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UA Sports Fest: Spectator Stands
Topic Started: Mar 3 2018, 03:58 AM (1,652 Views)
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The time had come once more, the opportunity for the first years to show what they were made of in front of the pro heroes of the world! This was an event that was do or die, and one that would either leave the children scarred or stronger than ever, there being little in between. But while this was on the minds of students, and undoubtedly their parents, there was something else on the mind of the public: the opening fireworks display! A combination of those with fire, flight and generally colorful quirks worked in tandem to get the balls of light into the air and give the people something to really see. While this was a definite test of strength and skill, it was also a celebration of UA's students and a way for the public to take their minds off the world's troubles for a moment and have some fun.

The Venue

With this in mind, the school's principal Jayden Yamada knew he'd have to bring his A-Game to wow the crowds. There were, as always, things to trouble the world he needed to distract them from: The ever continuing war in New Zealand, Africa's troubled political status and even explosions going off in Tokyo's very own backyard. Knowing what lay ahead of him, the giant of a man swallowed hard and cleared his throat, taking the microphone from a stage hand before his trap door opened. The crowd cheered wildly as the principal emerged from beneath a stage in the center, smoke coming from beneath as he wore a giant grin on his face, hoping to spread some enthusiasm before his speech even began.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the UA SPORTS FESTIVAL!" The crowd of thousands there and many more at home went ballistic, the air electric as a second blast of fireworks went off, the school aiming to make something special of this year and going beyond as always to show the people worldwide a thrilling time. Waiting until the crowd had died down to an acceptable level, Jayden continued, "Like every year, our students have been hard at work, getting ready to show their stuff like never before! We won't keep them and you waiting for long, but it's important to understand that their work goes beyond here! These fledgling fighters will continue to fight tooth and nail, both at UA and in our world! With that in mind, we figured it time to expand our roster of instructors, and who better to teach them than someone who has been saving people near all his life?! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome..."

A man whose own shadow feared him to death slowly rose out of a spot next to Jayden, and seemed to continue rising, his form slowly dwarfing the colossal Jayden both vertically and horizontally. Wearing a scowl that could, and probably had, kill(ed) the crowd grew somewhat quieter, uproarious cheers turning slightly confused.

"General Incredible!" While Jayden's voice did bring some enthusiasm to the table, the crowd took a bit of time to get into the man whose nostril flaring was being picked up by the microphone two feet away from him. Pushing on through, Jayden declared, "The General's taking some time off from the army to come here and teach at UA! While being brought on to teach our secondary Third Year class, we thought it best for everyone to get a taste of the man before classes to ease you into his personality!" With the joke getting a few laughs, Jayden decided to press his luck, directing the microphone towards the general and asking, "Any words for this year's students, Mr. Savage?"

Gripping the mic with a hand that could block out the sun, there was a near instant feedback loop as the man opened his mouth and unleashed hell. "You pathetic, poultry, pansy-plated peanuts think a year will save you from me?! Time itself would run screaming when it sees what I'll put any failures through! I swear, a single slip up at this event, and not a single power that exists will keep me from grabbing hold of your spine and..." The giant's voice slowly grew softer as his platform was lowered, the man still going on beneath the stage as Jaydenw as handed a new mic.

"Something to keep in mind when you need a kick of energy during the events! But we've kept you waiting long enough! Please welcome UA's first years!" With the principal having resumed control, the crowd went nuts again, anxious to see what these first years were capable of, and how they would change the world....


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The atmosphere here couldn't be more intense.
Jun shouldered his way through the stands, ducking through crowds of people already excited, loud chattering filling his ears. He slid into his seat, resisting the urge to tuck one foot up on the chair- poor manners in public probably wasn't the best way to go at such a prestigious event. Hell, he could see actual pro heroes down there, some surely scouting for future employees while others relaxed in their seats, ready to urge on family.

If he kept going this way, he would be down on that field in a year's time. The idea was kind of terrifying, and he felt like even being here now was a heinous betrayal of the charged aura around him. So much passion, so much ambition, so much hard work had gone into this by the students a year his senior. And here he was, wanting to follow in their footsteps for no better reason than why not?

