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Casual Training in Dark Continent: A Logical Ruse
Topic Started: Mar 6 2018, 10:32 PM (3,983 Views)
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God of Destruction
Mercutio was never one to explain himself, he did everything his own way and that's why he claims to be self made. The house, the island, the power, the clout; it was all insane

"Sometimes, choices that are hard have to be made. That is the lesson to keep in your head."

Familiar rumbling and forbidding energy flooded Mercutio's senses as he attempt to plot his point to leave the group alone so he could do what he needed with Eve back on Elysium.

"Last time I was here, I made sure to keep the effects of this island off of those around me, but you are all far stronger than we were when we were here." he encouraged, filing them all out the door and onto the warm, sandy beach. The gloom that hung over them boiled and turned like liquid in a cauldron and the air immediately began to bite at them, draining their energy in the process. The overall feeling of weakness had cascaded over them all within seconds of outside exposure... and they all would be surprised to hear the door slam shut and Kame House.

"BE RIGHT BACK!" he said, teleporting away.
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Gjöll had gotten very little sleep since it was announced they would be returning to the Dark Continent. Every time he closed his eyes he was met with one of the monstrosities they had faced during their last exploration mission. Nightmares of creatures that should not exist plagued the small amount of sleep that he was able to get. He had grown and gained quite a bit more control over his quirk since they had left that wretched place, but he was still certain he had quite a bit further to go before he would be able to completely handle the terrors of that cursed land. At least Mercutio would be there to make sure they nothing went too horribly wrong.

Everyone seemed a little bit tense as they gathered within Kame house for the journey, and with good reason. They had all heard the stories, and had some idea of what they were in for. The hair on Gjöll's arm would slightly stand up as the teleporter activated, whisking them all away to a land of untold danger.

"Sometimes, choices that are hard have to be made. That is the lesson to keep in your head."
"Last time I was here, I made sure to keep the effects of this island off of those around me, but you are all far stronger than we were when we were here."

Strangely, Mercutio seemed to be in a bit of a rush, seeming to almost push each of them out of the house and onto the beach of the inhospitable hellscape that would be their home for foreseeable future. As soon as the he crossed the threshold of the front door, Gjöll could feel the sapping effect of the land immediately begin take hold of him. The first breath air carried the burning acidic stench that he had become so accustom to during their last stay here. Just like last time, his instincts began to give the foreboding feeling that they were being watched, stalked by some unseen hunter. However, unlike last time, he no longer heard the strange whispering voices, chirping away in the back of his mind.


Mercutio slamming the door behind them caught even Gjöll off guard. Where they hell was he going? Knowing Mercutio this was definitely some kind of test. Was he trying to see how the group would fare without him in the face of mortal danger?

"Alright." Gjöll addressed the others, "Until Mercutio gets back from whatever he's doing, we aren't going anywhere. This place has a way confusing your sense of direction, and anyone who wanders away from the group has a chance of being lost for good, and they would not be the first." They still had never found out what became of Jonah after he vanished, and at this point maybe it was better that way.

He hoped that it wouldn't be too long before Mercutio returned, after all, they didn't have and actual source of food at the moment. Given his experience from the last trip, he knew it wouldn't be long before Oni would send something to deal with the trespassers, and they needed to be prepared for a worst case scenario. As the absolute seriousness of their current situation, began to fully sink in, the boy's panicked thoughts were interrupted by the all too familiar voice of his subconscious growling within his mind.

It feels... So good... To be back here...Where we belong...

'Great.. and now I have this to deal with, just what we fucking needed.' Gjöll cursed internally.

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Having spent the last couple of days trying to figure out the exact specifications on how her new ability works, Lyra was just holed up in her room and actually moving about the island. If anyone had noticed her leave her abode, they'd notice an odd piece of paper continuously follow her, taking the most direct path in her direction even if it was met with utmost failure. The more she experimented, the more she was completely sure that she was able to imbue tracking powers into her paper. Though, it only seemed to track her own body, which sounds alright? Maybe there was more to this power than meets the eye, but she was not going to learn about it today.

Today was the day they were going to venture into the Dark Continent.

Lyra, before being forcefully moved to Elysium, had seen some rumors surface about a forbidden continent of sorts, which she mostly threw off as bullshit speculation. But learning of its existence only lead to a larger question for her, one which was why it was forbidden or not public domain knowledge. Meeting around the same area as last time, Lyra was met with a rambling Mercutio, which was par for the course of course. Sighing to herself and crossing her own arms, she watched as other first arrival seem equally, if not more, tense than her as the odd device in this building hummed to life.

