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A Negotiation of Passage; Mercutio, Shiori, Mairu & Kaneda
Topic Started: Mar 6 2018, 10:41 PM (388 Views)
Queen Harmonia
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Queen Harmonia, First of Her Name, Ruler of the Realm
There wasn’t much that struck fear into the heart of Genevieve Delacroix, and things within that spectrum also included Mercutio D. Regalis.

Whereas most others reserved a healthy fear of the man, famed Hero of WISH with a reputation for balance as opposed to outright justice, this young woman saw him to be somewhat of an equal or a friend. It was true that they didn’t share much friendly or normal interaction beyond casual conversation over the bodies of dying people, funnily enough; the Delacroix woman had become something of an emergency medic for Crimsoul. As such, she had no qualms when it came to approaching him after finishing her patient’s medical treatment and requesting a meeting with him for the following day, at 11am sharp, on the sands of the island named after her best friend; Mia.

Eve was mostly unaware of what had happened for Kaneda to end up in such a state of paralysis, and she didn’t particularly wish to know if her hunch was correct about something horrific happening. Instead, she wanted to negotiate passage for the boy to come home with her to Japan. She knew that Mercutio wasn’t an unreasonable man, and she was sure that he would see her point of view about the situation. It wasn’t right to keep a boy with a family holed up here on this collection of islands now that his injuries had healed, and he was back to almost full health.

And so, she stood facing the ocean at 10:50am; firm and standing as tall as her petite height would allow, not in the least bit fazed by the meeting that loomed in the near future.
Kawaii Dress

She wore a relatively short, summery dress in pastel blue and adorned with cute chibi cat prints around the neckline. It held a ‘cold shoulder’ style; straps that held the dress up on the shoulders, and cap sleeves that were designed to hang loose somewhat. The overall style was not something that many would associate with a once-famous Hero of Japan, but she wore it with a measure of elegance and confidence that she didn’t previously have when it came to her choices of clothing. Eve had long since gotten over her somewhat prude manner of dress, and had since embraced a more feminine, ‘kawaii’ style when the situation called for it.

Her cropped purple locks swayed back and forth in the light, constantly summery breeze that graced the islands of Elysium. Sapphire blue eyes in a hue not too dissimilar to the waters around her blinked occasionally, and remained vigilant over their surroundings. Surely he should be here any moment now…

She sighed and checked her watch; 10:58am. In case it wasn’t obvious in the somewhat tense bodily posture she now carried and a somewhat disgruntled expression creasing her delicate features, she wasn’t a fan of tardiness.

Nevertheless, she folded her arms across her somewhat sizeable chest and waited with a reserved sort of patience, beginning to be in half the mind to whack Mercutio upside the head if he arrived after their designated meeting time.
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God of Destruction
Merc blinked back onto Alana, Kame House's door getting kicked open and soared straight into the sky before tracking down Ms. Eve. Mercutio dropped in from the sky above, drifting slowly down to step down onto the sand of his homeland... the only place good enough for his feet to walk on. With a roll of his neck he gave a soft smile and stretch as he tried to act casually as though he wasn't nearly late. He did know how much Eve hates tardiness.

"Sorry, Eve... had to take some kids to a training session. They are waiting on me so let's make this quick, hmm? Why are we meeting again besides over Kenada?" he asked as he pulled a joint from behind his ear and began smoking it, the tip igniting into flames without as much of a motion. With an exhale of a thick cloud of smoke he asked, "Do you want money? Don't doctor's have Hippocratic oaths?" he asked, teasing her as he leaned backwards, falling from his feet.
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Queen Harmonia
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Queen Harmonia, First of Her Name, Ruler of the Realm
With barely a minute left until 11:00am came around, the plum-haired woman heard footsteps on the sand behind her. She turned her head somewhat and spotted a familiar crimson hued energy radiating from a now-familiar face, too. A brief raise of her eyebrows as she looked at this man swanning towards her was the only indication that she was a little irate about the almost tardiness of her host, but she said nothing and a small smile touched her lips at his apology.

She chuckled at mention of there being a training session he had to take care of, and she shot Mercutio a sort of knowing yet stern look. In spite of her companion being blind (something she found out quite by chance in a previous encounter), he was still able to pick up on facial expressions and the like through his sensing abilities, she deduced. "I hope that this training excursion doesn't end as previous ones have done." Her tone was light-hearted in spite of the somewhat threatening words she spoke, and her smile remained present as she folded her arms while adjusting her standing position. She could keep things very quick and to the point; just one of many benefits of being blunt by nature.

Her companion asked if this was a conversation about Kaneda, which she had breached the subject of previously, which ended with a somewhat enigmatic conclusion... which should be expected of who she was dealing with. The comment made about money made the woman roll her sapphire blue eyes with a small shake of her head. "I don't require any money for healing the boy, no." She stated simply, and turned her head to look out across the picturesque ocean that spanned ahead of them. A small pause, and then she glanced back in Mercutio's direction.

"When I asked if I could take Kaneda back to Japan, you hesitated and didn't give me an answer." She recalled aloud, unfolding her arms and placing a hand upon her hip. "I'm not about to ask what happened for him to end up in that sorry state. I just want to know what precautions I should take if I am to escort him back to his family." Eve spoke levelly and in a calculated tone, which showed that she meant business. Mecutio's dealings and all the rest of it were not of her concern; she was sure that if she knew, she would likely have to take action beyond words. His methods and ideals were somewhat different from hers, which was to be expected. She worked towards justice, whereas Crimsoul sought balance. Oddly enough, these goals weren't aligned.

As a direct contrast to her previously serious and business-like tone, she suddenly laughed, smirking ever-so-slightly at the smoking man stood beside her with a small nose wrinkle at the unfamiliar smell. "Something tells me you have something to ask in exchange for taking Kaneda back home; call it a hunch. Balance and all?"
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God of Destruction
Mercutio blankly looked about, enjoying the finer things in life with a puff and a sip.

"Well, that's fine but since you seem to obviously want him for more than just "safe return home" I will indeed want something out of it all. Pretty simple for someone of your strength and connections." he said, scribbling and address on a piece of paper and handing it over to her.

