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[Mission]Hunt for the Wachimacallit Big Cat; For Kyoko, Isamu, Leroy, and Gareth.
Topic Started: Nov 23 2017, 10:40 AM (1,117 Views)
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Wachimacallit. A quiet town in the middle of no where, named after the extinct volcano that had long ago crumbled under the weight of pine trees. The town had a gas station that also housed a diner, a convenience store, a tiny medical clinic, an old church, and, of course, the mayors office. For things to do in Wachimacallit, a small lake with rivers flowing into and out of it were to the north, A hot springs spa was to the east, and the hunting society's cabin was to the west.

An old bus rattled along the road from the south. It passed a worn down sign that welcomed the occupants to the town. Three photos of all three places of note were shown. A woman with a towel on her face, enjoy the all natural hot springs. Some kids jumping off of a pier at the lake while the nearby adults fished from it adorned the middle. And on the edge two hunters crouched down, hunting some beasts in the forests.

The bus swerved to avoid a pothole as it trundled on. The patchy road was only one step above a gravel road and in desperate need of repair. It was a good thing then that the rusted vehicle was the only one on the road. Even the gas station was empty as it pulled in, creaking to a stop. A small flurry of activity in the diner was seen, but apart from that the town continued to sleep in the early morning light.

The bus driver stood up from his seat and hobbled to the door. He was an old man who creaked as much as hi vehicle, however he was friendly enough. The man muttered and cursed as he struggled with the door for a few moments before it finally gave way, almost sending him stumbling outside. The bus driver caught himself, however, and placed the red, portable plastic steps onto the ground outside. He inched down the steps, holding onto the side of his trusty bus to stop himself from toppling over.

"Right. Here we are, Wachimacallit! Luffly little place. Good food. Mayor's in the diner a' this point, so just go on in an' talk to 'im" the gruff man said, giving his passengers a wide toothless grin. He waited at the end of the steps, determined to give a hand shake to everyone who got off of his bus. In the diner, simply labeled "Wachimacallit Gas and Diner", a bunny waitress quickly busied herself putting a fresh pot of coffee on while it's sole patron, a mass of hair, daintilly ate some pancakes slathered in a generous helping of maple syrup.


bus driver

Bunny Waitress


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Isamu sighed as he stretched his legs, standing from his comfortable seat at the behest of the hostess. 10 hours was far longer than he would have liked to be sitting in place for, but he supposed he didn’t have much to complain about. The flight from Tokyo to New York would usually take the better part of 13 hours, but thanks to the rather advanced plane that had borne him aloft, that time had been cut down somewhat. The trip itself wouldn’t have been Isamu’s first choice, but it was a request from his Father, and in all likelihood, a test of some kind. The Masanori Clan had numerous and vast holdings in most major countries around the world and America was no exception. Ginrei Masanori had asked that his Son travel to the USA to assist in the closing of a lucrative business deal with an American Tech firm, a deal which could see their family branch out into the commercial technology market as opposed to their usual Government contracts.

If he was being completely honest with himself, he was quite nervous. The task set before him wasn’t exactly something he had done before. Sure he had been given lessons on such undertakings, he was expected to take over the reigns of the family one day, but he had yet to put his teachings into practice. Despite this, he was confident in his ability to succeed. He had been given plenty of time on the flight to look over the minutiae of the deal itself, and his Father had provided dossiers for all of the people he would be meeting along with personalised notes on each individual, things to avoid doing and saying for example.

His main gripe about the trip was his inability to bring Christine along with him. He had applied for a few days leave from classes, leaving a forwarding address for his teachers and classmates to send him any required work, but Chrissy hadn’t been able to do the same. He had been excited to get in a little holiday together, away from the hustle and bustle of school life, but he supposed he couldn’t have everything.

Isamu ducked his head as he stepped onto the small set of stairs leading down and out of the Jet, smiling and nodding in thanks to the flight crew as he left, a smart briefcase held tightly in one hand. A short distance from the plane a car sat idling, a man waiting by the door for him. Letting out one last quiet sigh, Isamu re-did the buttons of his jacket before making his way to the car, ready to do his duty for his Family.


A loud sigh echoed around the cavernous hotel room as Isamu stretched his aching joints, elbows popping slightly as he pulled on them to relieve the built up pressure. Having spent the better part of the day stuck in a board room surrounded by rather dull business men, he felt he needed a good rest. The meeting itself had gone swimmingly, all conditions that had been laid out by his Father and those that worked alongside him had been accommodated, with only a select few issues being raised, though nothing that he hadn’t been prepared to deal with. That wasn’t to say that he had enjoyed his day all that much, but he supposed he had to, at the very least, put up with such events in the future.
He had barely gotten out of his suit when he collapsed on his bed, heaving out a long exhale. Sleep was what he needed now. He could figure out what to do for his holiday tomorrow.

As the sun rose, so too did Isamu. He was always an early riser, it was no different today. He still had a few days over here in America to fill, and no ideas of what exactly to do. He had been over in the States only once before, but that was just shy of decade ago now. After a quick shower he sat down to a small helping of breakfast, phone in hand, randomly trawling the web for anything interesting happening in the States. Other than concerts and movie premiers, nothing really caught his eye, that is until he spotted a strange local news article reposted onto a social networking site for more visibility. Apparently a small town by the name of Wachimacallit was being plagued by what the Hunting Society of the town itself had tenuously identified as a monstrous big cat of some kind, many not believing it to be entirely natural. They had gone so far as to put a call out to other to assist them in dealing with it.

“Well, that could work.” Isamu muttered to himself. It would certainly give him something interesting to do, as well as something to keep his skills sharp.

