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|| Current Year & Season: Winter of 426 || Based on Eyewitness accounts and the absolute state of denial the Freedom Pirates find themselves in, they have now confirmed that Lucy, after a years' investigation, died of her terminal condition. Information was gained by WISH's Chief of Staff of the CDC, Mr. Beckman. || Abyssal has decided to hang up her cape after the news of Lucy's death and entrusts her lineage to a hopeful young one, Sub-Zero. Reporters asked a few newer members about Abyssal's retirement and they gave mixed responses.|| “I ain’t going back to Elysium for no damn reward. Fuckers insane.” - Newest Vitality Member, Big Smoke. No extra information was given to explain his ranting. ||

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Important Site NPC Masterlist; For all your easy-access NPC needs
Topic Started: Nov 26 2017, 12:35 AM (995 Views)
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Condensed NPC Information

On MHARP, we have a great deal of very important NPCs - Non-Player Characters - who govern large portions of our RP world. Most of these individuals have their own NPC profiles, as detailed in the Site NPCs section of Character Archives, but some of them can be found elsewhere; like the U.A. Affiliate Offices, for example.

Due to the way in which these important people are scattered, we have collated a list for you, the lovely members, to use as an integral reference point for the RP world at large!

This thread will be separated into numerous sections, so please read the whole thing carefully to find out more information about the beloved NPCs of the site.

The World's Top Heroes

Just like in the series itself, our site has a selection of immensely talented Hero NPCs who keep the peace around the world and they are ranked in order of Fame.

Undying Remembrance - Lucy Z. Marvello - The (previous) World's Number One Hero, Lucy was the complete package; she was perpetually cheerful, smiled in the face of danger, upheld strong ideals and was gifted with immense strength to protect the world at large. She has since been announced as deceased due to an undisclosed condition she suffered from.

???. Abyssal - After attending U.A. Academy alongside Lucy Z. Marvello, Blaire Clemens, better known as the powerhouse Abyssal, made it her life's goal to surpass her goofball of a classmate and ascend to the top. As far as Heroes go, Abyssal is somewhat unconventional in her methods. She reveres strength above all else, and sees no place for weakness in this dangerous profession. Since Lucy's disappearance, Abyssal has stepped up to the plate to shine a beacon of Heroism around the world; bringing her out of semi-retirement very quickly indeed. Although she can come across as heartless and downright rude at times, she will fight and die upholding justice and peace in their world. Following a classified mission of her Hero Office, Vitality, she has disappeared and is presumably re-thinking her decision to come out of retirement.

1. Red Justice - Another prestigious graduate of U.A. Academy in Japan, Ito Sachi is the epitome of what all Heroes aspire to be. His real identity is hidden in order to preserve the unshakable pillar of Heroism that his Office, Spectrum, provides. Since the day of founding the office, he started living a double life as a normal father, juxtaposed with huge dedication to his role as Red Justice; the Leader of Spectrum's amazing Team One. He has amazing ability as a public speaker, and is renowned for his admirable stance of Heroism. Considering that, unlike most Heroes, he hides his identity to selflessly bring about peace and justice worldwide, it goes without saying that this is a man who is more focused on upholding these ideals than someone worried about their personal image. He has truly stepped up to the plate following recent disappearances.

2. Star Lord - Perhaps WISH's most hated entity other than the enigma that is Oni, Peter Quill has rather flexible morals considering his position as a prestigious and immensely strong Hero. He grew up in America during a golden age; where Heroes were revered and immensely cool. Since he could remember, he too wanted to follow in their footsteps and protect the masses. Circumstances in his life disallowed such a thing until he was quite a bit older, and he always had somewhat questionable intentions in the past. It goes without saying that Star Lord fights for all that is good, but he doesn't much like being controlled by such a particular organisation as WISH. So, oftentimes, he does as he wishes in spite of their orders. And because of his remarkable, unexplainably powerful quirk teamed with his flawless silver tongue, he can get away with it.

3. Zora - A previous member of Pirates for Freedom, Lucy's Hero Office before she disappeared and they since disbanded, Zora is a fearsome woman with a strong head on her shoulders for what is right and wrong. As sharp as her quirk may suggest, she is fearsome on a battlefield and will fight to the last for what is right. She isn't much of a talker, but what she does say always inspires strength and resilience in those who are there to hear her. She has a natural presence that commands respect and a good amount of fear, and as the previous strongest member of Pirates for Freedom, she has a lot of Fame and Renown at her back to quantify her claim to such a powerful position in amongst the standing of Heroes.

4. Jayden Yamada - It goes without saying that the fourth strongest Hero in the world is the prestigious Hero school's Principal; otherwise known as MEGAZilla. Due to his duties as the Principal, Jayden does not partake in active Heroics work in the field as he once did, but in time of crisis he will always step up to the plate and protect the world to preserve its peace and justice. Little is known about his origins except for the fact that he has been a well-known womaniser since his youth, but all that matters is that his raw strength is like none other. Although his quirk combination is immensely dangerous in the wrong hands, he has trained tirelessly to make himself a safe, dependable figure for the general public in time of need.

The World's Influential Villains

Wherever there is light, darkness is sure to follow. One could argue that the balance between both is important, of course. Nevertheless, here are the site's known Villain NPC population.

1. Oni - Perhaps the scariest phenomenon the world has ever seen, this mysterious entity can be everywhere and nowhere; all at the same time. There is little known about it, except what WISH has released following repeated, recent sightings of the being. Oni is only known to be one thing: shadows and darkness itself.

