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Blood Overdrive Regional Prison; The prison meant for judgement upon thee.
Topic Started: Dec 3 2017, 09:06 PM (820 Views)
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Tokyo's Regional Super PrisonWelcome to the Blood Overdrive Regional Prison aka Warden Nagani's Prison

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Blood Overdrive Regional Prison (also known as BORP) is one of the super prisons of the world. The creator and warden of the said prison, is currently Hanako Nagani. The prison was thought up originally as an idea, coming from one of the designers of wish. The prison being one of the newest if not the newest of the prisons in Japan currently. Originally planned back in 421, it took WISH at least one year to get the small amount of land that was artificially created, to build under and the right to do so. Than came the upper tier building process, watched over by Hanako Nagani and a Head Architect of WISH's in the Japan Branch. Once finished, than came the lower tier building process, taking tremendous amounts of work and labor, due to part of it being partially underwater and underground.

Now finished and ready to take in prisoners, WARDEN NAGANI
is ready to dish out justice on prisoners who need to be given so.

Geographical Location
Right outside the bay of Tokyo (Technically in the middle of the bay), is Blood Overdrive Prison, the prison establishment due to being right near the Tokyo bay. Since it's near the Tokyo, it can easily get heroes to the facility but at the cost of being near Tokyo where most civilians are usually actively chilling at. The reasons behind this choice is being able to get easily getting the materials without much effort and resources along with the general foundation being a good spot. While being close enough to Tokyo to get heroes fast enough if in endangered or troubled. The island that the prison is partially on was man-made with earth quirks along with some minor plants.

~The Purple Dot is where Blood Overdrive Prison is at~
Posted Image

Exterior Appearance

Posted Image

The exterior of the prison is massive to the regular eye due to the many stories appearing above the actual prison, as if it was a tower. Through the massive size of the prison and the exterior of the high external walls give it a menacing and bad vibes through it. The high external walls surrounding the prison is made out of reinforced concrete, going all the way down through the seafloor. The wall covering all around the prison the only way in and holds spotlights on the main wall around the prison, the only way through is through the main gate. The main gate is the main place of where everything goes in and out. Boats, Prisoners, Items, Food, Supplies and so on, come all through the main gate, unless the prisoners somehow manage to sneak stuff into the prison to escape, but staff checks boats before leaving and entering the prison, to double check nobody escapes or illegal comes in. The walls that surround the prison was managed by WISH, the walls were made so that everything can be checked so nothing illegal or dangerous can be brought in that can be used against the wardens or other prisoners. Maintenance checks are done twice a month to make sure anything isn't out of place or in hands of prisoners, this includes the outside wall and so on.

On the inside of the prison wall, theirs docks for ships to load and unload cargo, and to unload new prisoners to the facility. Once then there sent to the lower levels of the prison.

Interior Layout
Underneath the actual tower is the actual prison, Blood Overdrive is known for having it's underwater facilities or at least under the rock of the seafloor. The main way down there is to go through the main building through there your put in a large cargo elevator. After done so, you'll get down to security gate the gate will be there to make sure you are an actual prisoner, security guard or so be your role at the prison, Even warden is checked sometimes just to make sure there are any people in disguised or trying to break out through simple quirk use, but after the check, Than you'll get to the actual prison.

Welcome to Hell, Enjoy your stay!

Hanako's main place to chill and relax, also known as the place where everything gets done that doesn't involve with dealing with prisoners. Her office is regularly maintained with important stuff dealing with the prison or personal important items. Most of the things she usually withholds have back-up copies usually have a back-up copies of both paper or on her personal computer. The inventory of what she holds is checked and like before maintained regularly, so there the best quality.

Above the water, is the actual Staff Infirmary, on the upper floors of the building. While being like the prisoner infirmary there is a difference between the prisoner infirmary and the staff infirmary. This is a place for rest, recovery, and simple medication for the staff. It holds better medication, compared to the other infirmary. This is above ground and out of the actual prison, anybody that isn't staff and is in here, will be IMMEDIATELY be sent back to their jail cell and will be slapped on the wrist for doing so.

Before even getting into the prison you're met before this massive wall, the wall itself above seafloor is about 25 meters tall when looking above sea-level. The wall goes all the way below the seafloor, and all the facilities of the prison are checked to make sure there kept inside the wall before installing them. Meaning the entire prison is surrounded by the wall, whether underwater or above ground. The only way through the wall is the main and only gate, the gate is actually two water gates. The main gate is the only way in and all ships will be checked before hand before let in. For safety reasons, one gate will be opened at a time. The gate itself doesn't go around all the way down, but with custom boats and cargo ships and boats they've managed to not be forced to deal with that problem.

MAIN DOCKS -A Subsection of the Wall/Main gate. When going past the main gate, you're welcomed to the docks. the docks is where all ships are held, theses ships have the necessary needs for the prison and may carry prisoners. When it comes to prisoners there taken inside the main building and than shoved into the large elevator that is sent down to the Security Gate as quickly as possible.

The security gate, it isn't a floor, it's just simply a place before you get into the prison. At this security gate, ALL prisoners will be checked, detoxed and fitted with new items. All items will be confiscated until you leave the prison. After going through the security gate they are than sent to there floor depending on there crimes. The Main Two ways of getting down to the security gate are the stairs (really only used for emergencies) and the elevators.