The Hunting Scoiety wanted the animal caught and trapped, not killed thankfully, something Isamu could agree with. It wasn’t the animals fault, it would just be following simple instinct. Unfortunately, Wachimacallit wasn’t exactly close to New York, Isamu would have a fair drive ahead of him. He made the appropriate calls, making sure that a car was brought around to the hotel, rented from a nearby provider. He was happy that he had chosen to bring his Hero suit after-all, he always tried to travel with it, figuring it was much better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. In the time he spent waiting for the car the be brought around the front, he had all his belongings packed, ready for the, hopefully, eventful trip.

After receiving a call from reception, Isamu headed down, smiling as he saw the positively lovely red and white beast waiting for him. He had reasoned with himself that he was in the USA, so he should be driving an American car, a Ford GT was pretty damn American in his books. After packing his small case in the thankfully just-big-enough storage bay, he was off. He needed to make up as much time as he could if he was going to make it to Wachimacallit in time. Sure he could have had the Jet fly him to a nearby city and drive from there, but he didn’t get the opportunity to drive much back home in Japan and he relished the chance to drive on the open, uncrowded roads leading to his destination.

The Car

Whilst Isamu was forced to make a quick stop overnight for a few hours of shut-eye, the large welcome sign of Wachimacallit greeted him in the very early hours of the morning as he drove into the sleepy little town. He made his first stop down the main street of the town, aiming for a popular looking coffee shop, needing a little pick-me-up and a bite to eat. Despite the early hour there were already a fair few people, mainly of the older generations, getting their morning coffee. He supposed he might seem a tad too overdressed for a small town coffee shop.

He thanked the barista as he received his order and sat at a small table near the window, flicking through the local paper, looking for any more in depth news on the beast that prowled the nearby woods. His ears perked up when he heard to elderly men a table across from him start mentioning the animal in question. Figuring that the locals would probably be the best source of information, Isamu stood slowly and made his way towards the two men. As he reached their table, gaining their attention in the act, Isamu bowed slightly at the waist.

“I apologise for interrupting you, but I had hoped I might gain a little insight to the problem you and your town are having with this Big Cat? I’ve come to lend whatever aid I can, such as it’s worth. Anything you know, insignificant or not could help greatly.” he said, slipping into fluent English, though his accent still showing somewhat.

He wanted to get as much information as he possibly could before the hunt itself. For all he knew, he was the only person that had answered the call. If he WAS to do the task alone, he needed as much foreknowledge as possible. Being adequately prepared for a confrontation was always half the battle. You can’t properly fight an opponent if you don’t know how to approach them.

Whether or not the two men knew much of anything, Isamu would thank them for their time, finishing off his coffee and breakfast before leaving the cafe, a sizable tip on his table. The information he had gotten from the Hunting Society had said to meet up at a Diner in town. After asking someone for directions quickly, Isamu was on his way there hopefully not late for the meeting time. He wasn’t, and being the first one there he decided to wait, resting carefully on the hood of the GT, gazing up at the clouds moving wistfully above. He wasn’t waiting all that long before a rickety old bus pulled up, an venerable old man opening the door. Isamu heard him call out to the occupants of the near decrepit vehicle, asking that they go inside to meet with the town's Mayor, likely their contact.

Either way, Isamu would briefly greet anyone who stepped off of the bus before heading inside. His eyes regretfully lingered on the Bunny-Waitress for far longer than he felt appropriate, a combination of her rather stunning appearance and his confusion in equal measure.Though that was outstripped by his utter lack of knowledge of just what it was that he was looking at that was carefully dissecting a plate of pancakes. It, by all accounts, looked to be a sentient pile of human hair, complete with glasses and a bowler hat. He made his way over, taking a seat beside the Mayor, for who else could this person be, they were the only other person inside the diner bar the waitress and Isamu himself.

“Good morning,” he said in greeting, holding out a hand to the older man. “Isamu Masanori, I believe we’ll be getting rather well acquainted in the next day or so. Myself, and I suspect the people entering the Diner behind me, have come to offer our aid with your not so little animal problem.” he explained cheerfully.
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Just what would it take to bring a Big Cat back home?

He'd been far too used to the county busing system to complain about public services like that one; he found the problems more with the jackasses that lived around the area than the bus itself. The fact that this bus kept running, even with its purported age, was an accomplishment in itself (even if Gareth would have preferred another.) Still, Gareth didn't come to any heavy conclusions about the Big Cat itself. The guidance counselor at his school simply didn't have the information Gareth needed for the job. Consent forms only mattered so much when the task alone - taking in a big creature - had been so foreign to him. Gareth barely went hiking, let alone fishing or trapping.

His ticket to become a true Southern boy dangled before him.

Tying to connect with America...Gareth's fingers tapped against the task flyer. Only a few miles from home, and yet, taking on a task like wildlife management. It would be rude, Gareth realized, to say he joined this mission to test his body, his spirit, and his quirk. Let alone, to do some volunteer-work that didn't involve bundles of paperwork. But that lack of information, Gareth knew, was why he came to the experts. He appeared ready for the capture of this big cat, too. Maybe he'd enjoy this task better with a close friend nearby, as opposed to the watchful one of his elder sibling. Gareth could confirm with God that there were only so many times she could drag him out in stone form before he croaked.

Gareth certainly looked serious about the task at hand- or funny, depending on how one interpreted his outfit. Navy-black tracksuit, when combined with his pair of rectangular shades, gave Gareth an older, sharper look.