He supposed it would have to do for now, and he leaned back into his seat, trusting his hood to keep the sun off his already painfully dry and cracked skin. The arena was huge, and if he was lucky the path of the sun would afford him some shade as the day went on.
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"Well... I guess that's one way to treat your students..." she stated out loud in her natural Japanese from the top of the stadium, having made her way to the top to get a view of the entire stadium. This was Calista's first time being in Japan for the Sports Festival and she wanted to get the best view of everything she could. Had she decided to be a hero several years earlier she may have been one of the students out there on the field at that moment.

With her two quirks she probably would of had a good chance in such a situation, more than one way of combat made it much easier for her to find openings after all. The former US Presidential Candidate looked out over the crowd, surveying it out of curiosity. The number of quirks that were easy to spot among the many in attendance made her smile a little. Their world was so varied, it always brought a smile to her face to see so many just getting along.

She cocked her hip a little, placing a hand on her hip as she fiddled with the cord to the old set of headphones sitting on her neck, the girl tilting her head a little as she watched the students enter. She should probably find a seat, she was kind of just standing there after all. It wasn't like she didn't mind standing, she could always just lighten herself a little with her quirk if she wanted to take a load off her feet after all.

She streched her arms up, letting out a sigh of content escape her as loud as she wanted. "Ahhhh, this weather is so much nicer than Nashville this time of year. It's so hot back home~" she chimed, enjoying the light breeze in the air as well. Maybe she'd walk the city after the event was over, she had nothing to do after the Sports Festival after all.
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Yes! The moment Ikazu had been waiting for the whole year -- the U.A. Sports Festival! He was still a little upset he hadn't been able to sign up for the Entrance Exams this year on time and that he wasn't out there on the field with Chika, one of his friends, but he supposed he did owe it to her to her to at least show his metal face at the field to cheer her on!

The tall metal robot was certainly a sight to see, standing out from the sea of faces that was currently swallowing the arena whole. More than one person mistook him for a Pro Hero, asking who he was, only for him to explain he wasn't one and that his body was more like a highly advanced prosthetic. It didn't help that it had the WISH logo painted onto the shoulder. Proof that they, in a sense, owned him.

Not a fun topic to think about. Until Ikazu could afford to build his own body, he was subject to the whims of WISH. Thankfully they seemed happy leaving him well enough alone, provided he wasn't causing trouble. Trouble, however, was the thing he exactly wasn't here for. Taking a seat near the center of the row of seats he was in, situated nearby a particular red-head with boots. A cute one, to be sure, but not who he was here to see.

Placing his hand atop his phone once Chika was on the field, he'd blow up her phone with a ton of overly excited text messages that read as such:

with a few pictures of his own actual face in various excited expressions.

He really was hyped about the whole thing.

"I'LL BE HERE IN THE STANDS CHEERING YOU ON CHIKA! YOU GOT THIS!!!! SHOW THE WORLD WHAT SYNAPSE CAN DO!!... actually did you ever keep that name? IDK what you want your Hero Name to be or not sooooooooooooo"

However, to an outsider, it was just a guy with a hand on his phone, sitting rather silently. The perk of being able to send text messages by thought.
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Wondering the stands a boy with bright orange hair in a classic UA gym suit, much like the students participating in the festival themselves were wearing, could be seen. The only real difference between him and the first years was the little tag on his breast that said security. He was taking the passage of rite of many second year students and had volunteered to be part of the security for UA. And now he was regretting it with every single fiber of his being. How had he done this. Why had he done this?? Their teacher had just made it sound so normal that it didn't seem like a big deal, but now he was realizing it was a HUGE deal. ...What if something happens, I'm going to be expected to do something about it... Jace was now walking around the spectators, muttering quietly to himself like every stereotypical crazy person, worrying to himself. But as the walking started to clear his head, he realized he had never heard of anything ever happening at the Festival that would require security. It had never been on the news, it had never happened when he was here, heck it never happened when he was in the festival.

And much like when he was in the festival, two familiar faces appeared, the Principal whom he'd always been fond of and....General Incredible. The man who was a large part of the reason his festival experience had been a nightmare, attacking him and destroying his and the rest of his friends mode of transportation. Asshole He didn't even mutter it under his breath as he passed the center of the stands, and watched with some satisfaction as General Incredible sunk to the depths where he belonged.

