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Hunted in Seattle; The Federation: Invite Only; Graded
Topic Started: Dec 20 2017, 12:55 PM (1,791 Views)
Queen Harmonia
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Queen Harmonia, First of Her Name, Ruler of the Realm
Grey skies and pouring rain: this was Seattle, Washington in a nutshell.

And a certain Bounty Hunter loved it.

Having grown up in Greenland and other cold climates throughout Canada, Rosalie was far more accustomed to places with a bite of chill in the air. And this city in winter was a healthy mixture of snow flurries and torrential downpours. There was something about the latter that she especially liked; whether it was because people tended to not linger in the streets and places were quieter, or a reflection of her inner being, she was unsure. She couldn't say that she particularly wanted to find out either, because she just simply wasn't that bothered.

She sought out a grungy coffee shop down a backstreet of the main square near the convention centre, and was seated in a booth near the rear of it. The solitude was blissful. Since the events of a few weeks prior, when she led an ad-hock group of contracted killers like herself in a mission against a company in Los Angeles, she had rarely been alone. That day saw the formation of a currently very loose-ended group of Bounty Hunters; far from established anywhere. But, it was a start. The prospect was for those committed to their little organisation to be provided with a solid stream of contracts, all suitably researched beforehand, and eliminate the somewhat lonely existence of these individuals. Her goal was to provide assurance in a turbulent profession; that you could always find a job to help you get by, and people who could potentially assist you in that endeavour.

It was something that she never had the privilege of having in her younger years, so she was especially keen on getting the organisation set up once the seed of an idea had been planted. She had, of course, underestimated just how much company of others was required in this process. She, along with the 'founding members' (those who pushed her into following this idea through), had been spending time researching all sorts of bounties and contracts that they could start taking up. That, and looking into where would be a good location for their home base of sorts.

The latter hadn't been as successful as the former, and through doing the former process... they had been privy to sometimes nasty conversations and company (and that was saying something). Clients would become very offended when Rosalie took the initiative to turn down their proposed bounty, or wanted to negotiate the price. Most left in a huff but without much of a word, but there had been a couple who were... particularly vocal about their distaste of the organisation and its 'elitist' manner.

Rosalie couldn't see how they were being elitist in any way; she always gave ample reason for why she turned down a proposition. It was mainly because the job was too complex for her current team of rather inexperienced hunters, or it wouldn't be profitable for them to undergo. That, or it was far too cryptic. She wanted no part in such contracts after the last one. Although it had led to a group of people with whom she had brought about the foundations of this 'Federation', as she was calling it, the whole process had been a nightmare from start to finish. She didn't like the fact that she had been spiraling in a manner of free-fall for the entirety of that mission, and as such, made a firm vow not to take any such contracts for their little group.

After being with her little motley crew for a good number of weeks, hopping between locations and setting up various things in preparation for their organisation officially launching, she ventured here to Seattle in order to scout and see whether it would be an appropriate location for a base of operations. Thus far, she really loved the city for its climate and overall 'feel' of grunge alone, but she knew that she had to be more pragmatic in her decision than simply 'I like the rain and depressing atmosphere'.

She drained the rest of her black coffee, and looked about for any sign of the waitress who was wandering around with a jug for refills. 'I'll probably have to touch base with the rest later...' She thought to herself, gesturing to her coffee cup for a top-up of fresh filter coffee. It wasn't the best, but it didn't half warm her through and wake her up. 'One more cup, and then I'll go for a scout around.'

She had told herself this when getting her last cup of coffee, too.

Little did the pink-haired huntress know that she herself was being hunted.

Less than a week ago, a meeting was held between Rosalie Asher-Nordskov and a certain upcoming entrepreneur based in New York city. His name was Jacob Rexly, and he was as ruthless as he was irritatingly handsome. However, he never wished for this ruthless nature of his to be exhibited outwardly, so he made a habit of getting in contact with contracted killers to slowly eliminate any opposition he encountered. It was a tricky business, starting a new company or two. In Jacob's case, try three.

With this newest venture getting off the ground, he approached this new little group of Bounty Hunters with a contract that included eliminating a previous colleague of his who had broken off and started a new business... that directly opposed his. To him, it was simple: break and enter his rival's home, kill the man as he slept in a manner that looked like suicide, and steal all of the paperwork in the apartment's office. Much to his dismay, however, the leader of that forsaken organisation refused him before he even finished his explanation.

"We kill for a living. If you want to get ahead with information that isn't yours, you need somebody else for the job."

That was it. Needless to say, Jacob was furious; he had never been refused in his life before, and he wasn't about to start at that moment. It took a few of the Federation members to kick him out of their designated meeting location, and he was left like some crazed madman in the slums of New York. He would ensure that his anger and revenge were swift, and thus he started laying a plot to murder that bitch who dared defy him so blatantly.

He used various channels of his to post advertisements in known locations around New York city that less-than-savoury types looking for quick money frequented, and when he gathered a sufficient team, the objective was simple:

Kill Rosalie Asher-Nordskov.