With a creak of the bus, Gareth got out. Gareth left the bus with a courtesy: "Thank you for the advice, sir!" With a polite wave, Gareth would, out of curiosity, drag his phone from a side pocket. If 'reception' was a concept in this neck of the woods, Gareth would follow it, but only to a point. Cell phones were useless in woods missions like these. With a shrug, Gareth put his phone back in his pocket, and instead waved to his contemporary. "Good morning!" He didn't bother with introductions or questions, because the Japanese man before already started asking, whereas the hairy man hadn't said anything.

While Gareth had questions, he wouldn't blow them all on an assumption!

Gareth ponders the mission, thanks the bus driver
Briefly checks - and doesn't expect - reception
Gareth sits by the hairy man.
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Good ol' Wachimacallit. The small town had that sort of air that just left grit in your teeth, whiskey on your breath, and bugs on your windshield. The banjo pickin' atmosphere was right up little ol' Leroy's alley, the plucky waterfowl having cut his teeth in rural Mississippi. That's exactly why he had answered the call for the tracking mission, the good ol' boy wanting to have fresh memories similar to home before heading out to Japan. While he'd much prefer to be right at home creating these homegrown memories, the thought of waving his zoo family goodbye before trekking off halfway across the globe was too much for his little, feathery heart.

The task at hand seemed custom tailored for Leroy, given his positive demeanor and feral beginnings. The Hunting Society was wanting that big ol' cat caught, not outright killed. The calming aura his quirk gave off was fine tuned for taming the more savage beasts, especially when coupled by his amiable personality. The fact that would share a similar ancestry with such a beast would provide ample benefit as well, given the fact Leroy was necessarily human. He was one of the few animals to manifest a quirk, which formed a bond that even X-forms couldn't realize. He could get into the mindset of this wampus cat, being the most likely to recognize its perspective. These thoughts weren't exactly going through Leroy's mind during the bus ride, the goose instead spending the trip whistling an old country tune to himself quietly.

As the bus creaked to a halt, so would the little feller's whistling. Finally, Wachimacallit. The feathered friend took to the rustic atmosphere like a fish to water, happily skipping off the plastic steps unto the dirt below. He'd nod along as the elderly bus driver explained the inner workings of the town, the geezer's homeliness leaving Leroy feeling pretty welcome to the town. He'd have gotten a warm Grandpa vibe from the old coot, if he had actually been familiar with the concept of a grandparent. Geese aren't particularly known for an extensive line of living relatives, and grandzookeepers weren't a thing either. Well, there are grand zookeepers, but that's awfully subjective and has nothing to do with the subject at hand. Leroy would give the old timer a firm handshake and make his way on down to the diner he was told about.


The diner sure seemed awful quiet. Leroy could only notice a few people eating, a couple regular looking boys and some ol' hairy feller. He'd hop up on one of the stools on the other side of the follicle fortunate fellow, leaving an empty chair in betweenst them out of consideration. He'd have to climb up a bit before managing to plop himself up on the chair, the goose's short stature causing day to day tasks to become a slight chore. He'd look through the menu for a bit, waiting for the adorable waitress to make her way towards him and take his order.

"Yes m'am, I'd like a cup of coffee. No ma'am, I don't need any sugar, just black. Couple pieces of toast'd prolly be good too.'

Leroy's southern drawl was as country as a dirt road, the kind bird making no effort to hide it. If someone didn't know it, they'd think he'd of been a regular at this joint. Soon after he ordered, one of the other patrons had apparently decided to bluntly inquire about the large feline they both were apparently hunting down. Leroy noticed a bit of an accent as the boy talked, something sort of Asian sounding. He hoped that the Asian feller spoke one of the foreign languages he did, figuring that being able to speak freely without others eavesdropping in would come in awful handy later down the road. The amicable waterfowl figured that the townsfolk didn't really speak anything other than English. He'd be sure to listen in on the hairy man's answer, hoping that he'd know something about the pussycat they were supposed to be hunting. He'd wait for the two to finish their conversation, hoping that it'd yield something worthwhile. If not, the gleeful goose would attempt to further break the ice with some good old fashioned small talk.

"Well, are the pancakes here any good?"
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Sweet Baby Lemon Hands, the wizard, is here to the rescue!

Kyoko at the time was seen playing her usual game of soccer with her brother, Kojiro, who'd won once again against her before giving them a thumbs up and a casual smile. "Nice going, Onii-chan! You've beaten me once again~" The girl would coo towards him in a playful matter before putting away her things and making her way inside into a house that they'd both been living in at the time. The girl had always been one for allowing her brother to win or 'take the high ground', it was something in her nature that allowed her to do so after all - not like she minded that is. "Ah, has there been any help notices that I missed today? I haven't gotten the chance to look yet..." She said to herself before pulling out her phone and doing a quick shift through an app she had installed a while back. It was a wonder what electronics could do this day and age, and it did save the girl time in walking to and fro from the 'Help Wanted' board in town.

There was an occasional comment from her brother while she browsed on her phone, but she was one to simply chuckle towards it as she awaited to see if anything had shown up on her screen - even if it did take a while, which she didn't like to a slight degree. Being patient was her brother's thing, and so when twenty minutes went by did she get the eventful 'BLOOP!' noise from her phone to indicate a new 'offer' so to speak. "Finally!" She began as she smiled widely to quickly reach for her phone, though it was only when the details of what the new help notice appeared that she frowned a bit. Not only was the location of this help needed in 'America', but it was location a missing animal of some sort - a fairly large one at that. It was a shame that it'd been met under such circumstances as the girl sighed and placed her phone beside her on the couch, a hand of hers rubbing her forehead before being questioned as to what was wrong.

