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The Bunny and The Tsundere; Headcanons and antics breathed into life!
Topic Started: Feb 6 2018, 11:11 PM (408 Views)
Queen Harmonia
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OOC Note

Breaking and Entering
Late October, Year 425

It took a certain kind of person to ignore any and all rules in favour of spending time with friends.

And that person was currently leaping from branch to branch in the tree behind U.A.’s First Year dormitories.

On her previous visit to the particular room she was trying to find, she had been entrusted with a guest pass, which she had proceeded to hang onto. On a whim, she had come back to U.A. this evening, albeit after curfew for the students, and was surprised to find that the guest pass still admitted her access to the U.A. campus. In spite of that fact, she knew that if she was caught by the constantly patrolling robot guards that U.A. employed, she’d be in deep, deep trouble!!

Nevertheless, she continued to look and peer at windows with a scrutinous eye without any real rush. At the very least, she remained quiet. Now, which room had it been…

She had only visited the room once, after all; her memory wasn’t that fantastic. But she had a pretty good retention of things that were somewhat practically-based, or tied to her friends. When she finally decided on a window and was certain of who it belonged to, she shifted quickly and quietly down the long branch she was on, until she was close enough to leap deftly onto the window ledge outside.

“Psssssst…!” She murmured close to the window where the small air vents were located, and lightly started tapping on the glass with her fur-covered hand. Her chocolate eyes darted around once again, and then trained themselves back on the window itself. Huh… it looked like the room occupant had left it open a tiny amount! Just enough for her to get a grip under the sash window, and pull it upwards…

And silently slip inside, closing the sash window with a soft hiss after herself. A huge, dumb and suitably proud grin adorned her face as she turned with hands planted on her hips, eyes adjusting swiftly to the gloom and immediately recognising it from her previous visit. Thank god she chose the right room!!

“Evenin’.~” She chimed, waltzing into the room without a care and shaking off her cottontail from the leaves which had clung to it, and dusting similar tree-related debris off her fur and long, white ears. “I got this problem with question ten in ma Math homework, and couldn’t remember what ya told me the other day!” She pouted, pulling out a book from the satchel bag she wore around her body.

What wasn’t completely normal about breaking and entering somebody’s bedroom?
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Mikhail finished a series of light exercises, he tried to do these every night before winding down for the evening. He needed to keep up with the other students in class. Every one of them had an edge on him in some area. Makoto was faster than him, then again most of them were faster than him, but Makoto was the fastest of all. Jennifer seemed stronger than he was. Akira was taller, glowing bastard that he was. And Mori looked more agile, which Mikhail put into a different category than speed overall. The boy had animal instincts it seemed to tie in with animal reflexes.

To help keep up with everyone Mikhail needed to work twice as hard as everyone else. By the end of his routine the boy was fairly sweaty, he'd had his window cracked open for a slight breeze but against the sweat on his body it was growing uncomfortable. Rather than shut the window, the boy decided to take a quick shower and turn in for the night. He stripped down, grabbing a fresh pair of boxers on his way to the bathroom.

He showered quickly and efficiently, as he did most things, using a fruity scented body wash his sister had sent him in the mail recently. As Mikhail finished his shower he toweled off and dried his hair with a long sigh. He liked feeling clean but sometimes he wondered if his hair was too long. The upkeep could be a slight hassle, though he liked the look of his hair and in terms of appearance wouldn't even mind seeing it a bit longer. The boy pulled on his boxers and opened his bathroom door to see........ Felicity.... the alluring bunny girl he'd been tutoring recently.

She asked him about some math question but Mikhail was a touch too distracted to catch that part. His face turned bright red as he stood there before the girl in nothing but a pair of boxer briefs decorated with small yellow stars. He quickly walked over and pulled a series of clothes from a drawer before turning and slamming himself back into the restroom. He dug through the clothes he'd pulled out and found.... mostly just pants. He hadn't managed to grab a shirt.

He pulled on some shorts and then leaned against the bathroom door. "One second. Why are you here?" He said. Slipping out of the bathroom, Mikhail walked slowly and calmly to his closet and pulled a shirt out of it. He made a very clear and purposeful effort to not look Felicity in the eye, he was already dying of embarrassment after all. As he slipped on a long sleeve dark grey shirt and pushed up the sleeves he turned and looked at Felicity. He was still a bright enough red to be seen in the dark.

