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[OPEN] Alarming Event: A Race for the Golden Age - The Debate & Final Vote!; Farnes, Kang, Drake, Valarie, Asta, Ayano, Monty
Topic Started: Nov 7 2017, 08:25 PM (9,552 Views)
Tokugawa Risa

Dealing with all this stupid commotion was quite a problem as she had tried to answer the last question. However, it likely fell on deaf ears as the maid tried to assassinate her stabbing into Valarie however it was not enough to kill her as the handle broke causing her to cry in pain. While this was all going on she saw even more of the candidates running over to try to help in various ways but why were they helping as it felt like time its self-had slowed down. She looked up to see Mercutio pointing his finger, it seemed he had finally shown his true colors.

She would see a flash of light and she knew it was over simply understanding this was the end for her, those close by would only hear two words from her mouth "Thank You" as the red light hit her body it was over in an instant she felt no pain as her body was completely vaporized in just a second. The tale of Valarie was now over what would the world do in this tragic event only time would tell but one thing was for certain her eerie warning from earlier turned out to be exactly right.
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The Apprentice
The guards would remain unfazed as the counterfeit voice mimicking their respected General barked orders, still slowly trudging on towards Mercutio. Not only did the General communicate orders through the whistling of his exoskeleton, the voice heard spoke English much too fluently.

They would give pay no heed to the bruised and battered boy, unfazed by his warnings. They were unconcerned with the hurled Sonomi, trudging through the balcony as they further surrounded their crimson target. They had little understanding of her part in the destruction, not realizing how an "erasure" of one's quirk could wreak such havoc. The cra-crack of ten stomps in unison would fully signal their presence, talons drawn and twenty scarlet eyes piercing through their target. They would hold formation however, awaiting further command from their leader. The General's once khaki tunic now burgundy, he would lumber up the balcony one bloody footstep at a time.

THUNK. squelch THUNK. squelch

With a sharp whistle, the guards would shift to at ease. The General would shuffle past Garrett as he made his way through the balcony, ignoring the teenager's warnings similarly to his guards. He would place a clawed hand on the boy's shoulder, staring in the eyes of the sole surviving candidate. It was the look of a man weary, seemingly staring deep into the teenager's soul.

"Move, child. Now is not time for fighting. Do not think action towards many guards is brave. Is stupid. No, word is naive. It is talk of your kind, those not seeing war. Thinking others will stop because you say you will fight, that they not call bluff. In war, you will get killed. But, there are no candidates. There can not be other election. African people will lose faith in states coming together. "What is purpose if there is no protecting," people will say. You are too young, yes, others will mock Africa. But, no more than if this were to get out. You need smart second in command. Africa lays on shoulders, you understand?"

The General would then turn to Mercutio, crossing straight through the ring of surrounding guards. His words seemed reluctant, the taste of bile nipping at the back of his throat.

"Mr. Mercutio, you are with WISH? We may be needing favor. You may be needing favor. The doors are locked, no one seeing this will be getting out. Too many leaders of world, dead. Africa has lived without WISH, it seems we can no longer. If we do not ask for help, they will still come. Too many leaders dead, they will know. It is better for us all to not let WISH find out on their own, yes?"

He would pause, hopeful that the Elysium leader would consider the situation at hand. If the Being of Balance would agree, the General would outline the next steps to be taken. As constant war had left him involved through many a coup and cover up, situation was not necessarily foreign to the General. There would be a sudden shift to his tone, a noticeable weariness underlining each following word. With a sigh, he would continue.

"We must be disposing of those who had saw. Crippled man you can be saving, but too many witnesses ruin stew. Guards can do many, but they are still men. They will wake many nights reliving this. Your people should as well. Have them help with witnesses. If you say girl is responsible, have her take responsibility. Should be lesson she will not be forgetting."

With a whistle, the guards would begin to turn towards those amongst the balcony. They awaited the command of their General, who was now awaiting Mercutio's retort.
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Deleted User

Was any of this even real?

As the adrenaline rushing through his blood slowly began to waver, the pain overtook Garrett all over again as he nearly collapsed right there and then, barely managing to stay standing. The events that just transpired were finally starting to click in his head. Everyone’s deaths: their bodies nothing but ash or dismembered pieces. What the hell...was any of this even real? Why was he of all people the only one left in the aftermath? What gave Garrett the right to stand alive amongst the massacre of people who’d lived meaningful lives filled with hope and purpose- what right did he as a pathetic, frail, wholly incompetent teenager did he have to be standing before the wreckage?

His questioning ceased as his eyes turned to the girl who had been tossed and lowered onto the stage- he couldn’t quite hear most of what she said other than her screamed apologies as she wailed for the loss of those around her. No, this isn’t only your fault. If I had been stronger- if I had been on stage- I-I could’ve done something! that was almost certainly untrue, seeing as Garrett lacked the physical or Quirk abilities to do anything about it at first glance- but still; if he had been there- maybe he could’ve saved even one of them. At the very least, he could’ve died beside them all like he deserved to.

His head still felt fuzzy as his senses started returning to him. What was Mercutio talking about? The strength of a leader? Garrett could barely even stay conscious right now- he couldn’t even save a single fucking person. All he did was get beaten half to death and get saved by someone else. What right did Garrett have to call himself anything but useless? A pro hero may believe in him, but Garrett couldn’t even believe in himself right now.

