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Battle in the Wastes
Topic Started: Oct 5 2017, 07:42 PM (1,338 Views)
Oni Bot
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[Due to the nature of the current encounter, a dice roll will be saved until next round at least.]

The dry, dead heat of the Wastes rapidly began to cool as if night washed over them like a rouge wave.

Without the bizarre ball of heat energy that heated this landscape to its arid nature, it was amazing how all-consuming the darkness was. Time was difficult to measure; how long had the occupants been wandering in this area? Minutes? Hours? Days?

All of the aforementioned were possible, and yet impossible in that same manner.

The feeling of being stalked like prey grew stronger and stronger, until it all but exploded from behind them. Every sense in their body would feel it before they would see the creature, and their ears especially would be assaulted by a deafening roar. It sounded not too unlike a male lion, only many decibels deeper and more threatening as its diseased, somewhat glowing body leaped over their heads and landed down in front of Mercutio.
The Nightmare 'Lion'

It roared again, this time filling the air with a putrid smell that was not too dissimilar to rotting flesh. Its roar was so powerful in part due to the fact that the creature had two heads, and it bellowed with both at once.

The creature had undoubtedly been the thing stalking them, and the reason why they had been made to feel so uncomfortable and uneasy. Now with it out in the open, it would be tricky to discern what feeling was more terrifying; being faced by it, or being stalked by it.

Animals of this kind were not uncommon in the Dark Continent; husks of their former selves, diseased and barely alive. But this lion-esque thing was unusual even for their current location. It was undoubtedly stronger than most things they had encountered so far, and it was larger. At least ten metres long from its snarling heads to its odd, lashing tail, and about the same height from the ground on red, glowing legs.

Without warning, it pounced at whoever was currently in the nearest line of assault. When it landed, a huge shockwave made the ground start heaving and cracking, the previously scorched sand pouring away a little as chaos continued to reign...

Odd echoes bounced back and forth in the skies above; almost like the sounds of hysteric laughter as another roar sounded in the not so far of distance. But who on earth could that be and where there more of these beasts?

Rory knew the answer to that question. With a gimped gallop, Rory could be sensed and then seen coming from due east of Gjoll and Mercutio's position more injured than he left.

Injury Roll: [result]37&37,1d100,0,37&1d100[/result]

Nightmare Stats

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Oni Bot
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Rory's eyes were burning. They were covered in a dark, viscous material that easily is capable of sipping into pores, let alone directly through the eyes.

Rory went not far off from where the group was held up at. He went to relieve himself and the sun which Mercutio realized was work of a quirk was creating cloak like mirages over top the Nightmare Beasts. The right most head spit in Rory's eyes while the left grabbed him in his massive maw, tugging, pulling and tossing the young man over the other side of the ravine, and tumbled down.

Time in the Wastes is irrelevant. Rory feels like he was gone for moments while Mercutio and Gjoll felt as though they were wandering for hours. Games very well played by an unseen force creating great cascades.

Rory's body would by infected with a pathogen, not with something quirk based... but a living organism that was slowly infecting the rest of his body. Complete blindness is the first stage, with death proceeding soon after. With two chimera like beasts, how would anyone live?
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Even in the Dark continent man had to do what a man had to do. Rory wondered how long it was since the last person took a shit on this island. Dropping his swords and other equipment he thought would make the whole thing a cleaner get away. Looking around he didn't see anywhere decent enough besides the over the burm. He was only over a burm while they slept so it should be fine. He figured it would only take a couple of seconds to do the deed. Seconds it was all it needed to get him.
The burm before him started to shake. and two heads he thought were some creepy boulders started moving. Caught literally with his pants down he was in some deep shit. Maybe if he didn't move it wouldn't see him...lots of weird things worked like that right?

The heads opened their eyes and in a staring contest. Rory still had some work to do though. So they starred and while it happened he thought the beast could understand what was going on...The right head started in a growl and then spat a black tar substance onto his face. Blinded he stumbled back rolling down the burm. It wasn't a short trip.