This time Jace took a more relaxing approach as he watched the students come onto the field. And lo and behold, no trap doors either! Lucky. He didn't actually know any of his juniors, he'd been far to busy with everything that happened to him and his own studies to meet them, but it was nice to watch and learn about them. Unfortunately, while watching and learning, he didnt stop walking. And as he wasn't watching where he was going, he walked right into a red headed girl who had decided not to take a seat. Falling backwards, Jace landed with an 'oomph', rubbing his back side in pain. At first assuming he hit the end of the stands, he instead looked up to see the girl he walked into, and panic struck. Ohmanohmanohman are you alright?! H-here, uhmm, l-let me h-help you!! Jace was terrified, if word got out that he'd hurt a citizen while on patrol he would be in detention for his entire third year! He'd rush over, both to make sure the girl wasn't hurt and to help her up.
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“Oh boy!! Waiting in line since 5am sure was worth it!” A cheery voice declared, emanating from a blonde-haired bunny girl eagerly standing at her seat on one of the front-most rows available on the main stretch of arena. Felicity was beaming her characteristic wide smile, and her chocolate brown eyes were eagerly drinking in all of the sights that were on offer. There was U.A.’s Principal giving an announcement, the other seats around her, all of the bright colours and intricacies of the arena itself, and not to mention the students that started to enter and make their appearance!!
Felicity's Outfit

In spite of being tall and not really needing to stretch any further to see, she got up on her tiptoes and strained to look down, eyes darting around from figure to figure, searching for the one she was here to see.

It didn’t take long before she saw a familiar head of blond hair emerge from the entrance where everybody was entering, and she punched the air with so much vigour that it almost knocked her floppy sunhat off her head. “HEYYYY!! MIKI!!! GOOD LUCK OUT THERE, I’LL BE ROOTIN’ FER YA!!” She cheered with all of her might, cupping her hands around her mouth to make her voice travel further.

After screaming and shouting and just generally being excited to see her super duper close friend in his natural habitat, in that super cool U.A. gym uniform, she simply stood up on the spot with hands clenched tightly into excited fists and the biggest, dumbest smile painting her whole face. Oftentimes when people smiled, the expression didn’t fully reach their eyes. In Flic’s case, her happiness was so positively wholesome and true that it seemed to radiate from her, in her gestured and overall expression, and it was very real.

She had been looking forward to coming and supporting Mikhail ever since he got into U.A. Academy, when they first met and she started producing gadgets for him. From that day onwards, she cheered him on with everything he did, and whenever he talked about his schooling and classes and activities, she listened on tender-hooks with excitement gleaming in her eyes and sheer enthusiasm that he was enjoying what he was doing. He was pursuing his ambitions! And she was unbelievably happy with that fact, because she only ever wanted the absolute best for her friends and everybody she felt close to.

In this case, she had been feeling this closeness to him with a great vengeance with the past couple of months. And it was something that she had been having to work through very much as it came, because she had never felt it before. The more she thought about it in detail, the more she faced confusion due to a lack of reference with anything else she had felt before. Slowly, it started to make sense; thanks to beginning to think about it as something similar to what she saw in certain films, and read about with some novels on her tablet.

It was something she could face after giving her all to support him; she promised herself!!
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Calista felt the impact, of course she felt the impact. Who wouldn't if someone just randomly walked into you when you were clearly standing not too far behind the stands. Were people blind or was this just some kid not paying attention? None the less the girl blinked a few times, activating one of her quirks within moments to catch herself on whoever had ran into her, figuring they were more steady than herself.

What she didn't expect was her lean to go beyond what was stable. "KYA!" The light shriek of surprise escaped her much louder than she would of liked, but it was suitable for the surprise she just had. Instead of landing on the ground she blinked, feeling someone bellow her. How had they fallen over too? She was small, sure sturdy thanks to her quirk but small.

She would lay there on top of wherever it was for a moment, her face buried in their stomach, noting it's firmness before she shook off the shock, quickly pushing herself into a sitting position, shaking her head a bit as she tried to shake off the slight daze from the overall situation."Fua..." she huffed lightly, looking up at the other person who was now standing, blinking a few times up at him.