It had been mentioned within his correspondence with those selected that she was the leader of this Bounty Hunter Federation, and in the business of contracted killing, she had managed to make a (very small) name for herself. Mr. Rexly's vindictiveness knew no bounds, and he was able to provide his little team of killers with information of where their target was thanks to tailing the woman to the other side of the country.
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Ah yes, Seattle... it was dark, it was gloomy, and it was pouring rain as if God himself wanted to flood the city. "Just like home..." Not that Arthur really liked that notion. He'd left England for precisely that reason. He didn't particularly hate the thought of home. Not truly, anyways. He had plenty of good memories from growing up. But the last decade of his life had been, shall we say, less than pleasant, and the last thing he wanted was to be reminded of that. That time working in the mob had turned him into one of the most proficient killers in the gang. Something, he later found, he was totally okay with.

He often wondered if he'd be diagnosed as a sociopath if he went to a doctor about it. He never really felt particularly guilty about his kills. But at the same time, he had morals, as any proper contracted killer should. For starters, he never killed children. And nor would he allow one to be killed within his presence. Though 'children' was typically defined as someone under the age of sixteen. Any older than that, and, in his mind, you should know better than to get yourself involved with killers like himself.

Secondly he never killed those that he felt hadn't earned it. That was mostly stemmed from his time working that club. Having to kill innocent bystanders because they won too much and returning the money to the mob had left quite a bad taste in his mouth, and he never wanted to do that again. No, from now on, his kills would be for himself and himself alone. Poor bastards. He still recalled their names and faces. It was the closest thing to remorse he felt. He supposed he'd have to explain himself to them in the next life. If there was a next life, that is.

But that was precisely what had brought him here to Seattle today. To find his mark and take her life. From what he'd been told, she was a 'stone-cold bitch that lies to her clients'. When asked why the client wanted her killed, he had been told that he went to hire her for a job that fit her descriptions, and that she took his money but never completed it. That told Arthur two things. She was smart, and she knew how to fight. It wasn't going to be an easy job. Going after other killers was something he particularly detested... always so messy unless you used a poison or struck while they were sleeping.

Though that was probably the very reason Jacob had hired multiple people to take her down. Arthur preferred working alone, but Jacob had offered a handsome reward for the blondes head, even after it got split up between them. But before they could do that, they had to find her. Leaning under an awning across the street from the coffee shop she was currently located in, Arthur had spotted her. At least he thought he did, anyways. She had been described as 'Very pretty, with a body most women would kill for'. He wasn't sure if Jacob was being ironic or not when talking about her.

But if it was in fact Rosalie, then Jacob had been right. Even from this distance, he could clearly see why most men would find her attractive. Even Arthur did, not that he wanted to act on it. But still, it didn't quite add up... Surely if she was as smart as Jacob had made her sound, she could've finished any job she'd been assigned easily. It didn't take brains to know you never keep money without finishing a job, but even so, paying her before hand was just as stupid.

He didn't like the smell of it. Not one bit. Pulling one of his 'fake cigarettes' as he liked to call them out of his jacket pocket, he lit it up with a lighter and puffed out the smoke. It did contain a relaxing agent to help him think, but it wasn't actually nicotine. Plus it helped him blend in. Nobody paid attention to a guy taking a smoke break under an awning when it was pouring down rain.

So, he waited. And watched.
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Adam was pissed, for a couple of reasons. For one, it was raining, which made it much colder than he was comfortable with. It made his exoskeleton rigid which was annoying, and it soaked through his clothes no matter what he did. He would normally be spending the entire day inside if it was raining, but he was stuck outside for the time being because of the other reason he was pissed, he was on a job he didn't agree with. A man needed to get paid somehow, but the situation just didn't sit right with him.

Besides being told the location of his mark, he'd been told that she was also a bounty hunter who apparently skipped out on the actual hunting part, but had somehow made a name for herself. That told him that either the guy was lying, it was a one time thing, or she had gotten semi-famous without actually doing any work. Unfortunately he wasn't able to get any info on her quirk, which would set him back a fair bit by making it so he had to be more careful when it came to the actual fighting part. At least he had his own surprises he could pull out if needed, and he knew that a few other hunters were on the same job, but he knew even less about them than the target.

Having found where Rosalie was, he was situated on the roof of the building across from the cafe she was in, thankful that it wasn't a large one, crouching low so that he wouldn't be visible over the edge. He had activated his quirk, letting him see into the window and focus on the woman. She certainly stood out, and was reasonably attractive, but their were no visible signs of what she could really do, which made him sigh out loud. It seemed he would be stuck in the rain for a little bit longer, until there was a proper opportunity to strike. Maybe he should have taken that other job after all...

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Just another day visiting the slums of another American city. Going around looking for any clue or hint leading to a murderer or a rapist. Looking for drug dealers, even drug lords and syndicates. And yet, another day without any luck. Leo found himself in New York today, trying his best to find these criminal scum taking advantage of the weak and the innocent. It made his blood boil just thinking about it. Yet all he saw were the people living their lives in pain, some druggies on the ground who wasted their lives on their addiction, some homeless people never given a chance, he pitied them.

He always hated those reckless bastards who ruin lives without a care in the world, it's what led him to this business. He wanted it to end, they ruined enough lives already, they deserve to be punished for it. An eye for an eye, right? At least that was Leo's view of the world. He became a bounty hunter to cut the head off of the snake, end crime once and for all, but he didn't know that crime was a hydra. Cut off one head, two more grow back. That's why their work will never end, but that's also why their work was important.