"I need this house, could you bring it and put it nicely on the big island? THANKS!"

And like that, he was off, sprinting off to get to his training session.
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Queen Harmonia
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Queen Harmonia, First of Her Name, Ruler of the Realm
As she had expected from this meeting between herself and Mercutio, she was left feeling infinitely confused. He said that it seemed as if she wanted the boy she had been medically treating for other reasons, aside from getting him home safely. What on earth did that mean? Eve blinked owlishly, her sapphire blue eyes reflecting the sunlight in much the same way as the oceans around them did. Before she could even start to ask what he was implying, he stated that he did indeed want something out of the arrangement; something easy, considering her strength and connections, apparently.

“Now hold on a second! I promised Kaneda that I’d speak to you about getting him home, because he has family back in Japan. I’m not sure what you’re even attempting to imply, but-…” As she held up an accusatory finger and advanced a step towards Mercutio, she had a piece of paper thrust in her face. She instinctively clasped it between her fingers and looked it over, just as the enigmatic man was bustling off while shouting that she needed to…


Take a whole house and move it from where it was currently located, to the large island here on Elysium?!

“That really isn’t simple in any fashion!! Hey! She made as if to chase after the retreating man and then stopped, staring at the piece of paper in her hand with utter disbelief. Some kind of place in Canada, rural location judging by the address… and he wanted her to magically lift it all up, and bring it here?

Eve sighed heavily and sank her face down into her free hand, honestly not quite able to believe what had just happened. If there was any indication about the lack practicality or the realms of what was possible from Mercutio, this was a prime example of it in practise. She knew better than to give chase and drag the man back, although she really, really wanted to do just that. “Unbelievable…” She shook her head slowly, lowering her hand and observing the smaller island around her. Where was she going to get the help to even attempt something like this? Of course, she knew some pretty important people who’d have the means to undertake the farfetched task… but there were still a lot of logistics to keep in mind.

“I’d better get started, then.” She huffed, folding the piece of paper and storming back to the teleportation beacon in order to get herself back to Japan. This was going to take a lot of explaining and tact…

In the afternoon of the next day, a stranger appeared in a fitted green, black and gold suit. It was undoubtedly Green Grit; famous Hero of the worldwide Office, Spectrum. In tow with the vaguely feminine green-clad Hero was one similarly wearing a black and yellow outfit. Having utilised the teleportation beacon from Kame House, the two Pros seemed very out of place on the desert island on which they appeared.

“Tell me again why we’re here, Grit.” Yellow Quo groaned and folded his arms firmly across his chest, glaring daggers at his colleague’s back as she started walking across the sand. “For the purposes of a mission. Orphan children requiring a sense of belonging. Relocation.” Grit responded, pausing and resting her hands upon her hips. “I was told to meet with a gadgeteer from Crimsoul’s organisation who’ll be able to help us out. Is the Rainbow Array en route?” She turned and asked her teammate, who nodded with a long sigh.

“You’re lucky that Justice is a sap, y’know.” He grumbled, but said no more.
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Tenka Mikazuchi
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It was a quaint feeling, standing outside Mercutio's very strange but also very familiar looking house. The first time she had seen the pink cabin she could barely contain her laughter. It was still a little odd how the man could be so serious and so much into living and breathing his anime tastes. But then, she supposed she couldn't say much. She was waiting here for The members of spectrum to arrive. To say she was nervous about meeting the heroes she idolised was an understatement. During her enrolment at UA she had often hoped that during her second year she might be picked by their office for an internship, but things in her life had veered into a different path and she had never had the pleasure to meet them face to face before.

Well as face to face as this meeting could be, she was wearing the robes Mercutio had given her over her former 'hero suit', though even that had seen some major revisions in the days since she was still at UA. Steel greys had given way to white and pink altough now she was beginning to feel nervous that it and the robe clashed. Maybe she should consider changing the colours again? The helmet she had worn at first had long since been damaged and replaced with a simple face mask and a pair of goggles. She was still new here on the island and in this group but if they were going to have code names she probably needed to at least put in some effort not to show her face to outsiders.

Posted Image

At her feet stood a sturdy hard plastic box, what its jetblack shell contained was still a mystery but it was one of the very few things that she had managed to salvage from her turbulent arrival on Elysium. It contained some of her most prised possessions and it was absolutely vital for this meeting to keep them close at hand!

As the duo of Green Gritt and Yellow Quo exited Mercutio's Kame house, she had to swallow away a lump of anxiety at the back of her throat. She looked them over for a moment before she could regain enough composure to speak. Her voice, if slightly muffled by the cloth covering it, would still likely be familiar to one of the two spectrum members she addressed. She stumbled over the first syllable but then quickly regained the calm, but very high pitched and feminine, tone of voice that she normally spoke in. The one that seemed so mismatched for someone as tall and imposing looking as she did.

"Welcome to Elysium, I'm personally very glad to meet you both. You can refer to me as Arsenal, I'll be assisting you on this mission but before that I have a favou..."

She stopped short in the middle of her sentence. Something had only just now occurred to her and she squinted behind her goggles as she looked over Green Gritt in more detail. She knelled down to open the plastic box at her feet. In soft foam there were packed the individual pieces of a Soul in Chogokin Deluxe Rainbow Array Combining figure. Her pride and joy which she had hoped the members of Spectrum would be willing to sign. But before she would be able to ask this very important question she needed her... ahh there it was! She pulled out a leather bound notebook and stood back up, leafing through the pages before she finally reached the right one. There was no mistake!

"Hmm... I can tell that we have a new green grit these days, unless you suddenly lost a few inches in height, lost a lot of weight and changed genders?"

As she approached green grit for a close look, she pulled a pen out from between the ring band that held the notebooks pages in and began furiously crossing things out before scribbling down new notes in the margins, half muttering the things she was writing as she was looking over the new Green Gritt and occasionally tapping her chin with the back of her pen.

"Lets see, approximately 5 foot and 4 inches in height. I'd guess about 160 pounds though some of that may be the armour and ohh yes... my blog subscribers will definitely want to know this!"