He looked pretty fit as far as she could tell, which would explain the firmness of his stomach. Was it because she hadn't been sitting that he ran into her? She hated to sit though which made the situation a little annoying to the girl's quickly thinking mind "Chi chi chi... Was I in your way? Gomenasai~" She gave the boy a small, friendly smile and took his hand, pulling herself up with a light gu escaping her.
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"KYA!" The sound of the girl screaming when Jace walked into her put every nerve on end as his panic reached whole new levels. He was absolutely terrified that he'd given her some type of egregious injury from his clumsiness, which would mean that it was his fault. While the UA nurse would be able yo heal it, he would still almost certainly be in a TON of trouble for breaking some poor girls arm. But as he started to push himself off the ground and looked up, he would the girls scream was not from falling backwards onto the ground, but insteading heading towards him. Before he even had a chance to question the physics of this, she was literally right on top of him.

The girl hit his stomach, and knocked him back onto the ground, though this time with a cough as the air was knocked out of his lungs for a moment. Groaning as he found himself sprawled out for a second time, he would open his eyes to see the short haired, red headed girl nestled onto his abdoman face first, and his brain would all but visibly shut down. Ah.....ah......ah.....ah.... Several strange sounds would come from him, including small squeaks but nothing that resembled words as his face turned redder than his hair. His mouth was wide open as he stared at the girl in a confused terror, not having prepared for or having any idea what exactly to do in this situation. So he just kept making dumb flabbergasted sounds as the girl managed to get into a sitting position on her own. N-No...No problem... When she started talking to him slowly he managed to form words, though at the decibel they were at it might be easier for a bat to decipher exactly what he was saying than the girl. As security he probably should be asking that she be seated, but that would require an actual presence of mind, and right now Jace was busy relearning how to make words. I-It was m-my bad...A-Are you ok? He at least remembered to check to see if the girl was alright, and slowly he seemed to be reaching at least functioning levels as he got up and helped the girl up while once again trying to see how she was.
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"I-I hope I look alright..." Sweaty and shaky hands would move across her outfit to adjust it ever-so-slightly, Kyou's voice meek as ever as she waited for Jackson to meet her. She'd told him the location- the food stall just outside the spectator's doors- and she had stood patiently as butterflies fluttered about in her stomach. It wasn't a date, and she made sure that he knew as to not make him uncomfortable, but her face was flushed with a pink hue as the stall attendant kept her company in awkward silence. Yet, it wasn't awkward for her. She was in her own head the entire time, asking questions that wouldn't have mattered on a normal day.

What if my hair isn't shiny enough? Do I smell nice? Is my breath still minty fresh?

The thoughts would have driven any person to insanity, but not Kyou. Not when her mind was caught in the idea of seeing that familiar ginger.

Once he would finally come into view, her glasses would almost instantaneously steam up. The sweaty girl would quickly try to scrub them clean before he got closer, but she was in a panic trying to figure out what to wipe it on. A mint green dress and coral cardigan were adorning her chubby body, but she didn't want to ruin her appearance with a minor inconvenience such as this!

She chose to air dry them by flailing them around in the air before promptly returning them to her face, gulping before she'd speak up to Jackson,"I-It's good to s-see you! Y-Y-You look nice today!" A formal bow would follow, and she'd try her best to smile through the glasses that were now fogging up once more. Visibly embarrassed by it, she'd try to shoo him away as fast as she could,"Y-You should g-go find us seats! I-I'll get re-refreshments!" Kyou would go around to his back, pushing on him to go through the door. The height difference couldn't go unnoticed by her, but her attention went straight to the toned muscles on his back.

If her attempt was successful, a wildfire would burn across her cheeks as she stood dumbfounded in the wide doorway. Had it always been that firm? No, no it wasn't the time to be thinking about it! Dabbing the sweat growing on her brow with her hand, she'd order a supersized cherry slushie like the year before and walk into the stands. If Jackson had humored her, she'd make her way over and sit down, obviously careful to keep her panties out of his view. Her slushie would sit in between her legs, a single straw peeking out of the lid...

