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A Lost Land Reappears!
Topic Started: Jan 24 2018, 11:16 PM (3,189 Views)
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Quick Recap

January 23rd, Year 425
Off the coast of Cape Agulhas
14:00 Hours

Sitting alone within his office, shades pulled down and high pressure sodium bulbs on full blast, resides a man whom simply resides over a very intricate looking plant that has various unique properties and such. This man is completely enveloped within his work, so of course he doesn't hear the knock that appears at his door. After a few more minutes, the knocking had been heard. With a deep, yet refined voice that simply bellowed, the man would speak. "Yes? What is it?" From the other side would come a timid female voice. "S-sir. The researchers have been waiting for your for almost t-thirty minutes or so sir. I do worry that their may be unrest if you refuse to come out of your office." From the manner in which the woman had spoken, this man had known that she had worried. With a deep sigh, the old man would raise himself up from the chair and begin to make his way to the door. He had wanted to continue his work, but he did have a job to do. If he doesn't get to it now, he may never get to it. As the old man is making his way to the door, the timid young woman would rush out onto the main deck of the ship. She had been quite nervous having to deal with outsiders, but thankfully some of them had been X-Forms. That at the very least had made up for at least half of the unrest that she herself had been feeling. Xenophobia is a powerful thing. "Okay Karabou, you can do this. Just step right into the mess hall and tell them whats what." With a slight nod, and a false sense of courage, the young woman would proceed to the mess hall.

Once she had made it to the mess hall, her fear would begin to take over. She honestly didn't think that she could do it on her own. Thankfully for her however, the old man had arrived soon after. When he had, he would place a single hand on Karabou's shoulder. [color=dimgray"It'll be quite alright Miss Karabou. Just head on in there and make my introduction. Than I will handle the rest."[/color] Hearing the old mans words had helped her feel slightly better, allowing for her to at least have the confidence to go through with what he had tasked her with doing. Suddenly, Karabou would open the door to the mess hall. As she had done so, all of the light from outside would begin to flood the previously dimly lit cafeteria. And there, standing within the door way, could be seen a short and sheepish woman that had been .. well, quite honestly, a sheep! Although she had been embarrassed, she Karabou would push up her glasses and stride on in. In this moment, her entire demeanor would change. She had now seemed confident and ready to take on anything. As she walked from the door to the center of the mess hall, she would begin to speak to each and everyone of the researchers. "Hello there. My name is Karabou Smith and I am going to be one of your advisers on this expedition. First things first, on behalf of the South American government, we would like to thank you for joining us on this fine day. It is our pleasure to work alongside WISH so that we may help bridge the constant divide between X-forms and other quirks. We understand that others may see one another differently because of their quirks .. But at the end of the day, we are all but one thing: People. Hopefully what we discover today may provide us with new wonders that we can be shared by the same people. And now, without further ado, please put your hands together for Professor Thato Grobler!"

Just as she says Professor Groblers name, the door to the mess hall would swing open once more. This time however, there had been very little traces of light from the outside finding their way inside. This was due to the rather large elephant of a man blocking most of it from coming in. A distinguished smile had been plastered across the mans face, as though he had truly felt that he deserved praise of some kind for his hard work. Whilst everyone had hopefully been distracted by Professor Groblers appearance, Karabou would revert back to her timid self and attempt to sneak away unseen. Anyone focusing on her would notice her brief moment of satisfaction with herself. "Yes! You go girl~" Those that had been focusing on the Professor however, would hear his words instead. "Mm, yes yes. It is very nice to make the acquaintance of you all. As stated by my assistant, Karabou, I am Professor Thato Grobler; The most refined botanist within all of South Africa." With that smile still plastered on his face, Grobler begins to make his way over to the center of the mess hall, where Karabou had previously been located. Once he gets there however, his face turns deathly serious. All of the lights within the mess hall go out and the sound of a machine starting up begins to emanate throughout the room. A moment later, a light would begin to shine across a room and onto the northern most wall within the room. Within this light could be seen one of the most beautiful islands currently known to man. A mess of colors could be seen all throughout the island, and even a couple of distinct, longitudinal ridged mountains had been shown.

"Behold! This .. is Deir Hawe. It is an island that had thought to of been lost for several centuries now. Legend says that it came about around the time that the first quirk user had been discovered. From all of our readings, and what we can see now, it seems as though the island has undergone vast amounts of change since it's disappearance. Although we haven't gotten up close as of yet, from what we could see via aerial surveillance, there are all kinds of unknown flora and fauna inhabiting the island. As such, through collaboration with WISH, we have managed to hire you all and bring you here. Now your mission is to head out onto the island whilst wearing these surveillance cameras-" As he says this, several X-Form quirk users wearing suits would approach everyone of the researchers and hand them helmets with go-pros attached to them. "and to than explore the island and discover its natural wonders. Keep in mind that these cameras should be rolling at all times, due to the fact that we need their data, so please don't fiddle with them." Once again, the X-Forms from before would approach the researchers. However, this time they had pocket notebooks and pens. "And if you find the time to record any of your findings or thoughts about what you have found out there, please make sure to pen them down so that we can utilize that as well. Oh, and please do be aware of your surroundings out there. As I said before, we are unsure of what is out there, so it could indeed be quite dangerous. You know, undiscovered flora and fauna and all that.

Just as Grobler finishes up his briefing on the island, all of the lights within the mess hall would immediately go on and the projector would begin to die. down. "Now, for your benefit, I shall be accompanying you all so as to ensure that nothing goes awry. On the chance that things do go south, please keep sure to handle the situation with care. And don't be afraid to enjoy your time whilst on the trip. We have various doctors on standby back here on the ship in the event of any ... particular troubles." The smile that he had plastered on his face previously would now return as he begins to make his way on over towards the exit of the mess hall. Once outside, he holds the door open and awaits the others. Once everyone has made it outside of the mess hall and onto the main deck of the ship, Grobler would shut the door behind him and motion towards the metallic track in which the crew could make their way down onto the island. "Go ahead now young ones! Explore to your hearts content!" With his commencement now finished, Grobler's trunk would trumpet a triumphant toot, signalling for the researchers to make headway onto the island.

Before them would be an island of unfathomable beauty. So much so that the pictures that he had shown them earlier couldn't even of done it justice. Far and wide could be seen various unique plants that form an array of colors, animals that seemed as though they had come straight out of story books, and an ecosystem that seemed cleaner than the worlds rain-forests. Off in the waters surrounding the island had been frogs that could sing. Not singing as in croaking .. Actually singing! Insects that had grown thrice their normal size, and even birds that had seemed to of shrunk compared to those that had inhabited the rest of the continent. The island was truly a marvel, filled with utmost beauty, wonder, and an air about it that simply caused a desire to wander. Unlike the generally overbearing weather that the continent of Africa usually had, the air on this island had been serene and peaceful. It was almost as though the entire ecosystem had been working to make itself some kind of paradise. What untold wonders would the researchers find on their travels within this beautifully forested island? Only time would tell.