"You know it is after cerfew yew?" He asked, trying to find some control in this bizarre situation he found himself in.
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Queen Harmonia
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Queen Harmonia, First of Her Name, Ruler of the Realm
Her good friend wasn’t in the main bedroom area when she first entered, and this made her frown as she looked around the dorm room. Where else could he be…? As if to answer that question, the bathroom door opened and a familiar head of blond hair surfaced, complete with stoic facial expression.

And, uh, a considerable lack of clothing.

Felicity tilted her head to the side as she looked at Mikhail from across the room, holding her Math book under her arm at this point with her other hand resting casually on her hip. She went on to greet him and ask about the Math question as if this was completely normal, and smiled warmly without even missing a beat. Her sharp senses alerted her to the scent of something fresh and fruity, and she got the immediate picture that her friend had just gotten out of the shower.

She opened her mouth as if to say something, perhaps to follow up on her question about Math homework, but Mikhail was quick to dodge and instead dive straight for a chest of drawers to start pulling clothes out; seemingly at random. The bunny girl’s ears flopped slightly to the side as she tilted her head, clearly puzzled by the embarrassment that the boy was exhibiting.

He retreated back to the bathroom and she lightly moved to hop after him, but judging by how the door was slammed, she gathered that he required some space. Whoops… she hadn’t meant to cause this sort of problem when she thought cheerily about asking her friend for help with her homework!!

Her ears perked back up when she heard his voice call out to her from within the adjoining room, and he told her wait before asking why she was here. She briefly tapped her chin with the index finger of her left hand, as if she herself had forgotten why she was here in amongst the circumstances that she had arrived to disturb Mikhail. Oh! That was right! “Sorry to kinda just show up outta the blue, but I remembered ya sayin’ that I could come round any time if I was havin’ trouble!” She raised her voice slightly to respond to her friend, transferring her Math book back into both arms when he exited the bathroom and went on another excursion over to the closet.

Only after he had pulled on a shirt (why hadn’t he taken one with him originally?) did he turn to look at her. He was still blushing; she could see that much, even in the relatively dark room. The next words out of his mouth were wholly expected ones, and Felicity couldn’t help grinning impishly at mention of the word ‘curfew’.

“I’ve always seen rules as sorta guidelines!” She giggled, hopping over with her Math book hugged up to her chest until she was only a few paces away from her friend. Proximity with people was a natural response for her, regardless of how embarrassed they may appear. “Thought it’d be a good time to come ‘nd see ya! Don’t be such a square.” She lightly poked fun at him and stifled a further giggle behind her Math book; the likes of which a schoolgirl would do, surely.

Bounding soundlessly over to Mikhail’s bed, she flopped herself down and sat cross-legged on the bed’s edge, opening up her Math book to the problem page in her lap. After a brief pause, she looked up and smiled at her blond-haired companion, the recent memory of her seeing him almost naked suddenly flashing in her mind’s eye. The thought made a bit of colour rise in her cheeks, but it was quickly dismissed by looking at the swarm of numbers and word problems in her book.

Math was a language only devils communicated with, surely.
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Mikhail did his best to situate himself as to better take care of this... unexpected situation. He struggled to cover himself properly as he wrapped his head around the situation. Past family and one or two tutors when he was younger, the first time he'd ever had a girl alone with him in his room had been not too long ago. He'd invited Felicity over to help her study, his room was styled in a very minimalist fashion that would offer her the least opportunities to be distracted. It had been a so so success.

Mikhail's room was styled with a simple desk, a laptop, a shelf with several books of Mikhail's own choosing, and a queen sized bed. When Felicity had come before the bed had been like the rest of the room: pristine and immaculate. He'd been sure to carefully make it before Felicity had come over.

Now that he'd been caught unaware, Mikhail's room was completely in shambles. Several pencils and pens were not perfectly lined up on his desk. The laptop was dead center of the table of course. A single book was missing from the book shelf causing two books from the side of the shelf to shift slightly so that they leaned against the other books. The book in question was under Mikhail's pillow. He liked to read right before bed. For Mikhail this was messy and he disliked people seeing his dwelling before he'd had a chance to straighten up. The one regard that Mikhail's mess standards probably met others would be his bed sheets. Not having expected company this night his bed was in its usual state.

