could only be broken glass on her shoulders. He put his agility and years of experience in moving to good use as he watched her, dancing along with her until the song came to an end and he could get a word in.

"Next time I recommend using a shirt against the glass to climb through. It's less messy," he said as he leaned close to her, not close enough that he wouldn't be able to react to any hostility, but enough that others wouldn't hear what he was saying.

Not that they'd be able to hear when the music started up again, but still.
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Only a minute way into the first song she invaded the dance floor on, she spotted someone drawing closer to her. Though she did not stop her swaying motions, she at least gave the string bean a cursory glance, noting the rather interesting appearance this person had. Even underneath the flashing lights, the young woman was able to notice the rather apparent stitching that interlaced his arm and chest. And his attire was rather funky, but in the good way as it definitely shown that he was probably in it for a good time. Even his own gender seemed rather iffy, because from a distance she was pretty sure that this was just some lanky woman, but now it was harder to determine the gender from so close. Before she even knew it, the young man had begun dancing alongside her, definitely making his intentions known as she could tell that he was picking up the flow that she was throwing down.

Heh, that was easy, finding someone fun to play with for the evening. Usually she had to be the one to approach others due to her curvy figure being too much for others to handle from time to time. A smile was definitely on her own face as she was just letting herself go, forgetting the kind of crazy world they lived in which she could die at a moment's notice. And with the fading of the music, the young man in front of her leaned in and apparently was aware of her entry into the club. She did not really show any hostility, as it was completely obvious in what this person's intention was.

Glancing at herself for a moment, the gem in her cheek shimmered a violet hue in the limelight as she noticed some shards of glass still on her. Clicking her tongue as she made some dusting movements, letting her hands brush the shards off of her white, slightly frilled blouse, Cora spoke in such a carefree tone, "I didn' have another shirt at the time, plus it was fine usin' my mallet like a hook. Though, smart advice." Chuckling as her eyes once again sized him, Cora had a bit of a difficult time sizing him up but finally decided him as of the male gender. It didn't really matter as this person was the most interesting person in the building, even as she was right next to a sharkman who had a volcano horn. Something about this new person made Cora feel... wary? Unease?

She never really felt this way about strangers at first, and thus she fought against this feeling in order to continue the fun train going. Spinning around on her feet as the next song started to kick off, one which had such an interesting beat for something so ancient and simple. Though, she quickly stopped as she remembered the hulking tool that was on her back, which she slid off of her body and took a couple seconds to slide it against the nearby wall. Returning to the pale skin, she backed her bod towards him. Her own body against Ciaran's, a playful smile was drawn on Cora's face as tried to dance with the bloke with their with barely anything to separate the two of them.

"So, what's your name handsome?" Cora flirted, honestly enthralled by this very peculiar person's kind of aura as she continued, "I ain't a local, by the way. The name's Cora Amourfroid~" Rarely did she share her last name, but it was more or less her own way of sharing her own interest. Flicking her own hair around as she glanced up at him, while trying her best to grind against his own thighs, wondering how he was going to take such an open advance.
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"Never said it needed to be your shirt," he replied with a crooked grin, his lilting accent expressing the amusement he felt at the thought, "after all, I'm sure you could... convince someone to part with theirs for your." An obvious glance at her massive hammer would be enough to get his point across. He couldn't help but feel amused as he watched her size him up, the novelty of being taller than someone who was out of childhood mixing with the way it was obvious she wasn't too sure what to make of him. He liked to be a surprise, so that worked for him. Normally most of the interesting people he met were so much weaker than him that he felt like some sort of elder, but this woman... she seemed more competent than most, which was a nice change.

He took her invitation to dance, unconcerned with their different body types, keeping an easy pace with her while also making sure to keep to the proper conventions of such a club. In otherwords, dancing as though they were having intercourse while fully clothed.

"Handsome?" he asked in amusement with his hands on her ample hips and their movements to the beat keeping them close, "normally I'm lucky to be called cute, when the word 'freak' ain't thrown around. I suppose I should be flattered." Ultimately he was a simple person who did what seemed most enjoyable, and right now he had a unusual individual flirting with him.... or at least it seemed that way considering how close they currently were, and that meant there was a possibility of some more fun than he thought he was going to get in this dump. Perhaps he wouldn't have to pass the time by getting as drunk as possible.

"I ain't local either, Ciaran MacNamara," he spoke directly in her ear to be properly heard, pronouncing his name as 'keer-ahn' with a slight roll of the r sound, his eyes scanning the environment even as they danced, just in case some trouble happened. "So, if you're not local what brings you to the ass end of the world? People seem to forget this country even exists half the time, or more than half the time. Was it the maple syrup? They might suck at everything else but we can forgive them for that because maple syrup is quite good."

He laughed breathily in her ear as they danced, the bell on his collar jingling with every motion that he made, "Canada is such a boring place after all~" He seemed completely unconcerned with her flirting, reciprocating in kind because honestly? He had no reason not to. It was fun, and it could become more fun, and no one wanted Ciaran to get bored. He tended to get creative when he was bored, and that wasn't good for anyone. "I like your diamond by the way~ The one on your cheek too." The hammer was impressive, and the reaction he was likely to get for going a less obvious route would hopefully be amusing.
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Only blinking at the kind of response about stealing another shirt, she only blankly thought about it for a couple of seconds before uttering out, ".... Shit, you right." Nodding along, Cora would actually feel like a complete moron for not thinking of such an obvious answer in the first place. And in the midst of their very PG13 scene of dirty dancing, she could feel her partner not even giving an inch as he was determined to just enjoy the moment alongside her, even talking about the compliment she just threw at him. Snorting a laugh out loud as she listened to him, she had to clarify for him, "You cute as fuck as well, don't get me wrong. But if yous a freak, then I'm a god damn pscyho bitch, heh."

