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For Fun Writing Prompt
Topic Started: Dec 9 2017, 08:29 PM (416 Views)
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Thought it would be fun to see what people here would come up with! Found this on Reddit, and decided to post it here.

Writing Prompt
A world exists where the roles and interests of nerds and popular kids in high school are reversed. You, the biggest loser of the school, the captain of the football team, try to get into the biggest party of the year hosted by the Anime Club.

Hope to see some gold.
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Here it was- my chance to finally become one of the popular kids. I'd always been mocked for being a 'meathead', a kid that focused on physical, temporary things like football instead of the higher, superior art form of Anime or Video Games. They always laughed at me, sending me fake viruses on my iphone that caused it to repeat the words 'You Gay' over and over out loud, embarrassing my family. However, after years and years of working my way up since freshman year- I finally managed to make a connection in my senior year with one of the coolest kids in school.

Melvin Soymongler

He was what every man aspired to be: 5'3", immense number of freckles- just absolutely horrible acne. All signs that showed he'd ascended the physical norm and given his life to higher callings, like winning local smash tournaments and doing Minecraft Let's Plays. Above all though, he had earned himself the nickname 'True Laifu' for the rumor that he had over 100 anime waifus. God, I just want to be him. Every day girl's drop panties at his feet, begging for him to lay with them- but he just hits them with that signature phrase "I don't care about 3D"

Well tonight, everything was going to change. After countless begging and forging his gym grade for him, Melvin, the president of the High School Anime Club, allowed me to come to his party tonight. Frankly, I don't know what to expect- heck, I've only seen the first 20 episodes of Naruto. God, I'm so nervous: I've been trying to watch Sailor Moon to prepare. Hopefully things will go well for me- update coming soon.

To be continued...
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The Dork of Ages!!!!
Part 1

“Really. What kind of loser does sports? I mean, it’s the lamest thing I can think of. What, have you not watched Dragonball?” The thin lanky boy with braces scoffed at me, sending a wave of spittle in my directions. “I mean look at you Brian. You have a large body, no ache, muscles, and worst off all, you’re incompetent. You barely can pass Algebra 2 in your Senior year. Why did I get stuck tutoring a lame-o like you!” The boy wailed, lying his face in his math text book.

My name is Brian Wilson, a High School Senior, was probably the lamest kid at Uzamaki High. He was captain of the Football Team, which was barely still a program hanging on by a thread, due to the lack of popularity. And now I was stuck having to be tutored by Timothy Marttix. While Timothy asn’t the most poplar kid, he still wasn’t as poplar as Brian, being apart of the Amine Club and being friends with Myron Newman, the top of the high school pyramid of popularity.

“I mean I’ve watched an episode or two of it.” I stuttered, while Timothy let loose a wail. “You are the lamest kid ever! Holy Crap!” The nerd said, making Brian blush. Suddenly an anime theme song tune drifted from Timothy’s pocket. The boy stood up and pulled out the phone, answering it and taking a step away from the table.

“Yeah, uhuh. Don’t worry, I’ll bring the game for the party tonight. Got it Myron. Yep, live long and propser man.” Timothy spoke into the phone, while it was pressed against his ear. He ended the call and put the phone in his pocket. “Hey listen. You can study on your own tonight jock. I gotta get going. Anime Club is throwing our annual Club Party.” And without waiting or Brian’s reaction, he grabbed his textbooks and left.

I felt myself freeze. He was talking to Myron, about the Anime Club’s Party. It was probably the biggest party of the year and invite only. But it was an amazing experience, and being able to get in was enough to make one popular. “I’m gonna go to that party and I’m gonna get them to like me. I’ll be a popular kid.” I thought, chuckling to myself as I gathered up my own stuff. I was gonna do it.
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