You fuckin cock suckers! Merc! Gjöll! We got company.

Fumbling with his pants down one hand pulling them up while the other reached out looking for his gear. He knew it was around somewhere...just not sure where. It only soon till the beast stretched out and pounced on its weakened prey.

A smashing of the ground let him know it was here...but this was a different direction than behind him. Even blinded he could, he could somehow see it still. In the blackness its silhouette outlined in a red. It was beast similiar to the one he just saw.

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Gjöll could feel the beasts roar with almost every fiber of his his being. It felt as if a storm was rushing past him, almost taking his breath away. How the hell had something this big gotten close to them without either of them noticing? How long had it been following them? It seemed like they had been in the wastes for days, the time all melded together into a blur. The shock wave from the beasts pounce showed the fearsome power it had at its disposal. Even just one hit from this thing would be catastrophic.

Gjöll turned to look at the direction of Rory's shouting. He was running toward them and he had brought a friend it seemed. At least he is alive, the boy thought to himself. Somehow he had survived for days in this wasteland by himself.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Gjöll called out to him. How the hell was he able to find them after days of being lost without them being able to sense him. The further they got into this place, the more confusing it seemed to get.

"You have a plan to put these things down?" Gjöll growled under his breath to Mercutio.
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God of Destruction
"..." Mercutio remained silent throughout the ordeal, but as the snarling and sprinting grew louder and Rory was closer, Mercutio would respond to Gjoll.

"Kill it to death?" he said frankly, maybe even a bit too blunt. "However, I do need to reseal you." he said, grasping at Gjoll's hand tightly as he took a step in air for a firm plant. "Think fast, strike hard!" he said, throwing Gjoll into the air with the assistance of his quirk to boost Gjoll as high as he could above the two beasts. With his senses fucked up, there was very little certainty about their surroundings and that is what worried him the most. It was as though the longer they were in one place, the more creatures, monstrosities and devastation would fall the groups way.

With one in the air, now Mercutio would need to distract the monster closest to him in order to ensure Rory wouldn't get jumped, after all, the poor kid could have been being chased for who knows how long. With Gjoll empowered, Mercutio was unsure whether to attack or conserve himself for moments of need. Was he to careless and proud to admit that these pupils of his were still... kids? Even if they weren't JUST some U.A Intern...

It was then that Jonah's death sank in, there was no chance of survival here and so it was only obvious what happened. Mercutio refused to let anything happen to any of them, but a conflict grew within him. Danger was part of his training and teaching method... so should he feel bad for a soul who wasn't strong enough but wished to be?

It was that thought that reassured him, Gjoll... Rory. They weren't like the others. "Feraocity." he said in reference to Gjoll, "The name people will know you by. Gjoll Ferocity, ON MY MOVE!" Mercutio bellowed as he dashed forward with a head on assault.

The name stemmed in Merc's mind from Gjoll natural agility and speed married to his feral instincts; a fierce name to say the least.

The dash garnered plenty of attention from the Beast closets to Mercutio and it turned with both heads to great him, switching attention away, hopefully, from the airborne Gjoll. Mercutio, without hands to indicate his intent, sent a pillar of crimson straight up like a massive bullet wave to unbalance the bastard standing before him and meet it with a tackle to attempt and give Gjoll a shot on it's (ideally) softer underbelly. With Merctuio wrangling the other creature, the one chasing Rory hopefully would see Mercutio as an easier target and get off Rory's tail.
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Oni Bot
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Mercutio happened upon a half-buried item in the ground. While mostly rusted and all but unusable, he would feel the rusted hilt of a sword with inscriptions upon the blade.

It appears to be in runes, and can be translated as follows: ‘A weapon not used in combat is strong indeed. Keep me at your side and I shall light the way for all.’ If the party take the sword with them, a rune appears on the hilt to finish the rhyme; ‘Agreed’.

Your field of vision increases by 10m all round.