Laughing about this small fact, she continued to elaborate for fun friend as she dragged her voluptuous rear against his body, "But then again, when I see you, you aren't freaky. You're exotic even, cause you don't see someone have such a..." Letting her voice trail off as she righted her own body, pushing her back right against Ciaran's while changing the angle of her lean so that they were connected entirely against one another. The entire time, her right arm would lightly grasp around his right arm, trailing up it as her finger traced the line of crimson stitching which adorned his entire limb. Her voice trailed back onto topic as she addressed the obvious, "... bold fashion statement, if you don't mind me mentioning."

And he took advantage of how close they were, as he leaned in and breathed his own words with almost no space between between his lips and her ear. A shiver rolling down her spine as he was so god damn forward, and it was something that she adored. Honestly, men sometimes took a while to realize the true worth of this diamond woman, but Ciaran was more than ready to show off his own eagerness to the woman. Though, it was true, that they were pretty much here in the middle of fuck nowhere Canada. Resting her head against his shoulder and looking up at him, as she continued grinding her body against his, she spoke simply, "It's cause this place is a boring shithole that I came here. The places I've been have been too hot, and I wanted at least some peace and quiet before having some more fun. Thoooough, I'm willing to make exceptions. Especially for Syrup."

Having her own teasing moment, her own gaze would dart back to her own mallet, noticing that no one was nearing the damn thing. "Yeah, born with the one on my cheek, and paid a metric shit ton for that mallet. Saved my damn life as I used it to clobber beings from hell that tried to kill me. And, before you say anything, I'm actually legit. South America's a scary place mon amour." Her accent completely switching as she swapped to using French, her crass voice was actually rather eloquent as she spoke her native language. Twisting her gaze to look at him, Ciaran would definitely notice that the look she gave him wasn't of innocent interest. There was something darker in her vision, as she definitely did want him, but for all the unspoken reasons of mystery that was was within him. Though, something scratched at the back of her brain, as she felt like she was supposed to know him or some bullshit?

Eh, it's a moot point anyway, as the song was over and some very garbage, loud techno was blaring out of the speakers. Clicking her tongue, she righted herself and spun around, pressing her very ample breasts right into Ciaran's chest as they were now looking at each other directly. With such bluntness, she suggested to her friend, "Yo, how about we get some drinks until this Programmer Hell music is over." Though, the look in her eyes was probably wanting something more than just drinks, but whatever was going to happen, she was definitely going to be by this interesting man's side. It was a gut instinct that was telling her that he was going to keep this night lively.
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"Sweetheart I am definitely a freak," he laughed, his voice high enough to be confused for a girl and the laugh tinged with a hint of his insanity. Ciaran wasn't sure how he felt about her touching his stitches, the skin sensitive around the thread in a way that sent shivers up his spine, but the fact that someone he barely knew dared to touch them so intimately... well, if he hadn't been so overwhelmingly amused by the situation he might have gotten violent. "it's a way to pass the time when I'm bored," he eventually commented, even as he continued to dance with her, deciding that he might as well take what fun he could.

"You came here for peace? I hate to disappoint you but there's no peace when I'm around, muirnīn" Ciaran remarked, "and who am I to doubt your experiences? I've seen dead mean reanimated and turned into monsters, demons in South America isn't that farfetched. The world we live in certainly isn't boring, is it?" He shot her a broad, slightly too wide smile at her obvious interest, and decided that yes, he would follow this course of action to whatever end it found, because that was bound to be more interesting than simply sitting at the bar and getting drunk. Especially with the PG-13 way she was pressing against him.

Nodding at her suggestion, he followed the slightly shorter French girl off the dance floor and back to the bar, throwing some money at the bartender who gave him another glass of whatever high content alcohol he'd been served before he had gone to the dance floor, and whatever it was that Cora decided that she wanted to drink. The small Irishman scanned the club for a few moments before turning back to the bartender with a raised eyebrow. "So, who's dealing? I can see some people flying and I wanna join them~" he gave Cora a crooked grin as the man simply pointed to a fellow in the corner. Finishing his drink in a single gulp and ordering another, he strolled casually in the direction of the twitchy blond that had been pointed out to him. A few minutes later he was returning with two inhaler looking devices.

"According to that guy, this stuff will make you feel better than anything on the market, and he was way too nervous to be lying to me. So, whaddya say muirnīn, wanna fly with me?" With that he brought one of the devices to his lips and depressed it, the world suddenly brightening and slowing down around him. His eyes widened slowly, staring at the almost ethereal movements of the dancers, the way that all the fluids seemed to turn to gemstones and bright lights. Everything seemed to be moving slower for him, but it was also so much brighter like someone had upped the saturation levels of the world.

The music was even more shitty at such a slow pace though.