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Cava sat as alone as she could in the mess hall her fanny planted firmly in a cold, plastic, chair. She ran her hand over wooden table, laminated in plastic. She was fascinated by the grain, after all she was wood herself in a way.

The girl looked up at everyone else. She didn't feel comfortable talking to people just yet, and was content to observe everyone else in silence, and boy were there plenty of people worth observing. The mission had attracted several X-forms from various parts of the globe, which pleased Cava, as she generally preferred the company of animals to people, and in mind X-forms bridged the gap. The girl tried not to stare but couldn't help but look them over.

One woman sported two opposable fingers like a Chameleon, while a man had scales on his forhead that resembled those found on a Pengolin. The X-form that fascinated Cava most however was a anthropomorphic, dinosaur-like being, who looked as though he could have ravaged Tokyo. Though he was not nearly as Godzilla the Kaiju-like being could still cast a shadow over everyone else. Cava was awed. So Awed that for a minute she forgot she was staring and turned her head away in guilt and embarrassment when she finally realized it.

A door opened with a creek and Cava's concentration was broken. She had to shield her eyes for a second so her pupils could adjust to the burning light shone through. In walked a woman who was at once a person and a sheep. In contrast to stereotype, the sheep woman strutted in, holding herself high. The ram woman took her place at the center of the room, and addressed the researchers.

Cava kept her eyes transfixed on the sheep woman. She wanted to appear as though she were listening. In fact, she understood one in ten words the woman said. Cava's grasp of English was tenuous. A boy named Spirit had taught her some words, and a Botanist had taught her more, but she still had much more to learn. Indeed it was only from news clippings translated into Portuguese that she ever learned of the mission to begin with. The creativity she had to employ to stall-way her way to South Africa and then sign up for the mission was an adventure in and of its self. That was ok, though. Cava loved adventures, and she would get a reminder of why it was worth it soon enough.

After the sheep woman had completed her speech she bowed out for an elephant man to enter in her stead. His large form blocked out the light as he entered, and rivaled that even of the dinosaur man's.

Once again Cava didn't understand most of what he said, though her eyes lit up at the word botanist. Her pupils dilated when the man's expression became serious, and the room went dark. A machine clicked on, and suddenly light. Before Cava, and all the researchers, a great land appeared.

Cava's jaw dropped and she gasped. The hologram of the mountainous island filled Cava with such a sense of wonder that it's light and image were reflected in her wide eyes. Without even knowing it, the girl crawled up onto the table, resting on one knee, to be closer to it. She raised her fingers as though she wanted to touch the island's trees and rocks. The girl was so focused on the image that one of the x-form staff handing out helmets had to tap her on the shoulder to get her attention. She jumped, but she accepted the helmet with a grateful nod.

When the hologram faded and the lights clicked on, Cava was jolted back to awareness, and blinked for her eyes to adjust.

The elephant man gave her and the other researchers instructions she didn't understand, but it was alright. He was just telling her to do what she would do anyways. Cava followed the elephant man out of the room, and when they were at the exit he presented Deir Hawe.


Cava was hit with warm and serene air. She took in the lullaby of a frogs, the buzzing a great insects, and calls of birds. She took in the sights of mountains and emerald forest splayed out just for her. Most of all she took in the warmth.

This was why she had come here! This is why she had run away form home all those years ago! To explore all corners of the earth, and beyond, until she saw everything that was. This was why she existed! The excitement rose. Cava smile until she revealed her teeth, until she started laughing. She threw her arms up and shouted. With a smile as bright as the sun, she jumped up into the air and spun!

Today, she intended to fulfill her existence.
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"You've done well in removing weak blood from Adrestia and for that, here's your cloak. I have a mission for you Discord. You are from Africa so you know your homeland best and this assignment could use your expertise of the lay of the land. I know your speech isn't up to par yet, but make peace with your past so you can move forward. Go, I'll let them know you're going last minute. Be my eyes." And with Mercutio's words she left onto her mission as she rose from her kneeling position.

Quiet Discord

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Africa.. She never thought she'd find herself here again as she stood atop a hill watching over the land she once called home. Her home however was more of a prison. She sighed faintly to herself while the wind gently caressed her face as did her memories. The faint wails and agonizing whimpers under the cover of night began to pierce her thoughts, distracting Discord. She closed her eyes in an attempt to calm her thoughts, who would've thought that the smell of rose baths and soft linen sheets would be unwelcome to a person. She much preferred the dust, the sand and the simplicity of the violent X-forms she had to deal with on a personal basis. However she only preferred the lesser of two evils, violence instead of violation. She was being escorted by several WISH associates who initially wondered why Mercutio would send a woman who could not speak or read basic common, but it became readily more and more apparent as she aided them in evading natural environmental dangers and taking paths to avoid direct confrontation with any rogue groups who might be looking to target them. In turn, they helped her with basic commands and statements. Her English was still a farcry to what it should be for a woman of her age, but at least now she could actually say basic words such as "Stop" or "Rest".

As they finally made it to the facility, the indigo lass was immediately greeted with stares and murmurs about being an African non-xform. They all wondered and whispered who she was and what her past may have been like. The X-forms themselves even showed the passive aggressive racism that only 'nice' people could show. She didn't pay it any mind. She was older, stronger and wiser than she used to be. She was more thankful none recognized her, but how could they? She was not the same little sand rat wearing rags. She had donned her normal black, backless, sleeveless undershirt which she found time to restitch and clean and her battle tight black thigh highs that she wore underneath black stretch pants with a pair of lightweight brown shoes.

She had a beige neck warmer as well that she solely used to shield her face from the sand that would blow in her face. What separated her though from her older attire was her Adrestia cloak of starless ebony and crimson clouds. Separated at leg length to allow for maximum flexibility in which the two cloak tails below would ruffle as she took her her stride throughout the building. She was there representing not just Mercutio but Adrestia as well. Her golden eyes darted around the room, taking everything in and staying ever vigilant of her surroundings and even when she had entered the final room and was directed to sit she decided to stand in the back, near the door in which she entered, withdrawing her arms inside of her cloak. The bridge of her mocha nose and up to her indigo locks which rested in a pony tail, as well as her ankles and feet were the only things visible to anyone who would eye her. Not even her curves were visible in her new Adrestia shawl.

She was surprised to be the first to arrive but shortly after the other researchers would as well, some taking seats, others not, but it didn't take long for the sheepish (literally) woman to take her presence in the room. Discord couldn't help but grin slightly at the young woman, she had to be the most nonthreatening xform she had ever seen next to Fran, she was almost downright adorable. However, she listened as intensely and deliberately a she could. Much of what she said went over her head, but she spoke like the men and women who were on that stage at the African Elections. She was a soothsayer to be sure and Discord would suck her teeth lightly at her own incompetence, only catching bits and pieces of the young sheep's words. Yet, Discord didn't have time to lament her own ignorance as she was quickly replaced with a bulky golden elephant. He looked like he had money which wasn't surprising. Despite him being an x-form he had a cleanliness and suaveness to him that was clearly that of a gentleman. His speech was that of a professional and as such went way over Discord's head more than the sheep woman. Yet, Discord did not have a confused expression on her face she could gain the basic gist of what was going on as the machine in the center of the mess hall would brighten, revealing something Discord had never thought she would ever see in her lifetime, a paradise.