Leo looked around the slums of the Big Apple, checking to see anyone hiring contract killers to take out some scum, or any criminals he could take out for his own personal sense of justice. There, he found a flyer, with some notes to meet a client that needs assistance in killing somebody. That was when he decided to meet this Jacob Rexly. The flyer said to meet him at a local bar.

He decided to go. He left for the bar as soon as he read the meeting details. As he made his way there, he saw the bar, and from the looks of it, it was pretty expensive. "Fuck, probably another eccentric rich boy trying to kill a rival or something." He said with disdain. He pulled a cigar out of his left palm and a lighter from his right. He then proceeded to smoke for a bit, preparing himself for what he assumes would be a pretentious pretty boy trying to hire a contract killer.

He made his cigar and lighter dissipate after a few minutes and walked into the bar. He sat next to the bartender and whispered to him, asking for Jacob Rexly. The bartender went to a phone and called someone, presumably Jacob Rexly, up. He then said he will arrive in half an hour. In the meanwhile, Jacob treated him to a free drink, so the bartender whipped it up for him. Leo would never refuse a free drink, it's nice to feel appreciated sometimes.

Half an hour later, Jacob arrives. Just like Leo thought, a bratty rich pretty boy with a temper. Leo sat down and listened to his proposition. The gist is this guy wants to get revenge on an organization of bounty hunters for not killing his opponent. "Well that sucks and all, but is that enough to kill for? I mean, it's not like it's the first time a bounty hunter refused a client." Leo said with a serious face.

Jacob then tried to switch it up, he talked about how dishonest they were and how they were scamming people, pretending to be bounty hunters and taking money, all the while giving Leo more and more drinks. At this point, Jacob tightens his fist in anger. In his mind, this Federation is nothing but a way to earn money easy by pretending to be all tough and scary. He felt like they were a disgrace to the name Bounty Hunter if that was what they were doing. Before he knew it, he signed the contract and the deal was made.

He made his way to Seattle, on a gloomy and a rainy day. Perfect weather for a bounty hunter, makes it nice and dark so they can't see you coming. Well, that's what Leo was thinking of anyway. He lifted the hood of his jacket so he would stay dry. He walked around the city, looking for his supposed target. He had done a little research on her and she seemed to be a good bounty hunter, but according to his client she faked it, or her team mates are making her fake it now. Either way, he was ready to take her head. However, he thought he should meet the others on his team so he looked around the area for them.
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Banned. Sorry to those who i was threading with.
Pike Place Fish Market. Out of all the places in the US of A that Lord Puss Puss liked, it was that of this market. They had made a pit stop to the city just so they could get some uncommon fish for when they went back to Canada, when they ran outta gas and were stuck looking for yet another job as they left most of their cash at their cabin. The duo had split off in search of jobs, and after a few hours they met up at the closest fast food place they were comfortable to be at.

"You find any possible jobs Stephen? Any tournys we could blast through? I turned up nothing." Lord Puss Puss said to his roommate, taking a sip of his cheap Wokdonalds tea.

"Other then a few illegal ones, not any worth the time that we would be payed. Apparently there's someone asking around to take out an up and coming leader of a..." Stephen would look at the notes he had written down. "...Bounty Hunter Federation. And supposedly we will have other's helping us out."

The feline gave a predatory smile as he heard this."Well, it's been a while since I've had a good hunt. hopefully we'll be able to pay it off."

Lord Puss Puss and Stephen would stare at each other, analyzing each other before nodding, coming to an agreement. They would take the job, and finally get that sweet custom built PC they'd been saving up for.

Rain. Lord Puss Puss's greatest enemy next to Baths. The poor pussy pouted pitifully as he pondered what to do while they waited. As the duo made their way around the city in the rain under a clear and black stripped umbrella, he let his mind wander as he kept a lookout for their target. Since the only odd thing about him was his human ears, he had a lovely little knitted hat and scarf on to hide them from the general public. With that no one would question as to why a man had a cat with him.

Stephen meanwhile was making his way around the city with Lord Puss Puss on his shoulders. he knew that somewhere around here was their target, but all they got was a general location. Stephen's job was more to keep them moving then to be a lookout, though he would do so idly. What he needed to focus on was not getting hit by cars or running into things, an easily achievable thing when just looking at someone you can get a general idea of what they'll do next.

As they made their way through the city The Fatass Feline focused on finding their target down alleyways and back roads. Since their target was that of a killer, if video game logic was true then she would be in places where most fold would dare not venture. If that was true then this would be a cakewalk, as they were informed of her name and general looks. However the people that were supposedly hired to take the job as well neither of them did see, so as long as none of them LOOKED like her of tried to mug them, they should be fine.
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"Ayaa," Pann said, rubbing his jaw. "As friendly as ever, huh," the young horned man said, looking up at the sky. He was sat at a cafe table, munching down on a vanilla frosted donut. The taste reminded him of girl back in Tokyo, her family being the owners of a pastry shop. The thought brightened up his mood but also made him slightly gloomy. The fact that they were separated once again because of a job was painful.