His limbs felt heavy as he moved them towards his drink, bringing it to his lips and downing it in one go. The taste was... indescribable. It was like he could taste all the components of the drink separately, though he didn't know enough on how to identify them. It didn't take long before things began to speed up, the colours slowly beginning to dim, until it was all back to normal and he felt the blood pounding in his veins. That had been something else, that was for sure. His lips and mouth felt a little dry, but other than that there didn't seem to be any sort of after effect that he could notice, maybe there would be one if too much was used, but for now he felt fine.

"Woo, that was somethin' alright. I can see why it's popular~" he said with a giggle as he looked at the inhaler, enough for five doses he was told. It could wait. Instead he ordered another drink and waited to see what Cora would do.
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"Ooooh, you're gettin' me excited if that's the case. I did come here cause it was borin', but that theoretically means less heat 'n shit once excitement happens," Cora mentioned, letting out a very light chuckle slip out of her lips upon learning that 'boring' doesn't happen around Ciaran's vicinity. Though, she was honestly surprised to hear about the willingness of how this guy was to accept her story about South American demons, but what interested her was what he meant exactly by dead people coming back to life as monsters. Maybe it might have something to do with her experiences in the Southern Americas, recalling how one of the big bad monsters had a humanoid face hidden underneath some sort of shell exterior. Questions for later, as she wanted to get a drink at least.

Sitting at the bar, the woman was feeling rather lazy as usual when it came to her tastes. Just deciding to go along with what Ciaran got, her own throat burned with the hard taste of alcohol. Finishing her drink alongside the pale playboy, it seemed that he was craving more than a simple drink as he wanted to start fucking his own body up. Slamming her fist against the table, Cora beamed a toothy grin as she was more than excited to finally get some fuckin' drugs. GODS, the last time she stuck some random shit into her body was, once again, back in South America. And holy hell did she feel like a hulk for literally only a minute. It was such an odd sensation, but one that did not last too much.

As her boytoy decided to play around with a blonde dealer, Cora spied some random jackass reaching out for her hammer. Getting up out of her seat with a scowl on her face, the young woman marched in a straight line towards the man, knocking over a couple of drugged up dancers who did not even realize that a busty bitch was going to tell some mook to back the fuck off. Grabbing this man by the collar, she quite literally slammed him into the wall, bantering with him in French over this being her property. Well, not really banter as she more or less gave him a one-sided talk down.

Returning to her seat just as Ciaran finished his little business, the re-armed woman would take the inhaler with wary eyes, as this was the first time she saw any kind of drug taken in such a kind of manner. Almost any other method was at least normal with her, but a spritz of this inhaler was supposed to make her walk on cloud nine? With a shrug, she gave a wink and a nod, while pushing the device into her mouth and shot up on this shit.

"Hooooollllllyyyyyy shhhhhhhiiiiiiiiit," Cora slurred out, her own awareness of everything grinding to a halt? Speeding up to such a degree that was almost omnipotently slow? Whatever it was, it was as if everything was moving through a slow kind of molasses, everything becoming so vibrant and vivid. Even her own movements were slow, though she was still moving in real time. It was just her perception of reality which was slown to a god damn crawl, everything looking so god damn gorgeous. Time resumed for her and Ciaran, to which Cora couldn't help but get into such a giggle fit.

"Boy, you even catch the name of this shit?" Cora asked, pointing at this makeshift inhaler with such a devilish grin on her face, her infectiously happy voice bouncing as she had enjoyed such a surreal experience. "I'd personally get myself some more just to enjoy on my own time. Or personal time between the two of us, heheh~" Just the idea of experiencing some more explicit, elicit actions while under the influence of this drug was already such an enticing thought. She brought the inhaler closer to her lips, but stopped herself from shooting up once more, as she wanted to at least know something about this guy in front of her, as she was honestly frightened by how much she saw herself in him.

"Now, this may seem like an odd question," Cora began, while leaning in, bringing her face close to Ciaran's own ear, pressing them against his skin as she breathed her words into his ear, loud enough for him to hear without hurting him too much, "But have you killed? Well, of course you have, I am almost certain of it. But how many have you ki-"

"Ey chienne, tu traites mon ami comme de la merde?" Some French asshole walked up to Cora's location with a group of four people, all of them wearing similar style clothing to one another. They were all at least a foot taller than Ciaran, and they were completely unhappy. Some bald guy in the front was the one speaking, as he continued trying to talk shit in French, angry about the fact that Cora apparently made their friend look like a whipped bitch.

Leaning close, she gripped this man's collar and pulled him down, saying slowly and clearly, "I'm just a breath away from breaking bones. C'mon, fuckin' test me." Honestly, Cora wanted a brawl as this was something she recalled never having done before on her ever growing list of crimes committed. Though, at a time like this, she wanted to have fun, and so she just pushed him away back into his crowd of buddies, all of them just standing and waiting for what to do next. Cora just glaring at them as she was so close to getting another huff of this good inhaler shit, but only when these assholes left.
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Ciaran couldn't help but giggle slightly at Cora's reaction to the drug, it certainly had been an interesting experience. "Didn't get the name of the drug, but I think I'm going to take control of production. Not tonight of course, but it'd definitely be an investment~" He tossed back another drink, surprised to find someone who seemed to be of a similar mindset to him, so far nothing he'd said had made her wary or suddenly change her attitude to him. He wondered if he might have found a more long term playmate, someone that could match him step for step. It could prove to be a very interesting night after all.