"WHIIIITE-CHAAAAN~!" The prince's waved his tiny white flag overhead proudly as his other hand cupped around his mouth to cheer on his princess. Haru was covered, head to toe, in custom clothing that was meant to push the darling girl he'd set his eyes on towards victory! A headband and t-shirt, both with the words 'Go! Go! White-chan!' emblazoned across it would stick out like a sore thumb comparatively to his shorter companion, Hisoka, who had refused to stand from her seat. She covered half of her face with one hand, an embarrassed flush painted across it,"Please sit down, Haru. You're making a fool out of yourself." It was true that he was turning heads, but the girl he didn't know the name of had to know that he cared! The face that had enchanted him since the start appeared on the screen, her name finally being etched into his mind as he read it aloud to himself,"Kaonajimi Hinagiku..." A smile would tug at his lips the whole time, his heart beginning to beat faster with each syllable that his mouth formed.

It had been months since they saw each other, yes, but that didn't stop him from coming to see her perform. The excitement to watch her today was a slow build-up, and the proud grin that stretched across his face was unmistakable. Haru just had to hope that she'd give him the time of day after everything was said and done.

Matter of fact, he couldn't hold it in any longer,"KAONAJIMI-CHAN! LET ME TAKE YOU OUT TO DINNER!" Haru, not seeing anything wrong with this approach, would yell towards the white-haired girl. All of the feelings, though mere attraction, had boiled over at that moment. It was embarrassing to watch and not romantic in the slightest, but the prince hoped for the best regardless!

Sumiye hadn't expected today to become this.

Yes, attending the Sports Festival to see the upcoming U.A. talent was part of her day. She'd worn casual and lightweight clothing, tied her hair in a high ponytail, and planned the day out with her brother. It had been too long since the two had done anything fun, especially with how busy he'd been with medical school. The last thing Sumiye wanted was to grow distant with her dear sibling, however, and almost demanded the free time together.

With a quick stop at the food stall and a polite command for her brother to find seats, the youngest Suo had walked through the entrance to the stands, snack in hand, to relive the turning point of her heroic career.

And yet, seeing a girl on top of Jace was something that she hadn't planned,"J-Jace?!" Her eyes would widen at the sight, but she quickly looked away. A red flush peaked on her cheeks, but she shook it off,"I saw nothing!" With a bow, she'd make it up to the seat next to Shinjiro. Whatever it was that she'd walked in on, it wasn't her business to interject. Though she tried her best to munch on the chocolate covered almonds from the food stall and wait for the event to start, her eyes would occasionally glance towards the orange-haired boy curiously. She would recognize very few faces on the screen, but the idiot from the Aquarium, named Mortimer Greenweaver, would stand out. Though she didn't want to cheer for him, he was the only one she recognized.

No, Sumiye would pick one at random! It was the only way.
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Jackson was... tense, if he could pick out a proper word for it. There were probably many factors in the background that lead to all this: school ending, his license status up in the air, the simple act of graduation around the corner, the frustration of his strength progress having come to a slow crawl. All factors that played into the teen's anxiety, as he neared the concessions, arms crossed and sweating something fierce as he tapped his finger on his right bicep. Perhaps one could even consider the boy nervous for his kouhai at the event, but in truth there were very few he knew, and had more come to the event to... well, enjoy it as an event. The last time he'd done something like that, there was an assassin and a pop star's life in danger, so one could only guess how today would turn out.

The true reason the teen was abhorrently flustered at that time was because of whom he was about to see: Kyou. Their last meeting had been rather... personal, Jackson struggling to find the social handbook of how to interact around someone you fell onto, were forced into a kiss with then threatened their best friend with scorching on the spot. The rest of the sleepover had been far less eventful, and saw the boy simply getting to hang out with Kimi and Kyou, what had been a nice time overall. This, however, was different.

Kyou had stated this event was in no way a date a few too many times, even for her skittish nature. When it honestly came down to it, this was a boy and a girl getting food at a public place with the intent of hanging out with each other, he struggled to see it as anything otherwise. Still, he supposed he was at least dressed for a casual occasion, having put on a simple black, short sleeve shirt, jeans and some sneakers. The fact that Jackson really only bought exercise gear for his ever expanding body left most of the older clothing almost gripping his skin as a rather unfortunate result.

Jackson took a moment to recognize the smaller girl in her casual outfit, only really gaining his eye once he realized there was someone blushing and staring at him, sending the teen into his own blush as he rolled his eyes. After all, she'd said this wasn't even a date. This wasn't helped by the fact that the closer he got, the more she seemed keen to join air traffic control, waving around her spectacles like they were a flail. With the girl having been gifted sight again, she would find Jackson with a minor tinge to his cheeks as he looked her way, open to his mouth when she complimented and greeted him.