That would be the only warning, before giving our literally and figuratively green member of spectrum a chance to react she would raise her cybernetic hand and give her a quite immodest squeeze to the chest. As if this was the most normal thing in the world she proceeded to write down a large D with a flourish at the bottom of the page.

"A firm D cup... quite respectable!"
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Infinity Gohan
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Taller than You
"Hold on!" Mairu called out, his hand raised as he trailed behind Shiori, the near two feet of height difference (along with his weighted shoes) made following the metallic amazon a bit hard on the tyke's lungs. The pair had gotten to interact a decent number of times while they were on the island, mostly about machines, and she'd laid off on a majority of the coddling so he didn't mind being her tag along to a few places... Even if she really did need to be mindful of her stride.

"It's not fair, I don't wanna be last! Slow down!" Mairu whined, finally matching stride with Shiori as they reached the rendezvous point. While definitely sounding a bit glum, the boy was actually fully ecstatic to the highest degree, only his lack of breath keeping him from smiling. All in all, for run away stories, he figured his had been a fairly bright one, all things considered. Since arriving on Elysium he'd gotten to work on a lot of machines, spend tons of time on the beach, meet kids his own age and he even grew a whole inch taller! Well, there was also the addition of two new tails to his form out of the blue, but that was something that he was less worried about. His mom had nine tails herself, and his dad five, so this was probably just his body adjusting to his quirk.

Mairu Right Now

Of course, there was another reason to be excited that day, being they were going to be visited by the agents of Spectrum! Mairu didn't know how long it had been since he'd seen his Rainbow Array bot and he truly wished he'd brought it with him for them to sign, but alas there had been no space. He'd have to make due with a notepad and pen he'd found, but there were two spots of trouble with that: Mercutio and Shiori. The latter he'd seen little of but seemed mostly relaxed, while the former was his handler for all intents and purposes, but both would probably want him to be on his best behaviour during their visit. He'd need to find a way to squeeze in the autograph...

The roar of engines brought Mair to a full stop, the tyke looking up to see the giant robotic machines of Green Grit and Yellow Quo overhead, his eyes going wide with awe and excitement. Was this really happening?! It actually was! A bundle of four, enormous tails danced wildly as Mairu looked over the approaching vessels, heavy breathing returning as the two heroes exited their mech and stepped onto the beach.

Shiori was first to speak up, welcoming them to the island and declaring her name as Arsenal, Mairu realizing they'd need codenames so as to hide their identities. Hurriedly, the fox boy used all four of his extra appendages and wrapped himself up, long after they saw him, and looked over at the pair as he declared, "I'm... umm... Master Fixer! Hiya!" His chosen false name ended up being something he threw together, picking out a memory of when he introduced himself to Eve.

Shiori was suddenly up to something, making declarations about how different Green Grit looked and making the boy raise eyebrows. It took Mairu a few seconds to remember but Elysium was actually without a lot of generous contact with the outside world, and Shiori must have been sailing a long time. The change of Grits mus have caught her off-guard, but Mairu's confusion was fast to return when the tall girl went about touching Green Grit's chest and talking about body parts.

Shaking his head and, having forgotten his disguise, letting his tails drop down, the fox boy approached Green Grit himself, growing more nervous as he got closer. Hands behind his back and teetering on his ankles, the boy cleared his throat with a blush, bringing his notbook and marker up towards Green Grit slowly as he asked, "I-if you got th-the time... Could you make it out to, um... my brother. Mairu. He's um, a big fan. Not me, you guys are coolverycool but um, I'm just getting the autograph for him..."

Curiosity getting the better of him, the child looked from side to side with worry, as if he'd be in trouble for asking, before beckoning Green Grit to bend towards him. Standing on his tip toes, Mairu whispered into the hero's ear, "Um... what's a D-Cup?"
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Queen Harmonia
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There were few down-falls of the specially engineered and maintained Spectrum suits. They were highly resilient, filled with the latest technology and gadgetry, and immensely striking by way of appearance. Their lights meant that wearers would be visible to civilians in peril, and they were literal shining beacons of hope. However, one glaring flaw was to do with environment. There was only so much that the in-built coolant systems could save the wearer from, and being stood on a desert island in tropical weather was not ideal.

Inside the suit, Eve was sweating. She exhaled a long breath and turned as she heard soft, sand-trodden footsteps start advancing towards them. This must be the gadgeteer that this organisation had offered up to aid in this (crazy) endeavour. The voice that spoke was feminine, and oddly familiar. The green-clad Hero racked her brain for whether she had ever met any further members of Crimsoul’s organisation, but was coming up with a blank. Then why was the voice so familiar…? Appearance didn’t really help Eve pin it down, either. The individual was wrapped in a black cloak with red cloud patterns emblazoned upon it, and here and there she spotted armour peeking out. They called themselves Arsenal, and said that she was honoured to meet the two of them. It seemed that Spectrum’s reach was very far indeed, but then again, this wasn’t surprising.

Behind the tall female that had been addressing them, a short youth was trailing desperately and telling his companion to slow down. Is that… oh my goodness, it can’t be…’ Eve suddenly thought, recognition dropping in her mind with resonation like a penny on a metal plate. When the boy emerged from behind the tall woman, all doubt was removed from her mind; it was Mairu, the youth she had interacted with while he was intending to leave home. It seemed as if her encouragement and kind words were not enough to save the boy from this decision, as here he was; notably not at home in Tokyo with his parents.

Her heart filled with despair with this realisation, and a further weight was added to her burdened shoulders. She had failed to save so many, and this boy was another added to this growing list of individuals she hadn’t been able to help. She remained silent, mouth fixed in a firm line as she tried hard not to lose her composure. She was Green Grit, not Genevieve Delacroix. She didn’t know this boy. She had no right to even try and help him in his dilemma. She exhaled a slow sigh, doing her best to put all of this conflict to the back of her mind. There were many questions she wanted to ask Mairu, and why he had chosen to come here of all places. Did Mercutio know that this fox-tailed boy had a loving family back home and take him in anyway, facilitating such a dangerous move? It threw her opinion of the mysterious energy-user into flux as she considered this fact, and she had to forcibly wrench herself back into reality.

