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Quirk hindrances
Topic Started: Dec 4 2017, 12:23 PM (648 Views)
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I'm still new and I still have to start my first RP but I was thinking of something. something that might have been suggested a million times already but I couldn't find it at first glance.
what if, instead of having a fixed limitation on a quirk, the limitations can vary, which in turn might also vary the tier the quirk is in?
for example, let's take gigantification (BM T1) what if it has the optional limitation "always on" as in "you can't shrink" that could be such a giant drawback for the character (pun intended) that it might reduce the tier to 2. I don't know if the tier matters that much, unless it's tier 1 or 2. but since they exist, I guess they do have a purpose ^_^

it's just an idea. mostly because I like to give drawbacks to quirks that severely impact the characters ability to function in society (example for those on discord that saw it, "paper memories" makes the character deaf and mute. but this could be optional in this scenario. also it requires that the user has a book of basic knowledge on hand, which can be destroyed leaving the user helpless because they lost basic understanding of the world. but with this, that's could also be an optional limitation)
(EDIT: "paper memories quirk request": http://myheroacademiarp.com/topic/10363570/1/ )

which reminds me i have to post a review request for that quirk ^_^
Edited by Ciary, Dec 4 2017, 01:11 PM.
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Well I mean i'm not big smart alex, but I personally dislike optional quirk hindrances while I don't absolute have a grudge against it I just don't find it attractive. Unless it's a really funny limitation I don't realy like it but just letting you know that your views have probably changed a bit since it's been about a month since you've joined (about). Like say your example Gigantification Body Manipulation T1, if you were constantly big, you would limit your ability to rp in certain places, you'd have to deal with pvp in general about being constantly on, because god knows at least one person is gonna bitch about that. (no offense, its just how our toxic community rolls which is totally fine.) Along with you being unable to go underground, well not totally but you'd have to make huge ass holes. Along with just the fact that people already put in weird/goofy/ limitations. I just really like having fixed limitations, there really simple understandable and not to mention the fact that you can just put in optional limitations in if you wanted too. I could probably give an example of some really goofy or just unique limitations but i'm too lazy to look around currently, and I should probably be doing a post but i'm too lazy too.
Edited by Spoony, Jan 12 2018, 05:21 PM.
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The Dork of Ages!!!!
With the variation of quirks themselves there is a lot of interpretations of certain Quirks, without the proper info. Those drawbacks you mentioned however, could be purely character limitations, like they just are blind and deaf, or maybe simply they don’t have enough skil with their quirk to change between size easily. If you feel like you want to limit the quirk to an extent you can solve that by personal character imitations that can play a part for them when using their quirk. So with that, it seems to be the better option to keep the limitations to the quirks somewhat baseline, instead of overly complicated.
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