Which is to say that somehow a hurricane had picked up a pack of wild dogs and deposited them on his bed for all of 24 seconds exactly. Enough time that the top cover was strewn about, nearly half on the floor and off center from the rest of the bed. His sheets themselves were bunched and bundled up at odd places while the pillow was slammed against the wall, covering his architecture book. Mikhail hated to make his bed, he just never really saw the point to it. He was just going to get back into it to sleep that night after all.

When Felicity walked over to his bed to set it irked him greatly, not because she'd taken liberties with his offer for her to stop by- truth be told he felt rather happy to see her for some reason- but instead by his lack of preparation to receive guests. The boy glanced at the velvet maroon sheets on his bed, observing the way the sheets crinkled and folded next to the x-forms thigh.

As Felicity got herself comfortable she told the boy not to be a square. Mikhail sniffed, somewhat indignantly, before walking over and seating himself next to her. "I am not square. I am person." he said. Mikhail was instantly aware of his knee touching hers, he'd sat a bit closer than he'd originally planned on sitting. She was warm, even from that small contact. He brushed the velvet sheet next to himself, smoothing it out slightly and wishing he'd cleaned up a bit just to have the room clean.

Turning and looking into Felicity's eyes, he kept his face neutral and pleasant. At least by his own standards, many would call the face cold. He glanced down at her lap, at the book she was holding, and in now way did his eyes trace down from her eyes down her slender neck, over her curves, and to the book. Straight from the eyes to the book. Yep. One then the other. No stops. None at all. Why did the room feel so warm? Maybe he should turn the temperature down a bit.

"It is fine, am glad to see you. So what did you need help with again?" He asked.
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Queen Harmonia
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By comparison to the Russian boy, this bunny was one who worked in chaos on a daily basis. The only exception was her workshop in Tatooin, the one which Mikhail frequented with her, because she was conscious of the fact that she was working for Spade Industries. They could go in and out of the workshop as they pleased, after all, and she wanted to appear professional in every capacity; which meant leaving the workshop in some state of tidiness whenever she left. If left to her own devices, she would leave a whirlwind of mess in her wake. Her room both back in the apartment with her father, and in the dormitories of her boarding school, was… best described as a bomb site littered with bright colours everywhere.

She was always in trouble with the Head of her house at school, because her room was always such a mess. It was part of their responsibilities to keep their rooms tidy, and it had gotten to the point where her bedroom was used as an example for other girls to absolutely not follow, no matter what.

Well, she didn’t mind too much; she could find everything in her room just fine!

As such, when she first visited her friend’s room a few days ago, she had been utterly blown away by how tidy and neat it all was. That being said, she had an inkling that Mikhail was a bit of a neat freak. He was very particular and to the point; something about him just screamed of wanting order in every capacity of his life. Her rebellious streak couldn’t help but want to skew that somewhat as she tore about with her boundless energy, and she took great delight in him cleaning up after her after she first arrived for tutoring.

It was nice to see a little bit of human disorder in her neat freak friend’s room this time around. Things were slightly off-centre and actually lived in, for once! And it was obvious that he had been in bed before she caught him by surprise, because it was unmade. That being said, she really didn’t mind at all. Plopping on said unmade bed, she could see his eyebrow twitch even in the gloom. A small giggle slipped from her lips upon seeing him hesitate, and then move to follow her across the room; undoubtedly to try and make the bed from under her, somehow.

Her choice of attire was, as always, rather impractical for the season at hand. In spite of winter being in full swing by now, she wore a short, black turtleneck dress with long sleeves. Well, it was a knitted sort of dress and therefore rather cosy, but the shortness of it really defeated the purpose of it being suited for autumn or winter time. She had taken off her pair of black ankle boots after confirming that she had broken into the right room, and her mismatching neon socks (one bright orange, the other vividly green) were very visible against her combination of pale skin and snowy white fur. Undoubtedly, this would irk Mikhail and his love of all things orderly, too.

The shortness of her dress meant that she became acutely aware of how the bedsheets felt on her legs while she shifted to sit cross-legged. They sure were soft, she noted, as she briefly looked down at the texture and colour of said bedsheets. She was so distracted that she only remembered that this was Mikhail’s room when he sat down beside her, therefore crinkling and displacing the bedsheets between them.