Her decorum almost dipped again when Mairu introduced himself as Master Fixer, the way he had referred to himself when sat on the bench and pouring his heart out to her. Luckily, before she could fret over that too much, the movements of Arsenal caught her attention. The cloak-clad woman knelt down to a box at her feet, and pulled out… well, if it wasn’t one of the Limited Edition models of the Rainbow Array! Eve knew a fair bit about models, as a model-maker herself (although this hobby had fallen by the wayside recently), and she knew that this Rainbow Array was of Chogokin make, if she had to hazard a guess.

Arsenal proceeded to make a thoughtful sound and point out that this was a new Green Grit stood in their midst, and Eve smiled thinly behind her helmet. It was something she was used to by now; die-hard fans were very frequent visitors to Spectrum Tower, and they had all asked very probing questions during the big press conference that Team One held in Los Angeles last year when Eve took up the mantle. “With a model like that, I have no doubt that you watched the announcement as it happened.” She pointed out with a small wave of her hand, her guard suitably up as she saw a notebook come out. “It matters not who dons the suit and mask, only that they remain filled.” It was something common that she said nowadays whenever someone pointed out the fact that she wasn’t the original Green Grit.

Her body went rigid as Arsenal got even closer, and then started to write things down while muttering about physical descriptors of Eve. Then came mention of… blog subscribers…? Oh great, she was one of those. The Professional Hero had her fair share of these somewhat obsessed fans who were trying to guess the identity of Spectrum team members, and because she was notably different to the previous Green Grit, this activity seemed to have trebled over the past year or so.

Before she could rebuff this sort of behaviour and get back to their mission, Arsenal reached out towards Eve. Not quite knowing what was being targeted, Green Grit’s body shifted and she leant backwards, arms being raised to her sides to react at a moments’ notice…! The other woman’s hand grasped at one of her breasts, which was not the area she had been expecting to be grabbed. She ignored Yellow Quo’s snickers and immediately grabbed hold of Arsenal’s retreating hand with a firm grip. It mattered not that this hand was noticeable firm and probably artificial; Eve was fully intending to rip it off if this behaviour persisted. Although her facial expression was hidden behind the helmet, intimidation and irritation radiated from Eve’s suit-clad body in all but palpable waves.

If you are quite finished…” She spoke, tone low and filled with barely veiled anger. “We don’t have all day. I recommend you keep your hands to yourself from this point onwards, else you risk losing them.” She released Arsenal’s hand and stepped back, arms instinctively folding across her chest to escape the feeling of being both violated and humiliated in one fell swoop. She shot Quo a warning glance to boot, and then looked down towards Mairu as the boy approached.

He asked with clear nerves and a stammer if she could sign his notebook, made out to his ‘brother’, Mairu. Eve smiled a fraction behind her helmet and crouched down to the boy’s height, taking the notebook and marker in her hands. With a skilled flourish, she signed an autograph as follows;


Stand firm and don’t ever give in. Show the world your real grit!

Green Grit’

It was simple, and what she wrote on almost all of the autographs that she signed. But as she handed it back to the boy, she placed a hand on his shoulder and gave it a small squeeze. It hurt an unimaginable amount to go on pretending as if she didn’t know Mairu, and the pain he had been burdening in order to run away from home as he had intended to. Nevertheless, she hoped that this could help him in its own way. The question of what a D-Cup was had the plum-haired woman blushing and clearing her throat, straightening back up to her full (albeit petite) height and waving both hands in a dismissive gesture. “It’s not important, Master Fixer. We need to be going. Our time here is limited.” She nodded firmly, and turned to Arsenal. In spite of wanting to punch the cloaked woman square in the jaw for copping a feel of her breasts (one of the lesser armoured areas; she felt the grab rather intensely), she recognised the leader of this operation all the same.

Just as she said this, a notable loud sound echoed above them like a gunshot, and immense wind pressure bore down upon them. The Rainbow Array had arrived. “Explain what the plan of action is on the way. You guys will be inside the hold area in the Array’s chest! Grit and I will be piloting.” Quo raised his voice to be heard above the mech’s loud engines as it lowered to the ground on auto-pilot. As soon as its feet his the sand, the two Spectrum members were leaping to their designated seats, and the huge chest compartment was opening like a yawning mouth of sorts. The area within the giant's chest was easily big enough to contain various vehicles and even buildings; to be expected of one of the best Hero Offices in the world.

"You can talk and we'll hear. Microphones will transmit what you say into our ear pieces." Grit spoke over the intercom system when Arsenal and Mairu were inside. The only indication that they were taking off was a loud roar of engines, and they were away.
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Green Grit eyeing the boy with such keen interest had Mairu a bit nervous, he had to admit. Sure, he'd met Eve before, but that had been out of costume and in a park in the middle of Tokyo and while he would never forget her, he doubted their meeting would ever mimic the sensation of seeing someone you had an action figure of in full scale. Truthfully, Mairu had been thinking about Eve a fair bit as of late, wondering how the hero would have reacted to the fox boy actually leaving like he'd come to plan. Did she still fret over him? Was she expecting him to come running into her office with a gadget one day?

Had she found out?

The tyke shook his head, knowing Eve was probably too busy to worry about a runt like him. Besides, it was never her fault or responsibility. She'd bought him a few more good days with his family, but... that life... it was all too painful to stay there. He needed to move passed it and focus on the present, particularly the fact that he was getting to meet two members of Spectrum!

Well, Yellow Quo was seemingly taking a back seat to some of the discussion, but Mairu made sure to carry his notepad over to him once Green Grit had signed, not wanting anyone to feel left out. The green clad hero, however, did not seem all that happy with Shiori's actions, Mairu mentally noting that these weird cups were something that could get him into trouble. At least he got his pad signed, a blush hinting the boy's cheeks as he smiled towards the woman gripping his shoulder, the deeper meaning of her message totally going over his head.

It did seem, however, that his questioning got him in a spot of trouble, the mysterious D-Cups sending Green Grit into a mini-tiz and waving the boy's question off, his ears drooping low for a few seconds as he replied, "Okay... Sorry...". She did have a point though, this mission probably having a schedule to it, so the blonde fox made sure to get his signature from Yellow Quo in a flash.