Lush Greens, vibrant pinks and indigos, honestly Discord was in shock and awe of the spectacle. She couldn't believe her auric eyes that such true beauty still existed. She thought much of the world was simply the poison water, the desert of her homeland and the ruins of the island that she had once saw. She only heard stories of far away lands built of steel and concrete, but never abundant life untouched by the filthy paws of humans. It was remarkable to her. After he gave yet another explanation that she only understood vaguely an xform would come over to give the woman a helmet in which she'd tilt her head at. Why would she limit her prereferrals she thought and for now would just tuck it under her arm until it was time to put it on. She was then handed a notepad and pen to which she gave a light feral snarl of disapproval. Now her hands had to be occupied!? She took the pen and notebook and just tossed them in the helmet with a disgruntled sigh. As the elephant droned on he finally made an exclamation as they headed out.

She had been disgruntled the whole way there wearing a helmet with a camera upon it just felt idiotic to her. She understood that she had to be Mercutio's eyes, but she didn't think it would be this literally. She simply would keep doodling in her notepad, utilizing it as a sketchpad more than anything. This came especially true when they got there. She was astonished and wonderstruck by the beauties that laid before them. Her amazement was written in her golden eyes and with each deep breath of air she just couldn't do anything but give a sigh of prominent relief. The air was so calm and abundant, peaceful even. She even for a moment could lose herself in the comfort of these lands. However, her instincts would never betray her. Her ears would twitch at every octave and singular note of the frogs. Her eyes would dart around at every centimeter of each tree, the curves of the fauna and even the tiniest blades of grass. She would begin her stride through the succulent island, staying within earshot of the other researchers. The helmet and camera, fully online with its cap removed, currently recording everything she saw as she continued to keep drawing in everything that she had combed over with her eyes. Her notepad only a pale reflection of the beauty that she herself was currently witnessing as she found herself peering along one end of a shore.

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This was definitely a sight to behold. Africa. The country where many things went wrong during their most recent election campaign. Albeit, it wasn't farfetched for a turn of events such as this to emerge and it would soon turn into a sight of marvel and beauty.

Tuatahi Glanz seemed to have caught the wrong plane on his way to America, but was chosen by a couple of representatives from an organization known as WISH to aid them with a... little project after actually getting on board the wrong flight. The man didn't seem to have much of a problem with a scenario such as this; now Tuatahi had no qualms about taking the wrong flight which had been taking its travel to Africa. It gave a sense of purpose to Glanz's newfound trip despite being a slight detour from America for quite some time. There were no indicators of this assignment randomly given to end within a certain time frame. Simply that there were going to be dangers out in Africa more than likely and that Tuatahi would have to take the utmost care of his surroundings. This was Glanz's only respond, "Understood. I'll do my best."

Many Hours Later, Arrival in Africa

It likely seemed to be the late morning of the next day as Tuatahi's flight had just managed to arrive in Africa. The man released a fairly exasperating yawn since he spent the night getting as much rest as possible and definitely had gotten some people to yawn as well. Probably due to their own fatigue as well and being enticed to do so after hearing the yawn come from one source on the plane. Tuatahi didn't have much to go on except for the directions he was given at the airport to reach the meeting grounds where all individuals taking part in this expedition would reconvene. "Hmmm, I guess it'll be a decent experience. Some purpose involved so I know I'm not wasting time. what's the worst that can happen on this trip?" The man thought to himself as he began his miniature journey to the place where he and everybody else would meet at.

An hour later. Walking through certain parts of Africa before coming across more WISH Sanctioned Agents. Where they would then assist the man in his arrival to the designated meeting ground. Why were there so many agents pertaining to this WISH organization? Tuatahi didn't have the slightest clue and he probably had every right to remain oblivious to this fact; the man didn't study up on WISH actually being the group that governs worldwide Quirk Laws. Still, even if Glanz were to learn this information now, it wouldn't change the fact that he has already agreed on aiding them with this expedition here in Africa. If there was one thing Tuatahi despised most, it would be that he leaves things unfinished. Definitely not a good thing for a perfectionist! So coping with the scenario at hand and having to deal with this now and regret decisions later, Tuatahi simply allowed the WISH agents to bring him where he needed to be in.

Upon arrival at the scene where everybody would reconvene, it appeared as if Tuatahi was the third person to arrive. When taking a moment to scan the premises and the individuals who had arrived before Tuatahi did, he noticed that one appeared to be native to this land. The other girl appeared to have more Latina features than anything else, but could not depict features otherwise that would distinguish her from other people the man has met in his life. So far it was looking like Glanz would be the only male individual here and it wasn't a good thing either. Both were underaged. So if Tuatahi were to stick too close to the two young ladies, then people from this country or even WISH might have some issues with communication between the three of them. Maybe even be labeled as a pedophile. As it stands now, Glanz would simply prefer to stay to himself in order to avoid any sort of accusations.

A woman who appeared to be a sheep came out and explained the basics of what they would all be doing during this expedition. Afterwards, a large elephant man came through with the only heart-melting smile one could see on his face. A smile that would soon dissipate upon arrival of himself and the group into the mess hall. The island shown on screen was luscious! Beautiful! It almost looked as if this would be the type of resort Reality TV Shows would send you if you were to somehow win the grand prize! Well, at least that's what the island looked to be like. When the job was properly explained by the Elephant Man, Tuatahi was given a helmet with a Go-Pro Camera attached to it along with a notepad and a pencil. Instructions given were as followed:

  • Record anything and everything about this island as possible with the cameras attached to given helmets.
  • Do not under any circumstances detach, fiddle with, or turn these cameras off!
  • If possible, take some time to write down notes about this island in the manner you see fit.
Well, that definitely did not seem like a difficult challenge for Tuatahi. If that was all there was to this simple expedition, then this should be a cinch. However, why ask multiple people randomly chosen by said organization to conduct this journey? Was there some kind of information being withheld by WISH that the Elephant Man, nor the group had any knowledge or warning about? Sure there might have been some new fostered plants and animals on the island, but are those truly the only new appearances on Deir Hawe? "Sir. If this is to be our mission, then consider it done." Tuatahi responded respectfully with a dutiful tone. Simply playing things as they should be right now, with caution and just follow along. Gather the information needed, make duplicate copies for himself at a certain point and get everything done in the most effective manner. If there were any special sights to behold while they were all on the island, then the Go-Pro could record it and a picture of that specific frame could be asked for after this expedition was over.