Fists clenched as his guard was held up, arms shaking, tears began to fill his eyes. ”Why...why is everything so heavy?” he spoke so softly that only the people right next to him could hear, ”It’s so heavy…” His heart felt like a boulder in his chest- and despite his shivering and shaking his body felt so heavy he couldn’t even move from where he stood for the time being. All he did was shake and cry- silent tears as no wails came from his mouth. My voice- how can I reach everyone? How can I possibly speak for a nation? How can I speak for even one person? Dad- why did you have so much faith in me? WHY AM I STILL STANDING?!

Back in America, Darren sat down in his office- the gym closing for the day as he felt strangely relaxed, considering his son had suddenly disappeared during the elections.

Maybe relaxed was the wrong word- he certainly felt a tad nervous seeing his son disappear after the first question without any word from the officials, but strangely he didn't seem to worry.

As one of the clerks got ready to head home for the day, their face turned to Darren in worry, slowly shuffling over. ”Sir, I umm...I hope your son is okay. My thoughts and prayers are out for you two that he gets home safe.”

Darren turned his head, his back slouched against the folding chair with his arm wrapped around the back rest as with his free hand he took the cigarette out of his mouth, blowing a puff of smoke. Smiling, he nodded his head, ”Thanks Jack, but it’ll be alright. My boy’s tougher than you think.”

As the clerk left for the night, Darren placed the cigarette back between his lips, looking once more at the TV static. Of course he’ll be fine. He may not have been the best boxer or the manliest guy out there- but he’s got my blood in ‘em. More than that though; he’s got her’s he thought, his mind wandering to the days long ago he cherished with his late wife, Marie.

She was always teased for being so frail and delicate- for always letting people walk all over her. But despite her appearances- Darren knew. He knew even long before she died giving birth to Garrett- he knew she had an immeasurable strength inside her that no one else could see but him. She was more than a pretty face and a beautiful voice- she had a heart of gold and a moral strength that not many possessed- and that’s why he loved her so much.

He’s so like her it’s crazy. Sometimes when I see that boy’s face, for a split second I feel like she’s with me again. That’s why I’m not worried- because he’s got my best friend’s loving spirit inside him. My son’s got the Heart of the Midwest.
Darren Rover

The guards began to close in on him and Mercutio as they found themselves surrounded, the general slowly approaching. However, after his call- the guards suddenly went at ease as the general placed his hand on Garrett’s, telling him Africa rested on his shoulders.

He stood there for a moment, unresponsive. The same people who had just taken him out back and ruthlessly beat him were now asking him to lead their country. Never mind the pain they’d just inflicted on him- after all the death and insanity he’d just witnessed, was he even fit to be their leader? The General himself said he’d need a smart second in command after all.

The boy slowly lowered his arms down to his sides, locking his eyes with the General’s. It was strange- despite all the fear going through him and that was evident on his face just a moment ago- despite all the death he’d just witnessed and despite all the pain that was now catching up with him from the earlier beatings, the General may just find a certain strength in those eyes- a strength previously hidden and unseen.

”I could’ve maybe done something about this. Maybe this sounds selfish of me to claim this much importance, but I feel I was a part to blame in what happened today. I’m young and inexperienced and frail, but what I said earlier was no lie- I want the best for Africa. I came here to lie, not to make a mockery of your country. What you said earlier- about me being no different from everyone else- I didn’t mean to make Africa look bad. I want to make up for that. More than just helping the people here now though, I-I want to honor everyone that died here today. All the candidates on that stage, all the leaders in the audience- but I know I can’t do it alone”

Reaching out a bruised arm to the General for a handshake, his gaze didn’t shift from the isopod’s eyes once, ”If you hate me or find me pathetic or unfit- that’s fine. You may despise me with every fiber of your being and you have every right- but after seeing you still standing up there- after seeing your passion for your own country and your experience- I see no one better to be my second in command and to educate me and raise me into a great leader for this country than yourself. Mr. General, will you please be by my side and help me make Africa the greatest country it can be?”

Despite his frail body and his fear, the maturity Garrett exuded now seemed like a far cry from the man a few moments ago. There was something in his eyes, something deep down in his soul that finally seemed to awaken after the events of today. All the trauma and pain wouldn’t be going away- but it had become a part of him.

They say in times of tribulation a man shows his true colors: either the darkness of insanity, fear, and hatred, or the golden light of leadership, morality, and love. It seemed the Heart of the Midwest was present in Africa today.

Turning to the man behind him, Mercutio, he did his best to manage a faint smile. ”I have a feeling there’s going to be more death before all of this is over, and I know I’m not gonna like it. Either way- thank you for saving me. I know words may not seem like much, but all I can say is truly thank you. The most I can do for these people- I’m going to make a memorial here. A beautiful garden for all the lives that were lost- because I want to show that out of the pain that this country has felt for far too long, something beautiful can grow. I want to show that all the lives lost today weren’t for nothing.”

With that, he felt his body begin to sway side to side, his vision blurring as he felt unconsciousness coming upon him, all the wretched and surreal events of the day finally catching up with him. He was only a teenager after all, not some sort of miracle. His body and mind could only go so far- but still he'd continue to push past those limits as much as he was needed. Now wasn't the time to go insane or lose his bearings- now he was needed, and he'd give his all to meet everyone's expectations.