That was when, of course, Mairu's eyes near bugged out of his head as the whole Rainbow Array sat before him, the child blitzing up the mech's side and inside, forgoing all safety procedure and permission as he entered the chest compartment. Any answers to the pair's questions about the plan would have to come from Shiori as gadgeteer head, Mairu far too enamored with every button, knob and object that lay before his glistening blue eyes. For the first time ever, all the boy's toys were now bigger than him, and he was loving it.

"Psst... ask if we can keep one of their bikes..." The child whispered to his taller compatriot, admiring one of their dirt bikes in the back, envisioning himself (upped in scale) riding it around the island.
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Tenka Mikazuchi
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She clenched her fist as the victim of her 'probing' questions held onto her arm. Rather then address the obvious threat on her hand, she chose to defend her ignorance on the matter of the position of green being recast instead. Almost finding the insinuation that she should have known a slight against her fanbase pride. It was however rather shocking to find that even though the motors in her arm struggled to pump fluid through the mechanical actuators that made the arm move and the pistons themselves screeched as they tried with all their might to move... She could not move her mechanical arm that was locked in the gloved hand of this new Green Gritt.

"Hmm, so there was an announcement? I hadn't heard. I was making my way to this island on a ship. No TV, not even 4G coverage out on the ocean. It's quite a bother."

She tried to keep an airy tone in her voice, but only half succeeded. That sort of power was not wholly unexpected of a member of spectrum's team 1, however that did not make it any less of a blow to her pride. That arm was the masterpiece she build with the help of Mother metal. Even more so it was covered by the power enhancing Gauntlet she had build herself. To lose in a battle of strength against mere flesh and blood was a little demotivating. Fortunately it seemed that a warning was all that she was going to get this time. She might have gone a little to far. She did sometimes forget how private people could be about this sort of thing. She unconsciously rubbed her wrist with her other hand after gritt let go but stopped as soon as she noticed what she was doing.

"You will not have to make good on that threat, I promise you. I have no desire to lose a hand for the fourth time. My apologies, I keep forgetting that others don't see my cybernetics as mere tools. I promise, my interest was purely scientific. "

After that she took a step back to let Mairu get his autograph, she had wanted to ask the two spectrum members to sign her Rainbow Array aswell but... at this point it might not be good to push her luck in that regard. Perhaps after the mission, if she managed to regain her standing a bit. If ever such a thing happened. Her train of thought was interrupted however with the arrival of the real, life sized fully functional RAINBOW ARRAY. For literally 10 seconds after it had landed and Yellow Quo had told them they could get on it, she was still staring up at the machine in utter awe. It took her smacking her cheeks to slap some sense into herself before she could get her legs under enough control to actually board the most magnificent machine she had ever seen in her life. Well from this close up anyway.

"I dunno about you.. Master Fixer but I can't jump like tha- Ohh..."

Before she even finished the sentence, Mairu somehow made his way up to the chest of the machine, either through a combination of running, climbing and hopping or a pure adrenaline filled mad dash she was not quite sure. So not wanting to be left behind, she focused her eyes on her arm. She held firmly onto the gauntlet as she fired up it's rocket engine. All set to throw her signature rocket punch with one small difference. She had not released the clamps that kept the Gauntlet attached to her arm. So when she threw it upwards and the engine carried it all the way up to the chest area of the giant mech. Her arm stretched along with it like a metallic bungee cord. As the hand grabbed onto the ledge and the engine sputtered out after its burst of propulsion she slowly reeled herself up to get into the mech's chest area, Effectively using her cybernetic arm as a rocket powered grappling hook.

"Jeez, everyone is so much more nimble then me..."

She took a moment to catch her breath and look over the contents of the hold area in the giant mech's chest. Like Mairu she had trouble containing her excitement over the wide variety of things stored in here. Any fan of spectrum's would give anything to be inside this place... After the excitement faded a little though, she spoke up. Having remembered that Yellow Quo said they could hear them. She tried to keep her tone of voice in check but a little excitement did slip through.

"Well, If you can hear us. Then I suppose the actual mission is relatively simple. I'll go in and separate the house from the gas main, the sewer pipes, water and power lines and make sure the foundation is stable. Then it should just be a matter of whether or not you can lift and transport it in one piece or if we have to portion it down for several trips. Ohh and uhh... the Master Fixer wants to know if he can keep one of your bikes... I'd tell him no, but I don't like to crush his dreams."
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When presented with a notebook to sign, Quo leant down slightly to pat the young Kitsune boy’s head before happily obliging. He scrawled in his unique scribble on the next available page, cleverly incorporating both parts of his name into a symbol of sorts. The ‘o’ in ‘yellow’ became the basis for the ‘quo’ part, and he circled it all with another large ‘Q’ to finish. As the PR representative of Spectrum as an Office, he had plenty of practise with his signature and making it appear unique.

With this happening, there was a Mexican standoff of sorts between Green Grit and Arsenal following the unabashed grope. Apparently, the cloaked woman hadn’t heard of the new person beneath the green suit due to being on the islands here at Elysium. Indeed, there was no real means of communication around here, and only now that the place was becoming built up in a way, there was slightly better ability to get signal. Mention of having lost an arm three times already caught Eve by surprise as she released Arsenal’s arm from her vice-like, wrath-filled grip. She was somewhat new to the concept of prosthetics and the like, but was beginning to learn more as her medical knowledge increased and widened in its breadth. Still… the only other person she had known with cybernetic limbs and components was a girl who had been in U.A. on that fateful night many years ago; Shiori. In some ways, Arsenal reminded her of that girl. The voice, now that she focused on it, was a little bit similar, but other than that and having cybernetic parts of her body, the similarities were relatively small.

“Alright. I’ll hold you to that.” Grit nodded, still remaining a little bit wary of the groping cloaked woman, but otherwise satisfied that such a thing wouldn’t be done again. Her message had been hammered home well enough, it seemed.