The teen's eyes popped up a bit in their sockets, the red spreading as his right claw moved to scratch his neck, saying, "Oi, oi, that's supposed to be mine line isn't it?" Jackson said, attempting to ease the social burden at least a bit. Trying to meet her eyes again, the teen continued, "But yeah, it is nice to meet again. I was wondering if we could... you know... talk about wha-"

Kyou was off like a rocket, telling him to get seats while she got refreshments, placing her small hands on the teen's back and sending him into a sudden shock as he suddenly felt like a mouse was leading him around. Out the doors and into the stands, Jackson stood there a moment before sighing and scratching the back of his neck, thinking perhaps his question would have to wait till another time.

Walking along, Jackson spotted a flurry of motion from a few second years he recognized, some sort of kerfuffle involving a blonde kid he saw go down. Fortunately, he wasn't security this year, meaning it wasn't his problem, but it did leave him distracted enough to accidentally touch shoulders with a rabbit girl. The ginger was quick to raise his hands and apologize with, "Sorry... um... getting used to my size..." A fantastic new blush on his cheeks as he played the context-less, utterly strange line back in his head, rushing off to find two free seats.

Parking it in a decently empty area, the ginger was glad to see Kyou make it to the spot he'd chosen, though she seemed to shuffle a bit around him. This was a given, he supposed, after where they stood relationship-wise. Jackson cleared his throat after a short pause, having grown comfortable to lean on the railing before him as he said, "There's a lot of excitement from the stands this year, especially from General Incredible. Seemed like someone I could have gotten along with, but I probably would have been scared dead of him if I was in first year. From this bunch though, the bat kid looks like someone fun to cheer on... and I think I know the girl with the white hair..." Daring to look back up, the boy moved his eyes towards Kyou, asking, "Weird to see people in UA you knew from before, huh? You got anyone you aiming to cheer for?"
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The girl blinked a few times, the thoughts of teasing the obviously flustered teenager interrupted when she heard the shout; violet eyes glancing around the boy with the nice abs to see a girl covering her face, Calist instantly cluing in on what happened. "Eeeeeeee? Ichichichichichiii! It's not what it looks like!" she called out as the girl started walking by. She closed her eyes, her arms staying straight as she moved them back and fourth in frustration for a few seconds. Was she acting her own age? Not really, it wasn't like her fame meant anything in Japan after all, she could just be herself and not be seen as a former presidential candidate.

She needed to explain things, but how could she explain things?

What had happened was so random compared to what she had expected that she didn't know what to think at that point. She had just been basically pulled down on top of him by one of her own quirks betraying her. "Oi, say something Abs. The only reason I ended up on top of you in the first place is because you ran into me. I wouldn't of fallen if you hadn't, I was trying to catch myself with one of my quirks after all."

A light pout crossed the red headed singers features. "Kaaaa, and I was just going to tease you about how cute your fluster was too." That was the most frustrating part to the girl, he had been quite cute when he was trying to find the words to use. The stuttering was cute and endearing, then the other girl interrupted her thoughts. Then her mind clicked on what name had been used, the girl pausing and blinking a few times

"Eh? Jeisu?" she commented, letting the name roll of the tongue with the Japanese accent that came naturally to her after so many years around her grandparents and mother. "That... is not a Japanese name..." she looked down at his uniform, her eyes glancing back down at the field and back at the boy. "I... Uwaaa! Are you actually a student?!?! That's so cool!"
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Jace had been too preoccupied with the girl on top of him to notice a familiar faces approach, but as the red headed girl got off him he heard her say his name in almost as much shock as he himself had been in when it happened. He wouldn't turn to the brightest girl in all the land immediately, instead at first his face would slowly grow in horror as a terrified squeak would become progressively louder. The girl he admired, the girl he had been in class with since the very beginning, the girl who always looked out for him had just walked in on a girl lying on top of him. It was the equivalent of a big sister walking in on this moment, and she reacted exactly as one would have, walking away while proclaiming to have seen nothing. N-N-No Sumiye, it-I-she, uh, its not, umm...I-I was just...Doing my job? Several explanations came to mind as he panickedly tried to explain to the girl, and in that panic he managed to use all of them in non-sequitor, becoming a rambling mess.