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Everything was quickly becoming a blur. Kaneda's furious bellows were cut short as he realized that he wasn't moving. His spine was destroyed and his nerves were shot. Red-faced and gasping, he closed his eyes, fighting back tears. He didn't want this. He hadn't come here for this. He looked over at Leon's lifeless corpse, his body twisted into a strange and uncomfortable shape, Kaneda only hoping his death was quick. He had never learned exactly who Leon worked for or why they had an interest in Kaneda, and now, he probably never would.

Kaneda closed his eyes again, gritting his teeth as he tried to think of some way out of this, but nothing came to mind. Usually Kaneda could punch his way out of anything, but this was different, that option robbed from him as he was left to waste. Or so he thought. He was suddenly brought back to reality as he felt his head lean back as the crimson aura reached outward toward him and brought him up towards Mercutio and the others, putting him right in the middle of the mix. Helpless he watched as the guards closed in, stopping, then hearing Mercutio speak about the situation, but his attention was quickly focused once Mercutio spoke about Oni, the shadow monster Kaneda had been attacked by before. He went on to say how he was glad Kaneda was alive and would use all of his assets to help him. What exactly did he mean by that? Kaneda wondered if he should tell Mercutio that he had indeed faced Oni before and came out alive, though barely, as if it'd help his case, but it seemed his fate was already decided.

But once The General began speaking, Kaneda's fear resurfaced as he spoke about how those who saw must be disposed of, only at the last moment saying that Kaneda would be spared. Speaking for the first time since his spine was broken, Kaneda grit his teeth. This involved him now and he understood. He saw an opportunity, even in his panicked state, and would run with it.

"Hey, Crimson guy," Kaneda spoke through exasperated breaths, "...Thank you. I won't say a word." He said, trying his best to be strong despite his paralysis. He wouldn't tell them about his own personal stakes against Oni just yet, but if these people could help him on just exactly what Oni was and how to beat him, then maybe perhaps he could be of use to them.

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God of Destruction

"Don't you tell me how to punish my pupil, or tell me what I should d--..." he said, cutting himself off as he rose slightly, centimeter by centimeter. Mercutio looked the General the best in the eyes he could while he spoke on, "WW4 would fall upon us if we didn't do something. Don't torture the minds of your men... this isn't their fault. I will do this not because you ask of it, but because it's what must be done in order for balance remain.. if that is even possible. Take your men home, kiss your wife tonight and relish it... I am sure these folks will wish they could do the same." he muttered as he turned his back on the men. "Take your new President, Mr. Vice President; he needs medical attention."

Mercutio's aura spanned out further, taking hold of Satoshi and Gjoll. Taking a moment, he muttered to Gjoll directly, "You are fighting it, aren't you?" he said, knowing full well what Gjoll was currently dealing with. "This is a place you can learn to control it. Let it take hold, but whip it like the dog IT is. Make IT know you are the Master now." he said, tossing the boy as well as he could towards the main entrance of the building. "They aren't on your hands, they are on mine, Fearocity." he cooed at him, knowing the kid was extremely hard on himself for the lives he had already taken by accident... but these deaths were already lined out in chalk.

"Satoa... go gather your sister quickly..." he rattled off quickly directly to the kid before growing louder to address Sonomi, hoping the always eager to please teen was ready to prove his worth. "Seal all the entrances. There must be no survivors, White Rose. This will be a true test for you both. It's too late for them all... and sometimes this is how it feels to do what is right... great isn't it" he hissed, not wanting to murder more lives senselessly, but hopefully they could make it all painless.

Mercutio stripped his Akatsuki robe to reveal his mangled body and immediately gathered the energy from around him to his fist. In a whimper, he muttered "Shot-gun..." after placing himself in a wide stance in order to brace himself. With a single forward thrust, Mercutio punched the air in front of him and for a split second nothing happened... and then a flash of light began the end of many. A torrent of crimson orbs flew in a deadly flurry towards a large section of civilians and political figures that were away from the rest of his group so he could assure to not clip on of them. The idea was to create a painless death as people began to vaporize to ashes before his eyes... and his eyes remained unchanged with his straight faced gaze. Body after body tore apart, blood and fore spewing across the room as screams began again and yet Mercutio was fine. It was not until a young person was involved. A cute little girl with long silver hair. She stood unmoved in shock, waiting for death until it found her.... and Mercutio silently began to cry.

'What... have I... What have I become?'

It was the only thought that ran through his mind.
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Gjöll stood in shock at what the general was suggesting. There had be over ten thousand people at the event. Even if half were either dead or mortally injured from the initial explosion, that still left at least five thousand people that he was suggesting they just "dispose" of.

Mercutio's response was as equally chilling. It had been centuries since a war had been fought on a global scale. Sure, Elysium and Africa would be blamed if word got out, but was the world really unstable enough for one event to throw the entire globe into chaos like that? The possibility was there, if the right lunatics got into power and tried to exact revenge on Africa and Elysium the world could be divided enough to start some serious shit. If there was even a chance Mercutio was right, it would would be weighing the lives of millions, possibly billions, against the lives of a few thousand. They didn't have the time or resources to get an accurate estimate of what could happen. The choice was a difficult one to make, but the path that didn't possibly lead to the end of the world would have to be the one they would take, no matter how painful.

"They aren't on your hands, they are on mine, Feraocity."