And just like that, the Rainbow Array descended down onto the beach. The two members of Spectrum were quick to mobilise; Quo getting inside the left arm, and Grit sliding into the right arm pilot seats. They all had their own cockpits within the giant mecha, and it just so happened that theirs were directly opposite. It was part of why Eve had asked Quo for help with this mission and not one of the other members of Team One. Not only was he one of the more laidback people in their team, but he would enable them to pilot the mech in a more balanced manner due to them being on opposing sides of the construct. There weren’t many differences to the flight patterns and capabilities, but if Green Grit and Blue Hope piloted the mech instead, they would find a more right-ward leaning in flight due to the blue-clad Hero’s position in the top of the right leg. The robotic mech was so advanced, however, that it wasn’t much of an inhibiting factor, just a matter of preference for Grit. She also loved symmetry in all things she did, and she rather liked the fact that her laidback teammate wouldn’t ask too many questions about the nature of this mission.

It was a definite bonus.

Having seated themselves in the pilot seats, they waited for the resident gadgeteers to board the mech. Grit kept a watch from her position until she was sure they were both on-board, and began to close the chest doors. The take-off was almost seamlessly smooth; propulsion blasting from the feet of the mech, and the palms which were directed towards. It looked like a massive Iron Man while it got airborne, and then tilted into a superhero flying pose.

“Programmed our destination into the GPS.” Quo announced through the intercom, and the green-clad Hero on the other side nodded while relaxing a little bit back into her seat. Once airborne, they only needed to input small directional changes. There were special dials and pads on the control columns which they had to keep contact with, as the thin membranes of their suits on the hands allowed their fingerprints and unique DNA signature to be transferred. If anybody else except those programmed to fly the mech tried to pilot it, they would fail dismally. It only responded to Team One’s DNA signatures for maximum security.

They flew high above the clouds, headed for this address in Canada, to retrieve a house. It sounded all kinds of farfetched, to be sure, but something necessary… although Eve wasn’t sure why, beyond the house meaning something special for some of the people on Elysium. She kept watch on her advanced radar system, and ensured that their altitude had them flying over commercial air corridors in the skies. Because they were a Hero Office with the mecha robot’s radar signal inputted into systems worldwide, there would be no questions asked of them as they flew. It would be assumed they were on a normal mission, and technically Red Justice had also given his clearance of it as well. A noble mission of relocation, and helping orphaned children. They received no outside radio calls as they sped towards their destination, and they could focus entirely on the mission brief of sorts being transmitted from the Array’s central hold.

Arsenal claimed that the process should be relatively simple; she would head into the property and disconnect all gas lines, and then the building itself could be lifted if the foundations were stable enough. “Sounds good. We’ll have to wait and see what the house dimensions are, but I’m confident that we should be able to lift the building and transport it in one trip.” Grit nodded, eyes cast out of her cockpit window towards the crystal clear skies around them. Her plan was to physically carry the house, as she was unsure of whether or not the building would fit inside of the Array’s central hold. If it did, that would be perfect. If not, she supposed they’d be carrying a house bridal style back to Elysium.

A question came about whether ‘Master Fixer’ could keep one of the bikes inside the main hold, and this had Quo chuckling fondly over the intercom. “Afraid not, buddy. All of the vehicles and stuff inside the hold there are vital for our operations. You can have a go on one if we have the time, though. We’re on a bit of a tight schedule.” The yellow-clad Hero smiled behind his helmet, double-checking his radar screen again out of habit. Although they were cleared to fly above all commercial traffic, some aircraft or other Hero Office craft would encroach on this space every so often. It was good to stay vigilant, in all situations on any mission. He clearly had his doubts about this mission, but if his colleague viewed it to be important, he would trust her. If nothing else, Grit was a trustworthy and righteous person.

It wouldn’t take much longer than an hour to reach Canada due to the high speeds that the Array could cruise at, and the mecha was slowly tilting into its landing attitude. “Here we go. Let’s get this operation underway.” Grit announced over the intercom, manoeuvring her control column in tandem with Quo so that the Rainbow Array tilted back into its upright position, and set down gently upon an empty field not far away from…

The literal mansion which lay ahead of them.

“You never said anything about it being this kind of huge…” Quo commented with a good-natured snicker on his end of the intercom while their pilot cockpits opened. The green-clad Hero buried her face forth into her palm while sighing, shaking her head slowly. “Crimsoul didn’t think to mention that we’ll be transporting a mansion.” She responded before hopping out to join her teammate and the two gadgeteers on the ground. A small ‘beep’ emitted from the machine when everybody was outside, and flashing lights across its body declared it to be locked; a little like a huge car. “We’d better get started, then!”

As one could imagine, it took a good amount of time to get a whole mansion disconnected from the mains and gas lines, which mainly involved Arsenal and Master Fixer. Of course, the two Professional Heroes helped whenever they were asked during the process, and they busied themselves with rounding up the people who were present inside the mansion. They were the remaining loyal members of the family/ serving staff of the children, to whom this estate belonged to, and they seemed at least a little bit in the know of what was happening. They had received correspondence from the two children whom they served since the death of their parents, and were prepared to journey over to Elysium to reunite with them again.

Honestly, you couldn’t write this stuff. Grit was slowly becoming less and less surprised by the whole task and everything attached, so she just rolled along with it. When it came to testing the mansion’s foundations, she was on hand to help with this part before they made the decision to lift the building. Mechanised staircases descended from the Array’s chest and down to the ground, with Quo ushering people inside. “Are we about ready to get underway?” The green-clad Hero called to Arsenal and Master Fixer.
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Mairu gawked at the signature for what must have been a minute or two, surprised to see how much effort Yellow Quo had put into a simple autograph. The boy couldn't believe how amazing this day was turning out to be! He did wish though that Shiori and Green Grit got along better, not wanting there to be any animosity on what was meant to be a joyful trip, finally giving all the orphans on Elyisum a place to call their own. Perhaps Mairu could even convince Mercutio to give him his own room in the mansion, one big enough to store a plane in maybe! But first, he'd need to work on actually moving the place.

Now inside the cargo hold, it took Mairu a few minutes to calm down as he looked through doodads and equipment from fights gone by, resisting every urge and inclination to grab something up and either inspect it or make it his own. But, while he may have caused a death, he was no thief!... Even if it would have been really, ultra super cool from them to give him something...