As he looked around more in the stands while trying his best to explain to Sumiye he is not a pervert, hoping not to see more familiar faces, he of course found one. And of course, he also happened to look his way, and Jaces terrified eyes met his. It was his fellow orange haired upperclassman and technically sensei, Jackson. While he hadn't seen the boy since he subbed as a teacher in his class, Jace still vividly remembered everything that had happened then. Which meant Jace was close to tears now as another person he respected was seeing him as he looked like he was with a girl in public, while representing UA no less. And unlike Sumiye, he couldn't really defend himself here. This day was turning worse and worse. And right when he was feeling helpless, the girl turned on him as well, accusing him of being at fault while also admitting outright she used her despite it being against the law. I-I-I didn't...I mean..Wha? I wasn't..I was just... He really didn't know what to say, and found himself stuttering in front of her attacks. It was only made worse when she outright admitted she wanted to tease him as well. The blush that followed this blunt admission was almost as bad as when she had been on top of him, and once again seemed at a loss for words. Y-You were...Uh...Uhm...T-Tease?...Uh... This girl was the most forthright person he'd ever met, she didn't seem at all ashamed of any of her actions or motivations.

Thankfully the girl at least temporarily moved on, allowing Jace to burn red in silence. She seemed more interested on playing with his name, repeating it several times in a thick accent that he had gotten used to hearing by now. He did blink in surprise as the girl started to gush over his uniform however, not realizing she had been unaware of his status. Uh-Uhm..Uh, y-yeah... He'd point to the tag that said security. S-Second year... He'd look out into the field as he had before this mess started. The activities had just begun now, and it seemed that the first activity was a maze. Though it also seemed far hsrsher than when he'd done this, they were cutting out the entire group that didn't finish first. So harsh... As he thought of the increased stakes, at least some of the students seemed ok with it, with one even calling it a slam dunk. He wish he'd been that confident when he'd been in the festival.
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The introductions to Sports Festivals sure were short, the bunny girl thought to herself as she watched Mikhail enter the arena before being whisked off into the first round. After a brief disgruntlement about the lack of parading of her close friend in front of the rest of the world, she was back to beaming delightedly as she finally plonked her cotton-tailed buttocks on her seat. In spite of now sitting down, Flic stayed on the absolute edge of her seat while she watched the various screens around the arena light up as they revealed what the First Years were going into…

“Pinball!!” She exclaimed, snapping her fingers and pointing outwards straight at the arena. She had played on many a pinball game in her youth, and she could easily recognise the sorts of aesthetics that were present in the dark maze that presented itself to the students.

It took every ounce of self-control to not leap right out of her seat as she watched the cameras rapidly tilt, alongside watching the physical maze mimic this movement. When the camera righted itself, she kept her chocolate brown eyes peeled for the group that Mikhail had been sorted into. She had only paying a small semblance of attention to what the rules and objectives of this round were, because she was so busy trying to keep track of where the Russian boy was. She finally located the screens displaying his group, and she settled back in her seat a little after receiving some puzzled glances around her.

Golly, she was hyperactive; even more than usual!

She balled her hands into excitable fists, eye practically sparkling as she waited for the start of the event. “You got this Miki!! Show ‘em what yer made of!” Unsure if she could be heard from her position in the stands, she made sure to holler extra loud so that Mikhail could hear her. All she really seemed to do was have more people start staring at her in a disgruntled manner, due to the huge volume she suddenly projected while so much was happening.

Whoops… she had better tone it down somewhat. Felicity lowered her hands and instead went rummaging inside of her pink bunny motif backpack, sat in front of her feet. From this holding device, she pulled out a small heart-shaped Tupperware box filled with delightful carrot sticks. She started drooling at the thought of the crunchy vegetable in her mouth, and she was quick to start snacking; half out of real hunger, and half due to the overwhelming nerves she was feeling in regard to watching Mikhail. It was completely lost on her that she was (very obviously) a bunny girl and now munching through carrot sticks, and her focus remained entirely on the high-tech screens which displayed her friend’s group of students embarking through the maze.

He was super smart, so she had every confidence in him figuring it all out!
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"There, that should do it..."