Gjöll smirked. The man had a bad habit of trying to make him feel as if everything always going to be okay, especially when the situation went from bad to worse. But that was not what the boy needed right now. If he was going to kill, the excuse of "Mercutio made me do it" was poor one and would only end up doing more harm than good. It was HIS choice to follow the man in the first place. It had been HIS choice to come to to the Elections. And any blood that he got on his hands would be because HE made a choice to spill it. In this case, unfortunately, murder was the lesser of two evils.

Alright. He called out into his mind. Neither of us fucking like the other, but this is what were stuck with. Lets make a deal. I'll let you off of your leash, but only under the condition that you listen if I tell you not to kill someone.

That's cute! You think you are in a position to make demands? Why should I care which meat bag dies? They're all the same to me. I wonder how long you can keep up this pathetic struggle before you finally snap? Was the snarled reply.

Gjöll hadn't really expected that to work. He sharpened his tone into a growl and spat back. OK. How about this then. If you kill someone that I don't want to you: I'll have them restrain us and bleed in front of us, just to watch you thrash as you desperately try to get what you want, I wonder how many times before you break and agree to listen to me?

You would torture yourself, just to get back at me?there was a slight hint of concern in the response.

YOU RUINED MY LIFE! The boy mentally screamed back. You think I wouldn't get off at the thought of you suffering, even if it meant hurting myself as well? You know me better than that. You are me.

Fine... was the growl in response.

As Gjöll began to fly toward the throng of audience members desperately trying to escape the locked main entrance, the wind caught his robe. This gave him a chance to slip out of it, and the robe gently fell onto the seats near where they had been sitting. That is probably for the best, I really didn't want it to get it covered in blood. He thought to himself. This left him in his undershirt and personally modified pants that allowed his tail to move, which he had been wearing underneath.

Gjöll relaxed and took in a large breath of air. As the scent of blood filled his nose, the scarlet ring at the edge of his vision closed in, everything would be seen through a red filter. His heart beat also accelerated, he could hear it pounding rapidly in his ears. Every muscle in his body felt as if it was renewed and could as if it could reach new limits. The familiar numbness began to talk hold of him as he began to lose control of his body, However, unlike the previous times he didn't feel like he had been thrown into third person. He was almost sure that he would be able to retake control of his body by force, should the need arise. He felt inexplicably drawn to the scent of blood and would sharped all of his sense to help him in watching and monitoring his prey.

Using his tail to help control the end his flight, feral boy slammed feet first into the back of one of members of the desperate crowd at the locked entrance. A sickening crack would be heard as all of the force would be transferred from the boy's legs to the mans spine. Without missing a beat Gjöll would slam each of his clawed gauntlets into the torso of a different spectator in front of him. The obsidian blades could slice through flesh with so little resistance, it was like stabbing into jello. The spray of warm scarlet liquid as he removed the claws from the corpses was the exact reward he was looking for, as Gjöll continued cutting a path of carnage through the crowd, working his way toward the entrance.

The crowd was in such a panic from the earlier explosion, that Gjöll went largely unnoticed by them until he reached the entrance. After the boy cut down several of the people who were banging on the door trying to escape, the crowd would give the space to rampaging youth, who seemed to trying to keep people away from the door.
After several moments of awkward stand off, he would jump and swipe in a large arc at neck level of the people around him. The packed nature of the crowd would not give them any room to avoid the attack and following blood spray would just prove to excite him more.

Gjöll let out a terrifying howl, before again leaping at the closest unfortunate spectator and the bloodshed would begin anew. It was time to hunt.


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In a moment, Satoshi went from calmly confident, amused even, laughing at Valarie's attempts to sway the crowd, to dumbfounded at the sudden, violent explosion, before being mortified with the aftermath. His mind wanted to go in a hundred directions at the same time. Mercutio really had that much power under his control? It took so little to remove his control over the power? It took that little effort to wipe away the lives of this many people?

He just stood and stared. This was nothing like what Satoshi had ever seen before. It shook him to the core, both the mortality of it all and the astounding level of strength his mentor held. He gasped quietly, starting to breathe again. He hadn't noticed that he was holding his breath that whole time. It felt like he had to remind himself that he was alive. That was a good thing, right?

The short lad finally looked to his sides, noting that the rest of his comrades in the Elysium cloaks were also alive. That was definitely good. Definitely. Sonomi was alive. She seemed upset over something, but she was alive. Not dead. Not like the unlucky people. They were lucky, right?

Satoshi partially woke from the stupor as Mercutio spoke his name. The short boy looked to his mentor with a confused, empty look, as though a child awaiting direction, which he may as well have been. He nodded to the part about retrieving his sister, quickly taking off to get her, but he froze at the second command. "Survi-" He cut himself off as the weight of the order really hit him. He was going to kill people? Innocent people? In the name of what's right?

What was right or wrong never really meant much to the eldest Suo. No, he had always been more concerned with reaching his goals no matter the means. Hell, he still didn't exactly buy into Mercutio's idea of social balance. He simply wanted to continue learning under such a powerful man. Yet, even to such an end-point oriented young man such as Satoshi, he had to question whether or not murdering all of these people in cold blood would justify his continued tutelage.

"Consider those exits taken care of." With a small shake of his head and a steady speaking voice, Satoshi continued. It had struck him that this was no longer a matter of being taught by Mercutio or not. This was his life on the line. He wore the colors of the people that would be seen as responsible for this tragedy. If he wasn't imprisoned for the rest of his life, he would be executed. The only way out of that was to keep the truth from escaping. To keep the survivors from escaping.