The prisoner's infirmary, the low class of the staff infirmary. As said before this is healing bay, get your meds, your stuff, you wait it out and once than your release, anybody here who is currently injured will be protected, as the staff doesn't necessarily want there paycheck lower due to unwanted pesks

The training hall for prisoners or security guards, this room is used occasionally for prisoners or security guards and even the warden sometimes depending on the day of the week.

The prison shop, while normally most prisons don't have theses, this is only meant to keep the prisoners active, well and ok to some degree, since they are under the sea floor they have the prison shop, managed by the staff, they have simple and non-harming items here, like decks of cards, poker chips, or just general safe items the prisoners are allowed to have. The prison shop itself is located inside the prison right next to the mess hall, and even then they are only allowed to buy items when staff says so, Making it a bit more harder to get to, since most people are usually wanting to buy stuff from it.

The mess-hall, dining room, the lunch area, the cool-kids place. Those words define the place, because this is where all level 1 prisoners get to eat lunch. Make a new prison friend, join a gang that could be brought to justice. The staff doesn't give a fuck, as long as you don't get into a fight and or pick a fight with the staff or other prisoners

Welcome to the most decent floor, filth. The cells are about 650 feet underneath the seafloor because of this, the prisoners are forced to take a large spacious elevator down to the Security Gate. (Go to Security Gate section if you don't know what it is) Once than they are sorted to there designated location, so now you're a level 1 Prisoner, Welcome to the main floor, The floor consists of Two major Cell blocks. This floor is the most densely populated usually. But none-the-less this floor is for keeping the minor filith and petty criminals in there place. When it comes to privileges 1st floor prisoners have the most, like the mess hall, prison shop and very rarely the training room. When it comes to each cell, there given the standard ol' cell, a bed, toilet, sink, and possibly even a shelf to put items on, each prisoner has there own cell and must maintain it properly. Guards will often patrol each block and will radio in every certain amount of minutes just to make sure there still intact. While Security Cameras watch over them. Prisoners are not allowed to leave there cell unless given permission or told too. While each floor is about 100+ there are elevators continuing them together, to get around easier. Along with the fact of locked stairs used in case the elevators are blocked off. Theses prisoners usually wear Neon Orange Jumpsuits, the color presentable/see-able in the night.


Welcome to the 2nd Floor, theses are for prisoners who have done scummy crimes, along with the possiblity of being put there because of there quirk. Theses cells are about 750 feet underneath the seafloor and are taken down in a different large elevator different from Floor 1, To ensure the safety of staff is why they separated the elevators. Once taken down, there forced into there cell, there cell continues the minimal amount of things, a bed, toilet and that's it. Showers are given to prisoners through spraying them down with a hose, when it comes to the cell blocks, there's only one major cell-block, the cellblock is armed with cameras to watch over security guards and make sure nobody is stepping out of there place. 2nd Floor Prisoners have no right to be out of there cell unless told to and will be brought down if they manage to escape their cell. Like other floors guards will be patrolling the area and will have walkie talkie checks just to make sure there alive. From that, these's prisoners are given Neon Pink Outfits, cute, nice and fitting for a prison, right?

Welcome to hell on earth, Impurities or sins on the earth; to Hanako theses guys have no right to fucking live. No right to be forgiven, and especially no right to be a human, or at least that's what she would do if she was allowed to do so- though that is not the case, or fully the case. These fucks have different cells and are given barely any rights, the rights to only live. There given the bare minimum amount of food that the staff are legally allowed to give them. There kept in very close and tight rooms each rooms are about ten meters thick, there's two doors before they even get into the room along with both of the keys being different to each door. Along with the fact that there chained to the wall and are wearing mask so they can't communicate. There all given separate rooms, These prisoners wear neon yellow colored prison jumpsuits. The neon color will obviously present itself when in water, whether day or night. Depending on the prisoner, theses prisoners will be forced to wear quirk-cancelling strait jackets due to how annoying they are. Level 3 is filled with armed security cameras and guards, so do think about what your getting yourself into.

BEYOND... - Soon to come...
Special Notes for PC's who want to be or is currently in the prison

Prison Stuff!
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The Guards and Wardens


The Warden
Name, RenownRolePhotoQuirk
Hanako Nagani
10 Renown
Head Warden

Bloody Scream

PC Guards
Name, RenownRolePhotoQuirk


NPC Guards

Suzume Sakurako Warden's Assistant
Color Code: #6d69af

Shoujo Sparkle

Reg Morter Minor NPC Guard
Color Code:#42c8f4


Denari L' Lucino Minor NPC Guard
Color Code: #721d2e



Blood Overdrive's Past Prisoners

Currently None

Blood Overdrive's Past Prisoners

Current Files

Files of Blood Overdrive

FAME: 10

Thread Tracker and Renown Tracker
Renown Gains/Losses
Place Holder
Place holder

Place Holder

Rules of Blood Overdrive

The Prison's rules
1st Rule Don't fuck with the warden.
2nd RuleDon't dick with other prisoners.
3rd RuleFollow all of the rules
4th RuleMore Rules will be added as time goes on
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