"Aww... Okay..." The fox boy moaned in response to Quo, dismounting the metal steed he'd climbed on during their explanations and talkings. He supposed it fair, since it was expensive and meant to save lives, while he more so just wanted it because it was cool. He'd simply need to earn his ride on the bike was all, even if his feet didn't reach the bottom!

The flight was smoother than he'd anticipated, especially given the speed he calculated them to be traveling at. The mech was truly a modern marvel beyond all he could have guessed, one he'd love to scan the blueprints of at some point. Among all possible gadgets, Mairu liked going big and bold, so something like this (and moving a house) was right up his alley.

The boy stayed relatively quiet throughout the flight as his excitement waned, but also as some thoughts gripped his mind. He was traveling the world once more, Elysium having gradually been built up as a safe space for him, free from shaming his parents or the penalty of law. But now, in the belly of a heroic beast, with two pros upstairs... what if they knew? He'd been keeping track of their direction, going right towards where the mansion was said to be, but what if this was all a ruse? Could Mercutio have called him in and Spectrum was just a cover up to fly him back to Japan? No, no they wouldn't do that... This was just a normal trip...

There the child would be torn as he thought this, his tails twisting rigidly as he sat on a box, thumbs twiddling and the ocean speeding by. The giant space suddenly felt very small...

Finally landing, Mairu took a deep breath of relief as he stepped onto the soil of Canada for the first time. He seemed almost as happy to leave the mech as he had been to enter it, a cheery mood entering his aura once more as soon as he saw the structure before them. It was going to be a big job, just as he'd hoped.

Spotting a shed, Mairu waddled over in his steel toes with a small jog, hopping inside and closing the door behind him. There were sounds of smashing, clinking and clanking over the next few minutes as Mairu dug through the structure's supplies. A minute later, with all the staff and housing needs hopefully sorted, there came the boy's muffled voice declaring, "Well Shiori..." The kit then blasted the door open, holding not one, not two, but six shovels overall, one in each hand and tail as he finished, "Let's get to work!"

Enthused by the scale of the job, the child got down to some serious work, starting to dig a trench around the house as fast as he could, not wanting to let anyone's time go to waste. He was careful to note things like gutters, electrical sockets and the like, being careful to dig around or under important bits like that. It was a hefty job, and took some doing, but eventually Mairu had freed all the piping and wiring up for Shiori, figuring the cyborg had a more delicate touch for the smaller parts than him and his fox-like heritage giving him an advantage when it came to burrowing and getting down and dirty.

Exiting his trench, the muddied and somewhat winded boy walked over to his amazonian comrade, craning his neck as he saluted and declared, "Your turn!"

LP and Tech
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OOC Notes

The green-clad Hero was quietly impressed with the speed of work from the two gadgeteers on their team. Before she knew it, all of the important components were disconnected from the ground, and the foundations were all secured. Quo led the civilians inside the Rainbow Array, happily chatting and doing what he did best.

Eve stood with her arms folded, looking over at Arsenal and Master Fixer as they seemed to finish up their preparations. Well, it was now or never. “If you’re both satisfied with everything, head back into the Array. Quo and I are going to get ready to pilot.” She called over to the pair of them, eyes now drifting to the monstrous mansion. It was a good thing the famed Mech of Team One was completely equipped for such odd, arduous tasks. Even with two pilots controlling it, the robotic construct’s strength was unrivalled.

“Here goes something…” She muttered, unfolding her arms and clapping her hands together while rolling her shoulders.

After all of the civilians were inside and the two gadgeteers followed, the two Pro Heroes looked at each other without saying anything. There seemed to be a sort of understanding that passed between the two of them; hours of teamwork allowing them to communicate and simply know what the other was feeling or thinking. They each nodded, and then leapt their way up to their corresponding piloting seats. “Engines standing by. Muscle rods and props ready.” Quo called out in his headset, which left Grit to see to her own preparations for the mech starting up. Its eyes flashed bright blue as it powered back on, and a low rumbling could be heard as its engines whirred into life. “Ready to start lift-off.” She confirmed, seeing all green icons flashing on her piloting screens.

Using their DNA-sensitive steering columns, the two Heroes lifted the giant mech from the ground and then started to split their roles directly in half. Quo was set to pilot now, while Grit was the designated ‘lifter’ of the mansion. Two circular control columns sprung from her steering wheel, which she was able to slide her hands into. While wearing these, she could make motions inside of her piloting seat and the mech would mimic her. It was a tricky process, but one that she was well-practised in. This was often her job whenever they went on team excursions with the mech.

She reached out with her arms, watching as the Array’s arms did the same thing in front of her past her piloting station. “Easy… hold it steady…” Quo warned from his seat, having a slightly better vantage point and perception of the process. Inside her suit, Eve cold feel a cold sweat creeping up her arms with the tension. She carefully manoeuvred the mech’s gigantic arms into the previously dug trenches, and slid them along the ground under the mansion. Her arms shook slightly with the effort of moving so slowly and so precisely, but following a green light from Quo, she hooked her arms up to grasp the entirety of the house in the mech’s arms. “Locking hands in place.” She declared, squeezing a pair of triggers inside the bizarre gloves she wore which had achieved this feat, and she finally allowed herself to breathe properly again.

She still had to hold her arms out, but didn’t require the same rigidity and precision as she did previously. Now would be a test of her muscle strength to hold her arms out in front of her for the journey back to Elysium.

Quo handled all of that admirably, taking special precautions to make sure that the people inside the cargo hold had a pleasant ride. He even chatted away over the intercom system, asking questions and seeing how everyone was doing. It made Eve crack a small smile behind her helmet, but her kept her eyes directed forwards, past her own outstretched arms and instead fixating on the Array’s arms with the mansion between them.

It took the same length of time to return, once again flying high above all air traffic to hasten their journey. Before long, they were preparing a landing and drop-off sequence to place the mansion safely on the larger island of the cluster at Elysium. Only after it was securely set down in the sand/ volcanic soil mixture, the Array doors opened and the people inside were able to flood out. Grit exhaled a sigh, removing her hands from the control gloves and wiping an arm across her helmet’s ‘forehead’. That had been… an experience, alright. Just as she was about eject for herself and make sure that everyone was okay, red exclamation points lit up her pilot displays and the crackle of their intercom system came to life inside the cockpits.