The tone from the Elephant Man when remarking that he would be joining the expedition and that doctors would be available if things... occurred. This only made Tuatahi's immediate guess a little more on the mark, still. The man could only think everything to himself for now as he was given permission to enjoy himself along with the rest of the group. So long as the work still gets done. The moment everybody had been escorted to the island itself, its contents at first glance in person were truly a sight to marvel! A thing of beauty! Raw nature at its finest and most majestic! Even Tuatahi couldn't contain himself after witnessing all of this glory. A little chuckle and sigh of relief came through his lips as the man was truly grateful to have actually missed his flight to America; perhaps this detour to becoming a Hero wasn't such a bad thing after all.
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          𝕱t hadn’t been too long since the first escapade of his internship on Elysium that Kaito was given the task of great importance. Although the level of importance varied from person to person, to him it was of the highest caliber. Through WISH recommendation Kaito was given the opportunity to discover the undiscovered. An island that had reappeared on the map of which was supposedly lost for centuries until now.. To someone such as Kaito whose quirk was directly tied to his mental strength, one who prided himself in absorbing all types of information regardless of how trivial it may be to others, it was like a dream come true.

He did not take any personal items other than the somewhat durable gear he used in combat situations and let WISH supply them with what they deemed necessary. Before his trip Kaito would request of WISH to send for his gear to be thoroughly sterilized through high heat treatment under high pressure and then sealed in an airtight container to be then delivered to him on the ship they were taking and only to be opened upon arrival on the island. He on the other hand would be undergoing a cleansing of his own through WISH channels of Decontamination which was not pleasant in the slightest. In addition he requested specific hydration and nourishment items. In his written request, he stated in depth his reasonings and for someone as young as he was, being absolutely thorough and thinking ahead was not uncommon and would ultimately agree with his reasoning.

From the moment Kaito’s decontamination was accomplished, he maintained a thin and airtight layer of Psionic energy over himself and the items he wore (other than the filtration system of course). Law enforcement of course being aware though through explanation of why and it being under WISH protocol it was left to pass. He would do this until he made landfall on the island.

The trip to the ship and the subsequent voyage towards the island went rather uneventfully. He could deduce that there were high tensions specifically towards individuals such as himself, those who were not X-Forms. It was no surprise why, what with the news of what happened with Africa. People kept to themselves and talking amongst one another was scarce. He knew that he was going to be on an expedition team but did not know the individuals nor the size of the team. It was only when he was directed to meet at the mess hall. Kaito hadn’t partaken of the food served during the trip, instead he utilized the food and drink he had requested which while bland met the requirements of healthy dietary needs. He collected the airtight case in which housed his gear and took off promptly.

Upon reaching the mess hall he took in the visages of those that had been appointed to what he presumed was the expedition team, a few faces he recognized. Despite this however, they were left essentially unattended for over half an hour. It was rather odd to call them out so early, perhaps not everyone had arrived? It was a long wait despite it only being 30 minutes, perhaps the anticipation made it seemed longer than it actually was. When the doors finally opened and revealed several X forms. A sheeply lady and a large elephant man, X forms rather.

He took note of their names, Karabou Smith and Thato Grobler and awaited feverishly for the explanation of what they would be undertaking. Throughout his explanation and the subsequent showing of how the island looked, Kaito was all but hyped to start. However throughout the meeting everyone was distributed recording equipment in the respects of a Go-Pro-esque device and Notepad with writing apparatus. Kaito however, as the closing statements were given Kaito rose from his seat and made his way towards both Grobler and Smith. Once they were done speaking Kaito spoke up to make a very important inquiry even as they were making landfall.

“Ms. Smith, Dr. Grobler, I have a question I’d like to ask you before we all make headway into the unknown.” he would begin. There would still be this odd iridescent aura about him, obviously it was the thin shell he had been passively maintaining throughout the duration of the trip. “Being that the island has not been documented or seen in centuries, that would lend to its isolation from the rest of the modern world. To that effect, this would mean that all manner of bacteria, diseases, and contaminants we would be carrying will be introduced into a new environment that has not adapted to these variables of which are dormant or active within us and are increasingly drug resistant. Are there any measures that are implemented so that our presence does not negatively affect the flora and fauna that reside here?” it was a rather serious inquiry as history would have it that the introduction of non-native species, diseases, bacteria's, etc was and is still to this very day brought upon by travel from one location to another. They were here to study and record, not to destroy.

Most individuals he did not suspect went through the same processes as he asked to go through. If such was the case he needn’t have requested it in the first place. He understood that even though it was possibly unlikely, they could come across natives on the island of who their immune systems did not recognize any of the bacteria that they carried. Likewise because of X-Forms it was not limited to only human based afflictions as each one could bring their own set of afflictions based upon species and extended to fauna and flora alive. It was a very narrow road at best and one that should be tread with caution as the thought of causing discourse in one of the worlds final natural bastions did not sit well with him.
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Somehow Ryse was selected by WISH which even he himself was unsure of how this came to be, however it seemed he had the opportunity to fly to Africa and then explore an island that had been rediscovered from many years ago. He didn't necessarily know the story behind the island nor did he have much info on the others that would be with him. Despite him practically diving into the unknown which could potentially be death, Ryse was fascinated by the idea of exploring an unknown mass of land. Who would he meet? What would the island look like? What would happen on the island? The mystery alone was enough to entice the boy to take part.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Ryse angrily closed his eyes and cranked up the volume on his wireless earbuds. Worst, plane trip, ever. The kid behind him continued kicking his seat and making loud noises which he couldn't even begin to understand. Somehow he figured he'd need to manage to fall asleep somehow. Perhaps this would be the most difficult task during the whole trip? Unlikely. Shortly the plane descended and landed, Africa was here, well more like Ryse was here in Africa. He has never actually been to Africa before so this was a new experience for him. Eventually he met up with everybody else who was going to explore the new island.

Everybody seemed to have different backgrounds, quirks, reasons for being here, and skill sets. He wasn't familiar with anybody here though it wasn't as if that mattered too much. However he did worry that maybe not everybody spoke English? Everybody was from around the globe meaning different cultures and languages. Would it be easy to communicate with them or would it be difficult? Communication would be very important. Speaking of communication, it seems it was about time for a presentation to begin.

After the sheep lady finished her opening the man of the hour presented himself. He then gave a bit of info on the island however not much was known about it, which if there was a lot known then they wouldn't be here. After formalities were finished they were given supplies, the most important item she being the camera and the notebook and pen they were to take with them. He was to use this to jot down notes. Ryse wasn't too sure what they were expecting him to note however. Not much later the Ok was given for them to head out on their journey.

Adventure awaited him and towards it he went. Ryse moved with the group and his first impression was awe. It was said the place was a sort of paradise and it surely felt like one. It was gorgeous and the feeling of the sun on him made him feel all warm and fuzzy inside or something like that. Though there was a catch to everything. Sure it was supposedly a paradise but what was the catch? There must be something hidden here. Why did it disappear in the first place? What made it suddenly appear again? A lot of questions surfaced that put Ryse on edge once more. Was there something dangerous here? The island had to be hiding something, and that's what he was here to find out.
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Nearly 12 feet tall and weighting well over a tonne. Emile entered the room with his striking reptilian visage and sandy plates. He kept a straight look, although that was mainly due to his limited facial muscle than anything else. From afar he was a monster coming straight out a monster flick. But in fact the man inside was soft-spoken and very intelligent.