Then as she was surprisingly teleported, she was immediately thrusted upon the shores of a very dark, ominous outcropping. It became increasingly hard to breathe, the taste and scent of absolute death piercing through her usual face mask, making it seem entirely useless. This felt like hell, as if she was going through some sort of sickness. Then, with the sudden departure of Mercutio, Lyra started to feel a little worried. Wondering why, of all places, would the Crimson Fucker leave them right there and then. It was then that Fearocity decided to pipe up, giving advice on not going too far from one another. Her eyes lit up upon this kind of news, as this was the perfect time to test her new power.

"If there's one thing you can trust, trust this piece of paper," The masked woman spoke out loud after the tense Yonkou. Reaching into her handbag full of goodies, she pulled out a piece of paper which had her own name enscribed in the bottom right corner. Tearing off a piece, she forces the scrap of Vivre paper into Gjoll's hand while explaining, "Don't know how to explain it, but this piece of paper is drawn towards me. Hold it firmly between your fingers, and you will feel a tug in the direction of where I am at. You get lost? Use this paper to group at my location."

Holding her paper out to the rest of the other kids who were sent to do hell's training, Lyra ripped off half-inch squares of the vivre scraps and handed them to each individual kid. If Gjoll was right, then Lyra was their best chance as a homing beacon to safety. Hopefully this place wasn't as bad as the other's made it out to be.....

Though, in the pit of her stomach, she could only assume that this place was at least Hell squared.

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Negan had no idea what to think going into this. From what he'd been told the Dark Continent was an extremely dangerous place and it seemed a little overkill to send them all here for their first phase of training. Even worse, Mercutio just left them there, meaning he wouldn't be able to protect them if things went south. It was a scary predicament to be in but Negan had to remember that this was probably a test. This was a sink or swim scenario and Negan was damn well sure he'd be swimming by the end of this. He was more worried about Rosa than he was about himself. There was no doubt that this place would only add to the negative emotions that were already boiling up inside of her and as far as Negan was concerned, it was up to him to minimize the damage. The first thing Negan noticed upon arriving at this place was the way it seemed to eat away at him, draining his energy despite him not doing anything physically demanding. This whole place felt evil and it's appearance only confirmed that feeling for him.

Gjoll would speak up, making it clear that nobody was to move from this spot. Negan didn't need to be told twice; this place scared him greatly and he would follow Gjoll's directions religiously if it meant that he and Rosa could get out of here alive. After all, Gjoll had been here before so if there was anyone in this group that should take charge it should be him. The next person to speak up was Lyra. Apparently she had pieces of paper that could lead people to her location. That would definitely be useful and Negan wasted no time and taking two pieces of paper. One for himself and the other for Rosa. Turning to his sister, Negan handed one of the pieces to her. "Make sure you don't lose this, Sister. It might save you if you get lost." he said slowly, making sure she understood every word that came out of his mouth.

The way this energy ate away at Negan was concerning. If the two kids fused then they probably wouldn't be able to hold it very long and things would get really bad if they un-fused prematurely. No, if they came face to face with a monster they would need to rely on their individual strengths to defeat it. Fusion would have to be something they kept as a last resort here or else they wouldn't have enough energy to carry on very long. The maroon-haired boy went to grab his sister's hand for support. Fusing may not have been an option for them at the moment but they could at least take comfort in each other's presence. If it wasn't for Rosa, Negan probably would have gone mad from the stress and grief of losing his parents. Rosa didn't seem to be handling it as well as Negan did but he would try everything he could to make sure she got through it properly. Unfortunately that would have to wait though. For now they would have to focus on surviving until Mercutio returned and although they were large in numbers, Negan had a feeling it would take all they had to get through this.

Summary and Lp
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In a flash, they were somewhere else. The air was hurting to just breath. Looking to Mercutio, the man was already gone. Rosa coughed a few times, gripping Negan tight as she could. They were on the Dark Continent for real, with no way of getting back. If it wasn't for Gjoll and Lyra speaking up the girl might have started to cry. Listening intently, the white-haired girl listened to everything Gjoll said. He was nice before and someone she felt she could trust. He said they would stay there and she nodded. It wasn't like the girl wanted to, or could, move from where she could stand.

The explanation along with Negan handing over a piece had Rosa take the paper with a gulp. It wasn't like she planned on leaving. The preteen held the Adrestia robe under her arm as she tried to not drop anything. She was sick, in a scary place, and probably about to die. But she couldn't be afraid. She had to be brave for Negan. If she was useless here, he might die too. Dropping the robe, Rosa stepped onto the black and red fabric.

She had to do this. She couldn't be afraid forever. The people around he might need her, and she might need them. Letting go of Negan's hand for the first time in awhile she started to breath rapidly. The young girl closed her eyes tight as she tried to control her rising fear. Rosa shot her hand up and shouted, a normal volume for anyone else, "Umm, I've done lots of reading and can help if someone gets hurt!"