Satoshi placed a hand on Sonomi's shoulder when he finally reached her. He didn't know what to say, he hadn't thought of anything, too busy twisting his own mind to justify what he was going to do. "I..." He sighed taking a moment to think of something, anything to say. "We can't just sit by... there's a mess that needs to be taken care of... Cold words, but spoken with a pained tone. As much as Satoshi wished he could just do what he was told with no regrets, it hurt, what he was about to do. He wasn't prepared to partake in the slaughtering of innocents. He probably never would have been, but here he was, about to do just that. "We... We do it for Elysium, right? For each other."

Unable to think of anything more to say, Satoshi released his flimsy hold on his half-sister's shoulder and took off, sprinting off towards the nearest exit. Mid-stride, he transitioned from stepping on the ground to stepping upon his own lava, burning away the foam sandals he had been wearing, but managing to keep his cloak untouched. As he sped on, he left a trail of lava. His eyes were set upon the exit, doing his best to ignore the people he passed. He had to pretend they weren't there. Finally reaching the exit, he slammed into it, using a burst of his molten rock to cushion himself before hardening it as immediately as he could, this left a thick wall of rock over the exit and denied access to anyone looking to escape the extermination.

Taking a moment only to check that the cooled lava was firm and solid, Satoshi sped off to the next exit to do the same.

Satoshi left a trail of the molten rock wherever he went, but he tried to ignore that. He tried to ignore the screams. Ignore the odor of burning flesh. Ignore the people he ran right over. He tried and failed.

Summary & Such
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Sweet Baby Lemon Hands, the wizard, is here to the rescue!

After mumbling to herself about making a promise to those who died because of her quick and hasty decision, she allowed the sounds of the harsh wind to blow across the tips of her ears. Had she really been so sure about herself in keeping that promise? Wasn’t she all for becoming a monster like how she was before she met Mercutio?. . . I really am sorry, for everything.” She finally said amidst the uncomfortable feeling that swirled around her and the stage that was somehow still intact but pretty busted and bruised. Would she of known that her existence would cause such a mess for both Mercutio and everyone around her, maybe it was best if she disappeared? That was, until she could only hear the familiar tone of Mercutio and the General talking about something that she couldn’t quite place. “... Mmm?” She looked over towards where she assumed him to be while chaos ensued between those who was still alive and fortunate enough to survive the blast.

Even while Sonomi did her best to squint towards him did she fail to hear the pair in their speech towards each other. “What are they… ???” The confused girl allowed her eyes to trail to that of the nearest exit, noticing that from the looks of things, they were all trapped in here? She could hear the sounds of screaming and thrashing being made from some of the civilians, but it was becoming clear as to what was happening as Mercutio sent the guards on their merry way and looked towards Satoshi and Gjöll to do something. Are we… are we killing them? We.. we can’t! Sonomi looked away from Mercutio as she cupped her ears and allowed for her silent tears to fall against the charred pieces of wood beneath her. She’d felt like this was all too much for her, the sounds of people soon letting out their final screams before the meeting their untimely end.

Seal all the entrances. There must be no survivors, White Rose. This will be a true test for you both. It's too late for them all... and sometimes this is how it feels to do what is right... great isn't it

Sonomi knew that those words were the only things she heard from the one she saw as an older brother aside from Satoshi. She couldn’t believe that they were now going to eliminate more lives before them as she felt the untimely presence of a hand on her shoulder - which, she assumed had been from her older brother, Satoshi or ‘Satoa’ in this case. He had made his way over during her own thoughts on how to approach the situation, but she was almost certain that the only way to get out of this was to simply follow Mercutio’s command this time. “I know we can’t stand by and watch… I’d rather not do so, Satoshi-San.” Sonomi said in a defeated response towards his initial statement towards herself. It was only when Satoshi decided to address the civilians as ‘a mess that needs to be taken care of’ that she found herself utterly flabbergasted by his choice of wording. Had he changed during the last time they spoke together that he had to say such a thing?

Rather, was it that Sonomi had changed?

Satosh-... Mmm, why would you say such a thing? These are INNOCENTS.” She began as she looked back at him and then towards a woman and her child who were constantly being bombarded by people who were trying to escape and leave the building. “Are you TRULY okay with this? Killing women?... Children?...” Sonomi asked the dark haired sibling as she watched the woman get violently pushed onto the ground below, and it was only the muffled screams that drowned out the subtle stomping sounds that soon followed before she looked back at him. She didn’t want to watch the kid meet the fate as their mother, but she couldn’t picture her brother being a killer either - here he was, saying that this was for the greater good of Elysium and each other. “... This is okay? I… I don’t know anymore.” She managed to stumble out from her mouth as she looked over towards Ayano’s body and then back at her brother, “Just… try not to change? I don’t know… I’m sorry.” Sonomi finished as Satoshi soon relinquished the hold on her shoulder and darted off towards one of the exits.

The girl watched as Satoshi began creating a lava walkway that was about the equivalent of a venus flytrap, sucking up all of those who were unfortunate enough to step within the pathway and become toasty and rather sticky. This wasn’t to say Gjöll wasn’t already joining in on the fray to kill people as well, he had began to slice and dice people in front of him as he created multiple piles of chopped up body parts before him - if he’d aspire to be a cook, he’d be pretty good at creating fillets.... Why? Why are we doing this…” Sonomi whimpered to herself as she scanned around to spot her eyes on a pair of twins who were in a Pikachu onesie. They were scared beyond imagine as they had been hugging each other for protection, hollering for help as they were struggling to push through the bundle up crowd they were in.