And she had some interesting ideas for how to make use of this new drug, ideas that he hadn't really thought about but caused a wide grin to spread across his face.

Leaning in as she whispered in his ear, he giggled again at the actual query. He was about to answer her with a crooked smile on his face only for their conversation to be interrupted by the appearance of some neanderthals who thought they were tough. He had no idea what they said, or what they wanted, but his grin had quickly turned into a frown. They were big, yes, but they were obviously tryhards and Ciaran was fairly sure he could kill all of them before they even had a chance to react. A thoughtful look spread across his girlish features as he looked between the idiots and the inhaler laying in front of him on the bar.


That could be fun.

But seemed his current companion wasn't quite ready to start fighting considering the dismissive attitude that she had towards the wannabe tough guys. "Go on, piss off, if you still wanna start shit come back in ten minutes and we'll happily kick your ass. Go get a drink or get high for now," he said casually, throwing some notes in their direction, "it's on me. Or maybe you should go get some more of your butt buddies, because I guarantee the five of you are not nearly enough to be a threat." with that he turned his back on the men, treating them like the insignificant gnats they were. Of course, he kept an ear out for a sneak attack, he might have to actually back his threat up. Of course, that was why his most recent drink order had been a pint of beer. Those mugs made excellent weapons.

"I'll answer your question with another question," Ciaran stated nonchalantly to Cora, still alert in case of a sneak attack, "do you remember how many breakfasts you've eaten? How many breaths you have taken?" His smile had returned, a little wider and unsettling than normal, his pupils dilated and ears perking upwards. He could tell that the thugs weren't going to leave well enough alone and he was already plotting potential ideas for the most interesting ways to deal with them. There were only a few ways out of the club, the front doors, the bathrooms, and the staff exit behind the bar. Those would have to be dealt with in order to make sure that no one escaped.

Still, it was feasible.

"So, whaddya say we have breakfast together?" he asked, the look on his face showing that the double meaning was entirely on purpose, and he hoped that she'd pick up on that.
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Cora just sat with eyes boring holes in these thugs, ready to throw down at any time. A vicious smile splayed on her face as it seemed Ciaran was deciding to intervene by offering these assholes an out that they were not so quick to take. They just lingered there, looking at the notes they were given and glancing over at the shady dealer off in the corner, huddling up as they discussed what the hell they wanted to do. In the meantime, Ciaran decided to let Cora in on a very fun piece of information, becoming almost rather casual about his explanation on his kill ratio. Her own eyes lit up in delight as it seemed that this man in front of him was pretty much her. Well, more specifically her if she had a couple more years of experience under her belt, especially since her own kill list was at least under a hundred so far. Not because she did not want to kill, but because she avoided it in order to walk around freely.

Though, the next words the escaped his lips were quite a shocker, as he wanted to partake in murder right now. Cora, wanting to play along with his word play, inquired back, "I'd be delighted, though I have to ask.... Are doing the whole buffet?" Her hand waved around in the direction of the dance floor, as she was curious to know how broad a scope this young man held, as she would continue on, "Because I'd be down to dig into whatever sug~." Chuckling a little as she tilted her own head upward as a dark shadow overtook her own eyes, a hungry smile curled up on her face before leaning into Ciaran, planting a firm kiss right on his cheek. Pulling away, she muttered under her breath just loud enough for him to hear, "How about this. Let's make this an Eating Contest. Whoever eats more, they win a reward from whomever loses. Anything on the table~"

Hoping that it was enough to drive the point home, Cora wanted to make this as much of a game as possible. It was easier to have fun when she had someone else to combat against. Pulling herself up onto her feet, the hammer toting woman would walk up to the bald head guy and jab her fingers right into his back, trying to get his attention. "Nigga, you honestly wanna go with me? C'mon, answer, you wanna fuckin' go? Gimme the word and we'll go out into the alley, sort this kind of shit out right now." Without waiting for an answer, Cora pushed them aside as she stomped her way over towards the entrance. Smiling the entire time as she was already figuring a way to trap people inside of this building for the ensuing massacre, while also hearing the footsteps behind, defining the rowdy ruff boys that wanted to play.

Reaching the door, she struggled with the doors. Not because they weren't wanting to open, but because she was twisting the two door handles in the opposite direction. Hiding her own intentions with her body, she was easily twisting and breaking the door handles, while making sure to not outright rip them off. Twisting the knobs all the way backwards, she begun tying them in knots as she heard the murmurs of the guys behind him, getting quite angry that Cora was taking her time opening the doors. Just as she was wrapping it up, she overheard the bald guy walking on up, asking her to stand aside and let him take the lead. "Fine fine, just don't let the door hit you in the dick on the way in."

The man shrugged off what he assumed to be a slip of the tongue, since languages were kind of funky like that, but as he took Cora's place, his eyes widened in surprise of what he was looking at. The door handles were quite literally twisted and tied up into a little a hard knot, and he was now a sitting duck for Cora's next surprise.