Her snowy white ears shot skywards, closely followed by her head raising rapidly to meet his gaze, and she found herself flushing in the face somewhat; as if she had been caught doing something she shouldn’t have. Well that was strange…

Not dwelling upon it for too long, she instead laughed somewhat loudly before lowering this guffaw into small giggles. It was past curfew, after all. Of course he didn’t know what ‘being square’ meant! As always when he misunderstood something or didn’t know what a colloquialism was, she found it to be immensely endearing, and absolutely hilarious. “Well duh!! I ain’t doin’ great in Biology and I could tell ya that.” She sniggered, that memory of seeing Mikhail in not much clothing immediately springing back to mind.

Why did that keep happening?!

“B-But uh, being a square ain’t literal. It’s like, bein’ a nerd, or like… bein’ a party-pooper. I was just pokin’ fun at you bein’ all strict on rules and stuff.” She cleared her throat before explaining, and smiled with obvious familiarity and happiness directed at her friend. His expression by contrast seemed cold, but she had come to recognise it well as one of Mikhail’s happier expressions.

Her face notably brightened as he said that he was glad to see her, and she bounced somewhat on the bed with this little tidbit of information. It only reminded her how nice the bedsheets felt beneath her legs, and she soon stopped. “Oh, uh… this question, here.” She blinked owlishly and dipped her head a little to hide the rising colour in her face, and slid the book across her lap and partially onto his in order to show him. Her slender fingers gestured to one of the later questions in the series of homework puzzles; something about trigonometry. Shape and dimensions were things that she was very skilled with in actuality, but it took a good while before she could lift things from a static page and into something she could grasp.

The bunny girl instinctively leaned in as she pointed out the problem question specifically, her brow furrowing and a look of concentration taking over her face as she tried to puzzle over the problem one more time. Defeated, she looked hopefully at Mikhail with a smile to match.
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Mikhail's eyes took in Felicity's outfit as he finally gathered himself enough to stop the room from spinning. She had on a rather short black dress that looked thick and woven for protection from the winter. With Felicity's natural fur coating she had little trouble with the weather so the dress itself was probably all the rabbit girl needed to feel comfortable. As a result, the girl was probably completely unaware of how alluring she looked. Mikhail made a point of not letting his eyes linger for too long on her outfit. Instead muttering a simple "Dress is nice." as he straightened his own shirt. When Felicity sat on his bed she chose to sit cross legged on the bed. Mikhail's father would never abide Roza sitting in such a fashion while wearing such a short dress.

Mikhail thought he saw a flash of Felicity's- HE QUICKLY AVERTED HIS EYES, moving over and sitting himself next to her so that his eyes couldn't stray anywhere that could be completely inappropriate.

Felicity explained that being called a square was not implying his shape was that of a cube but rather that he was a nerd. Mikhail knew this word, someone that priorities studies or games while letting their social skills wither. That didn't describe Mikhail at all! Did it? Mikhail sniffed and looked away, not enjoying being teased but letting it go since it was Felicity that was teasing him. What might have left him sullen and sulking for the rest of the day only kept him down for a few minutes when it fell from her lips. Mikhail glanced over at Felicity's lips. Then up at her wide eyes, like pools of coffee that reflected the room. She really really was beat-

Mikhail turned his attention to what brought Felicity to his room in the middle of the night. Math. Felicity showed him a trigonometry problem with a little graph and everything. Mikhail wasn't an expert with math but it did play an important part in architecture so he always put his best foot forward when it came to the subject. Still, something about this particular problem really stuck out to the boy. It all but screamed familiarity when he glanced at it. Save for some missing numbers on the corners. Mikhail scrunched up his face as he stared at the problem. Yes. He had seen this problem before.

"One second." He said before turning away.

Mikhail rolled onto his knees and moved across the bed toward his pillow. As he did so his knee snagged on the velvety sheets that covered his bed. He frowned and freed himself, tossing the cover over onto Felicity's lap. He reached his hand under his pillow and pulled out his architecture book that he'd been reading previously. As he settled himself back by Felicity once more, his knee once more comfortably resting against hers with the sole addition of a thin sheet of velvet fabric between the two. As Mikhail put himself into a comfortable seating position his knee caused the fabric to rub Felicity's gently.