"Nothing, Onii-chan. Just some inconveniences is all." She said before looking at him and smiling, though it was obvious between the two that she'd been lying to a degree like usual. If on cue, her brother had told her that it was alright for her to do what she wanted - even if it meant leaving the house for a week or so. "Do you really think so? The trip there will be pretty ex-..." She was cut off as her brother had nodded and offered to help pay for her expenses, to which there was an hour of playful bickering between them before she eventually let him win. "Y-You're lucky I'm not as patient as you, otherwise I would win ya'know!" She'd protest one last time before smiling and packing her things to head off towards America to locate and begin whatever this help entailed.

It wasn't long that Kyoko found herself sitting on a bus, trudging along to an unfamiliar place as her eyes gave small scans towards those who happened to be on the same vehicle with her. "Ha-llo." She said after moments of silence were shared between herself and some of the passengers who remained seated at the time. "Go to.." She was obviously trying to use whatever English she heard before coming on the bus, but was more than lacking as she appeared flustered. "How you? Good? I good, yes." Kyoko decided to change subjects as she pursed her lips and rubbed over her hand with another. She'd just only hope they'd be able to understand her and/or speak Japanese so she wouldn't have to embarrass herself as much as she did.

She was even surprised that a goose managed to be casually sitting in the bus, her eyes lighting up as she pat the spot next to her. "You, here. Me please? You cute." Kyoko said in a second attempt to get the goose's attention before smiling and crossing one leg over the other. "Hallo you too." She finished as she assumed that the animal couldn't respond back to her, though she was still kind to it nonetheless as she awaited further interactions from them.

Upon a few hours of sitting and trying to chat with the inhabitants of the bus did she find herself parked in front of a diner of some sorts. It was a blessing that they'd arrived to where they needed to meet up, and Kyoko would of waited till everyone had gotten off of the bus before her seeing as she also had a thing for going last. "Here! Yes! Happy me!" Kyoko said in broken English once more before allowing her eyes to scan the current scenery which was that of a shabby dinner and a old man to greet them all. She would of honestly went towards him first if it wasn't for a white haired man sitting on a rather expensive looking car greeting her after she got off.

"Oh he-..." She began to speak English before looking at the man up and down, and out of instinct did she look at him and smile. "Do you perhaps speak Japanese? My English isn't really good and I want to assume that you can understand me?" She began as she extended her hand to shake the white haired boy before smiling, "I'm Kyoko! Pleasure to meet you regardless mister. I hope we do get along should we find ourselves doing the same thing." She finished before nodding and looking over towards the old man and back at the boy, "We should head on over now since you looked to be waiting on us. Sorry about that." She said towards him one last time before getting into the diner and awaiting further instructions, though she did make sure to get a seat either next to the goose or next to the white haired boy.

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The two old men that Isamu approached were leaned close to each other, although the entire coffee house could hear their bickering. The decrepit men barely spared the Japanese guy a glance when he walked over, and only gave him their full attention when he spoke. They appeared to be twins, with one man wearing large glasses and the other going without.

"The cat! I saw the cat! It was giant and...and...and purple!" the man without the glasses sputtered, much to the annoyance to his twin. "Sure you did Garry. Sure you did. And I bet you believe that man has visited the moon?" his glum partner responded, adjusting his glasses. This started another heated discussion between the two as Isamu was forgotten. They leaned in close again, bickering continued.


"Coming right up, sweetie" the bunny waitress said, her clear accent labeling her as an outsider to this tiny town. She bounced off to put the bread in the toaster, returning to set some pottles of grapefruit marmalade, butter, and strawberry jam in front of the duck. She hovered nearby as neither the toast nor the coffee were ready to be served, just in the off chance that anyone wanted anything else.

The moving mass of hair placed another morsel of food in his mouth, chewing thoughtfully. His luscious locks quivered at every movement, of which he made many. The mayor finished his mouthful, brown gloved hands setting the silver neatly on the plate over his mostly eaten meal. He grabbed a large beaten up case and placed it carefully on the booths table, positioning it so that when opened it would show the newcomers it's contents.

"Nice of ya'll to come" the mayor drawled, folding his hands in his mass of hair. "I'm Mayor Geoff, and I am very thankful for you all answering my call." Geoff bobbed his head in greeting and paused, giving the heros a time to introduce themselves.

"You see, this town here o' mine is in a bit of a pickle. For the past few months we've been finding evidence o' a strange creature inhabiting our woods. While I'm a member of our great hunting society, I admittedly prefer my fishing to my big game tracking. Our forests are plentiful in deer, and we've got some wolves and the occasional cougar." The mayors hand emerged from his hair and flicked opened the hard case, revealing a plaster of a cats paw. The plaster was of a massive size, far larger than any big cat recorded by at least twice. "But this ain't no cougar."

The mayor paused, seemingly to let the incredulous size of the print sink in. "I don't know what kind of cat this is, but if it encounters our people, or heavens forbid our visitors, there's no saying what it'd do. I want it caught, and I want it brought in." Mayor Geoff seemed quite calm, given the circumstances. The waitress, however, seemed a bit anxious, whether it be waiting on a large group of the idea of the big cat so close to town, one could only guess.


His twin, Perry

Example of a cast

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Despite the fact that the pair of old men, twins by the look of them, had given him next to nothing to go on, their erratic behaviour making Isamu raise a brow slightly, he had received a small clue of information. One of the brothers told him that is was big, a given at this point, and Purple. That fact alone was interesting to Isamu, it solidified his theory that there was likely nothing natural about this animal menace. Whilst the other brother dismissed the claim, his rather strange choice of words didn't sway Isamu one way or the other. Though Isamu supposed that the source of this new information might be room for concern, he put the knowledge in the back of his mind, ready for later use if necessary.