As she moved away from the closed door, she moved her hands to her giant mallet upon her back. Wielding it properly, she aimed one mighty smash aimed directly for the center of this bald man, his own homies having their eyes widen at the brazen sneak attack of this diamond woman. Her hammer impacted perfectly against the base of his own spine, smashing his own body right into the door handles, stabbing the knotted, sharp metal straight into his gut. And, not stopping there, Cora hopped right up into the air and clasped the man's shoulder, using gravity to add extra oomph to her force as she pulled her down, in order to properly hook him onto the door knobs, the man's blood curdled scream filling the air as he was properly stuck onto the broken handles, blood pouring uncontrollably out of him as he hung limp, his low body unable to move due to Cora's severe strike.

With a crazed grin on her face, she spoke out loud moments before the nightclub's song finally changed over, "So? Who the fuck is next? Night's still young, after all, and I ain't ending with just one."

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"Let's leave twitchy be, after all, we need to know where to get more of this wonderful stuff afterward," Ciaran said casually as he tapped the inhaler in front of him. "Otherwise, sure, why not." He watched in amusement as she went to confront the men from before, nodding to himself when she made her way towards the front doors. Downing his drink, Ciaran casually wandered over towards the bathrooms. Elongating his fingerbones, thickening them at the same time, he made the corridor towards the male and female bathrooms impossible to get through without first breaking the hardened bone barrier. All eyes seemed to be on the conflict between Cora and the thugs, which gave him enough time to block the staff entrance as well.

Between the two of them they had made sure that there was no easy escape from the club.

Casually stalking to the DJ's table as he watched Cora interacting with the thugs, leaning over to look at the song selections while the DJ was distracted. A wide grin spread across his face as he spotted a good track, and without any hesitation he punched the button to get it started.

"Hey, you can't just..." the DJ began as he realised what was going on, his complaint cut off as a blade of bone sprouted from the back of his neck, the song's intro having just ended and covering the gurgling wheeze of his death. It even muted some of the screaming as Cora did... something that seemed both awful and clever at the same time. He couldn't wait to find out what she had done to cause that much pain. Grinning widely, he pulled the sword out of the DJ's neck and spun it in his grip until it was comfortable.

"One each~" he called out over the music, darting towards the dance floor with the weapon held ready. The boy danced through the other club patrons, eyes darting from side to side as he slashed out at whoever looked like they realised there was something wrong. The most drunk, the ones flying the highest, they continued to dance without a care in the world as he lopped limbs off and opened throats, blood slickening the dance floor as he jumped, flipped, and spun his way through the crowd laughing the whole time.

Bursting out of the bloodsoaked dancers, Ciaran ran up to the young man that had sold him the inhalers, blood streaking his small body and a manic expression on his face. The dealer was shivering and completely pale at the sight in front of him. "Stay right there Mister Twitchy~ Don't hide, don't run, just stay in your seat. You do that, and I promise that not only will you get outta this alive, but completely unhurt, understand?"

The youth was about to reply when there was a muffled bang and Ciaran felt something slam into his back, heat and the sudden feeling of his own blood running down his skin telling him that he'd been injured. Glancing over his shoulder the Irishman's spine extended from his tailbone, the sharpened tip of his 'Scorpius' technique smashing the shotgun the bartender had pulled out and impaling the man through the abdomen. With barely a thought Ciaran curled the tail upwards, lifting the man from his feet and forcing him further down the sharpened vertebrae, before flinging the soon-to-be corpse at the nearest wall.

Just to make sure.

"Do you understand?" he repeated, getting a frenzied nod and some hair-pulling in return. Ciaran gave the boy a more genuine smile before turning back to the now screaming crowd of club goers who realised they were in the middle of a massacre and were trapped in the club with two sadistic murderers.

"Hey Cora... I lost count already!"

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Having already started with her own kill count at one, she watched her friend already hopped right into the middle of the dance floor and start offing a lot of the dancers. Having a sneer on her face, Cora did not want to feel like she was lagging behind as she was only in the midst of dealing with her first. Kicking off her own shoes, letting them slide right off of her own feet while launching them into the crowd, the young woman hardened the soles of her own feet into solid diamond. Slamming her hard feet into the ground, the woman got a feel for the environment as she started to skate off into the crowd like some sort of deranged hockey player.

Bashing through the crowd of the bald man's crew, she spun around on her slick feet while swinging her hammer around in a circular motion. Catching the first of the other members, she would twist and tilt her mallet in order to keep him stuck in the midst of her swing. Continuing the momentum, she caught a couple of the other gang members while spinning, increasing her own twisting speed while raising her hammer a little off of the ground in order to make her victims become somewhat airborne as well. Then, stomping her other foot onto the ground, Cora aimed to launch these other bozos into the crowd, crashing and colliding with other people and knocking everything onto the ground.

A smirk was on her face as she spied someone over by the bar start to reach for their pocket, having been sober enough to know what the hell to do if there were crazed maniacs in a closed enviornment. Good thing the Diamond Queen herself knew what to do in situations like these as well as she hoisted up her own hammer, and threw it like a god damn javelin. The weighted hammer collided right into the woman's upper torso, smashing her right into the bar counter she was behind. The pressure of being pressed between both hard places smashed her insides up rather well, at least that was to be assumed from the delightful way that she crumpled up right on the spot.