His doctorate was in Theoretical Physic so Emile was apprehensive when Dr. Reilly suggestion he go in her place for the island expedition. Although he never objected outright as she was one of the researchers acting as surrogate parents, he found it odd that a renown Biologist like her would give up the chance to explore unknown land in an era where such thrills where long gone and go for a nice vacation in Cancun. None the less after a few adamant suggestions, Emile took all the necessary supplies to record and study the environment in her place. He knew quite a bit about biology from his childhood and even more so after his tenure as the research institute, after all the basis for the companies energy research came from his biological body.

He begun to cycle energy in his body nervously, his plates shimmering with radiant heat. He hoped that he would not make a fool of himself, this was not his area of expertise. Even after cramming as much textbooks and camera lessons with Professor Skullie, a Paleontology who he had fond childhood memories of, Emile felt very inadequate over the plane ride to South Africa. At least he remembered to bring his excavation materials. In the waiting room with the other explorers, he did a once over all the equipment he brought, mainly containment vessels for the various samples, excavation tools (No shovel as he already has his claws), notebooks, camera, and the basic survival equipment for undertaking unknown lands.

He was surprised, not by how long the wait was, but by how few X-forms actually came to the expedition. He knew this a joint expedition and the purpose for such was politically and socially charged. But they would've let in a even spread! "I hope this doesn't have any repercussions." He took out a notebook and begun to write in his journal. Despite his size he had enough dexterity to wield pen and paper, plus he enjoyed the intimacy that it gave over audio-logs or the reliability over computers. In his journal he wrote his thoughts on the situation and the ensuing research that would begin. Suddenly the door opened, his head turned upward to meet the presence of a young lad, or rather a sheep. He listened intently at her announcement, he was then greeted with a large sight of a man. Emile was taken aback the renown Professor Thato Grobler, Emile was even more confused why Dr.Riley would miss the chance to meet a colleague in her field such as him.

He stood up as the mammoth of a man begun his speech,"Funny he's bigger in the pictures..." He thought to himself, after all not a lot of people could match his height. His attention quickly turned to the researchers, "At least the equality aspect is fulfilled." He felt a sight of relief as he realized that he would do partial busy work as there was already numerous researcher who should compensate for his lack of expertise. He begun to wonder why Dr.Riley sent him here, his knowledge in physics and space-time could bring them so far, or could it. Why was this island hidden for so long he wondered, thinking of various solutions to his questions. He stopped himself at a wormhole theory reminding himself that the nature of the experiment was discovery. So he set himself out to greet the other scientists.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Emile Ghazi. I came in place of Dr. Riley, as she is... busy?" He said nervously remembering she blew this chance off for Mexico. He introduced himself and his field of study, which probably prompted dozens of question to why he is here int he first place. He reassured him that he has done some homework including his talks with Dr. Skullie. He didn;t even notice how he was being escorted to the island entrance. His head quickly turned to the sound of flora and fauna. By god this place was singing, if the natural world didn't excite him it did now. He observed the twisting landscape and exotic fauna, amazed on their unique structure and appearance. For once Emile wished he had taken a different field of study.
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Sitting in the mess hall were many, and varied, individuals. One, in particular, looked especially relaxed. He was seated toward the back of the hall at a table by himself, his feet kicked up on a spare chair, arms folded across his chest. That man was none other than Cal Deadwood, treasure hunter extraordinaire.

Well, perhaps "extraordinaire" was a slight exaggeration.

Nevertheless the man exuded confidence and charisma. As the presentation began, first with a presentation by the wonderful Miss Karabou, followed by the much less appealing Professor Grobler. Cal had come to Africa just for this job--when WISH promises fabulous wealth and riches, well, what self-respecting treasure hunter turns that down? In his time in Africa, though, he'd become quite familiar with the little bit of Quirkism going about. Skins and Furries, or whatever they called themselves. It didn't really bother him. In fact, he'd decided to make a little game out of it. If he could score in Africa, then he won, Africa lost. If he couldn't, Africa won. Bonus points if it was an X-form. The lovely Miss Karabou had just become the newest player in his little game. She just didn't know it yet, but few ladies indeed could resist a little bit of that Deadwood Magic.

Professor Grobler was going on about their mission while these thoughts passed through Cal's head, and a sudden image on the screen brought him back to attention. The island sure was a beauty, and full of plenty of rare plants and animals...plants and animals that were sure to fetch a pretty penny on the open market if he could acquire some 'samples'. Hey, who didn't bring souvenirs home after visiting a new place? These souvenirs were just especially rare and valuable...and questionably legal...which made them that much more valuable.

As these thoughts swam in his head, along with the daydreams of all the money he'd make, a big hippo fellow came over and handed him some headgear and a notepad.

"Much appreciated, friend," Cal said cheerily. The X-form shrugged. Cal frowned. So much for civility.

Examining the headgear, in particular looking for the off switch--just in case--Cal put it on. His was a pretty simple harness, the camera hanging at eye level right beside his right eye. It didn't block his vision, but it was a little annoying...but hey, if that was the only price of admission, he'd deal. He tucked the notepad into one of the pockets of his harness beneath his cloak. That was one thing he certainly didn't lack for--pockets. Every good treasure hunter, and bounty hunter, needed lots of pockets. Lots of pockets that were difficult to find. Made it easier to get your rightfully-earned treasure past customs...or to get your bounties past the tax man. Uncle Sam could be a real grouch about money.

At that point the Professor finally released them to go out and do their things. Cal let the crowd race ahead, waiting until last to make his way out. It wasn't really a race, and besides, the more people ahead of him, the more likely they were to run into any nasties on the island. Cal would go ahead and let them handle it for now. He had his sights set on a whole different kind of treasure.

"Miss Karabou, I just had to say, your introduction was simply wonderful. Truly, it touched my heart," he said, approaching her. "I truly hope this expedition helps bring X-forms and other Quirk users closer together. In fact, I would love to go over my findings with you later, after I've explored the island," he said, offering her a wink, a smile and a thumbs-up before pushing past the other person there with a simple "Excuse me."

Posted Image

Cal stepped out onto the deck of the ship, making his way over to the gangway, and going ashore. Immediately Cal oriented himself and started to sketch a rough map of the area. Uncharted island, only one way on or off...having a map would be a pretty good thing.

"That's right, boys and girls, we're drawing a map," he said entirely for the benefit of the Go-Pro recording. "To the poor sob watching this, sorry, you're just gonna have to deal with me narrating this little expedition. You're getting these thoughts of mine hot off the presses, unfiltered, right from the source," he rambled to his future audience, assuming he had one.