The Cutest Twins (WARNING; TOO CUTE!)

Help! Help! Mommy?! Mommy? D-Daddy?!” The blonde haired boy said as he desperately looked around in search of his parents, but he was sure to not let go of his younger sister as she whimpered to herself. “M-Momma… Papa…. M-momm- WUAAAHHH!” The younger sister began to let her tears fall and land onto her Pikachu onesie as she snuggled her head into that of her older brother. “Anyone, help! Help us please!” The boy hollered out once more towards anyone that’d be willing to lend them a hand, and of course, it wasn’t long before the boy’s eyes landed onto that of Sonomi’s.

Onee-Chan! Onee-Chan, help us!” The boy cried out towards Sonomi as he extended his tiny hand towards the direction of the white haired girl, hoping that she’d be more than willing to help the pair out of their soon-to-be death if she was to hurry soon. It was then that the sudden feeling of being called an ‘older sister’ felt nice, and while she was frowning due to the many mental images of Sumiye flashing before her - she knew that she had to go against Mercutio’s orders once again. The hellbent emotion of not seeing her older sister ever again was briefly shaken from her mind as she looked at the two kids awaiting her answer. This was to decide whether she had a chance at redeeming herself or not, regardless on what she said prior - perhaps, amidst all of this chaos and sorrow, these two kids could be the hope and faith she was looking for.

Okay… I’m coming.” Sonomi said as she placed the slippers that was still in one her hands next to the crocodile’s head that still managed to smile up at the ceiling. “Hang on, I’ll be there soon.” The girl said seriously as she looked over to see Mercutio charging up another one of his attacks, and unfortunately, all she could do was look away as the loud sound of the blast was heard a ways out from behind her. Sonomi was now on a timer, and with no hesitation did she run over towards the two little kids and try to push and hurdle her way through the already hectic scene. If this wasn’t as brutal as a battlefield, if she wasn’t always passively slow, perhaps there was the off chance she could of been mistaken as Usain Bolt.I’m coming, I’m coming. Hang on!” She hollered towards them as she had to violently push her way through a few of the taller adults who’d been more prioritized with getting out rather than trying to fight her.

Once the girl was sure enough to close the distance, she was able to secure her hold on the two kids before making her way back to the stage - or that would of been the case until one of the adults who were more observant shoved her down onto the ground by a means of kicking her back. Sonomi instinctively sheltered the two kids with her body before taking another kick to the back, and it was only then that she tried to whisper for them to go towards the stage in front of her. “Onee-San!” The boy hollered from beneath her as he watched Sonomi’s expression flinch from each kick that was being delivered to her back, but thank God that her training allowed her to absorb some of the damage that was being dished out. “It’s fine, go towards the stage and I’ll be done soon. Onee-San will meet you soon, just be careful and don’t go with anyone else.” The white hair girl commanded as she pushed herself up and gave enough room for the two little Pikachu covered kids to hobble over towards the stage.

Sonomi then turned around to give the man before her a rather serious glare before putting her fists up, remaining silent for the rest of the duration in case he was to try anything. She listened to his disdain of the Elysium name, that their robes represented corruption like what Valarie had stated, and while she would of agreed - there was just obvious flaws that she didn’t feel like conversing with the man. Time was of the essence, and Sonomi knew that her goal was going to be to round up as many kids as she could and rescue them - regardless of Satoshi and Gjöll slaughtering anyone in their path, Sonomi would still try. She had to.

MERCUTIO-SAN!” Sonomi hollered as she turned on heel and tried to make a break for it, only to be interrupted by the same man who wanted to cause trouble. “For fu… hnnn.” The girl was quick to turn around and be sure to connect her fist into the man’s stomach, sure the damage wouldn’t of been much - but it was enough to hopefully send a message as she went as far as pushing him into a few people to be dealt with. Perhaps they’d just be as angered as the man was, or swallow him up to be trampled on? “MERCUTIO-SAN!” Sonomi tried again as she looked around and picked up a few more kids to make way back towards the stage. “DON’T KILL THE KIDS! THEY CAN BE SAVED, OKAY?” The girl pleaded towards him as she noticed that some of the kids had already been ‘dealt with’, but there was still ones yelping for their parents - sure, it was tragic to see them become orphans but it was better than being dead.I’M PLACING THE KIDS WHERE THE STAGE IS, DON’T. KILL.” Sonomi emphasized as she also applied the statement towards Satoshi and Gjöll.

With that, Sonomi was now on a rescue mission as she began running to and fro in trying to collect as many kids as she could and place them on the stage. She’d plead with each kid that they play amongst themselves and STAY put, saying that ‘there’s evil monsters outside of the stage area if they escaped’ if they were to leave. The white haired girl wouldn’t of liked threatening them like this, but it was the only option she had as she continued on her journey to and fro - and doing so did she find a similar white haired girl who appeared older than her? If anything, the girl was around her age as she grabbed her wrist. “Yah, please help me out in rounding up these kids and putting them on the stage. I’m going to need all the help I can get.” Sonomi began as she frowned and shook her head, “You can hate me or do what you feel is right afterwards, but I need you to do this for me. Meet me back at the stage and I’ll put in a good word for you with Mercutio.” Sonomi was brief to say before scampering off once more to collect some of the younger kids that were calling for help. She wished she would've had time to reassure the girl that this wasn’t a hoax, but as stated before, time was of the essence.