"Alright, let's go," a voice said calmly, Pann looking up. Donning a dark brown trench coat, Rainer motioned for Pann to follow as he turned and headed for the cafe's exit. Pushing the door open, the cool and damp air of a rainy day in Seattle flooded into his nose. With a click, his umbrella shot open and the sound of water pattering against it was audible once Rainer raised it up. The umbrella was rather large, big enough that even Pann could walk under it. One wouldn't think too much of it, but if you would be surprised if you took a closer glance. Pann's horns had morphed, forming a make-shit umbrella that shielded him from the rain. He didn't even have to hold. Such was the case when you had gained some experience with your quirk and could find new ways to control it.

"So where're we going again?" Pann asked Rainer, looking around at the streets of Seattle. Rainer used one hand to place a cigarette in his mouth, holding it between his lips as he searched his pockets for a lighter. Pann took one out of his suit pocket and tossed it over to Rainer who caught it and flipped it open. With a flick, flame shot out and lit the cigarette, Rainer tossing back the lighter and taking the cigarette out of his mouth before blowing out a cloud of smoke.

"No idea. There's others on the job but I dunno where they are. I wanted to find her quickly, but.." The rain was really picking up and Rainer was second guessing whether or whether not he wanted to look around for the girl at the moment. The smoke he blew out earlier formed a barrier around him to block the wind but it was starting to get blown away. As the smoke began to dissipate, Rainer yelled over to Pann and crossed the street quickly. "Let's head in there! It's raining to heavy!"

Rainer sighed a breath of relief after entering some small coffee shop, shaking the water off of his coat at the entrance and walking in. The place was quaint, and he would have rather have stayed in the cafe they were just in, but he wouldn't whine about minor things like that. Sitting himself down at a table, Rainer ordered two coffees and looked around. There weren't many people in this coffee shop, but one woman near the corner of the shop caught his eye. Her appearance wasn't exactly normal. Rainer only saw the person from the side, but they had bright and and spiky hair, as well as something that he couldn't quite make out on their face. He only briefly glanced over her, though. He wasn't going to stare at someone because they looked weird. He had seen plenty of weird people after travelling so much after all.

Pann fiddled with his horns, adjusting the size and shape as he asked Rainer, "So what exactly is the job again?" Pann didn't know any of the details and had just casually followed along with Rainer like always. It was a testament to how much Pann trusted him.

Rainer took a sip of his coffee and leaned over the table a bit, talking quietly. "There's this chick that we need to find. I can't quite remember the details on what she looked like, but I remember her name. Anyways, apparently she's some insane evil chick or whatever and we need to find her." Rainer didn't mention anything about killing her, keeping Pann in the dark about that bit of info. Ever since he killed a yakuza member back in Japan, a shadow had loomed over Rainer's heart. No matter what he did, he couldn't forget the image of that man pleading for his life as Rainer punched him, again and again. He wanted to confront his demons, and this chick was supposedly some twisted bastard. He was going to see if he could really kill her. He wanted to know if he had it in him to do it again, and if he really cared at all. The fact that he killed that man so easily scared him, it scared him because he never thought he had it in him. If he knew he could do it and conquered it, then he would be fine with that. But as he was now, he was indecisive and scared.

And he had kept all of this from Pann. Pann wasn't even sure about what the job was. In all honesty, Pann had killed a man back in Japan as well. But his fight was quite different, and Rainer wasn't even sure if Pann knew that he killed the man. Rainer cracked his neck and sighed. He really wanted a smoke, but the shop didn't allow that. Having flicked his cigarette upon nearing the entrance, Rainer took out his phone and checked the weather, looking out the window in thought. He didn't have a whole lot of information, and he had, in all honesty, lost most of the information on the woman that was given to him. With little clues to find the target, he could only try and wonder where she was, the one that they were all searching for; Rosalie Asher-Nordskov.
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As the torrential deluge continued outside in the Seattle streets, Rosalie sneezed into her coffee.

She recoiled with a grimace, laying the cup aside and then slowly looking around the coffee shop. That was… strange. She had rather bad allergies, but this location was freakishly clean of dust. The ‘grime’ and ‘grunge’ feel was one borne without general untidiness, which was unusual indeed. A superstition rose in her mind of something that her mother used to talk about in that blank, expressionless tone of hers;

If you sneeze without warning, somebody somewhere is speaking your name.

But it was just some dumb superstition; an old wives’ tale. As pragmatic and cutthroat of a woman as she was, Rosalie knew that her mother had some very bizarre hang-ups about bad luck and all sorts else. The pink-haired woman didn’t wish to keep drinking her coffee now, even if it wasn’t an allergy-based sneeze and therefore nothing came of it, and she slowly got to her feet while shrugging on her coat which had been drying over the back of another chair. With a small gesture, she was able to ask for the bill and was soon squared up so that she could progress further into the city and actually learn about this location properly.

“Any insight about what places are good to visit around here?” She asked of the waitress who had been waiting on her. The older woman frowned briefly in thought, running a hand back through her slowly greying hair. “Ya don’t seem like the type looking for tourist hotspots, if ya don’t mind me sayin’. But, places like the Space Needle and Great Wheel are pretty good. Gives a great view over the city, even in this weather.” She was clearly a local, or there-abouts, what with her distinct western American accent. A shadow of a smile touched her lips as she saw Rosalie nodding her head, taking the information on board. “Plenty of museums and memorials too. Should probably invest in an umbrella first though.”