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Oni Bot
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"...you, Crimson Fucker." a malevolent voice growled through the foaming jaws of the Beast Mercutio was wrangling. It would be now that Crimsoul could sense Oni's presence heavily, as though the Beast he held was Oni itself.

The seething could be felt as it warmed the air, Mercutio's aura triggered the blade underneath him out of need to allow Rory and Gjoll the site to do what they would need to be done.

Gjoll, now with his newly mutated body, was able to balance in air and as he came down, black mist began to pour from the jowls of the creature. The mist embraced Gjoll's hands and the blades came out.

'Let's see if I can use his pet to kill him.' Oni thought as the mist evoked the gauntlets to extend. The blades would tear into the soft underbelly of the creature, cutting it open easily, and with that the mist left.

Oni was finding that there was a new generation that was just as ambitious as he was. This group of people were actually matching him where he confronted and that began to annoy him to no end. Especially when he helped them kill that Beast, as if they could pull something so clean off.

Oni wanted those that crossed him to suffer, but physical pain is only temporary, but the burden of killing someone you care for would stay forever. Oni couldn't wait to see what Gjoll would do when he went into a frenzy... but Oni would find utter disappointment for he didn't create that creature with blood. As Gjoll would cut in, oozing, black gunk poured similarly to blood.

"Did I just... how could I be so stupid... Fine..." he muttered as the Beast chasing Rory stopped it's forward progress. Oddly, the Beast would wither into darkness before their eyes.

Mercutio would find himself covered in the goo that Gjoll, too, was bathed in as a Darkness grew around them, swallowing the area. Rory would notice an odd change in his quirk as well.

OOC Notes
Edited by Oni Bot, Oct 22 2017, 01:19 AM.
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The stinging sensation erupted like a volcano. Bright searing pain blinded him and he felt the fire pour through his veins like a flash flood. A small trickle before an unrelenting torrent of pain. Rory was use to typical pain by now and could usually bear the brunt of it. This, this was another level.


His nails clawed at his skin trying to rip his veins open to pour the fire out of him. Rory feel into a ball tears streaking his face as he couldn't get his breath or composure together. This was it. Blind and burning inside. He would die here accomplishing nothing. Never avenging his parents. Never making his country great again. Never leaving his mark. He wasted his year at UA and wasted the training with Merc. Jonah had died because they were not strong enough. Rory wasn't strong enough.

Through his senses he saw the large creatures flash red and then fade away. He wasn't sure what had happened, but he that second he received a glimmer of concentration. Taking all the initiative he had in the second he tried to with his quirk to pull it out. His veins show the fire inside of him. Illuminating like the neon night signs of diners. A spider web pattern on his skin continued glowing and glowing.

Finally the ball of pain started to push out of his chest. The light traveling in his veins grew white and his skin would steam. Opening his eyes they too would glow white beneath the black tar on his eyes. Another orb would pushed forth from his skull. White mimicking a lighthouse radiating the nearby area.

Mercutio would run up holding his head and unfortunately the arm would touch him causing him to absorb the blinding sickness. His vision would fade away to the darkness that had surrounded Rory's just had. Mercutio would release Rory as the sensation took over him

Rory collapsed. A single orb of alabaster fell to the ground. He trailed it as he collapsed in a cold sweat shivering with nausea. The world was wavering his returned vision. It had never gone down like this. Never such an empty feeling washing over him after pushing the pain out. The reservoir of mental strength sapped entirely. He puked empty anything and everything he held in his stomach.

We...we win?

From his laying position Rory would radically different. His hair looked bleach white. The palms of his hand the same. Both in the dark area of this horrid island gave a slight shimmer.

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'What the fuck just happened?!' Gjöll thought to himself, taking taking a moment to look back at the events of the past minute. Everything had happened so fast but it had felt like days since they had first seen Rory running towards them.