"So let's talk about some of the things you can't tell from the video. The weather is really nice here, especially for South Africa. No oppressive heat or anything. It's really mild. The sights and sounds you're getting, but the smell...well, it's very clean, actually. Not a whole lot to it," he said, walking a short ways inland toward some nearby plants, making sure he was out of sight of the boat and his fellow 'explorers'. They were very unusual, a small copse of blue, purple, and gold flowers at the base of a tree bearing purple, spiky fruit.

"And this is why we wear gloves, boys and girls," Cal said to his recording as he knelt down, gently caressing the flower, making sure the camera got a good look. Suddenly he snapped his head over to look to the right. "Huh?," he said, as he simultaneously snapped the flower's stem, slipping it deftly into one of his belt pouches beneath his cloak. It was all a part of his plan, you see. Constant narration would throw off anyone that suspected he might be using his voice to cover up any souvenir gathering.

"Thought I heard something," he mumbled, standing up to look at one of the fruit. He grabbed one, pulling it low to examine, and pulled the same trick, snapping his head to the right, turning the camera away. "There it is again!," he said as he plucked the fruit, stowing it in a larger pouch.

"Let's go check that out...I'm curious now," Cal said to his recording, making more notes on the beginnings of his map. Unbeknownst to those who might someday watch his recording, Cal was wearing a massive grin on his face as he headed toward his 'phantom noise' deeper in the island.

Piece of cake...
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Hikari's Current Look

The world truly was a wonder to behold, who would have thought a place like this existed? Hikari wondered the very same as she traveled all the way from Tokyo to be here. Africa was not a place she has ever traveled to, in fact, it was a place like no other. While the events that happened with the elections still loomed over the country as a whole, that didn't stop her nor any of the others from jumping at the chance to be apart of this magnificent event.

In her case, she also happened to be on a mission, her own little mission at the very least. Given the fact that she was a member of the Wish Council, still not clear how, she had to be cautious of her actions. Her being here was the best way to at least broaden her horizon, getting a first-hand look at Africa herself so that she may be able to speak from her own point of view and not that of the newspapers or articles.

That and she really wanted to explore the super cool and totally awesome knew land. Man, life is moving so fast and she is beginning to get herself involved in things she would never have a year or two ago. Though when she gets back home she will still need to find her own place, which sucks because she knows her mom isn't too fond of the idea. Hell, she isn't either, but she needed to become an adult one way or another.

Waiting in the Mess Hall with everyone else, the girl kept her jacket zipped while pacing back and forth while twirling her hair with her finger. There was a bunch of people also involved with the tip and it was apparent they were all anxious to see this place as well. Hikari hummed a tune while looking for anyone that she may have remembered. After a while, she realized she did not which meant she had to make acquaintances with the others.

However, that can wait for later as a sheep x-form woman who appeared to be an assistant for the one in charge of this. The woman began to speak and Hikari listened. Karabou was her name and she spoke of working with WISH to build a bridge between Africa and the world outside of it. Hikari nodded along as she felt this to be a good step and that WISH were making strong strides to make sure these things happened.

Thato appeared next, the man was a large elephant x-form and he looks to be serious. Similar to Kaboru, the man spoke the same but explained more in depth of some things. Listening along, she felt he was a good person, albeit a bit different. Once he was done, he began to escort them outside as he sounded off using his trunk. Happy as ever, Hikari's Journey through untapped land begins now. "Woot!
Let's go! Time to travel across untapped land."

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Oswald held his rather large duffle bag close, sat next to him at one of the mess hall's tables, one of his hands laid on the top of it. He could feel his helmet through the fabric of the bag. If he were honest, he felt rather uncomfortable here. Not only were most of the people around him strangers, some appearing less-than-friendly, but this was honestly his first time on a boat and he had found that he felt quite seasick. Considering the fact that his fighting style was basically flinging himself around like a human cannonball, it seemed silly that Ossy would become nauseous due to the relatively gentle rolling of the waves. Yet, there he was, doggy bag held in the hand not placed on his duffle. He hadn't lost his lunch yet, but he wasn't going to be taking any chances.

What an interesting excursion he was on though, ignoring the whole seasickness. There he was, actually on a mission for WISH, and what an interesting one at that! Exploring a land lost to time, along with trying to lessen the prejudices between African X-Forms and other Quirk users. Oswald felt himself a good candidate in that regard, being an X-Form who had publicly fought alongside and competed against many mainly Emission and Area Manipulation users and usually managed to keep up. That had to mean something, right?

As they closed in on their destination, those in the mess hall were greeted by a small woman with a sheep X-Form. Being the polite young man he was, Oswald listened closely to her announcements, smiling at the ideal of promoting equality despite the differences that Quirks can manifest in people. Though it seemed that most people did not answer Karabou's call for applause, Oswald made sure that he did, putting his hands together and clapping as the large, imposing elephant of a man entered the room. Ossy's clapping slowly died down as he realized that he seemed to be the only one doing so. His face turned the slightest shade redder as he cleared his throat, clearly embarrassed to have been a one-man applause.

With the botanist's introduction out of the way, Oswald listened closely and turned his attention to the image projected upon the wall when it appeared. "Thank you." Oswald mumbled as he was given the camera-equipped helmet. This meant that he couldn't wear his costume's helmet, but he was certain that would be fine. "Oh, uh, thanks." Another mumbled thanks as he was handed the notepad and pen, unaware that they would be given those supplies on top of the cameras.

Oswald continued to listen to the professor, nodding as he mentioned the potential for danger here. They were exploring new land, he had figured there would be danger, that was why he had brought his suit. On that note, the young man began to assemble his suit over his civilian clothes as Grobler lead the rest of the group outside. Ossy had learned from his internship; if there was even the potential for a battle to happen, it would be better to have his suit already equipped beforehand.

With his costume's helmet strapped to the back of his suit's collar and the camera helmet sat upon his head, Oswald finally followed Grobler and the group out onto the main deck. Upon sighting the island in person, Ossy simply stopped, admiring the beauty of nature for a solid few seconds. Those few seconds were just about enough for him to get more or less over the generalized beauty of it all though, and instead, find interest in the island's oddities. He had never really been thrilled by nature, but some of these sights were quite the odd ones.

The first thing that the large boy was drawn to were the frogs just in the water surrounding the island. He immediately got to work, kneeling down on the shore and taking notes, drawing a small drawing of this species, though the doodle was of questionable quality. He figured it fine since they would have the footage from his camera. He began to record his thoughts on the subject, mainly why it was that this species would evolve the ability to apparently sing.
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On the opposite end of the mess hall across from the red-headed ruffian was a stern looking blonde haired man wearing a loose pink undershirt with deep pink hearts on it and a unbuttoned light jacket, along with a pin-striped hat tied around his neck. He was also away from the crowd as he leaned against the wall with one foot against it to help stabilize him. The way his body and face were scrunched up he was just exuding antagonistic vibes, in fact looking like he could snap at any moment. And then he reached into his pocket. But instead of pulling out some weapon, he pulled out a packet of smokes, and everything changed. He became less tense, his face while still serious looking loosened up, and he straightened out his body, leaning properly against the wall. And when he shook out a cigarette and lightened it by touching it with his fingertip, all the remaining tension melted away, and as he blew out the smoke, he didn't just look approachable, he looked like a man who if you asked for money he'd give you twice the amount. And there was a good chance he'd do just that too. The reason Azin had chosen such a far off spot was not because he disliked conversation, but because he didn't want to bother anyone with his smoking. Society was becoming more and more smoke conscious after all!