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Satoshi had heard a bit about the Dark Continent, partially from internet rumors, partially from the experiences of older members of Adestria. As far as the short young man understood, the other two men who served directly under Mercutio as his most trusted members were survivors of the first expedition here. While Satoshi technically held the same title as them, he was well aware that he wasn't quite as powerful as they were, at least without the situation being skewed to serve him, such as fighting on a foundation of his own volcanic rock. Even with his Quirk, he was one of the less impressive of Adestria's older members, and that definitely bothered him. If He's learned one thing from his time training with Mercutio, it's to not sit on things that bother him. He intended to become strong enough to rival anyone else in Adestria, most likely barring Mercutio, and if training in this hellscape was his ticket to that, he was eager to get going.

He could definitely do without the heat though. It was almost enough to tempt him to remove his Adestria cloak, but the shortstack was much too proud of it to do so. He felt that he looked great in it. So, he settled for wearing it open. It was still hotter than he would have liked, but considering his shorts were the only thing he was wearing beneath the cloak, he was probably better off than most of the group.

It wasn't particularly surprising to Satoshi that Mercutio decided to run off and leave them there, though that was probably mostly because he didn't yet understand the magnitude of danger they were all in just standing there. "Yeah, let's not all go runnin' off looking for fights just yet. We'll start movin' when Merc's back and if he decides to have us go off somewhere else." Satoshi casually spoke to the group, agreeing with Gjoll. He'd rather not have to end up babysitting anyone out here.

When offered the paper, Satoshi took a small piece. Initially, the thought she was just being weird and buying into some superstition, but he did manage to recall that her Quirk had something to do with paper. "Neat." He mused, slipping the paper into one of his cloak's interior pockets.

Summary & Such
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Mordred stood on the beach with the rest. The sudden displacement of movement unsettled his stomach a bit, so he held it and took care not to move much as he reacclimated to the environment. The warmth was pleasing to his cold blooded nature. With only a type of sweatpants on, he was exposed if they would be in the sun long, but the heat did not bother him. The zapping miasma that drained him of his strength affected him the same as everyone else, but he was at least visibly taking it better than some of the children with lesser constitution.

Also like the others, he heeded the advise of those that went before him and took the paper passed out. Staying put, he took time looking at the paper in his hands and at the children around him. While his injuries that he was still healing from hindered his motion in the same way not stretching before a run might a jogger, he was anxious to be moving. Carefully stuffing the paper away for later, he took his time seeing what everyone else was doing and how they were handling the 'Dark Continents' environment. Mordred would be noticeably dry and not sweating as the moments in the heat passed for the group.

Deciding to be patient, Mordred busied himself by looking at their surroundings. As far as he could tell, there were no immediate dangers, but the heat did cause mirage-like effects that occasionally played with Mordred's eyes. For a moment, he thought he saw the eerie shape of something otherworldly in the distance, and then nothing. Sometimes it would be an oasis he would see, but in the end it would fade away as well. The only thing constant as far as he could tell was the group he found himself with.

"I'll do what I can to aid and raise our chances of survival"

Mordred's southern drawl creeping into the words as he spoke suddenly without prompting from anyone.

LP and Summary?
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Fran was a swirl of emotions after their little meeting about their training destination being this so called Dark continent. A lot of people seemed frightened by it and even more like her seemed a bit confused by it all, but you never know what you are going to get when Mercutio is involved. Well other than pain and death though she could not really feel the former of the two do to her unique little body. Regardless it had been one really weird roller coaster ride ever since she met Mercutio full of highs and lows and she expected this Dark continent to be just the same in that regards. The biggest high of this little roller coaster though was actually at that meeting telling them they were going to the dark continent. She had found out that her friend was alive and well resting at the hospital. She could not believe that she had missed her at her last visit to the place and was sorta kicking herself for not looking around more, but the fact that she was well made the stuffed little girl even more determined to get stronger and to be able to protect those around her. This made her rather focused on the coming training in this unknown location.

What she did know was that they would be going as a group and that the exact goal of this training was to get stronger and to get closer as a family. After hearing all of their stories Fran did feel a little closer to them all knowing that most of them had been threw the ringer. But one conversation does not make a family in all honesty and she still had a lot to learn about those around her. Especially the ones who did not seem to want to be apart of the family. She knew that this was going to be hard on everyone and wanted to say something to get closer to them all but no words came to mind.

Finally the day of departure had arrived and as was her new constant way of getting closer to big brother Kiba she was riding along on his head like a hat. This was a little bit of a trademark from her first so called mission with Mercutio where she played dead. Of course in this mission the job was to not become dead, but why does she need to walk around and waste her energy while others could do it and not even notice the extra weight. Kiba also did not seem to mind or even notice that she was there which was sorta the point. She was supposed to go unnoticed and she did it well. After one quick trip through some sort of teleportation or fast travel device they ended up on yet another beach. There was something different about this beach but Fran could not really tell what it was. The others seemed nervous, and even more so when Mercutio just up and left saying that he would be right back.