He didn't have to wait all that long outside the Diner for the bus to arrive, disgorging it's passengers. Whilst months ago it might have been strange for Isamu to see a noticeably intelligent Goose waddle off of the bus, being in a class with a Duck-person had pretty much eliminated Isamu's sense of strange at this point. There was one person that drew his attention most of all though. A girl stepped off of the bus, her hair a dark shade of blue. Isamu's ears perked up when she spoke, immediately hearing the broken form of the English language she was employing. Upon close inspection, it was clear that the girl was Asian, Japanese just like himself if he wasn't mistaken.

Isamu waved his hand lazily in greeting to everyone who stepped off of the bus, noticing the girls attention had become fixed on him. She walked closer to him, a smile on her face as she began to speak, in English once more, before she stopped herself, her eyes seeming to travel over his form. Isamu wasn't sure, but it almost looked like a wave of relief washed over her features. She spoke again, this time in Japanese, confirming Isamu's earlier thoughts.

"I most certainly do,"he said, slipping into his native language, bowing slightly as he reached for the girl's, now introduced as Kyoko, hand.

"A pleasure to meet you, Isamu Masanori." he said in greeting. Kyoko then apologised, seeming to think it was her fault that Isamu had been waiting around.

"It's no fault of your own, I drove into town early in the morning. So it's on my for being here so early. But you're right, we should get moving." he explained before turning and walking into the diner.

When the Mayor greeted them, he presented a noticeably old briefcase, turning it around on the table so as to be facing the group. He began explaining the troubles his town had been experiencing of late before he opened the case, revealing a huge plaster cast. It was of the same variety that was used to cast animal tracks, the immediately obvious difference was that the one they were being presented with was of a much larger size than any Isamu had seen in museum exhibits.

The mayor explained how he was concerned about what would happen if anyone unprepared came into direct contact with the beast, suggesting that it hadn't happened yet. He also seemed to want the beast captured alive, something Isamu agreed with. The animal, whatever it was, hadn't done anything to deserve a lethal hunt, at least at this point. If brought in alive the animal could be studied appropriately and moved to a more suitable location should that be required. Isamu nodded along as the Mayor finished speaking.

"May I?" he asked, gesturing towards the cast itself, moving to pick it up for closer examination should the Mayor have no objections.

"It's certainly not a normal cat, I can tell you that much." he said as he turned the cast over in his hands carefully, his fingers tracing the indents slowly.

"So, have there been any confirmed sightings of the animal, or just leftover evidence of it's passing?" he asked, curious to see if the Mayor could provide any corroborating evidence to what the old man in the cafe had told him earlier in the day.

The more they knew as a group before the 'hunt' itself, the better off they would be.
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Come to think about it, Gareth hadn't give any of his fellow travelers much thought. The Japanese man rose to the occasion above all, and though fairly polite. That Japan sent heroes all the way here spoke volumes to Gareth about his chances of entry - and those weren't good. The Japanese girl that soon followed and took his. The goose had definitely fit right in. Gareth couldn't mistake that country drawl as anything but Southern, and with a strong stride at that. Gareth couldn't even disagree with the sentiment about pancakes. "Sure smells good...." Something seemed both surreal and Southern, that a goose seemed the easiest to identify with in this group of hunters.

While not the most talkative of the group for sure, he mentioned quite casually: {Japanese isn't my mother tongue, but if that makes it easier for you all, I'll try.} Somewhat slow Japanese, but serviceable enough for two likely older than him. The Heroics business brought with it a flurry of languages Gareth bound himself to memorize. More rules to sift through, write out, and follow. Not Gareth's favorite drift, but if it meant everyone could communicate...so be it.

With all the orders being sent out, Gareth briefly considered ordering a pancake. The soft aroma, and the hairier man's focus, definitely drew his attention. However, Gareth felt his stomach weight down, he decided against that order. He decided he'd been fine with water to hydrate and a coffee to energize. While there were some things he could eat before periods of strenous exercise, pancakes added too much weight. Plus, catching a big cat took more focus than plain physical activity, something he couldn't handle. He would've hated himself for flooding his mouth so bitterly, but Gareth didn't believe it'd hurt so early in the morning. So he ordered:

"Ah, yes ma'am! I'd like to order a black coffee and a water, please! Thank you." With a nod of the head to confirm, Gareth. Sweet as a button some would say...Gareth could see where those people came from. Just not something Gareth would say himself.

He figured "Whatchamacallit" earned its name from something other than the queer town name. A respectable town he found it, though, exemplified by its mayor. Gareth extended a hand for a handshake "Mayor, fellow hunters, it's an honor to meet you. I'm Gareth." A pause, to consider leaving his last name out. "Gareth Breukink." Denied. Probably didn't matter for small town's sake, but. As the footprint was handed around. Gareth blinked at the size, initially believing they drew out some enormous, stale pancake from the back of the restaurant. Nothing in America had feet that size. But no; that footprint stayed the size of his head and didn't waver up close. Maybe there were cues beneath...? The cautious words from a museum directed reminded him: oil makes "acne" for samples, too. No, Gareth did not have protective gloves to handle it. He warned: "I'd also like to give it a look. However, I'd like to have protective gloves before I analyze anything; I don't want to unnecessarily damage the footprint."

Gareth had one question, among that: "I know it's a post-game question, but so we know what to do. So in the event the Big Cat is successfully captured, where do you propose we take it?" If basketball taught Gareth anything, completing the set-up would be among them.