“Grit, Quo. Both of you have to return to base right this second.” It was Justice, and he sounded serious. Eve couldn’t recall a time where he had sounded so brusque and clipped, and it confused her slightly. “Understood. What’s the problem?” She couldn’t help asking, and there was a brief pause in the communication signal as if their boss were taking a breath or time to contemplate for himself. “The man whom we have assisted… has just been issued the world’s largest Bounty for his monstrous crimes.” His words were grave, and tone of voice even graver as he transmitted various news stories to the pilot screens in the Array. WISH had issued an official statement only moments ago, and revealed various horrific crimes that Mercutio D. Regalis had been doing behind closed doors with the assumption that nobody knew.

Green Grit was stunned into silence, eyes wide behind her visor as she tried to comprehend the monstrous scale of this information. A man whom she had befriended… who had ensured she received her Professional Hero License… whom she had saved lives for… had done such thing as ruthlessly murdering fourteen-thousand people…?

“On our way now.” Quo answered for her, sensing her utter bewilderment and shell-shock just from looking at her frozen frame inside the pilot cockpit opposite him. He started preparing the Array for flight once again, clearing his throat and re-directing the intercom to be projected outside. “Thank you everyone for your co-operation! We have to jet now. We leave the business of re-connecting and working on the mansion to Arsenal and Master Fixer!” He declared with his best cheery, public speaking voice.

And then, just like that, the engines flared to life and the Rainbow Array blasted to the skies with almost enough speed to break the sound barrier.

Grit remained silent, removing her helmet once they were far away from the ground and burying her head forth into her hands. “Why…? Why did I not…” She uttered in disbelief, her voice somewhat thick with tears of confusion and hurt. It disgusted her that Mercutio had committed such atrocities, but more than that, she felt as if she had been betrayed in some way. How much of that information did… Kaneda know…? And now she knew that Mairu had chosen to be with someone like that… she felt as if she was a failure for not helping him, for not knowing any of this before. She could have stopped him. Instead, she smiled at him and leant him her help. She accepted his assistance. Her Professional Hero License had never felt so fake to her as it did in that moment.

“You weren’t to know.” Quo stated simply, keeping his gaze fixed ahead. “Nobody in the entire world knew.”

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With the work done, Mairu followed Spectrum's instructions to board the giant mech, entering it with a bit less gusto than before. Digging out a house had done a fair number on his stamina, and there was a bit less excitement now that he'd already seen the inside of the large structure. If the boy was being honest, he almost wished there was a shower inside with a Spectrum-like flare to it, hating to get his tails this dirty on the best of days and already knowing he'd be using up a metric ton of shampoo just to get his four appendages clean.

The mansion being rendered from its foundation must have been quite the site, but the boy would unfortunately need to miss it, seeing as how the second his rear met the floor he was out like a light. There the boy stayed, covered in mud and hand on his stomach as he took a light nap during the generally smooth flight. His dreams were a wish wosh of the nightmarish day he saw a man burn alive and a few bits and pieces of walking around the island of Alana for exploring, for a second he even thought he saw some kind of monster version of him somewhere. The dream abruptly disappeared, however, as Yellow Quo's voice greeted his ears, declaring that it was now up to Mairu and Shiori to get the job done once they'd landed.

It had been a short excursion, but a fun one nonetheless, the boy getting up from his position to find his limbs just a bit sore as he thought this. But this idea alone did not fill his head, the fox knowing all too well there was still another matter to attend to... as privately as possible.

Walking over to a corner of the ship's internal hangar and making sure he wasn't follow, the boy took out a marker from one pocket and, reluctantly, the piece of paper he'd used to get the duo's signatures from the other. He gave the writings a strong look over and then hugged it close, hoping no offense would be taken by returning it, he just didn't have any other paper. Turning the sheet over, Mairu began to scrawl a letter on the crumpled parchment, a frown on his face as he did so.

"Uhm, hey Mrs. Grit, it's Master Fixer and I was hoping to ask if you could... tell Eve something. I figure since you're both heroes and since girls like to hang out a lot, you might get a chance to tell her about my brother, Mairu. She met him a while back in Japan and well, he probably looked real sad, and she tried to stop him from coming with to Elysium. Well, he did end up coming but its okay! Eve's like, his best friend ever after that night, and he still likes her a lot! She's cool and great and amazing and real awesome! Mairu just needed to" The boy paused in thought, his heart already addled with guilt as he tried to keep up this lie. "he just needed to get away from mom and dad till he felt better. So if Eve finds out that he left, please tell her not to be sad! Mairu's looked after, he has food and friends and gadgets to make! And"

Mairu paused to wipe away a tear, sniffling as he tried to think of things to appease the hero and make sure Mercutio didn't get in trouble for hiding him. The man didn't know anyways.

"And it's fine because her and Mairu are gonna meet again, and he's gonna make her gadgets like he promised! Please just tell her sorry from him, and that they'll be friends again as soon as he feels better!"

Folding up the note, the fox boy spotted a door a little ways down, sliding it underneath the metallic structure, certain that even if another member of Spectrum came upon it, they would be nice enough to hand it over to Green Grit.

The landing came, and the mech went, Mairu waving off Spectrum as he stood on the beach. Whatever needed to be done to move the house in accordance with Shiori and Mercutio's instructions, Mairu did but fairly quietly this time. He was emotionally and physically sapped, and he needed a good nap. As soon as plumbing and power were reconnected, Mairu was the first of the children inside the new mansion, taking a hot shower and some fresh sheets for a good night's rest. It may have been a bit early in the day to hit the hay, but the boy was just too tired and too guilt-ridden to care.

He just hoped Eve wouldn't be mad at him.

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  • Mercutio Regalis - 3 exp, 300 cash

A short thread with a clear purpose that was unfortunately cut a bit short for IC reasons and a paced bit clumsily for OOC reasons, but a fun read nonetheless!

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