He remember Mercutio's pep talk and then the feeling of weightlessness caused by him being thrown into the air...again. If getting thrown was going to to be regular occurrence they really needed some kind of sign to help him prepare for it, even if it only gave him a second or so of notice. Fortunately, he was thrown upward this time, and the lack of a blood rage take over allowed him more time to adjust himself and control the flight far better than he last time he was thrown.

By the time gravity began to force his decent, Mercutio had already pinned the first creature, and Gjöll was almost certain he heard it swear at him. A flash of light erupted from below and gave the boy a great view of the exposed underbelly of the beast. He continued his descent, claws outstretched, reaching for what he hope would be a weak spot. He noticed the black mist slithering through his fingers, coaxing his gauntlet's claws extended to their full length, in the final moment before impact.

The obsidian blades seemed to almost glide through creatures skin, like a hot knife through butter, directly into what would be the creatures lower digestive tract. Black blood-like substance sprayed from the open wound, covering everything and everyone nearby. Even thought the it lacked the true blood that was needed to trigger his Blood Rage, the sensation of tearing into the creature's abdomen would release some of the feral aggression that Gjöll suppressing within his subconscious. A savage grin clung to his face as he sliced through the beasts internal organs, and ripped pieces out through the open wound.

It wasn't until one of the obsidian blades sliced through the a major artery and also put a large whole in one of its lungs that that creature completely ceased to move, snapping the boy out of his trance as he was arm deep in the creatures chest. 'No matter how hard you try, you will never escape what you really are.' Gjöll's grizzly internal voice taunted as it receded back to the far reaches of his subconscious. Pulling his arm out of the beasts guts he tried clean himself up slightly. He removed his jacket and used the part that was still clean to wipe the "blood" from his skin and gauntlets. After few seconds of cleaning the worst of the black shit off of himself he tried to take stock of the situation.

Mercutio and Rory were a few feet away. The former kneeling over the later who was writhing in pain. The second beast that had been stalking Rory seemed to have vanished. How long had he been out of it? He was sure it had been no more than half a minute. He watch as Rory finally collapsed and saw the orb that fell on the ground. The older boy looked like he had lived through several life times worth of suffering in the last minute.

"I guess we're all still alive, that's good." He remarked plainly. "At least until something comes by and finishes us off."

"Either of you need any help?" he questioned.
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God of Destruction
Mercutio walked to Rory with worry and fear in his eyes as he watched the ooze-like energy seep through him and spread like a virus. Mercutio could see the glowing inside him, that was his own begin to change and that was when he acted, reaching for Rory, "Hurry and come here.." he muttered as he approached what he already knew would hurt, just not to the extent it did.

Pain surged through his body, dropping him to a knee as the shadows began to swallow him. The three of them were close luckily.

Surprisingly, the pain worked it's way through with more ease than Mercutio imagined he was going to endure and he has to owe it to his quirk, there was no other way... It must finally be become of his own was what he thought, but this thought was quickly buried with worry as the blindness ate away at his vision with such speed that Mercutio assumed it to be Oni's quirk, but it was actually an internal darkness that he accepted from Rory. A burden he was willing to take...

'Are you okay..?" he said to Gjoll, not admitting or saying that anything was wrong at all. He didn't want to show fear when he could feel Oni, himself, so close.

"Are you guys going to be okay to fight? This is not the end... the true fight I feel is only beginning." he urged.

'Does Oni know? Are we about to die?'
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Oni Bot
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Ethereal wisps of pulsating sea green energy began to swirl at the feet of the three unfortunate souls who somehow managed to stumble this far into a realm of death and despair...

The energy, upon being looked at (even for those without sight), would induce a bizarre trance/ waking dream sort of state in the individuals it targeted. This energy would take the appearance of smoke, and have the consistency of this self-same byproduct of flames, and yet...

It lacked all heat.

If anything, it plunged the bodies of those touched by it into a freezing chill.

When the unfortunate souls acknowledged the presence of this bizarre entity (although it was not too strange, considering all they had faced to reach this point of no return), they would fall into the aforementioned daze-like trance...