(EDIT: loose period)
{EDIT 2: contextual muck up}
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The toaster popped and the coffee pot pinged. The waitress scurried away, first into the kitchen to get the toast ready. She put the two pieces on a plate and set it in front of Leroy with a knife. She then headed over to the coffee pot. She carefully handled the hot pot, pouring two cups of straight black coffee into their respective ceramic mugs. The bunny girl placed both cups in front of their owners, heading back into the kitchen to open a fridge and grab out a small pitcher of chilled, filtered water, flavoured with a few slices of lemon. The waitress placed this in front of Gareth, along with a glass to pour the water into.

While the waitress was busy, Mayor Geoff inclined his head towards Isamu, that motion saying that he was fine for the man to handle the cast. It was the reason why he had brought it with him, so that the hunters would have a good idea on what they were up against. "There are many marks this beast has made. We've got many plasters, and molds o' those plasters, coming out of our ears" the hairy man explained, cutting up his final pancake. "It's perfectly fine if this casting is damaged, although if ya want to be careful I suppose you could use a napkin or two." Geoff motioned to the middle of the table, where a bunch of napkins lay ready for use.

"As for the eye witnesses..." Here the mayor trailed off and sighed. "Some o' the people round here swear that they've seen the beast, but most of it is just rustling bushes and glowing eyes. Could be the beast, or could be the young'ins. There's always a rise in the reports every full moon though." Geoff speared a piece of pancake and put it in his mouth, chewing thoughtfully.

The Mayor swallowed his mouthful before continuing. "As for where to bring the beast once you've got it, we've managed to get a proper cage set up by the hunting lodge. It'll stay there for the mean time, until it's enclosure is ready" Mayor Geoff explained, his voice treating it all as if moving an extremely large, and potentially very dangerous, cat would be as simple as he said.

He popped another piece of pancake into his mouth. As he was chewing it, he grabbed a tote bag and pulled out four walkie-talkies, as well as four maps. The maps were of the surrounding area and made of faded colours, like they were intended for tourists. Important points, like the diner gas station, the spa with it's natural hot pools, the hunting lodge and the lake, were all made large to better catch the eye.

"Receptions fuzzy around here, so take good care of the walkie-talkies. They're old, but work" the fuzzball explained, stabbing another pancake with his fork. "The maps'll do well enough, though you could probably get better ones at the lodge. You're welcome to stay and eat some food before heading out, or even ask more questions. My receptionist across the road holds the list of people who said they saw the beast." Mayor Geoff motioned to the old, regal beige building that was just down the street. "And of course the hunting lodge has people there who'll be able to direct you to where we've gathered all of this evidence. By the size we've estimated the beast at, I've told them not to track it, in case they encounter it. I'm trusting you lot to be professionals, so you've got full run of the city."

Walkie Talkies

Mayors Office Building
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The Mayor's words pretty much confirmed Isamu's suspicions. Whilst this big cat had been a problem for the town, an ever-present shadow of danger looming over the quiet community, it was most likely that no one had seen enough of it to be of any use. There was one detail however that stood out from what the Hairy man said, the significance of the full moon in relation to the beast's appearances. It was a statement said with the confidence of fact. The same thought as earlier popped back to the forefront of Isamu's mind, whatever this beast turned out to be, it wasn't anything akin to a normal animal.

One of the people who had arrived on the bus, a boy noticeably younger than Isamu, spoke up. He asked a good question, namely where the beast would be put if they succeeded in bringing it in. If it was as big as it's footprint indicated, Isamu hoped that the people of Wachimacallit had put together a very sturdy cage. The hair covered man finished off another bit of his meal before pulling out a number of items from a bag at his feet, placing them on the table for those sitting around it. Isamu reached forward to inspect the proffered items. A VERY retro communications device, one for each of them present, and a rather simplistic map of the area surrounding the town. At the very least, Isamu wanted a better map before they ventured out into the wilderness.

The mayor then listed off a few of their options, giving Isamu a few things to think over. Obviously the more they knew, the better prepared they would be for the hunt. Isamu suddenly realised how seemingly rude he was being. As far as he knew, he was the only person present capable of speaking with Kyoko. She had been sitting quietly the whole time, likely barely understanding what was being said around her. He quickly leant over to her, so as to be closer to her ear, and relayed the main points of the information that had been given to them as best and quickly as he could.

As far as Isamu could see, their best option right now would be to split up, dividing the duties between the group to get things down faster and therefore more efficiently. The 'eye-witness' reports, however unlikely to be true, could still bare fruit for them if they were lucky. Though Isamu's mind was more focused of the Hunters Lodge itself and the people there. They would be, in his opinion, the best source of relevant information they would have available to them, both their resources and experience lending more credibility to any of their claims as opposed to a scared resident.

Whilst Isamu was confident in his own ability to combat the beast, he couldn't speak for those that would be joining him. If the members of the towns hunters lodge had been forbidden from going after the animal in question, then there must be legitimate cause for concern. He mainly just hoped everyone would come out of this hunt safe and sound. In the silence that followed the Mayor's words, Isamu chose to speak up.

"I think it might be best if we split up for the moment, cover more ground if you know what I mean." he said, his tone neutral. A lesson he had inadvertently learnt from his Father was that of taking control of a situation. Not that it was necessarily a bad trait to have, but Isamu always felt like he came across as a bit of, well, a prick. Bossing people around when he had no desire to do so.

"It's up to you guys. I think I'm going to head over to the Lodge, see what more I can learn about our target there. Just saying, it couldn't hurt to talk with some of the witnesses either." he explained with a slight shrug, before translating once more for Kyoko's benefit.