White haired girl

Near the end of her round up did she shamble through the array of kids, finding the familiar pair of yellow ears poking out as she made her way towards them and picked them up once more. “Stay near me at all times, okay? I’m going to protect you two - that’s what you do right?” Sonomi said through a pained chuckle as she was sure to also re-obtain her slippers and have the little girl hold it in her possession for now. She’d bank on the idea that Mercutio would agree with her on this, and sure she fucked up big time with before - but this time, she was sure to at least have something positive come out of all this.

Though, this did not mean she was all here of course.


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A small gasp would escape from the General's mandibles in response to Garrett's appointment, pleasantly surprised at the sudden upgrade of social stature. Not only would his experience prevent Garrett's adolescence from making a mockery of their cause, his position would provide South Africa with a remarkable influence throughout the country.

"You are having wisdom despite age. Us will be making Africa one. You have much to learn, come. Thank you Mr. Mercutio, letting my men be going to not be scarring brains of tragedy. I kiss wife, tuck many children in bed. Kiss each head. Share life. Cherish. My men will do same."

The General's entire carapace tightened at Mercutio's initial remark, as insolence from his kind was quite foreign to the General. This anger had quickly subsided as Mercutio's tone became more cordial, the Being of Balance now relieving his men of the responsibility of exterminating such a massive quantity of witnesses. Before embarking on their trek back to South Africa, Garrett's body would completely give way. The stress from both the ruthless beatings and overwhelming death toll would be too much for the teen, collapsing onto the floor with a sudden "Whu?." The General would scoop up the newly "elected" leader with a sigh, and a final whistle would signal for the remaining guards to depart alongside them.

The squadron marched along the corpses which lay strewn about the auditorium, no living soul daring to challenge them in the midst of such chaos. Whimperings for mercy were met with the steely gaze of an unanswering isopod, the pack trudging through whilst ignoring the civilians' pleas. The platoon would quietly exit through the back, resealing the door upon their leaving.


The walls of the debate hall began to rustle as the shotgun blasts touched down onto the lower deck, the pulsating energy simply reducing aghast onlookers to piles of soot. Some pleaded, some prayed, some simply accepted their fate. A petite, silver haired girl was one of the latter, waiting patiently for the crimson shroud of death to fully envelope her.

One would be hard pressed to tell whether or not the crimson which painted the bottom floor was either energy or blood, several shades of scarlet now staining the concrete flooring. The monologues which rung throughout the halls just minutes before had been now replaced with blood curdling screams and banshee like wailing as Gjöll and Satoshi made there way through. As the trail of lava seeped along the floor, anguished screams would ring out as their flesh was slowly melted away from the bone. Some could even be seen purposely diving into the lava, wishing to have gone out on their own terms.

Perhaps it was a better fate than being filleted by obsidian talons, citizens cowering as the primal being ruthlessly tore through the innocent bystanders. With the constant slaughter and never ending spraying of each victim's blood, it was as if Gjöll had a Crimson Mist of his own. Whether it be the scent of burning flesh, the wailing and gnashing of teeth, or the barbaric display of bloodlust, the scene to behold was an assault to each of the five senses.


As Sonomi grabbed the wrist of the young teen, she would watch as cascading locks of ivory crumpled into a hysterical heap upon the ground. The young girl had begun slamming both fists into the uncaring concrete floor, her shrieks now echoing in the dark omen silence of thousands of bodies.

The young girl seemed to ignore Sonomi, with no amount of pulling or prodding being able to garner the sobbing teen's attention. Twin rivers ran her down pale cheeks, as her lithe body gave in to gravity falling on her knees with faint sobs. Sonomi could notice that the young girl wasn't any older than sixteen, and that her pounding had left a light pool of blood.

"Perché!? Perché l'hai fatta infrangere la sua promessa!" she howled before finally allowing herself to be escorted to the stage. Her steel-blue eyes now awash with despair, she could no longer avoid staring at the cloaked man whom had wrought such destruction.


Moving forward, Sonomi would find striking similarities between each child she would place upon the stage. For one, they offered little resistance to being "saved." They would rarely speak, the majority of which still being in an extreme state of shock. The most notable, however, was that the eyes of each new orphan seemed to be dulled, as if the spark of life had been extinguished right then and there. Regardless, Sonomi would need to gather her bearings if she wished to save all of the newly orphaned children. The stage would soon begin to overflow, children of varying ages now filling both the stage and surrounding area. From her count, there were hundreds- if not a thousand orphans total that she would need to convince Mercutio into rescuing from their impending demise.
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'Don't kill'

The words hit him in the back like a knife as he watched more people vaporize before his eyes as his eyes began to glow softly, emitting a light of crimson their own as he pulled back the reigns of his tears. The managed to strike everyone who was older than 19 based on his judgement of their aura. After the first wave of his attacks ended, he dashed through the people he spared and said loudly. "Go to the Stage."

'These kids... they still have a choice... I can't take their lives away.' he thought silently as he made quick work of those coming towards him, subtly taking them down with hand to hand combat. Twist of the head, a snap of the neck and the bodies would fall; his attack was calculated and seemingly precise as though there was a method and reason for every awkward movement.