Apparently some of the more aware bozos who were ready to not die picked up on the fact that one of their assailants lost their weapon. As a gang of what seemed to be four people grouped up around her, hands reaching out for her in order to pin her down or some kind of hippy-dippy bullshit. And once their hands were placed onto her shoulders and arms, they were far beyond saving. "Psssh, this all you got?" The cocky woman spoke, having not budged an inch despite the five of them trying their best in order to push her down, "Welp, MY TURN!" Having been able to power through their own weak hands, she threw a weighty punch aimed at two of her assailants, her fist colliding heavily against their own head. Aiming well against their skulls, she was sure to crack them and pretty much leave fatal injuries. Leaving the other two to her whim.

Clasping them by the sides of their own heads, he woman smashed their heads together. Again, and again, and again, their resistance becoming less as their own consciousness was fading. Their heads splitting open was Cora was becoming more forceful in her attempts at playing the human cymbals while watching Ciaran go to fucking town. "Jesus mother of christ." Cora muttered to herself, quite amazed at how quick he was dropping these bozos and even bearing the full brunt of a god damn shotgun blast. It was just fun to watch him move through the crowd and handle everyone with such ease. That was until she heard a whimpering sound around her to which she dropped one of these bozos, pretty sure he was dead as both of their own brain matters were showing at this point, as she lifted her human weapon while aiming a swing at the new target.

THANKFULLY she recognized the blonde man and stopped her self short. Dropping the second attacker to the ground, the young woman stated plainly, "Ah, yes, thanks for the good shit fam. Don't worry, I ain't killin' ya. Jus' like my friend said. Just stay high and outta our way, yea??" Nodding to him without waiting for an answer, Cora strolled on over to her hammer, keeping her eyes on the crowds in front of them, noticing that their numbers were quickly diminishing, and not because she was killing them. Ciaran was just that damn good, despite him admitting that he lost track. "Didn't expect this."

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Ciaran stretched slightly as his tail of bone curled up around him in an aggressive posture even as he watched the screaming masses running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Some of them were trying to tug the bone barriers off the door, but he'd buried them deep within the walls to ensure there was no escape. Another stretch confirmed that he had some buckshot in his back from the shotgun. Absently removing the head of someone who rushed up to him with the intention of punching him, Ciaran focused on the areas where he could feel the metal. Stalking forward to continue his killing spree the young man barely heard the sound of pearl-like orbs falling from his back, the bone-coated shrapnel forced out by his quirk.

He was lucky it hadn't hit anything too serious, just a few muscle groups, a groove on a rib and what felt like... well, he wasn't too sure yet, but it was a little hard to breathe. Nothing too serious, and certainly nothing that would make this particular little killing spree hard. Ciaran approached a group of people clawing at the staff entry, the grin on his face causing them to run screaming. Most of them at least, as one girl seemed too scared to even move, tears running down her face as she shook her head at him. She was coated in blood, but it seemed to be someone elses'

"Boo!" he yelled out with a wide grin, lunging forward and then giggling like mad as the girl flinched. "Aww, c'mon~ That's no fun. Aren't you going to run?" His tone sounded disappointed, a small pout on his lips. It was at that point the song changed, a new tune spreading through the sound system to blast into the ears of the terrified clubgoers.

Ciaran's pout turned into wheezy laughter at the song, the young woman he was tormenting only crying louder, "Let's try again~ Boo!" This time she turned to run away from him, only to screech as he wrapped his tail around her waist and hurled her towards Cora.

"Cora! Fastball comin' your way~!" he called out in a singsong voice, hoping that she would get the reference and hit the screaming woman out of the air with her hammer. That would look hilarious. Regardless of what happened, Ciaran continued to stalk after the fleeing prey, his every movement that of a predator. Well, except when he stopped to toss back an unfinished drink on the bar. But even injured and half drunk he was a formidable fighter, and a bunch of dumb partygirls and partyboys were not.

Part of him was disappointed how easy this was as he carved a path of death and dismemberment through the screaming crowd, sword and tail flashing as he targeted anyone who tried to get help, and anyone who got between him and the targets.

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Cora was just strolling along and just keeping her eyes on the crowd, definitely moving out of the way in order to allow Ciaran to have fun near the staff door, watch caused the young woman to bounce her way through the crowds over towards the DJ booth. Making sure to throw some large kicks at people, the hammer toting maniac would pulled herself atop to stand in order to over look the crowd. Having fun on the down low as she leaned right on over to pick some unsightly dame by the hair, lifting her up with minor ease and swung her around overhead by her own hair follicles. Swinging her around and around, her ghastly screams filling the air as she felt hear own scalp tearing, soon having finally been released as her own hair snapped from her head, along with a good chunk of her own skin. Watching her sail over into the crowd and collide with a couple others, her own voice barely recognizing her new friend making some sort of play on words, followed by a scream that was getting more intense by the second.

Glancing over, her hands tensed on her hammer as she put both her hands back onto the mallet as it became completely apparent that there was definitely a fast ball hurtling towards her. Swinging far before she though she needed, Cora clipped the woman in the side, sending her flying in a corkscrew spin right into one of the nightclub's many gigantic disco balls. Her body smashed right into it, along with a couple of the large strobe lights, sending her very broken body along with the multitude of broken glass shards rain down upon the crowd, stabbing into many of the frantic cowards down below. Letting out a whistle while bringing a hand up to her brow, the cocky woman spoke in such a playful manner, "Ain't a home run, but it still makes the crooooowd goooooo wiiiiiild!"