She blinked a bit in surprise as he sorta just dropped them off in a supposedly dangerous environment and left them to fend for them self. She looked over to everybody expecting some sort of explanation for his sudden disappearance, but nobody seemed to know why he left. She had no idea where this dark continent was or what it would be like so she simply sat there and listened as the more experienced people started to tell everybody to calm down and remain together without getting lost. At the mention of this she squeezed up a little tighter on his head since she certainly did not want to be alone in this place or at all.

The others started talking about how they could be useful and Fran did not know if she had anything to add but would make sure to listen to everybody. One of them were giving out pieces of paper and she would try and reach out for it if the girl would hand her one. She did not know how this paper worked, but she wanted to accept any and all help that the others would give her.

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Demetri, along with the other members of Adrestia, were dragged through a teleporter and onto a dark, murky beach. He would look over to see Mercutio disappear, announcing, “BE RIGHT BACK.” The blonde would mash his hand into his forehead, realizing that he just got forced into another one of the Crimson Fucker’s games. At this point, he was not as much surprised, but mad at himself for not expecting such a trick. Ever since meeting that man, his life has been one nonstop, uphill battle. He, nor the other orphans, could catch a break.

"Until Mercutio gets back from whatever he's doing, we aren't going anywhere. This place has a way confusing your sense of direction, and anyone who wanders away from the group has a chance of being lost for good, and they would not be the first," Gjöll would say. The boy seemed serious with his warning, given his tone and the expression on his face.

The blonde didn’t know what to think of Gjöll yet. The guy appeared to be a devout follower of Mercutio, something he couldn't respect. Demetri could never forgive the man for killing his sister, nor could he see how someone would willingly follow such a person.

The girl with the masked face would offer a piece of paper to the group. She insisted it would be useful, despite how strange it sounded. The teen walked forward and would grab a corner of the peculiar paper, placing it into his pocket.

Other’s in the group would begin to chime in to the conversation, giving their input on the situation. They all agreed on staying close and not straying off until Mercutio returned, all taking Gjöll’s warning to heart.

It was then would Demetri would feel a sickening feeling, as if something was sapping his energy, “This isn’t right...” Every breath he took felt heavy and empty at the same time. There was definitely something off about this place, proving that the other boy was right with his warning. This place was dangerous.

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The little critter was a bit surprised being ushered through the door with others, since as far as he knew he was just there to drop off the patient. Leroy couldn't say it was unprecedented, however, as his crimson employer had a habit of just throwing the goose placed. Hell, that's how he got to Elysium in the first place. But all of Big Red's talk of being in Adrestia went a bit over his head, although that's not exactly saying much. The goose was half a foot shy of two feet, so a lot of things went over his little feathered head.

It wasn't exactly the greatest place to be unceremoniously dumped, the toxic air sending needles down Leroy's spine. All he had now were his own kind thoughts, a carousel of puppies, kittens and home guarding him from that cliff of despair. A feint, pink aura covered his silhouette, his alabaster feathers tinging the pastel color with each passing moment. While that hadn't ever happened before, the situation at hand was much more pertinent for the goose to worry about.

From the others' comments, they had apparently been shoved into an absolute hell hole. Perhaps this is why the party was so insistent on waiting for Mercutio, despite the strength they exuded? That, or the fact it'd be awful impolite to ditch him after saying he'd "be right back!" Apparently the land not only screwed with their senses, but it wouldn't be too hard to stumble up on some scrappin'. Guess that's why Big Red took him, Leroy thought, as a doctor's touch was invaluable in such a scenario. Although the bubbly waterfowl was the furthest possible thing from a licensed physician, having a quirk that magically healed others usually worked well enough.

With a little waddle, the goose would mosey on up to Lyra to receive his scrap of paper. Having a portable rendezvous point seemed essential to traversing the horrid hellscape, especially since it mucked with one's sense of direction. It's a shame Leroy didn't have the migrating senses of a regular goose, such an ability probably would've been a life saver.

The piece of parchment would find company in his spandex shorts, the elastic snapping back with a quiet plap! While there weren't many outfits that both fit a goose and had pockets, the tightly woven material was a perfect hidey-hole for all of the bumpkin bird's belongs. It wasn't long before the goose started to introduce himself, his tinny Southern drawl dishing out a sting similar to the Dark Continent's air. But since the group was in it for the long haul, it'd be best for everyone to know his capabilities.

"Well, I bet I oughta intrerduce myself proper. Name's Leroy, and I been healin' round 'Lissium fer a good while now. Anyone that's been sick oughta know that, 'specially if you were one-nuh dem orphans. You know that little bit uh energy that goes out each time you do a fancy little move? I can reee-plenish it. Ain't seen another person er goose that can do it. I can also do a bit of healin', but it tuckers me right out. Can't do a lick of fightin' either, but I can keep everyone up like there's two of 'em."