"Spare those whom still have a choice." he called out to the group, confirming he would go along with Sonomi's choice. She was bearing the guilt as it was, she had the power to make a choice like this in attempts to fix her mess.

Mercutio's head was heavy with a dark depression he couldn't seem to shake . This was quite literally the closest thing next to near disaster Mercutio had ever found himself apart of. The blood on his hands never cooled, staying warm with every body he would meet until the boys and he cleared the room of those whom would tell tales.

First, he would secure the last GPS node in a tight nook and phased Kame House to them; after which, Mercutio would drift over the bodies and ground. As he moved over them, crimson chased across the ground to set fire to each body it came in contact with. "Listen to me, all of you." he muttered sternly.

"I know that this isn't what you all expected to happen... and I never want this to come. You are all free to hate me... and I offer you a new life in return to make up for the life I have taken. I will give you help, train you all... even if in the end all you want to do is kill me. Being a Hero. it isn't always Glorious. A lot of the time, you have to do what hurts the most to do what is the best for everyone." he tried to explain. "Come with me now, and let's get you all cleaned up." he said, waving to the door of Kame House as the door swung open. "I don't know if any of you are aware of the horror that is Oni, but he had influence over two of the candidates. The goal wasn't what happened, and this was in order to prevent war among the world. You are all from different Nations and many stories would have arose. The death of a few for the safety of many. You don't have to come, if you don't want to." he explained, closing the door on the first group and zapping them to Elysium without having the building move. He would follow like that till 1000 of them left, and stared at the remaining few. "Let's go White Rose, Feraocity, Sato. We need to get home and help the rest of the kids." he mumbled, his heart beginning to beat as he contemplated what he had to do next.

Waiting till his allies were safe and sound, he would take them first to the island before himself so he could deal with the remaining survivors.

"You all are honorable, I will give you a fast, painless death... but you know you cannot leave here." he muttered with a flip of his wrist and thrusting his palm downwards with a flick as Crimson manifested from above and then came down to crush the remaining folks. This would be where Mercutio, with a heavy heart and crossed brain, would go home.

He would repeat to himself as he wandered over top the bodies in float, "You had to do it... you never said you wanted the glory.' as he torched the area with high levels of heat to burn the bodies to ash quickly.

[Attemptive Exit]
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Thousands would perish as Mercutio's crimson tide would prowl throughout the stadium, a death toll further supplemented by feral claws and sweltering lava. Shallow yelps and whimpers would quietly escape out in response to the crimson aura which lapped at the surrounding cadavers, leaving nothing but a thick trail of ash behind Mercutio. One thousand orphans were left, spared to congregate near the stage after the hero's initial volley of attacks. It was an odd variety of children, a calico sea of varying races and ages upon one single stage. Toddlers, teens, near adults, all quivering as the bodies which surrounded them were reduced to soot.

Mercutio would receive few verbal responses as he explained the situation at hand to the distraught children, their affirmation instead displayed by scattered nods throughout the sea of orphans. They were in shock, their adolescent minds still processing the immense amount of death and destruction that had occurred before them. Understanding that their refusal would lead to their death, the children would silently begin to flood into Elysium. His allies would be able to do the same, nothing impeding their travel to the island.

The few remaining survivors had little to say. They had entered this building with hope, the dream of a united country which strengthened their brotherhood. Their hope had now been completely shattered, their "brotherhood" having delivered them straight to death's doorstep. The time for prayer, for forgiveness, had long passed. They could no longer attempt to barter death, there was only acceptance. Their lives had came to a screeching halt, the crimson energy now collapsing down upon them. As both their souls and bodies would leave Africa, Mercutio would as well. A coliseum that was once buzzing with life mere hours before would now be left barren, bereft of whatever hope it once possessed.

[End Thread]
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  • Mercutio - 35 XP, 3000 Cash, 6 fame, 11 infamy, 998 Orphans
  • Sonomi - 32 XP, 2550 Cash, 9 fame, 4 infamy, 2 Orphans
  • Satoshi - 13 XP, 1050 Cash, 6 fame, 7 infamy
  • Valarie - 15 XP, 1650 Cash
  • Farnes - 25 XP, 2250 Cash
  • Garrett - 29 XP, 2550 Cash, 40 renown (country fame for presidential term)
  • Kang - 31 XP, 2850 Cash
  • Drake - 25 XP, 1950 Cash
  • Asta - 16 XP, 1650 Cash
  • Ayano - 21 XP, 2100 Cash
  • Monty - 27 XP, 1950 Cash
  • Kaneda - 20 XP, 1650 Cash
  • Gjoll - 20 XP, 1650 Cash, 5 fame, 8 infamy
  • Jin - 7 XP, 600 Cash
  • Kyoko - 20 XP, 1200 Cash

    I will elaborate on this later. Amazing thread, enjoy y'all's spoils.

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Explanation to WISH: Mercutio's Official Statement

I went there as Overseer of the Isle of Elysium. When I arrived I saw that two of the candidates were marked by Oni. As I was to kill them, one of them triggered a massive, suicidal attack while the other waited and used some odd, spontaneous combustion to burn the building down, killing those inside. It happened so fast. I believe that Val's use of directing attention at me was the ploy to get all remaining guards to my location so she could commence the attack and sadly it worked. I managed to protect one candidate and a cluster of people, mostly children due to their parents Heroic actions and selflessness.
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