He flipped through the pages of his book until he found what he was looking for. The picture in his book showed a simple graph showing how force could be displaced on a structure but the mathematical principal was explained using a similar problem to what Felicity questioned. "I thought I'd seen something like this before." Mikhail sat his book aside and pulled Felicity's book closer to himself, his hand brushing her leg through the velvet as he did so. He'd never really given it much thought before but her fur was really soft. Maybe even softer than the velvet, he wished he could touch her hand a moment longer. Just to see which was softer of course, not for any other purpose.

Glancing at the math book, Mikhail carefully read the problem then started doing the math in his head. Once to see, and twice more to be certain. Once he was sure he looked back over to Felicity and let the ghost of a smile cross his face. He began pointing out the problem, slowly feeding her hints and tips. Mikhail had found that Felicity was rather brilliant if she sat down and forced herself, but on her own she just didn't have the attention to study. As such he'd tried to turn it into something of a game. Giving Felicity tidbits of the solution or method so that she could figure it out on her own. If he had something she liked he could offer to reward her, making it that much more like a game.

"Hmm... how about this. If we can get through all of these within the hour, I'll take you for coffee on my next free day." Mikhail offered. His free day of course being the weekend when neither of them would have classes. Naturally this was something he offered fairly often, though it was usually in pieces. Saying he'd spend time with her, suggesting sweets, or something of that line. He rarely offered a full cafe trip as a reward and for that reason he hoped Felicity would jump at the opportunity with zeal. Mikhail sat the book back down between their laps, shifting the velvet fabric farther up Felicity's thigh. "If you want to go Cafe of course. I understand if you are busy." he added feeling slightly self conscious.
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Queen Harmonia
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Compliments and such things were still somewhat new for the bunny girl. Except from her dad saying that she looked nice and so on, she had never really received other nice comments from people until she started to make solid friends in Japan. Normally, she would get somewhat bashful and try to stammer her way out of the compliment somehow; as if it wasn’t true, even though a person had given said comment because they meant it.

Since Mikhail had started complimenting her, however, she found herself not able to try and deflect these comments, or try to disprove them. When he commented on her dress being nice, in a way that most people would probably find to be very blunt and almost throw-away in nature, her cheeks flushed and she started smiling widely with her gaze averted. “Th-Thanks!! Um…” She blinked owlishly as she looked back at the youth, suddenly feeling the urge to return a compliment in some fashion. But it couldn’t sound insincere. No. It had to be good! “Even yer casual, comfy stuff is nice! Looks cosy. Uh-huh.” She nodded firmly a few times, snowy white ears flopping up and down with this motion and managing to hide most of the burning blush on her face.

Her mind totally hadn’t wandered back to seeing her friend mostly unclothed when she looked at him. Nope. Not at all.

It was true though, about what she said in regard to the boys’ casual wear. She wasn’t sure why, but she liked seeing others in the clothes they would wear when in their own element of relaxation, at home. There was something about it that made her feel warm and happy; knowing that someone was comfortable and all the rest of it.

However, back to the (Math) problem at hand, Mikhail looked long and hard at the trigonometry question that the bunny girl had been struggling with. He told to wait briefly, as recognition seemed to enter his face. He was soon crawling on the bed and getting stuck in the covers, which made Flic snigger somewhat… until she was being smacked by the velvety, soft sheets. They came to rest over her lap, and this sudden development made her suddenly stop sniggering while becoming very aware of the fabric’s texture. Why did they feel so nice? She’d never had anything with a velvet feel to it before, so she’d never really thought about what was so desirable about it.

Aside from it being luxurious and therefore good, she couldn’t put her finger on why the sensation was pleasant to the touch. Felicity sat, somewhat frozen, with the covers thrown over her lap and Math book hidden beneath them. But she didn’t move. She was only jolted back to reality when her friend crawled back over towards her and seated himself close once again, knee touching hers and making the velvet fabric shift on her skin.

She cleared her throat somewhat as she pulled her Math book out from under the sheets that had been thrown over her, and laid it atop the sheets while trying to suppress the heat rising to her face. More than that, she couldn’t help feeling absolutely confused. He showed her a picture of a graph from his own book that looked similar to the one in the trigonometry problem, and her attention was forcibly pulled away from the feeling of the sheets and into what she was actually here for; beyond spending time with Mikhail. She wasn’t entirely sure which had been more prominent in her mind when she escaped her dorm room and came here in the late hours.