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Mercutio sat on the end of a ringing phone line, waiting for his dear friend to pick up his call as he spoke with Sonomi. "I'm glad you are feeling better over all, I know everything that happened was overwhelming." he said, attempting to apologies before he heard his buddy Peter pick up the phone. "Oh, hey there Space Cadet. I was hoping you weren't busy for a while... I need your hel-- oh, you've seen the bulliten. Yeah, haha, I'm catching up to you, I just don't think people understand what true Heroes like us have to do." he said to Star Lord, the World's #3 Hero.

"Peter, if I may be frank. I need your help to build up defenses fast on my island, a home I open to you kindle. I would be honored to have you as my civilian, but I need a favor cashed in for that build up process. I have supplies and workers ready to help you... and I know I have one last favor and well... I would ask you to fight beside me... I believe that Spectrum will be coming to my door step soon, and if not them, Vitality and if not them another. Will you, knowing who I truly am, fight beside me..." he asked with a soft volume to not wake up the sleeping Eizen he scooped up and put on the couch.

"I need your help more then ever." he said before looking at Sonomi and muttered quickly to her, "Erase his quirk, I am not sure what's up, but they use to be covered in Mayo and now their energies are overflowing like a boiling pot. He is nothing like who he was before, so be on guard." he said before directing his attention to his phone call with Star Lord.

"Aye! I understand. Arigato Sex Roboto." he said to a man with a bounty that dwarfed his own. Putting away his phone, he looked at Sonomi as he manipulated Kame House to take them to the Dark Continent, but checked over Eizen once more, unsure as to how he should approach him. "Before I knocked him out, I said I knew something happened when he left with Demetri, but he didn't articulate it well. I told him, I told him I could help him understand what he could do with his new potential, but it made him run white like the gross mayo he once emitted. This is a form of biological mutation I haven't heard about before... at first I assumed it was Oni but now I am not sure. I don't sense anything of Oni within him."

Kame House would reappear after a good forty-five minutes to and hour after it left and Mercutio would not be alone. To the dissatisfaction of Demetri, Eizen's pheromones would hit his nose and stir up whatever emotion was built up within them from their excursion. Mercutio was beyond surprised that both of them came back, he knew Demetri would, but he assumed sending the meat covered in mayo to a land of beasts would assuredly kill him if a miracle didn't happen, and a miracle did happen. "Demetri..." he said, floating out of Kame House with the arms of his robes tied at his waist. Bullet wounds, his destroyed arm socket, his lack of sight, he put it all on dispaly as he walked at Satoshi, grabbing him by the face and crushing him into the ground over and over again.

"YOU ARE LUCKY I LOVE YOU, YOU FUCKING MANLET." he screamed, repeating his action before spinning and chucking Satoshi into the water. "News Everyone... the crimes I committed taking the lives of your parents are no longer hidden. The World knows, but it's not because WISH wouldn't do it already... but because I crossed them. I now know that WISH has been making deals with people for years, with families and hiding their crimes because it suits them. To hell with them.." he said, pulling out his Pro Heroes Licence. "If that what being a Hero to them means, I am glad I've never called myself one." he would say, burning the license.

"People will come, and knowing the world we live in... they will try and seperate all of you, send you cross the world and try to "fix you" because they assume you are all weak, but you wouldn't be here, standing on THE AUSTRALIA with Mercutio, the 37 Million Beli Man." he said, referencing One Piece as he eyed Rosa. "I've made steps to complete my promises to you all... even you, Rosa. Didn't know you had a Dog named Smokey." he said, having done his research. "I've gotten the Mansion, your dog and your serving staff." he said to the Canadians, and began to turn to each of his members and give them a what for.

"Gjoll, you thought you'd never control the beast within you, but you do. You may thank me for this, but it was all you, all I did was help you get there."

"Sonomi, she throws hands harder then anyone I know of any size next to Lucy Marvello herself. Satoshi, he may be a dumb ass, but a loyal ass. He sure is cool now, aren't YOU! You like your 2.5 Million Bounty? You gave one to Gjoll too.. in fact, you all have a 1 Million Bounty otherwise." he added as though it was easily forgotten information. "Anyway, Lyra, you are already on your way... you were the fastest to rise up to the challenge and I don't forget that. Demetri, I don't know what happened with you and Eizen in South America, but Eizen isn't the only one who's aura has drastically changed." he listed, giving encouragement and mentioning all notables.

"Fran, you are slowly becoming the greatest assassin the world knows. All your effort has paid off, you have a bounty of 5 Cash and they think you are just a normal animal or mascot... won't they be sadly mistaken." he said, laughing softly, before turning to Mordred. "You sir, I feel I have wronged, but I hope that something that happens here can make up the wrongs I have done. I erased all I did for you in a blink from ignorance, but I can fix that." he mentioned, making another promise. "And all of your woes, qualms, concerns, all your worries, I will squash them. You may not like it, but we are the family, even if we want to kill each other half the time, we rather die by the hands of one another than to someone who doesn't respect us." he said eyeing Negan and Demetri before turning to Leeroy.