Kasai had just finished cleaning all the pots and pans he had used in the dormitory kitchen all morning to make a bunch of snacks. He would be sure to include lots of fruit and simple non cooked foods like mixed nuts in his bag, but unlike the third year final examination event, Kasai wanted to have some other types of snacks to munch on while watching his kouhais try their hardest at the Sports Festival without needing to spend money at any of the vendors. The food that was usually sold at big events tended to be unhealthy and rarely ever tasted good enough to warrant the inflated prices.

Kasai made quite a few different sets of healthy snacks, making sure to apply his own flames to each thing he cooked in combination with the standard culinary practices, and sealed everything into various Tupperware containers and stacked them on top of each other in a secure thermos insulated bento box before place the whole thing in his backpack along with another bag full of his more generic fruits and what not. one of the side pockets would be filled with a package of napkins as well as a Ziploc bag of plastic forks. Another side pocket would be designated for holding a few water bottles and a couple of kombucha ginger bottles.

With plenty of food to last him nearly a weekend, Kasai made sure all the now cleaned pots and pans were now sitting in the drying rack before slinging his backpack over his shoulder and leaving the dormitory building, walking out onto the campus ground being blasted by a beautiful sunny day. While the majority of his apparel today was made up of basic sneakers and well fitting jeans, Kasai decided to support a recent entry into his life that he was certain might show up today with a newly purchased shirt.

Kasai's Shirt

During his leisurely stroll across the campus to reach the spectator stadium where he had competed against his own classmates a year ago, Kasai spotted a familiar face, or rather a familiar painting applied to a face. He recognized the skull paint to be that of Diana, another second year whom he recently encountered at a nearby KBBQ restaurant through a mutual invitation of a certain hot head.

She must be heading over too...

Kasai walked over to say hello, rather than polluting the air by calling out loudly from a distance and annoying any of the other people walking nearby.

"Yo... Diana, right? Long time no see, or maybe short time no see... You going to see the first years too? You should come with me, I packed plenty of food that's way better than anything you'll be able to buy at the concession stands."

Kasai would wait for her answer and make some small talk before walking over to the arena and trying to find a good seat to enjoy the competition. Kasai had met a few of the rather rambunctious first year students a week earlier during the third year exams, and had already developed a few favorites to root for, as well as maybe one or two he wouldn't mind see taking an early loss. By the time he reached the arena, the opening ceremonies had since passed and he would walk into the spectator area to find that first years were already entering some weird sort of giant pinball field.

Kasai glanced around, but didn't see anybody else that he recognized immediately, resigning to accept that immediately in front of him was just a sea of various faces that blended together into a massive collective stranger. Without any focal point to base his seating decision on, he would look for an area with a decent amount of vacancy to set up shop for the day.
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Ugh, of all the days for something like this to happen...

This was Jack's primary thought, as when he was getting ready for the day, he had accidentally dropped one of his contacts in the drain. He was freaking out a bit; after all, this meant that if he wanted to go out, he would actually have to wear his glasses for once. It's not that he had a problem with wearing them; he usually does in the morning when he gets ready. It was just that he didn't exactly want people thinking he was nerdier than he already was.

Oh, whatever. He was sure he probably wouldn't run into anyone he knew, at least not right away. Besides, he wasn't about to let this ruin probably one of the biggest events of the year for him. He'll just have to pray that no one will notice. After he was all ready to go, he took his glasses out of their case, and promptly stuck them on. They were nothing fancy; just thin, half-rimmed, rectangle shaped glasses. Maybe that would actually work to his advantage. Maybe.

Nonetheless, he quickly head out of the dorms, and promptly ran to the stadium where the Festival was happening. On the way, he bought a lot of the standard stuff: popcorn, candy, and a drink that was probably the largest thing he's ever seen sold at a stand. Hey, it was gonna be a long day. May as well make minimal trips.

He decided to take a seat towards the front of the crowd, to get a better look at the action. He slouched forwards in his seat, trying not to miss any action. He took note of some of the First Years this time around; namely the bat kid, who reminded Jack of that one Pokemon. The guy looked interesting enough; he was curious to see if there was more to him than just the bat stuff.

In any case, he decided to give some cheers to him, exclaiming "GO, BAT KID! KICK SOME TAIL OUT THERE!" At this point, he wasn't even thinking about the fact that people might see him, but didn't care much at the moment. All this excitement was just too much fun already!
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