Finally he turned to the Mayor once more, bowing slight with a kind smile on his face.

"Not to worry Mr. Mayor, your town will see no ill will from myself." he said, regarding the other hunters silently for a brief moment.

"So, would anyone be interested in joining me?" he asked, raising an eyebrow slightly?
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As the waitress passed by Gareth, laying out both coffee and water, he spoke again: "Ah, thank you...please do remind me; your name?" That the waitress elastically bounced through the kitchen, serving the slowly-growing crowd with no intention of stopping. That Gareth didn't even bother knowing the person putting in so much work felt crude. People who put in good service, Gareth knew, were worth recognizing. Gareth pondered the thought briefly, as he poured himself a slight glass of water, and passed it onto the person clockwise to him.

On things passed over to Gareth, there were two factors worth considering. The first, the information about the cast from Mayor Geoff; fortunately for Gareth, there'd be no need to wait. "That, I'll do. Dirt and food aren't a good mix. But thank you" A good idea from the Mayor. Gareth drew out the napkin folded out, but Gareth didn't use just one hand to lay the enormous plaster there. That the pancakes were about the size of the plaster, Gareth couldn't tell which was worse. However, he figured it'd be nice to know just how deep the big cat stepped.

He'd typically been cautious about revealing his quirk to anyone, particularly for a task so meager. The Association knew or would know who he was. The utility required no violence; should he have needed to, he could've explained the situation as an extension of his fingers. Small fingers, but, fingers. Gareth withdrew his glasses.

"One moment." Gareth excused himself to the restroom, wobbling slightly as he carried the print all the way to a nearby restroom.

Fingers pushed glasses to face as Gareth put his right index to the base of the plaster. Very briefly, he casted a faint afterglow from squares as he started to temporarily alter the surface of the plaster. His concentration "peeled" the plaster upwards slowly. Like an apple. It would be a cautious task that ultimately ended whenever Gareth reached the plaster's end and the dirt's beginning. For posterity's sake, he would point to the cat's claw, and delve there, too. As soon as he had a good idea for how deep the prints were marked, Gareth would fold everything back under, a process smooth as cement. Like the pitcher, he would hand the plaster to whoever wanted it. Fingers stretched after the exercise.

Once he was done, Gareth returned to the diner.

Details of rustling bushes and glowing eyes completely passed Gareth's attention, but the cage itself entered his memory bank. He'd only have faith that the cage could maintain the Big Cat, should it be led there. A simple aye passed as Gareth clipped a walkie-talkie to his pants. With such an explanation, Gareth figured the cat was responsible for something. Just being large hasn't stopped elephant hunters from going commando, so the official's order suggested a misdeed.

Professionals. Gareth said, "None from me either, Mayor Geoff. Thanks for the invitation." However, he wasn't entirely certain about the label. Professional. The mayor spoke a heavy word that Gareth hadn't been too sure about. Looking about he seemed both the youngest and the least experienced of the crew, goose included. His hunting knowledge followed from books and passable 'simulations'. Truthfully Gareth had been terrified of the cat's surprise company, should it have came. Alas, the older Japanese man spoke of splitting up. "I would go with you, but...hmmm. In the interest of covering as much information as possible. I'll check the church, convenience store - rest of town. People that know things might still be at work." If not in the middle of prayer or say, cutting wood, Gareth wouldn't mind sparking a conversation or two.

It would be Gareth's last clutch to civilization before his escape for the day.

(OOC: timing of events up to narrator's discretion)
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As the sun rose higher in the sky, the town of Wachimacallit woke up. A man walked his dog down the street as a pick up trundled along the bumpy road, heading out towards to woods. More people entered the diner as the large doors of the church swung opened. The bunny Waitress bounced about the diner, serving people and only stopping to throw her name out to Gareth. "It's Elizabeth, but people here just call me Lizzy!" The mayor continued to finish up his breakfast.

Within the church a knitting group was setting up. Four lovely old ladies, varying in age from 50 to 90, sat in a circle with baskets of wool strewn between them. There were spare chairs in the circle that was laden with even more wool, and even some interesting patterns. The inanimate occupants of the spare seating spoke volumes that the group wasn't expecting any visitors as they settled down to gossip, the clack of needles drifting out of the building.

As for the hunting cabin, the old pick-up truck pulled out in front, and a youthful looking man with unkempt black hair jumped out. A large hunting dog jumped out of the back and proceeded to plonk himself down in front of an old man that sat in a rocking chair. A plaid blanket lay across his lap, along with a well kept rifle. He appeared to be sleeping as he rocked back and forth, pipe in one hand. The movement of the young man into the lodge didn't wake him, even as the door slammed against it's frame.




Rocking Chair Man

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Gareth's enthusiasm met the rabbit waitress's, and he'd respond in kind: "Alright; thank you then, Elizabeth! With a friendly nod - noticing the waitress's heavy load - Gareth left Elizabeth to her job. Any other approaches, Gareth decided, would be counterproductive for her already busy schedule.

When he was finished, he would lay the print back on the table, napkin preserving it from dirt. From there he would stretch his neck, take a swig of coffee, and chase it with watter. Lips puckered as Gareth had yet to build up his tolerance to the bitter drink. That did not stop him from trying. He would pass a comment to the mayor, and to his party: "These prints are about a finger deep and yet...don't cats have padding to their paws? I can't really see that emboss from the sides. Mayor Geoff, do you know who sources these prints?"

A pause, followed by a passive interjection.