"The kindest man I know... Leeroy, Goose-guy." he said, "Are you ready to deliver kindness in ways that only a being comprised of kindness could do at all?" he asked, trying to rile them up and get them in the right head space.

"To safe guard us, and what we have left and what we have built from corrupt organizations," referencing WISH connection with the last bounty he turned ins family. "...we have to train, and push ourselves harder than ever. This isn't a simple 1v1 or fight. This is a test of mental and physical endurance. Unlike myself, people who are glory driven Heroes won't pull punches when they can." he mentioned, finishing up his speech. "You all are obliviously strong, our else you'd be in far worse condition then you are after the hour you've sat her, and nothing managed to kill you, good. This is only the first step, and the tasks don't change, they stack upon each other like the forces of gravity." he said with a smile and a snap of his fingers. While the AOE that was draining them released, a perfect manipulation of the gravitation energy within the area allowed Mercutio to mimic a gravity chamber, increasing the downward drag of gravity on them. "Now, give me 100 Push-Ups, Sit-ups and Crunches." he said with a smile, referencing more of his anime he loves, "then we will go on a "run"" he mentioned, saying run with air quotations as the ground underneath their feet began to visibly crush underneath their own weight.

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Eizen had though that, after South America, everything would go back to the way they were. He could just go back to Elysium to do whatever he needed to go and live his life as best as he could. No more interesting adventures, no more life and death situation, no large angry women with oversized hammers, no sentient gorillas, and no creepy old men in suits bestowing strange quirks onto him. Just... a quiet life.

Maybe that had been a bit too much to hope for, in all honesty.

When Eizen returned to Elysium with the blonde orphan he had originally left with, they had been confronted by Mercutio. Eizen had planned to just hose the man down with mayonnaise in a bid to irritate him or piss him off, but before he could, there was a sharp pain in the base of his neck before everything just went black. He wasn't sure of how long he was out, but he woke up on some sort of couch to see Mercutio speaking with some woman. Something about erasing his quirk? He tried to raise his hand towards the man, anger rising in his little heart, but his strength gave out alongside his vision as he passed out again.

When Eizen woke up next, it was to being essentially dumped on the ground. He picked himself up easily enough, and looking up, he could see the man and monster himself... as well as a beach? The coat he hated so much was wrapped around his waist, and even with his back turned Eizen could see a vast collection of scars complimented by a missing arm. He seemed to be occupied with yelling at someone, meaning... this was it. This was the moment that Eizen had been waiting for. If he could get in close, then maybe, just maybe, he could overload the man's senses with a particularly foul smelling brand of mayonnaise, worse then he had used in South America against the creatures there.

Standing slowly, Eizen would carefully approach Mercutio. He didn't know the man's capabilities, and he wasn't listening to what he was saying. Sure, he had to bite back the laughter that had tried to rise earlier when the Crimson Demon sent another man flying out into the sea, but beyond that, he remained focused. It was the same focus he'd held after... after the drog had left them. In his mind, Mercutio was no different then the monster that had claimed the life of their guide, only instead of a small pink being, Mercutio had killed their parents. A tad different, but irredeemable all the same.

When Eizen was confident that he was close enough, he'd rush at the Crimson man, aiming to cling to his back while covering his left side, particularly where the arm was missing, with foul mayonnaise. If he succeed, then Eizen would be confused when no mayonnaise emerged from his hand. Instead, Eizen would feel the same rush that had come to him when he had originally destroyed a wire back in South America. He'd cling to that feeling if he could make contact with Mercutio's left side, aiming to destroy the man as he had done with a wire, back when Overhaul had given him his quirk. Regardless of what happened, Eizen would also reach for the man's face, intent on calling upon that same feeling. He could feel it... this was his moment to finally avenge everyone the Crimson Demon had harmed... this was his chance to finally kill Mercutio.


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"Now, give me 100 Push-Ups, Sit-ups and Crunches." he said with a smile, referencing more of his anime he loves, "then we will go-- oh, Eize-" he went on before his shoulder was torn away in an instant and splattered across the ground... shock. His body ran white and his knees felt limp as he crumbled down. "Nani?" he muttered before getting slapped a crossed the face and the lights went out. It was literally, moments on the dark continent, not even a tick of the draining aura from Australia and the skull and bone marrow began to heal up, closing as the flesh gathered. His shoulder followed, but more came to... his left arm was reforming.

Every memory, every vision or scenario he could have gone through or for seen unveiled. It was not the future but an observation and overview. It was profound, but it was then that Mercutio knew his time had come... he just never thought it would be like this. For fractions of seconds in reality, Mercutio drifted for years; decades turned quickly to centuries and crying began to fill his time. It wasn't until a memory of Gavin faded past him, and Gavin came to Mercutio.