From above, she noticed that there were still a good handful of party goers left, but it was at this point easy pickings as they were all scattering. Well, not for long, as a loud sound was starting to resonate within the club. It was growing louder and louder, and before long the bony walls constructed from in front of the staff room were blown apart. Shards of bone flying outward and accidentally impaling parts of the crowd. From the hole that was created, two men in gaudy looking helmets walked right on out, one having a chrome dome with a horizontal screen and the other a gold noggin with a vertical screen. Besides the helmets, they were more or less dressed for a party of that belonged at least over four hundred years ago, with how bright and colorful their own attire was. The silver one just shook his head at his own companion, whose own arm was just quivering from the recoil of what he had just done to escape their prison of the staff room. A slight red line darted across Chrome Dome's own visor, heavily indicating his distress to this music while fishing around in his pocket, pulling out a phone before pushing a couple of buttons and a swipe, before the song of the dance floor rudely cuts off the latest song echoing across the dance floor which didn't fit the scene at all.

"C'mon, I told you I could have busted through this thing with less casualties bro," A very synthetic voice escaped the Chrome Dome's always open mouth, shaking his head with disappointment at his companion as he let his own masculine voice berate his brother in a serious manner. Though it was always easy to jam out in dual-partner DJ sessions, it was always hard working together whenever they ventured out to work on their part time job of Bounty Hunting. These were the upstart Bounty Hunting group known as the Deejayz, whose priorities are always the parties and the concerts. And when they needed some quick funds, they'd take down some criminals for some easy pay. It was relatively easy up to this point due to their quirks.

"Nonsense, you heard the fracas from in the break room C.D.," Goldie spoke with an equally synthetic voice, though a couple pitches higher with a slightly more casual tone about the situation. Shrugging with one hand and bringing his hand to point out the scene before them, "If we were any slower, there would only be these jackasses alive, with maaaaybe less than three survivors still remaining. We ain't gonna win if we take things slow, and speaking of...."

The gold helmeted man gazed over at Ciaran, his face hidden underneath his gold and black visor. Then changing his vision towards the short stack of a woman, he really could not decide which one was a better pick for combat. Then, remembering his own bro's quirk wasn't as versatile as his own, he made a finger gun pointing at Cora, his hand bobbing to the beat of the music a few times before withdrawing the limb, hopefully his partner understood the message. With the opponents having been chose, Goldie moved across the dance floor, hopping over dead boddies in the direction of the Bonemancer. Lifting up his own arms, he stopped a good six meters shy of his target, before he leaped up into the air as he shouted out loud, "DEEJAYZ IN DA HIZOUSE, TIME TO CLEAN UP DA TRASH!"

And with that, a Cacophony of rainbow colored air waves barreled towards Ciaran, aiming to slam him against the wall with these Sonic Blasts.

NPC Information, the Deejayz

Cora LP
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Cora had a special sort of brutality to her, one which greatly amused Ciaran as he watched her scalp someone as part of a sling maneuver, and then smack the woman he tossed at her into a disco ball of all things. It was definitely the most mayhem he'd been a part of in quite a while. It was good to be back in business. As if that wasn't good enough, Ciaran couldn't help but burst out laughing as the bone barrier blocking the staff entrance exploded outwards, killing a whole bunch of panicking people. The fact that the so-called 'heroes' that decided to come and help had their own kill counter already... well, that was definitely amusing to him.

Casually swiping his tail at nearby victims as they tried to recover from this newest 'attack', Ciaran worked to drop the survivors down to 0 before the weirdly dressed interlopers had a chance to stop him. He managed to carve through a few more before the helmeted figure got close enough to be a threat. There were only a few left, but Ciaran figured that it might be more fun to finish them off before dealing with the bigger threat. If nothing else it'd piss off the helmeted hero-wannabe. And so, when the try-hard who had changed the music decided to attack him, Ciaran used his tail as a spring to hurl himself out off the way of the rainbow coloured blasts being shot at him, giggling breathily as he did so.

Gold head was fast, Ciaran was faster, and it seemed like the fool couldn't aim too well. And that just made things more amusing. Bouncing around the room Ciaran tried to put the remaining club goers between himself and the man, hoping to use those blasts to kill off the last few survivors from the assault. And if that wasn't sufficient to finish them off, he'd try and do the job himself, tail and sword cutting down anyone close enough that didn't get hit by the rainbow attack.

He wasn't going to fight the stronger foe until all the trash was down after all.

Dancing and weaving as best he could with the injury from the shotgun, Ciaran would hop around the room as fast as he could, laughing as hard as he could while spilling more and more blood. Corpses were everywhere, dismembered limbs piled high, the floor becoming tacky with the slowly drying blood, and the stench of split stomachs overwhelming the coppery tang of the blood. It took some effort to properly maneuver around such obstacles, but he was well practiced at it, and unlike when he was a kid, losing his footing wouldn't plunge him into a rotating meatgrinder-like device.

Compared to the old pits this was laughable.

"C'mon man, why'd you have to throw off our groove?" the Chrome-topped Bounty Hunter asked as he stomped towards Cora, his visor displaying a frowny faced emoji as he moved. "We had hot jams, good booze, fine babes, and then you decide to paint the club red? Only bonus for that is we should get some nice cash for handing you to the authorities." His highly digitised voice seemed almost to be whining in frustration, clearly their little massacre had interrupted something.