Ominous chanting would echo in their ears, and slowly turn into something more resembling a children's nursery rhyme; quiet at first, and slowly growing in volume to a deafening crescendo...

... three little lambs...

... loose from their pen...

... strayed too far away...

... and stumbled right into...

... the wolf's den...

This last line of the morbid song would waken them from the odd induced trance, and they would realise immediately that they were not where they had been standing previously.

Instead, they were now looking up at a decrepit tower which had certainly seen better days.

Squeaking, creaking and groaning of a slowly turning windmill with missing blades was the only sound to accompany them in the vast crater of their current location.

Wisps, much like smoke (if a fire were burning sea green, perhaps), started to roll towards them from their west. Although it was not at their feet this time, they would find it to be far too familiar for comfort...

"Would you look at that...!" A disembodied voice spoke, seemingly from the direction of the odd smoke. "By some miracle, against all odds, you've made it here; to the place where it all began..."

Although the voice was distinct, there was a hint of something sinister in its undertone and slight reverberation that played at the edges of every syllable that was spoken.

While whoever the voice belonged to was their own being, they were being manipulated by something else.

"He isn't sure whether to be impressed or disgusted." The voice spoke again, and a low chuckle sounded from the same direction.
A Misty Foe

From the covering of foggy, ethereal mist, a figure began to materialise. It was a cloaked figure; dressed in rags, with a cowl at their front and a pair of ancient iron-like gauntlets on its arms. The face was gaunt and almost illuminated in a gold-like shade, and long white strands of hair clung to their otherwise bald scalp.

Where their eyes should have been, the group would see empty sockets glowing a piercing sea green.

"I needn't let him sully his hands on the likes of you. It is time... to finish what his creatures attempted."

The voice, while filled with a strange reverberation, was decidedly male. That, coupled with the figure and appearance of the being could certainly make it male.

To punctuate his words, he raised his gauntlet-clad arms out to the sides, and closed his outstretched palms in a crushing motion.

A crush of the ethereal mist rushed towards them from all sides, aiming to push them away from the teetering tower behind them.
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God of Destruction
Mercutio would look from Gjoll to Rory and try to appear as calm as possible; however, understanding something was coming made it harder, and not knowing what something was created a moment ready to burst.

"Something is already here, Gjoll." he muttered, nodding at the mist that began to swallow them as another signature entire appeared and the world around them became a different temperature... the abilities Oni had seemed to be endless. Mercutio emotions were rapidly beginning to show themselves on the outside as he attempted to fight off thoughts of his past, but to no avail. This all reminded him a bit too much of his childhood; of Mia, and that was the thought that may very well spell an end for Mercutio. His worse fear, bias, was setting in. 'Did.. he.. is that why I can't sense her anywhere?' he screamed inside his head until the words came spewing out, "Did you kill Mia too? Are the Bellacantos member of this army you seem to want to assemble? I FOUND the documents. This place... I bet you did this... I bet you are behind much more than what you get associated with." he ranted, stringing from one thought which then spurred another. It took only a little bit of fuming that he came back to center.

"As long as if have these hands; as long as I breathe air, I will see to you end. I can sense you, Oni..." Mercutio spit with disgusting and rage, "I'll make sure to avenge Gavin, and Mia regardless of her condition currently. There is Villiany, but you hold no conviction... and you are a coward. You hide behind the corpses of others to do your work, I bet you can't even fight." he mocked, taunting the man...person... creature that was more than obviously stronger than him.

"If you wish to pretend like my sensing can't read your signature, fine... We'll kill you first." he said with confidence, but taking many steps forward to make it obvious that, Mercutio, was the one to engage.

Mercutio could feel the power surging threw him, it was oddly satisfying and it helped inflate his ego enough to drown out the worry. For what may be the last the time, he placed his palms at his right hip with wrist placed together.