Posted Image

When he had started smoking he never expected it to be quite so addicting, in fact the idea of being beaten by these things seemed laughable to him after he survived child slavery in a radioactive uranium mine. Yet, the 12 hours he had gone without a cigarette as he packed for the trip, waited in the plane lobby, and the ride here had felt torturous. And this was coming from someone who has experienced legitimate torture. Of course, he didnt let it stop him from interacting and having a nice time with the people that had sat next to him, he had an image to keep after all. He had many plans, and for them to come to fruition, Azin Flowers had to be the most enjoyable person on the planet. And these plans were exactly why when he had heard that there was an expedition to an area in the world famous for its growing uncertainty and instability, it was a chance he couldn't pass up. The fact it was also his first step in acquainting himself with WISH was a very appealing bonus as well.

As he continued smoking in his little side of the room, a very small sheep came out of the door leading to the mess room. Despite her small stature the lady known as Karabou was oozing in determination, and proceeded to give an impassioned speech defending equality and praising working together. While it did more or less confirm the rumors of equality problems in the country, her passion was as genuine as it was praise worthy. Azin would have applauded her speech even if he hadn't been asked, but given that he was he simply upped the enthusiasm. Though he may have gotten a bit too enthusiastic, especially given that only one other person, an armored boy x-form was also clapping, and he gave up after seeing its fruitlessness. Azin didn't mind standing out though, so he kept it up even when it became kinda weird, and would have whistled if there wasn't a cigarette in his mouth. His applause seemed to satisfy the elephant-man's ego, him striding in with a broad smile across his face after appearing. But the pleasantries couldn't last forever, and soon it was back to business. Professor Grobler went over the holographic map displayed, showing a breathtakingly beautiful island. As Professor Grobler started getting to equipment, several X-forms with quipment for everyone. Why thank you so much♡ His voice got very sing-songy as he was handed his helmet and camera. After the professor started talking about the importance of filming everything possible, the x-forms once again came back, this time with notepads and pencils. Why you are just wonderful!♡ At this point it looked like he was flirting with his helper, which would explain why he got away from him so fast. Azin was going to have to try and measure all this affection for later use.

Finally the end of the speech came, and the elephant man revealed he was gonna be coming with the group, and ended everything up with a reminder that the area could be dangerous and to be careful. Very good advice, given the island could apparently not only disappear but had things no person has ever seen before. As Azin left the mess hall, he overheard some of the people talking to their benefactors as he was near the end of the line. While most of it were questions of some sort, one blonde boy simply told the two heads that the job would get done. Why that determination is just commendable!♡ His sing-song voice chirped happily as he lauded the boy for his attitude, and then he kept going to the outside. Upon reaching the deck of the ship, he took out his cigarette and clenched it his fist before heating it up, turning it fully into ash. He'd then release the remaining ashes into the sea as if it were someone's last request. He had a feeling smoking on this island wouldn't be looked upon too kindly.

As he disembarked from the ship, Azin was taken aback from the island. The 3-D map hadn't done it justice, it was a thing of wonderous beauty. He put on his helmet and set off with everyone else. But unlike everyone else, instead of heading out to the ends to survey, he tried sticking to the center around everyone. This was so he could overhear if someone had an interesting topic, especially concerning South Africa. After all, he was here for a reason, and that was to set his first connection with South Africa. So while he perused about, partaking and filming the nearby plants and birds, he was really keeping an ear out for those two words.
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Rest did not come easy for Aido. As she sat in the mess, her chin planted squarely in her palm she attempted to stifle her throwing hangover. When she had originally sighed up for this expedition, she had hoped it would be a bit more… exclusive in selecting the applicants. She was mildly dismayed to see X-Forms, her kind, seemed to make up the minority of the various volunteers, most of them foreign and ignorant to boot.

Ever since the election disaster, tensions had been on the rise regarding the foreign influences grasping at the reins of this country. Matters had been made worse by the scandalous evacuation of the presidential office. She had hoped to get a foot in the door with an organization that shared her opinions regarding the country, but now it seemed she would be amongst the tourists playing safari.

Casually looking about the room, she eyed the figures she deemed important. There was the dark skinned girl who reeked of danger, Aido made a note to keep her distance from her. Then there were the other X-forms, though neither of them seemed to be local. Both were scaled, cleanly dressed and heavy set, she wondered to herself what pampered luxuries they would complain about first. Despite preferring the company of her own kind, she was still hardly a people person.

As the briefing began, she let out a muted yawn. She was pleased to see their staff consisted primarily of her kind, and locals even better. There instructions were simple, record your findings, enjoy the view, blah blah… She had gotten her hopes up when she saw all the suits, but it would seem all the waivers she had to sign were just a formality.

Convinced she would find greater risks at Disney Land than this resort paradise, she moved onward with a roll of her eyes, donning her gear and joined the others on the main deck. They had surprisingly accommodating in their gear, having a helmet capable of fitting her head comfortably. The island itself was… impressive, she had to admit. She figured she may as well enjoy the view and practice her sketching.
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Sout Africa, eh?

Very rarely did Redmond leave Ireland. Sometimes he might have found himself in London for the weekend or the rare trip to the mainland, but South Africa was an entirely new adventure for him altogether. It was exciting to be traveling to somewhere so different from his home, to be going on an actual adventure, and to be participating in something set up by WISH. He was sure that this expedition would expose himself to all sorts of different people, most of whom were probably just as friendly and excited for this opportunity as he was.

Upon arriving to South Africa, very little time had passed between his first steps on the nation's soil and his entrance into a crowded mess hall, full of people that were hopefully like minded. In a funny way, being in this crowded room with all the other soon to be explorers reminded him of his old pub back home. There were just so many people that all seemed so different from each other in plenty of ways, and yet they were all completely human. Even those with the more obvious x form quirks that made them appear to be 99% animal still felt so inherently human in the midst of this crew.

The group waiting in the room would soon be met by a dorky looking sheep x form offering the usual type of greeting for such an occasion. While empty of any substance regarding the actual task at hand, the woman could not have been nicer and warmer with her hopes of the development of a stronger bond between x forms and those with other types of quirks resulting from this event. It was a dream that Redmond could fully support from the bottom of his heart when he learned of the current state of this area. For a division to exist between people just because of the type of quirk they were born with seemed so alien to him. Were people really like that?