"Now you're making me go and have to mess up my clothes..." he complained, a tearing sound from his back barely audible underneath the heavy music. What happened next was not so easy to miss, as a small mini-gun popped up over his shoulder and began whirring to life, a laser dot skimming the area as he aimed it at Cora.

"Do me a favour and hold still ok? This isn't the most precise of weapons!" the bounty hunter remarked, his visor showing a wink followed by a targetting reticle. In less than a second the weapon began to fire, sounding almost like someone had broken wind as it fired small calibre bullets at the small girl, the shots missing a bit at first but getting closer and closer to her as he adjusted based on the laser sight and the tracer rounds. The floor exploded into splinters and some unfortunate corpses were ripped open by the bullets, but he seemed to only have a focus on Cora herself.


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Cora was also enjoying the fact that these so called enemies of theirs were as destructive as they were. Though, in all honesty, that was the only moment they can feasibly do such crazy actions in order arrive quicker. I mean, if people were wounded by those actions, it could have been argued that the real damage came from the bone shards impaling into civilians, which was the quirk of Ciaran over there. Despite their inopportune arrival when they were about reaching the single digit victims, they started playing some bangin' music while discussing with one another in these gaudy, auto-tuned voices. Rolling her eyes, she was tempted to outright take a pot shot at one of them, but that was before Goldie had decided to leave his tin can bro and chase Ciaran. Leaving the Diamond woman to face off against the Chrome man.

"I can ask the same question of you tin-can bozos," Cora spoke with such a sneer, her head tilting upwards as she looked down upon this taller man, her white blouse covered in splatters of red along with the rest of her own body. "I mean, this was our jam right here. It's fun to fuck people up, ya know what I'm saying? Of course you don't, cause ya follow the norm. Ya follow the sheep, and that's why your jams are lame. You guys don't know how to fight to survive!" Tilting her body a little, Cora started to move forward toward the silver tin can, heavily judging his very gaudy attire. Like, c'mon, he just looks ridiculous with the helmet on along with the very retro looking clothing. And another roll of her eyes commenced upon hearing him complain about his own duds getting ruined, as it seemed his own priorities were apparently mixed up.

Though, upon seeing something rise from behind his shoulder, Cora froze on the spot as she recognized that form from those arcade games based upon those killer robots. Mouthing a single, very angered curse word out into the air, as she just fuckin' bolted. Like, Nigga she raaaaan across the dance floor as that minigun started to whir up, the laser having to try and catch up with Cora as she moved over the corpses. Though, as she was running, she noticed that one of the corpses was shivering. Sliding on her feet and reaching down, Cora picked up this shivering person and ran back towards the direction of the DJ booth, as that was a solid piece of surface that would separate her from C.D. The person she snatched up by his clothing had such a large Jewfro, and was outright used as a meat shield for the young woman. His body contorted and reacted with each scream, bullets peppering his body up an down before he fell limp and silent.

He was soaking up those bullets well as she was nearing the DJ booth, but the lead bullets tore through his body much sooner than she had anticipated as a sharp sensation rang throughout her own arm. "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!" Cora shouted in complete anger, she threw the body over at the man while sitting behind the booth. Looking at her arm, it seemed that a bullet had pierced all the way through her own forearm, the young woman gritting her own teeth as she was not going to give up against a pansy like him. Her mind went to work as to what she could do against him, as she ripped off the decapitated DJ's shirt in order to tie and create herself a makeshift bandage. But not before quickly moving her hand up above the booth and flipping him the bird, pulling it back down before it narrowly avoided another barrage of bullets.

Cora Summary

The boney boy had barely managed to evade the first initial wave of violent air waves. T'was only a matter of time before Goldie would catch him, as he chased the young man around the room, shooting smaller, condensed pellets of sonic waves at his own opponent. And as he chased him all around the dance floor, the young bounty hunter started to notice that this boy wasn't too keen on facing off against him. Actually, one of his blasts which was aimed for Ciaran had been narrowly dodged still, but worse enough had slammed against one of the civilians who tried to rush for the staff area. Grimacing behind his helmet, it was quick thinking that lead him to mixing up his game plan.

Stopping in the middle of the dance floor, his eyes spied three stragglers who were grouped together near the corner of the room. Despite Ciaran's movements being very lackadaisical and whimsical, he at least had the sole purpose of wiping out everyone on the dance floor. Meaning that in order to properly succeed, they would have to act as goal keepers in keeping the civvies alive. Throwing his arms behind him, dubstep wubs blasted forth from his own palms as he had an extra boost of speed, aiming to cut Ciaran off from going to the group of stragglers.

Leaping up into the sky, Goldie aimed a downward heel kick aiming at the back of Ciaran's own neck in his burst of speed. Whether or not he succeeded or not, he would bring both of his legs up to kick off of the wall and land in front of the trio of survivors. Taking a defensive stance in front of them, his own hands still wubbed their deep tones as he kept his eyes on Ciaran, waiting to respond to this terrorist's next movement, while assuring the citizens, "Sorry for the wait, y'all. We didn't even know there was trouble before it was too late. But we will be your heroes and shit... Well, we'll try our best at least, so don't get in the fuckin' way. And don't stray too far from me, cause he ain' gon' be satisfied til all ya'lls dead. Get it got it good."

Goldie Summary
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