"I think I could kill you with one, well placed shot. Kaaaaaaaaaameeeeeeeee" he said confidently, his words starting softer as they grew and grew in volume.
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Just as soon as the light had returned to him it was taken away. Blackness wrapped him as he faded in and out of consciousness. He feared and panic'd at their situation, but with his body so lost he couldn't do anything. Which in turn only made the issues worse. He couldn't even activate his quirk. All of it seemed so foreign.

In his blurred vision he could start to see Mercutio and Göjill. As he was able to better get a hold of himself. Crouching he heard more Mercutio and another speaking back and forth. A wicked chill ran down his spine like a waterfall.

Looking at the voice he was covered in a gashtily green hue. Arms outstretched he laid his last words on them which sent Mercutio into a new frenzy. Rory had seen mad, but Mercutio was felt like he was about to go supernova on the group. Getting his senses only made him more tense.

Not pressure from Mercutio was felt all around him. He couldn't do much from here. He stayed ready to absorb wounds off Mercutio. He was still weak, but he had to do what he could this time. Which wasn't that much, but he would make the best of it.

End his punk ass Merc. Gman I'll snag the injuries if you head in so don't worry about it. Coconut waters on me after this.

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Gjöll crouched low to the ground, digging his clawed gauntlets into the ground and tensing his body to try and prevent being pushed too far by the mist. The previous feeling of malice that he had felt had erupted over tenfold its original intensity. It was as if this entire place wished for their deaths. They were like insects caught in the spiders web.

Although Mercutio addressed it as Oni, it was apparent from its speech that the ghastly figure before them was not his true body. While they may not be facing him in the flesh, this was the closest Gjöll had been to the bastard, his mind raced with terror and excitement.

A few thoughts raced through Gjöll's head as the tension grew. Did Mercutio know if he could take on this thing? Obviously Oni had been watching them since they arrived on the Dark Continent, and most likely had been watching Mercutio for longer given their history. He most likely had a decent assessment of their strengths. Unlike the other things they had fought here, which were sent to attack them, they had been brought somewhere special to fight this one. Gjöll doubted Oni intended for the Minion to lose this fight; did Mercutio have trump card he had not yet shown? He seemed confident in his abilities to win this fight. The boy had trusted Mercutio's judgement this far, and he was still alive despite the inhospitable hellscape they had gone through. The way they had come was gone and there was only one path forward.

The boy read Mercutio's steps forward as warning to let him engage the fight. He recognized the attack Mercutio had used during their first encounter, it seemed to be a favorite of his, but this time he didn't have the luxury of a pro hero to buy him time. While Gjöll wasn't even close to the skill of a top ranking pro hero, even if he could buy them only a few seconds it would be better than doing nothing. The boy let out a small snarl as he again crouched close to the ground, ready to move at any signal from the man standing in front of him.

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Oni Bot
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The flowing robes billowed on the man as he stood by watching his three toys arranging themselves for his entertainment. It was adorable; one of them was actually going attempt to ascend beyond his current role of the useless ass hat.

"What is this? Your blind friend over there might get a word in this conversation, but what do you think you can contribute? Or is dying a martyr the last thing left on your bucket list?"

It seemed that at least one of them had an adequately functioning brain, choosing to stay back and offer some empty words of encouragement to the head honcho of the suicidal stooges.

"Now, go ahead, if you want to distract your friend from going through with his pathetic attempt of an attack by dying in front of him, I will happily indulge a wish like that..."

The ground beneath the abyssal figure shifted into what looked like a pit of oil, aggressively extending outward in all directions until reaching a fluid boundary just a few feet short of the trio. The edges of this shadowy terrain would continue ebb and flow like the cell lining of a hyperactive amoeba as if declaring that the freshly transformed ground was a challenge in and of itself to be accepted by the crouching fledgling.

A soft chuckle would reverberate throughout atmosphere before his voice spoke out once more.

"Well... I'm waiting..."

With a subtle grin stretching beneath the glowing eyes of the figure, he held his arms out as if opening an invitation for a hug while the edge of the tormented soil just in front of Gjoll would swirl slightly like a finger curling back to the figure, challenging him to aggress.
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