After the introduction, a rather gentlemanly elephant x form took the stage and focus to explain the nitty gritty of why everyone had been gathered here. The discovery of a new island, or rather the rediscovery of a once lost island was the foundation of what they would be doing. With some aerial photography and observation, it seemed that there was plenty about this unusual island that was completely different from the rest of the world; the fauna, the flora, basically anything that could make a habitat everything that it was could documented as undiscovered. With this information, WISH in tandem with the South African government wanted to send people to actually traverse and explore the island to record and provide first hand documentation about it.

Admittedly, the idea of exploring a new and uncharted area wasn't the most exciting thing to Redmond, but if this could lead to a better society for all of those trapped in this useless racism that was still dictating the social tension of an entire continent. There was no reason for any sense of resentment or hatred to exist between otherwise decent people because of their quirks, and Redmond would find great pride in playing any part to help bring that ideal to reality.

The room went dark, and a bright projection appeared on a wall to show everyone what information of the island had already been collected. It was beautiful and serene. Looking at it, Redmond began to feel a sense of doubt in his heart as to whether or not they should even be going there in the first place. For people to be walking upon this untouched land, there was no doubt it would soon be destroyed unless WISH and the government decided to immediately turn it into a protected park. Hopefully there were enough people of that mindset with the power to do so. Either way, even if Redmond withdrew there would still be others to push forward, so all he could do was suck it up and focus on the potential outcome of benefiting the people of Africa.

The presentation came to an end and Grobler, the gentlemanly Elephant, declared that he would also be accompanying the surveying party on this expedition to Deir Hawe to ensure the safety and success. On top of that, each person going would also be equipped with a helment that had a GoPro head camera attached to it to act as a constant recording device which was wonderful in and of itself but was not to be the only source of data collection, prompting Grobler to remind them to be sure to write down notes as they explored to their hearts content.

Alright! I can do this. We can do this!

Redmond was ready to join all these new strangers and hopefully make some friends as they documented a new ecosystem with the goal of bringing Africa together.
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Diana was waiting in the mess hall on a ship she didn't really care to be in. Not that she didn't chose to, but she could feel her skin nor her stomach not agree with the rocking movement. She had come because WISH announced the reappearance of an African island long forgotten, thought to be erased to the sands of time. How funny, this island's memory could be erased as easily as her own memories. Pulling out a pair of tweezers she would start to clip her shimmering, crystal-like nails.

As soon as Diana heard about the island's reappearance, she HAD to go. Not because it was a strange land with unknown flora and fauna, but because this island had been gone longer then even her own life. As far as she knew, there may be a way to help restore some of her memory. Plus there was speak of good pay and being able to relax a bit, so a win-win no matter what. If anything she just hoped that there weren't any people that were racist to X-forms in the boat. That would be disaster.

As for her looks Diana had gone through a true cosmetic change, not just in clothing but in appearance as well. To any onlookers that gave a glance at the gal would see a porcelain doll the size of a human, with teeth of a milky crystal color, the red in her eyes like a ruby, while the nails were almost clear like their namesake of crystal. Diana's lips were as red as a loving rose and her hair a chocolate brown. As for the clothing she had on her casual wear, making her seem even younger then how she looked before.

The beauty of her new changes made it quite easy to stay still as people mingled amongst themselves, staying still even when the briefing started, only moving her head to see what was going on. She'd do her best to absorb all of the info that she could from X-form Professor and not really focusing on the sheep. With the professor ending his speech saying he'll be joining them and everyone started to get up, Diana would go as well. Even with her memoria bag to hold some pre-made marbles, she couldn't help but go through the motions today. It didn't help matters when she had to cough to let one of the X-forms handing out cameras know she was alive.

Finally stepping out into what could only be described as a new world, Diana felt a swell of happiness well up, the wonders of this place making itself known. Every sound and sight was beautiful, and Diana even willing took in a breath to smell the area. It was wonderful. But she wasn't here for pleasantries, well that was a partial lie, she did want to enjoy the place, but she had a job to do. Holding her hand out she would produce the memory of her fist time seeing the place, the true sense of wonder, joy, even the emotions of that first minute right in her hand. Better to have her memories be put to use then to fade away in the end.

Opening up a bag she's put the memory into the main pouch and jotting down in her sketchbook what the marble contained before putting that into the bag as well, which only had one other marble in it, as the side pouches held her backup memories in case things went rough. Satisfied she'd look at those she was working with, debating on who she would work best with for today.

"All right then. With the first memory stored and logged, who should I join up with today?"

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The mess hall was not exactly what Shigero had come to see, but he'd been trapped in the ship's grim cafeteria for long enough to start to see some beauty in the dark, metal-cased hall. Or at least he was trying to, if only to entertain himself with some mental gymnastics. The trip had taken quite a bit of time, and boredom had been the consistent factor throughout the seafaring journey. The destination should absolutely be worth everything and more, though.

Deir Hawe, the vanished island. An ecosystem completely isolated for hundreds of years, in an era of unparalleled genetic mutation. Honestly, he wasn't even that interested in biology, but the offer had been irresistible. Here he was, thinking expeditions to discover new lands was an activity of the past, long completed, but of course, he found himself proven wrong. This kind of a premise would get anyone's mind racing with possibilities, regardless of any kind of cultural barrier. Xenophobia may run rampant in Africa, but luckily they didn't keep something as mind-bogglingly fascinating as this discovery to themselves.

And that brought him here. About to be delivered to Deir Hawe, along with about a dozen other researchers. Why they'd let a schoolchild handle the task he didn't know, but WISH surely did, and he was grateful. He wasn't alone either, as he could spot Kaito and the pangolin guy in other parts of the hall. A few X-Forms caught his eye as well, as per usual, especially the dinosaur. But he didn't stare too long, for obvious reasons.

Things were finally starting to get in motion, as a small sheep lady started speaking to the group. Basic introduction, not much more, but then came the real deal. Professor Grobler, renowned in his field of expertise, and it didn't come as much of a surprise when Shigero was informed this man was in charge of the expedition. Whatever deal the government struck with WISH, it must have included him in its conditions. Not that he didn't deserve it, he was amazing at what he did, and was undoubtedly a top pick even outside his home continent.

Anyway, moments after the introduction a projection of the island in question appeared on one of the walls. It was an amazing sight, sure, but from a distance it looked like any other non-vanishing tropical island, really. The true beauty was in the smaller things, the flora and fauna inhabiting the geographical mystery. So, once he was handed his camera helmet--which was going to completely ruin his hair, but sacrifices had to be made--it was finally time.

He stepped forward, the air filled with gasps as they finally got their eyes on the real thing. More shades of colour than any mere projector would have been able to depict, more sounds than his ears could realistically tell apart, yet still, everything was so soft and serene and just absolutely stunning. All of it encapsulated and shielded from the harsh reality of the world by the deep blue of the ocean in every direction. And he had just one task here; to share this beauty without disturbing it. So, time to get to it.
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