2. Madness - There is even less known about this mentally unhinged Villain than the enigmatic shadowy being whom he associates himself with; and that's saying something. Madness was apprehended following a failed Invasion of U.A.'s dorms during a Halloween event, and placed in Beijing's high-security Dengta Tower Prison. Through various circumstances, he succeeded in escaping and blowing the jewel of a prison to pieces. He hinted very heavily to being within Oni's circle of followers after the shadow of a person gifted Madness with eyesight, and has escaped almost without a notable trace. Across the world, whispers grow of a powerful Villain whose only known name is Madness, due to the chaos he brings in his wake. Whole towns have found to be gassed to death for otherwise unknown motivations, and the echo of deranged laughter can be heard in the night...

3. Sugar Rampage - If any Villain wishes to survive in this tumultuous world, they must band together. That is exactly what this candy-crazed individual decided to do. Another of the scarily powerful Villainous people to invade U.A.'s campus during Halloween in that fateful year, Sugar Rampage was apprehended and was almost successfully detained at Japan's high security prison; an answer to Dengta Tower in China. Unfortunately, following a huge breach no thanks to Oni, a good number of Villains managed to escape. Since then, Sugar Rampage has been following his known companion, Madness, and enacting awful deeds in tandem. When life is a game to a man like this, it becomes deadly to all who play.

4. Athena - After somehow escaping the horrific aftermath of the Villain's Gala off the coast of Barcelona, the organiser seeks swift revenge. Shirona is a stunningly beautiful young woman with the brains to match, and she employs these things alongside her family's influence, to lead a life of crime with the utmost flair and precision. Although not a physical powerhouse like most would perhaps expect in powerful individuals, she employs ruthless cunning with her mental-based quirk, and is always the first in the know with all information anyone can imagine. It is rumoured that she frequently blackmails WISH with knowledge of their less than above-board dealings, which is why she can operate so freely and publicly as a Villain in an era of Heroes.

5. Sanguine - How can evil look so sweet? This blood-thirsty little girl has been terrorising Europe since her family's mysterious disappearance from the family home in France, and has earned quite the name for herself. Sanguine is not exactly the mere child that she appears, considering how she has worked her way into terrifying urban legends and myths throughout France. She employs a very sweet and adorable front to those that meet her, while plotting how best to silence them forever internally. Rumours are spreading that she has reached out to the infamous King family for an alliance, and God help us all if that happens.

The World's Other Influential People

The world is, quite simply, not all in black and white. Those who live in the area of grey in the middle are of immense importance to the world at large, for their values are often not so easily determined as those who call themselves by a specific name...

1. The Book-Keeper - As far as enigmas go, this man is on the top of the list. Nothing is known about him except his alias, which is one that has been passed down for generations, and his famously lenient morals. He caters to every side of every possible coin, but mostly finds clientele from those of a less-than-savoury affiliation. Most importantly, he sees knowledge as business, and he has done very well to amass a huge information base. The Book-Keeper and WISH are at constant odds; vying for competition of who shall take superiority of the contracted world. Perhaps the only reason that WISH hasn't made more active moves against this man is due to the information he holds about the worldwide organisation...

2. Madam Crocodile - Following the surge of humanity rushing for the oceans to claim territories, this fearsome woman rose to meet them. She is a somewhat ruthless woman, and is unafraid to shift her weight on both sides of the scales of morality. She learned long ago that simply living freely came with a price and WISH death warrant, so she instead runs alongside Zora to maintain some form of order in the world's seas and smaller territories to save blood baths breaking out. With questionable methods, Madam Crocodile always gets the job done; no matter what. She hovers directly atop the line between "good" and "evil", playing a very dangerous balancing act between the two. But she would have it no other way.

3. Doc - This young woman deals in every side of the extreme spectrum; there is no in-between with her erratic and crazed behaviour. Dr. Hakase can prove to be a detriment to the world at large and an asset, which leaves organisations like WISH in a constant flux and state of confusion about how to regulate the woman's behaviour. It goes without saying that she has been responsible for amazing medical and scientific advances in spite of her age, and this tends to have her in a very precarious position of "acceptable" with the world governing organisation. She values intelligence, knowledge and, most importantly, entertainment to be her highest priorities. In most cases, she tends to find ways to stimulate all of these passions at once, as seen in a rather infamous event that took place through the streets of Los Angeles...

4. Captain 1st Rank Markus Aleksandro Raymius - Quite the mouthful of titles and names, this plucky duck captains a group of "pirates" who currently patrol the oceans alongside other groups. Markus is a kind-hearted waterfowl, and will do anything to protect the family that is his crew. He considers them to be family, and is a very loyal animal- guy. He tends to follow a very "just" moral compass, but due to the nature of his collective family sailing the seas, he tends to come off the wrong way to the masses. Nevertheless, he is well-known across the continent of Europe due to his Russian heritage.

5. Captain Buffy - A woman of short temper with an even shorter fuse, she is not one to be trifled with by any means. Buffy is a naturally boastful, proud person, and anyone who believes that she is less than she lives herself up to be, will become her enemy. She has previously executed people in her own crew due to such "mutinous" comments, and has no qualms in exacting such fates upon anyone who crosses her. A bit of a yellow-belly at heart, however, she tends to rely on her crew to do things for her until she is pushed into fights for herself. She has large illusions of grandeur, and oftentimes her boasting of what she has done will scare away those of lesser mettle!!

The World's Honourable Mentions

Of course, we have all kinds of NPCs of note! They can be found in a stripped down version below:

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