"I understand that this question may be dumb. But that being said...is the big cat scared of us?" Gareth didn't interact or even look into them often, but he could understand being scared. Being prodded into a corner; poked away from their desires by a horde of unknowns. Whether the big cat bore a tough past, a troublesome outlook, or both, Gareth figured he'd have to take that into account.

With a tilt Gareth would down his glass of water, looking hesitantly to the coffee. From there he'd take a swig, give a thank you, and left the cafe. HE didn't quite want to tell anyone that he spit the rest of the drink in a nearby garbage bin.

What a bizzare drink!
Goal in mind, Gareth started walking towards the church. Besides being one of the only facilities with an open door, churches were apparently places of more secrets than God would be comfortable with. If his interactions with some of his fellow Christian, the chapel brought more than meets the eye with its conversations.

He'd just have to make himself presentable. He was new to this town, after all, and small towns were not the place to tarnish his name by acting a fool!

So he checked his posture. Shoulders upright, head level, lips curled. Puffy jacket bellowed as Gareth approached the church door, needles and idle talk clinging to his ears. Well, he had nothing else to hide, and besides his pride nothing to lose. With a push, an initial lisp, he would ask of the knitting ladies: "Oh, hello! Would it be alright if I took a seat?"

Kniting. It'd be hard for him to work up enthusiasm for the subject, but he thought of things to say. He immediately dismissed the technical end of the subject, for reasons obvious to him.

Uh... Gareth wondered just what he'd follow with.
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With Isamu's declaration that he would check out the Hunting Lodge and the possible information sources therein, he was happy to see that someone agreed with his idea, however indirectly. The group would be able to cover much more ground that way, and considering the limited time they had available to them, it was for the best. He bowed slightly to the mayor, and nodded to Elizabeth as he stood from the table.

"I suppose I will see you later this afternoon Mr. Mayor?" he said before walking from the diner and back to his car. The town wasn't exactly large, but enough time was saved by Isamu taking the easy way and simply driving over to the lodge that, at first glance, looked more than a little run down.

An elderly man sat asleep on the veranda by the door in a rocking chair, smoking pipe in hand and a large dog sleeping soundly at his feet. He hadn't seemed to notice Isamu's arrival, the dog's ears perking up ever so slightly as it opened a half lidded eye to inspect the newcomer. He had only taken a few steps away from his car when his pocket started vibrating incessantly, a soft chime accompanying it. Curious, Isamu pulled out his mobile, finding that he had a new message. It was simple, and to the point, and obviously from his Father.

"You Grandfather has had another episode. Come home now." it read.

Isamu felt like his heart skipped a beat for a moment, he stood rooted in place for a short while before exploding into action. He nearly dived back into his car. Dust flew into the air as he gunned the engine, tearing the car around and back towards the road. He usually wasn't this panicked or frantic, but his emotions overrode his normality. As he drove for the edge of town, and towards the highway, he took the walkie talkie in hand, hoping that it would work for him.

"I'm really sorry guys, but......but I have to go. I need to be back home in Japan as quickly as possible, family emergency. Please tell the Mayor that I'll return his walkie by post, I just don't have the time stop now. Again, Sorry." he transmitted, only hoping that his message got through.

As he powered down the road his thoughts were of home, and if his family would still be whole when he got there.

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The Mayor shrugged in response to the questions. He finished his mouthful, placing his fork down respectfully before answering. "The person who did these prints are at the hunting lodge. I believe the large prints were used to help train the members, but I'm not too sure who did this one exactly. As for whether or not this creature is afraid of us..." here, the hairy man trailed off the shrug again. "It's a beast. They always run and hide when they know people are nearby. If not, they're soon dead."His response was frank, as if nothing could refute that fact and, for the most part, when normal creatures were involved, that was true.


As for up at the lodge, the man who went inside gave a curious glance at the vehicle as it pulled up, a young man got out, and then they left again. He shrugged, while the dog looked forlornly after the vehicle. It had hopped to be patted. The dog sighed and settled down to wait and sleep.


In the church, the four old ladies chatter stopped as the young man entered. Maggie, a no-nonsense looking lady just focused on her work. She seemed to have no input about the current situation, so wisely kept her mouth shut. The second lady, with bright red lipstick on, frowned and pursed her lips at Gareth. She seemed to be picking out every fault in his clothing and attitude, and most likely storing it to comment on later. The youngest of the four looked miffed and opened her mouth, about to speak up, before the eldest cut her off.

"Of course Sam! You should know you're always welcomed here. Come, come, sit. Do you remember how to knit?" She prattled on, face an expression lovely. She removed the basket of wool that was on the seat beside her, putting it down on the floor in front. The old lady hunted for a pair of spare needles while her companions traded a look. Apparently mistaking any young man for her grandson was a common thing.

"Eunice..." one of them started, looking as if she had almost given up correcting the other. "Now dear, this is how you knit, watch closely" Eunice continued on, bending over to show Gareth the intricacies of knitting. When one watched closely, it seemed all rather simple, just winding the wool around one needle and then sliding it off of the other. The trick came in mastering the fiddly art.

"Don't mind her, deary. What did you say your name is? I'm Angela, the matriarch is Margareth, Grandmother is Eunice, and the biddy is Janice" she said, turning her nose up a bit as she mentioned the final lady. "Biddy?!" Janice started, staring daggers at the red lipstick lady. She opened her mouth, about to add more, before being cut off. "That's quite enough, you two. Don't have me warn you again" Margareth seemed just about ready to go on her word and stand up to kick both of them out. "And feel free to call me Maggie, everyone does" the last comment was directed at Gareth, who was still being cooed over and instructed by Eunice.

No-nonsense Maggie

Gossip Janice

Lovely Old Eunice

Prude Angela
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