And with that joke aside, the pink-haired huntress was soon on the move. For one reason or another, the echoes of her mother’s voice about being watched kept replaying in her head, and she frowned to herself as she exited the café and stood under its awning for a heartbeat longer than she otherwise would have.

Her stormy grey eyes scanned the street opposite, but before her gaze could rest upon anything in particular, she started off down the small street in the direction of the city centre.

She pulled her long coat’s collar up around her face and kept her head down, allowing the rain to hammer down onto her without a care. While she looked grungy and stylish, her attire was far from practical for the rain. Perhaps she should go to buy an umbrella… with this new thought in her head, she turned back onto the main street and sought out a location that could be a place which sold umbrellas.

As she walked, she kept a keen eye on her surroundings with hawk-like vigilance. She always did this on a regular basis, but a somewhat uneasy feeling penetrated her gut while she had been sat in the coffee shop before sneezing in that stupid, superstitious manner. There was nothing to feel perturbed by, she told herself. Even being in an unfamiliar city beforehand hadn’t affected her in this manner; but there was something notably different that she couldn’t place a finger on. And so, she continued walking with her wits about her, body coiled tight underneath her attire like a spring.

Aside from being ridiculous (so she kept telling herself) in terms of feeling on edge, the walk towards a nearby shopping mall past the convention centre used for PAX was uneventful. Rosalie brushed past various people, all of which were going about their own city business. She noticed a couple of baffled looks, but that was most likely due to the fact that she was barely dressed for the torrential rain that continued to pour in Seattle.

She finally reached the shopping mall and headed inside, finally relaxing somewhat as she glanced around at her surroundings. Now, somewhere to find an umbrella… oh, and then to start looking for potential locations that might suit a base of operations for The Federation.

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He exhaled the smoke through his mouth, while still holding the 'cigarette' between his lips. She began to move. Walking outside into the rain, keeping her head low but without an umbrella. Interesting... traveling light? Of course she could've simply forgotten her umbrella, but Arthur had long since learned that underestimating even the most meek opponent lead to death.

A lesson that some of his old thug 'associates' never got the chance to learn when they tried to rough him up after he got the hang of fighting. Damned fools, if only they'd minded their own business.

She started off towards the city center after leaving the awning, and Arthur frowned a little. Not an unexpected move, but an annoying one. The center of town meant more people. More people meant more witnesses. More witnesses meant a higher chance for cops, or worse, Pro 'Heroes'. Not that America had heroes in this day and age.

He started down the street shortly before she got passed the PAX centers, making sure to stay on the sidewalk opposite of her. Being to close would arouse suspicion, but too far and he'd lose her. He had to admit, the 'hunting' part of bounty hunting was always his favorite. Like a game of chess, or cat and mouse with deadly stakes.

He saw her enter the shopping center at the last second. Perfect. She stood out decently enough so hopefully he'd be able to follow her. He made sure to make it look like he was heading over to the mens department to one of the 'nicer' clothing stores -- as nice as you can get in a packed shopping mall, to pick out a new jacket to go with his wardrobe. All the while, doing his best to keep tabs on her wherever she may go.

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It didn't take long before Rosalie seemed ready to move, as she called over the waitress to pay for her drink. They talked a little bit, but with no experience reading lips Adam had no idea what the conversation was about. She left, standing at the door for longer than he had expected. He recognised her look as one of caution and was worried that he had been made, but she left on her way seemingly satisfied with whatever she had been looking for. Moving to the side of the building he jumped down, catching himself about halfway down on a window to slow himself, then letting go to fall the rest of the way.

He exited the small opening between the buildings, looking around to ensure he wasn't seen by anyone and was unable to spot anyone who reacted to him. Once again focusing on the girl he followed her, keeping a longer distance between them than would normally be possible due to his quirk. Once again marvelling at how useful it had ended up being in his line of work, he continued to focus on what he could see. She didn't seem to comfortable with the rain, pulling her clothes up to protect herself from the weather, but she was also apparently not hindered by the water as she was without an umbrella. He still had no idea what her quirk could be.

As they continued, Adam noticed more and more people walking about, realising that they were moving somewhere more public. Yet another thing to annoy him, it wasn't like his quirk lead to massive casualties like some others might, but he wasn't exactly working legally with it, not having ever gone to get his license. If the cops or an actual hero showed up he would be in trouble, but at least he was used to disappearing from the spotlight by now.

It quickly became apparent where exactly she was headed when she walked through the entrance of a mall. Entering the same way he was happy to feel the artificial warmth of dozens of heaters working to make the day bearable. He adopted a slow stroll, weaving through the crowds and keeping his gaze fixed on his target. He knew that all it would take was a single moment of weakness, and no matter how strong she was he could take her out. Even if he had to resort to his cheaper tricks to do it. But for a while, he was happy to let his body heat up so h could feel a little bit less terrible.

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Leo was walking around in the rain, keeping his eyes open for any of his supposed team mates to meet up with. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find any of them. This was probably the trouble in making a team of contract killers who know exactly how to hide and stay quiet. He was kinda pissed that they didn’t decide to meet up. He decided to walk around a bit more, to see if he could find any trace of his comrades.