With another point of reference in terms of how to tackle the question at hand, the two of them settled into their normal study routine that Felicity was familiar with from last time. Her friend started to talk about various little hints and relative examples of this problem, while allowing her to figure it out for herself with a good amount of prompting. The small tid-bits of information to pique her interest helped keep her attention span focused on the task at hand, and applying this sort of thing in a book to something in real life helped cement it in her brain. Before long, the question was solved, and the bunny girl was smiling; all but entirely forgetting about the confusing softness of the velvet sheets.

As she solved the problem with Mikhail’s help, he gave a proposal; if they could finish the remaining questions in an hour, he would take her out for coffee when they were next available. Her eyes lit up and her head turned immediately to face him, ears upright and perky atop her head. “That sounds great ta me!” She chimed with obvious excitement, and she couldn’t help giggling when he became a little self-conscious about that offer afterwards. Flic was, realistically, always busy. But she could always make time for her friends.

“O’course I wanna go ‘nd spend more time with ya! C’mon, let’s get these cracked!!” She insisted, showing just how much she enjoyed spending time with the youth with both parts of her (quiet) exclamation. Flic was a blunt, straight-forward girl a lot of the time, and she would outright tell her friends what she enjoyed and the like. She shifted in her seated position somewhat as she felt the covers shift further on her leg after the book was set down between them again, and it took a large amount of concentration and the promise of a coffee outing to make her focus again.

But, said focus would come back after a brief falter. With only four questions or so left, of a varied nature between geometry and an ending algebra question, the pair would easily be done with them within the hour. “Doin’ all this borin’ stuff with ya makes it not borin’ anymore.” Flic claimed cheerily as she scribbled solutions to the final problem after they discussed it all, turning to look up at him slightly while she worked. It was merely a statement of fact, and she had no idea how else it might be construed, or how much it showed that she enjoyed Mikhail’s company.

After holding his somewhat icy blue gaze with her own deep brown for a heartbeat too long, she blushed and giggled before returning to her work.
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Mikhail retrieved his book, unaware of the confusion Felicity experienced in regards to his sheets. Mikhail had almost always had velvet sheets or silk ones. When travelling abroad his father and Mother would often request such bedding. Not that they were above more common sheets, but... well... after so long on the soft and slick fabric it was sometimes rather difficult to get a comfortable night's sleep on anything else. Perhaps that was the cause of Mikhail's own fascination with soft things, his eyes flicking for the briefest of moments to Felicity's long delicate ears, but no one could really be sure.

He showed her the problem that had resembled his own diagram in relation to his hobby of architecture. This link only brought Mikhail more interest, in short order he was next to Felicity in earnst. His shoulder brushing against hers, their knees touching. For her the contact might have been rather common, but for him it was a remarkable lowering of barriers. Few knew Mikhail in such a comfortable fashion. When he asked about coffee and felt suddenly self-conscious about monopolizing all of the girl's time. As such he pulled away from her unconsciously, leaning ever so slightly away.

Felicity set those concerns to rest though, telling him she'd love to get coffee with him. He gave her a shy smile, one unlike his usual cold expression, and kept his eyes focused on the math book. The math book and the small patch of white sat next to the deep color of his velvet sheets. Ideally wondering once again which would be softer, her or the velvet. It was a thought he quickly pushed from his mind. It was not a line of thinking a gentleman should indulge in. Besides, she was simply a friend and a business partner. Academic, for it was purely academic, fancies like that had no place in such a partnership.

As they finished the last of the math problems, over the course of which Mikhail had slowly returned to his close position to Felicity, he smiled once more. Pleased with their swift progress. He was growing tired, but with Felicity so close to him it was only a distant sluggishness in the back of his mind. He leaned across Felicity and slowly closed her math book, as he often did, to signify that they were now finished with their lesson. A soft yet final whoph as the pages pressed together. A chapter closed.

Felicity smiled, her smile was so nice- like a white lily in bloom, and it made something in Mikhail's chest feel warm and odd. She told him that working on these problems made a boring task seem less so. Mikhail was inclined to agree, he'd managed to brush up his own basics in academics a great deal since he started doing tutor work with Felicity. He wanted to tell her such but... their eyes were locked. Everything seemed so far away, everything but her. Her eyes so big and wide and wonderful. He could hear her breath in the room. He could feel the heat of her next to him. His heart was racing in his chest and he felt the urge to do something. Anything.

He looked away and blushed.