"Eh, you bloody fuck. Get up and be the proud ass you usually are." was said, a common uttered phrase when Mercutio began to second guess himself, but this time it went a bit further and the memory broke away. Be it his deteriorating mind, inception or a vision he didn't know. "You just need to keep showing those kids you will do them right, you wank." he said before disappearing again and like that.. Mercutio opened his eyes to see the gloomy skies of the Dark Continent and his left hand gripped the earth as crimson began to burn around him, shooting out in all direction nearly 200 meters. In a flash Mercutio gripped the ground and flung himself at Eizen. "YOU" he would say, grabbing Eizen as everyone around them within the aura would feel relief from the burning of the Dark Continent.

A bear hug would engulf Eizen as Mercutio choked off tears, "You... you have given me something, I've wanted back for so long; and I have never felt better in my life. I actually can move my legs without my quirk... my arm, I guess I can take this back... I'll need it." he rambled for a bit before focusing, holding Eizen on the ground by his wrists. "I've read about something like this, something from Oni's documents I found on this very island. Mordred, come here... I... think I am about to either kill you or fulfill my promise to you about your tail." Mercutio said, addressing it casually.

"If I am correct... we will never need to worry about being sick or dying of disease ever... Goose-guy, you could have the greatest medical...-" he ranted, pushing Eizen a bit forward towards Mordred. "Hit him, hit him with what you did me across the mid section of his spine."

Mercutio wasn't 100% sure, but he thought Mordred's body may be strong enough as Mercutio's was, after all he took the same beating.

A letter would arrive at Warden Crawford's desk from Mercutio himself. The context read, "WISH is burning me like they abandoned you... I don't know if you are aware, sir... but go to the base level of your Prison, their is a hidden keypad behind the stair case to open another set of stairs. At the base you will enter a giant chamber with a mssive, Gian-sized door. If you value your life, you will trust me and not open it. Allow me to come to D.C and not only show you the truth behind that door, but have you join me in the fight against the organization that abandoned you.

The reason they left America was because the man that was elected, that they allowed to be elected, is known as Kull, leader of the Dragon's Horde. Help prove my innocence and I can grant you land, safety and a life free of WISH. Below our my coordinates and my phone number.
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The following EP's have been removed and points refunded to Mercutio due to his eyesight and limbs returning:
-Crimson Observation (2EP): Users sensing and ranged is doubled and can see the body signatures of those around him visually. Honing his natural ability, he made it possible for him to perceive people and all energy in general with a color and feeling. (Allows the user to see through obstructions that would impair eyesight.)
-Cost of Bias (4EP): Similar to when his quirk first truly awoke from his car crash, Mercutio's trauma from the Dark Continent pushed his Crimson Soul further and helped perfect his Crimson Observation. His body was weakened by the loss of his arm, and his Soul compensated his loss with new strength and nimble mobility. He learned his Crimson Observation was actually being impaired by his eye sight. Both his body, spirit and mind were more in-tune without the distractions sight and the humbling of physical loss.

Please link to this post in "Gains and Losses"

Starlord favor approved for five Elysium threads, to be controlled by a staff member, or Reggie depending on circumstance and discretion.

The ground began to shake as everyone was silent in shock as the sounds of grinding stone against stone filled the air. Sand ran away quickly from a single pin-point of the beach as the shaking surfaced a rock, but that rock began to reveal itself more and more and after the shake stopped, a small shack was there, drudged up from the pit-less sands of the Dark Continent.
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With everyone coming out one after another, she just nodded towards them as they took their slivers of paper. Sighing to outloud as the manlet decided to be a bit snarky with his neat comment, she couldn't help but add on, "Yeah, pretty fuckin' neat, especially when you don't know where the hell you are." Though despite being irritated by his comment, she was at least happy that everyone decided to take her words to heart and take a portion. The masked woman even ripped off a piece and handed it to the stuffed animal and had to swallow down a sneer while handing the goose her paper. And holy shit was this Leeroy's accent just a sharpened cheese grater slicing up her own ears.

During the small amount of time the group was already on the Dark Continent, Lyra had been moving about, making sure to leave a paper trail to always lead her back to the meetup point. It felt dreadfully long as she had not even wanted to bother messing with these people, as some of them had an air of superiority to them that just sickened her. Thankfully the quiet tedium was broken as Mercutio arrived with more people at his side, specifically an unconscious kid. Probably another one of the Orphan hopefuls or some bullshit Lyra really didn't know or care for. Then what could only be described as an intensely Loony moment occurred with the blind man immediately going to the manlet she snarked out, and quite literally smashed him around like a god damn ragdoll. She couldn't help but snicker and laugh at the display, as this was just a bit too goofy for her own tastes.