He turned into an alleyway towards the main street of the city and lo and behold, he found the target, walking around in the rain without a jacket or an umbrella. He sighed to himself a little as he grabbed a cigar and smoked. He didn’t seem very out of the ordinary, just a guy out for a smoke in the middle of a rainy day. His quirk didn’t really help him track so he had to rely on being close enough to see her. He just hoped he wouldn’t be found out.

He turned into the main street a short while after her, just far enough behind that he joined the crowd. He saw her walk straight into the mall, probably to get some protection from the weather. He followed her in, just like every other person in the small crowd. The mall is a pretty popular place after all. He then had a thought, if he could track her, the others probably should have too. They should also be around here or not too far behind.

He decided to walk over to the food court, maybe he could grab a bite before striking. He kept an eye out for anyone following her or even eyeing her, looking for potential allies. He conjured up some shades and he put them on. He sat alone at a table, hoping that one of his team mates would find him and sit with him. He really wanted to know the plan or at least think of a way to get her somewhere more private. He would never involve the innocent in this, no unnecessary casualties allowed.
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Banned. Sorry to those who i was threading with.
The duo continued on they started to go down said alleyways, trying to find their target. However, fate had a different idea, and while they were going down the 5th alley, they found a large wad of cash. tentatively picking it up, Lord Puss Puss examined how much was there.

"Hmm, this...this actually is enough! Both for the car and the PC! Human Steve, we're jumping ship. As much as I'd rather not leave a job unfinished, I doubt that the others will fail."

And with that the both of them made their way back to the car, satisfied with not having to risk their lives anymore.


Reason for Exit
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Rainer flicked his finger across the screen of his phone, trying to find the notes he wrote on her some time back. "What the hell did she look like?" Rainer asked himself under his breath, sipping from his coffee and looking out a window. The rain pattered against the glass fixture and created a melodic sound. Rainer's favourite time of the day was around dawn after it had rained the night before, especially in an urban city. The mood, the smell, the peace. It was something that, as a young boy growing up in New York, he enjoyed. The serenity of the scenery was something that he would always adore. Being in the states once again was a nice feeling, and it just happened to be raining. The setting gave him a cozy feeling, one of being at home. But now wasn't the time to be reminiscing on his past and touring the city, he was here to kill someone.

His eyes lit up as he found the notes he was looking for, ones which he had lost in the myriad he kept. "What.." He usually kept descriptive name for the notes he kept and put them in folders by date, but he must have been drunk when he wrote these. The title of the notes read: Tall Hottie w/ Pink Hair

What the fuck does that even mean..

Rainer face-palmed before finishing his coffee and stretching his neck. Rainer looked over to Pann who was restlessly texting his girl about something. Rainer sighed to himself and chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. He felt bad for dragging Pann out here, away from Tokyo. It was all for his own selfish wants after all. He had little business dragging Pann into all of this. What would Pann say if he found about the job's true nature? With all that said, Rainer still didn't waver from his conviction to complete this.

Movement caught his eye as the girl he noticed earlier asked a waitress something. Rainer paid little attention to this, glancing out of the corner of his eye as the girl left the shop. Wait.. Rainer almost dropped his phone in shock as he came to a realisation. It couldn't be..

He glanced back at the notes in his phone as various emotions rushed through him. Although it seemed like he had written the notes while drunk, they still contained information regarding Rosalie. The most important thing to him was her appearance, and in his drunken stupor, he had written some less than appropriate comments about it. Nonetheless, what mattered was that he had a rough description of her, and now, as he looked up at the woman leaving the shop, he was almost certain it was her.

He was shocked, anxious, nervous, and feeling even more things. Now he had to pursue her, but the fact that she was found so early on was something that he hadn't expected. This sudden wrench in his plans was a new variable. For all he knew, the other bounty hunters were nearby already and about to strike. He still hadn't even explained the real goal of the job to Pann. He had decided to slowly tell Pann the truth and ease him into it, or try and find a reason to have Pann elsewhere while Rainer did the deed.

The girl left the shop and Rainer needed to act quickly. Glancing at Pann who was texting on his phone, Rainer slammed some cash down on the table and spoke, "Hey Pann, I got something to do quickly. You can go back to the hotel room and face-time your girl. It's nothing much so don't worry about it bud. Here's the key to the room."

And with that, Rainer tossed the key to Pann and waved goodbye as he turned to leave the shop. He kept it quick and brief. He didn't want to give Pann any time to react and he didn't want to see Pann's face as he left. Pann watched Rainer's back as he left the store and disappeared into the downpour of rain. "Sure thing.." Pann said quietly, turning his head back to his phone and typing to his girl. He wasn't sure why, but he had a bad feeling about it. Although Pann cared little about the job, it still felt weird to part with Rainer so suddenly. He couldn't shake the feeling in the back of his mind that this was the beginning of an end for their bounty hunting companionship, no matter how sudden and unreasonable it was. With the feeling at the back of head, Pann looked back out the window and let out 'goodbye' under his breath before getting up and leaving the shop to head for the hotel.