Whatever that moment was, it was gone as fast as it had come. He wasn't sure what it had meant. He felt like he had just lost something and didn't know if he was sad or relieved. When he looked back up at her he felt a bit more composed, unconsciously edging away once more. He waved the moment off and tried to give her a confident smile. "Thank you. I enjoy spending the night with you." Mikhail said. Not giving his translation much thought as he tried to move past the moment they had just shared. It was a harmless enough phrasing. As long as Felicity didn't have any odd thoughts in her head either.
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Many individuals had all sorts of barriers put up around themselves as a protective wall, and the bunny girl was very aware of that fact. She just wasn’t one to typically pay attention to them, because she was naturally very ‘touchy’ when it came to expressing her excitement or general emotions. Growing up in an environment with a supportive father, she was very accustomed to hugs and the like than most people seemed to be. That, and her generally more kinaesthetic manner of learning and observing meant that touch was a very important sense for her to fulfil. It was just natural for her now. She noticed that Mikhail was very much the opposite to her upon their first meeting, and she had tried to be as respectful as she could be with his personal space.

But, over time, she started to forget again. And… well, the barriers he had on that first day had slowly been lowering ever since. Whenever she stopped to think about it, it made the blonde girl immensely happy that she had been responsible for making somebody who seemed to outwardly cold show his true colours without fear of being judged. She could go on and on about what she had learnt about her friend over the past month or so, and how she had noticed the small changes within him as they became more familiar with one another.

The casual bodily contact they kept while working on mathematics together was interrupted when he brought up going out for some coffee at some point, as if he feared that rejection or the fact that she would be busy. Something quite remarkable of Felicity Bennett was that she could always find time for those that she cared about, in spite of all her various hobbies, tasks and jobs that she juggled in her life.

As such, she was saying yes and expressing her excitement in a heartbeat. It brought a smile back to his face, and they were quickly back on task of getting the math all finished. Her somewhat childish yet wholly pure admission of doing boring things with him made those things not boring anymore came before she finished the questions, and shortly after scribbling the last of the solutions, she had her book closed for her. This had her looking up at him, meeting his gaze with a wide and honest smile on her face. Anybody else would have noticed the obvious atmosphere that settled on them at that point; looking into each other’s eyes with a close proximity. It basically screamed of an obvious outcome, something that appeared in countless teen romance films or novels.

When he looked away from her, she tilted her head to the side inquisitively as she looked at him. Was something the matter? She couldn’t quite see the blush on his face due to the somewhat dim light in the dorm room, after all. Upon looking back at her, he moved away from her slightly and thanked her before saying that he enjoyed spending the night with her. Although it was only a subtle move, the bunny girl noticed it with a profoundness which briefly made her frown. A lack of comfortable bodily contact had come to mean that something was amiss, or Mikhail was nervous about something. She studied his face carefully and saw his smile, which slowly erased any doubts in her head. He was fine, surely; just tired by now, she guessed.

Oh yeah, it was getting late!!

“Golly, I’m so sorry fer keepin’ ya up so late!” She blinked, looking down at the small watch she wore on her right wrist. When she looked back up at him, she imagined her friend to be shirtless again. What… why?! Her cheeks burned as she quickly shook her head to move on from that mental image, unsure of why exactly she kept thinking about something so bizarre. It wasn’t as if she had seen anything else!! Just as if the boy were in swimming trunks… that reminded her that they had yet to go swimming, and it was one of her favourite hobbies. Maybe another day, yes!

Not for the reason of seeing him a certain way again, not at all.

She instinctively reached out to her friend and aimed to give him a one-armed hug by way of thank you, a beaming smile back on her face now that she had wrestled away any and all thoughts of Mikhail being in swimming trunks. “I’ll let ya sleep! Class in the mornin’ and all. Text me about that coffee, yeah?~” She chimed excitedly, hopping up from her seated position on the bed and having to untangle herself from the velvet bedsheets which was… well, an experience. Her cheeks a little flushed by the end of the process, she tucked her math back under her arm and strolled across the room to where she had left her ankle boots by the window. She’d have to be extra careful getting off campus now, because patrols were likely even more frequent with it being later in the night.

“Sweet dreams!” She whispered with a small wink and grin over her shoulder after putting her boots back on, and deftly hopping out of the window and closing it without a sound afterwards. ‘Cool’ wasn’t a word to describe this bunny at any opportunity, but she had come pretty darn close with that exit…!
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