Once done with his actions, the news struck hard. Mercutio was now a wanted criminal and decided to burn up his hero license. Biting the inside of her own lips, Lyra was trying her best to keep a neutral expression as this was already starting to sound like a god damn chaotic mess. Then the thirty seven million dollar bomb dropped, as Lyra's jaw dropped a little while speaking quietly, "ooooh shit."

Wait, the manlet also had a bounty... And Gjoll... ALL OF THEM!? Lyra's eyes widened as her posture slouched heavily, her form shaking as this was quite possibly the most infuriating thing she had ever heard. Her hands were gesturing bloody murder as her fingers twitched and twiddle every which way, even making a couple attempts to strangle the air in front of her as almost noiseless sounds escaped her lips, as the paranoid paper master could only gesticulate her own madness. She heard the compliment given to her by Mercutio, nodding very rapidly as she put a fist up to the front of her mask-mouth, and then holding up her other hand with her index finger pointed up to the sky, as she needed a god damn moment.

Spinning around on her heels, she started to walk away once more, using all of the paper on her body to create a 50 sheet long trail away from the main group, as she was keeping in mind of how the Dark Continent messed with everyone's direction. And as soon as she was as far as possible, she let out a scream of bloody murder for a solid five seconds at least. Letting out this wail of frustration as things can never, EVER go in her direction for once. Every time she thought she was taking a step forward, a chain appears out of nowhere to drag her fifteen steps back.

Returning back to the group while recollecting her paper, she muttered out loud, "I'm better now. ... fuck." Cursing silently and boldly to herself, the Paper Master herself did not know how to react to this in the slightest. Just listening as Mercutio attempted to stroke everyone's ego, as she was on the edge of losing her god damn mind. Realization striking her as nowhere in this world was safe for her. She was saved and damned by this Crimson Fucker, and she had no idea what the hell to do. Well, other than to soldier on, she supposed.

Soon it came to the reason why they were here, which was to train as Mercutio mentioned then and now. Giving the red bastard a bit of a deadpan look as to how they would grow from just being here in the first place, she could feel the world push down against her, almost causing her to fall face first into the ground. Catching by using her knees to stop the falling sensation, they were all supposed to legitimately train like actual, normal people. Sighing as she put her hands on the ground, about to start the training regimen in hell, her eyes caught sight of the boy Mercutio brought spring to life and charge at the red man. Lyra could have said something to warn Crimson Jesus, but her feelings about him were iffy at best right now, so she just waited to see what happens.


"The fuck?" Lyra could only say as she quite literally saw literal portions of Mercutio's body fadeout of existence, deconstructed into biomatter bits splattered across the sand. "I... Is he dea-" Before the words could leave her mouth, the kneeling user of the Crimson Soul's body started to return back, and then some. His head returned on his body looking much cleaner and nicer than it had previously, even his eyes looked as if it could see the light again. His scars completely gone, but another interesting discovery was the armless socket being regenerated into a full-blown limb. Frozen due to shock, Lyra gave Eizen a intrigued look as she wondered what in the fuck he was able to do.

Mercutio practically almost died and gone to heaven with how he reacted to Eizen's attempt to murder him, given him love and praise, even giving the information that he was not able to even walk without using his quirk. Another thing that this boy fixed that the Paper Woman hadn't even known about. Upon looking at the two of them, a thought rang through her head which correlated with her new Paper Power. Pushing through the power of the gravity pushing down upon, Lyra made it to her feet as she straggled towards Mercutio and Eizen, overhearing that they were about to perform another experiment with the boy's new power.

Holding out the torn piece of paper, she spoke to the both of them, her mind distracted as Eizen's new party trick heavily intrigued her to a huge degree. "Both of you... Take a piece. When held.... You can feel a pull towards my location... And... er, uhm. Yeah, anywhere I'm at, the paper will tug in my direction." Holding out the paper, Mercutio would probably be able to sense a residual trace of his own energy laced with the paper. It was only a percent of a fraction of Mercutio's own energy, but he should be able to recognize its own influence, especially since everyone who took a scrap had a bit of that very same trace of energy.

Taking a deep breath, she didn't care at this point as she could feel her lips practically burn at the idea. Even her speech was scatterbrained, as her thoughts were on a possibility of a chance of a miracle occurring, something similar to what Mercutio went through because of Eizen. Kneeling down to the smaller blonde kid, Lyra would use one of her fingers to slip the mask off of her face, showing the ghastly scars that she had always hidden away. This would even be the first time their Crimson Captor saw Lyra's lip scars, as the young woman would ask Eizen, with a mixture of uncomfortability and pleadingness tinging her own voice, "C... Can you do... What you did on Merc? On me? p... pleas-se?"

Posted Image

This could be her only chance to rid herself of this constant reminder, this constant wound that haunted her ever since she was but a child.

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