Rainer looked around and shook water off his coat as he closed his umbrella. The woman had entered a mall and he followed while keeping a good distance away, never glancing in her direction for more than a second at a time.

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"I told you this was a good idea, and you were calling me an idiot the entire time!" A very loud mouthed blue man spoke rather loudly in his cousin's ear. She had a second mind to deck him right in the face, but once again, she needed the money and he actually was right... For once.

A duo of blue skinned people were outside just as the rain began, and took shelter inside a nearby shopping mall. Though Johanna wanted to do nothing there and get out as soon as the rain stopped, her shirtless hulk of a cousin looked in her eyes with utter glee, and practically begged her to go on a shopping spree. Immediately ignoring him at first, Johanna just rummaged through her touch screen phone to look at the shady jobs of the day. Most of them seemed rather boring or wouldn't pay too much, but she couldn't really focus because of Cousin Jojo's nonstop pestering. After gripping her own mask out of frustration, Johanna rolled her eyes and finally gave in, going on a bit of a shopping spree with her cousin.

Time had passed, and the rain........ Was still going on, but at least Jojo was done with his prattling. Johanna herself was wearing a new aviator jacket that was actually authentic, according to the pawn shop dealer, as it came from a hero who had retired and sold his old hero outfit away. Johanna wore it open, revealing that she was wearing an ugly sweater that her cousin practically begged her to buy and wear because "It'd look cute on her." Fucking... Ugly... Reindeer brown and white colored sweater. The large masked woman also acquired a pair of black cargo pants which she wore over black boots. She was actually quite pleased with the majority of her purchases, but she still can't understand her cousin. He bought himself a new pair of pre-ripped denim jeans, and some new rainbow socks that he wore inside of his black boots. Yet he wouldn't wear a shirt.

"Yeah, this was a good idea, but at least buy yourself a shirt you twerp!" Johanna snapped, stomping forward toward him as it was kind of annoying how dedicated he was to not wearing a shirt. And of course Jojo shook his head fervently, saying out loud, "Look, cousin, you just don't understand because you don't have a piece down there." Pointing downward, Johan had this cocky smirk on his face as Johanna herself became extremely alert. He was treading into dangerously stupid topic territory, and she was mere seconds away from- "I have to show off my muscles, I mean all the ladies like hunky muscled men, and I think I look cool wearing no shirt in the middle of wint-"

"YOU'RE A GOD DAMN MORON!" Johanna shouted out loud, reeling her arm back and decking her cousin straight in the face, sending kareening a good five feet away and onto the ground. The six and a half foot tall giant man's own eyes just shot out from his head, rolling about on the ground as he scrambled to try and get them. Such a hulking man with such a useless quirk and now power to back up that facade of an appearance.

Meanwhile, Johanna was scrolling the request channel once more, and found an odd, hastily thrown together request. It was a request to essentially assassinate a woman with pink hair, and a scar on her face. And it was for quite a lot of money, but there were no lists of motive or who this person really was. Just a description of her appearance. Grumbling to herself, Johanna shut off her phone and slid it into one of her pockets, taking a couple steps forward until the seven foot tall mask wearing woman actually found her. The pink haired woman, who held a scar on her face.

"Interestiiiiing...." Johanna smirked behind her masked, intrigued as to whether this was a legitimate claim or not. But before she could act upon this situation, her cousin always had to screw everything up, as he found his eyes once more... At the feet of Rosalie.

"Found eeeem!" Jojo exclaimed with pride, plopping his eyes back into their sockets and picked himself up off the ground, finding himself to standing a good four feet away from Rosalie. His eyes immediately were drawn into her face, and his lips curled up into the dorkiest smile you'd ever seen, along with lit up eyes that seemed to shine with everlasting fervor.

"COUSIN, COUSIN, C'MERE C'MERE!" He spoke rather excitedly, turning his head to Johanna while arcing his head towards Rosalie. Turning to face the woman once more, he spoke as he was lifting his legs up and down, waving his hands in a frantically excited motion, "We have matching scars, like Ohmigod, this is so coooool! I need to get to know you and how you got this badass scar~"

All the while, Johanna could be seen a ways past Jojo, and she was constantly bashing her own forehead with the flats of her wrist. Utterly ashamed that this was her 'Oh So Masculine' cousin. If it wasn't for the fact that he was loaded and had some connections, then Johanna would have ditched him right there on the spot. For now, she just had to bear the brunt of this embarrassment and see if she could learn more about this woman. If she was given a spot on the leader boards, then there had to be some legitimacy behind the reason calling for a hit on her life.

Moving closer, Johanna spoke out loud, but quietly, so it may have been hard to understand... "I'm sorry that you're dealing with my twit of a cousin."

Appearance of Johan "Cousin Jojo"
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The huntress sighed to herself as she shook out her long pink locks which were now suitably soaked, making sure not to inadvertently do so right into somebody else’s face. She may appear as if she didn’t care about anything, what with her perpetual unamused and unmoved facial expression, but she wasn’t downright rude.

After draping her hair back over her shoulder, she took pause to examine the nearby shops in this mall that she had found. Fighting back her earlier feeling of unease, she spotted what looked like a department store of sorts, even if she was unsure of the name or anything that went with it. A simple logo and name branded it as Macy’s, and she ducked inside and into the warm store with a secret thought of delight. She could probably dry off in this mall, even with all its frantic shoppers causing irritation for her, and then head on her way to investigate less savoury parts of the city.

Remarkably, it didn’t take her too long to find a decent black umbrella (they sold a lot of these at every cashier point… go figure), and she was soon checking out. The brain-dead man who served her tried to get her to sign up to a loyalty scheme but with such a lack of enthusiasm that she almost felt sorry for him. Instead, she shot him a look that could curdle milk as she took her umbrella, scrunching up the receipt and handing it to him.

“I recommend finding a job that doesn’t rot your brain away. Good day.” She told him in such an unabashed way that he visibly seemed to wake up and grow startled by the fact that she had spoken to him. Savage though it was, at least she managed to bring the young man back into the land of the living… if even for a few moments before resuming his monotonous existence as a mere department store cashier.

Now carrying a sturdy black umbrella with a curved handle, she felt considerably more prepared for Seattle weather in the winter. She resumed her walk through the shopping mall’s main ground floor, unsure what she was now searching for; if anything. Well, this place was nice and warm, so it seemed a shame to leave just yet, especially since she was still massively soaked from walking in the torrential downpour outside. And so, she wandered towards the escalators that would lead her upstairs, simply walking on a whim and keeping a lookout on her surroundings all the while. Although she did her best to push away that feeling of unease and strangeness, it did claw its way back quite frequently.

Highly irritating and irrational.

Aside from that bizarre feeling, however, she had been experiencing a relatively normal day; almost boringly and tediously so. This was the life that most people lived, she thought. It made her shudder. While she appreciated a day such as this, she realised that it was only because her life otherwise was hectic and unpredictable, so some monotony was nice every once in a while. Her vocation was one much more exciting than most would ever even consider, and that was fine with her.

Quite the turn took place, however, as she found herself suddenly being rushed by a shirtless and highly muscled man covered in scars. She instinctively tensed up and recoiled backwards somewhat, adjusting her grip on the umbrella into a traditional blade hold… until she realised what she was doing. And it was only punctuated when the nature of this man became known. Well, he was a lot more like an excitable child than a man; this much became glaringly obvious. He started shouting for his cousin to come over here and see something, and Rosalie was baffled to realise that it was her. She raised her spare hand in a questioning gesture; pointing to herself with a confused raise of her eyebrows, as if to ask what on earth he was looking at.

That was soon answered when he started babbling about their matching scar. Indeed, now that she took the time to consider it, the strange man did have a scar down his face that resembled her own. She placed a hand to her scar near her jaw and smiled somewhat, still mostly puzzled about why this required a song and dance of excitement. But, she supposed it was rather unusual to meet individuals who were scarred as she was.

“Oh, this? I suppose you could say that my father and I... had a disagreement.” Rosalie chuckled, lowering her hand once more as the memory of her father’s strike briefly flashed in her mind. “Nothing all that ‘amazing’. I’m sure that the story of your scars are way more exciting.” She prompted, quite happy for the attention to be taken away from her in this instance (and every other one, honestly). Her accent was decidedly odd, but not one that could be easily placed. It often left others somewhat confused of her origins, and that was how she liked it. There was something almost Nordic in the way she inflected her words, but most of the English she spoke was very well-practised with a decent American accent.

A woman who looked somewhat similar to the excited man-child in front of Rosalie stepped closer and spoke something rather quietly, but she could just about pick it up. It sounded like this woman was apologising for her cousin’s behaviour, and this made the stoic pink-haired woman smile a fraction.

He’s amusing, but I wouldn’t call him a twit. She spoke in a voice just as quiet, and even hid part of the speech with a small cough at the end, resting the tip of her umbrella down on the ground and almost leaning on it in a sort of casual manner. Just as she had started to relax somewhat, she became painfully aware of that feeling once more. She was being watched; from where, she was unsure, but she felt it strongly now that she was stationary and currently the centre of attention courtesy of this big blue male.

She had stalked enough prey of her own to be wary when the feeling of being followed crept up on her.

“If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get going.” She tapped the ground with her umbrella somewhat to punctuate this fact, and flashed a fractional sort of smile at both of the blue-skinned individuals. If not interrupted, she would duck out of the way and aim to reach the mall’s upper levels.
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The damned blue buffoon. Arthur continued to silently watch as the two blue-skinned people made a ruckus of things -- okay, it was all the man, but still. They had gotten her attention and entered into conversation with her. Not that it had given them away, really, but he knew what they were there for. The fact that they had so loudly exclaimed that they had 'found em' told Arthur that these were more than likely another pair of bounty hunters.

And annoyingly loud ones at that.

But still, this could prove useful. The sooner Rosalie left the mall and went to somewhere more secluded, the sooner Arthur (and the other hunters, if they were even here) could strike. And it seems like that was exactly what was happening. Rosalie breezed past the two, waltzing straight past them and seemed to be making her way to the upper levels. Arthur positioned himself near an elevator, pressing the call button that just happened to be in Rosalies path. With any luck, they might take the same ride up.

And then he'd know where she was going next. Pulling out his smartphone, he looked as if he were going through some old E-mails (on a false account, of course. He wouldn't dare open his true contacts in public.) to really sell the illusion.
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