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Combat Rules & Regulations; Everything through PvE to PvP
Topic Started: Jun 26 2017, 10:25 PM (7,039 Views)
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Table of Contents

  • [go2=Anchor1]Understanding Combat[/go2]
    • [go2=Anchor2]Statistics in Combat[/go2]
    • [go2=Anchor3]Combat Posts[/go2]
    • [go2=Anchor4]God-Modding & Meta-Gaming[/go2]

  • [go2=Anchor5]Player vs. Enviroment[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor6]Player vs. Player[/go2]

Understanding Combat

With My Hero Academia being a Shounen anime/ manga series, combat is an integral part of our RP. As such, it is of the utmost importance that you all understand and abide by the regulations we have put in place to make this combat fair and engaging for our players.

Our system is one of give and take, loosely based on your statistics, quirk, RP ability, environment, and so on, and so forth. Not one element is the 'be all, end all' of dominating the combat field.

In this section of the rules, we will look at basic combat etiquette that we expect in your combat posts, whether it be for PvE or PvP, as well as explaining various aspects that might influence your combat experience.
Statistics in Combat

In our Statistics & Experience Rule Page, we have laid out not only the Stat system we have in place, but what the differences are between different Stats using the following format;

Below is a list of how beneficial a situation may be when your stats are pinned against another's. Keep in mind that below doesn't only apply to same stat versus same stat (Speed vs. Speed) but different stats as well (Speed vs. Accuracy), in fact, more often than not it'll be the different stats being compared. For instance, if a character's speed stat had an advantageous difference compared to another character's accuracy, they can freeform being seen as a blur. Vice versa, the character with the accuracy advantage over speed wouldn't need to pay attention to their opponent to notice what they're doing.

Stat Differences

Combat Posts

Regardless of whether you are in a PvP or a PvE match-up, there are a few things that make combat different to a standard RP post. First and foremost, you are required to add spoilers containing important information to the end of your posts. These spoilers will include things such as; Enhancements in use, techniques used, LP spent, and any other relevant information. The format of these is ultimately up to you. Some players include everything in one spoiler, others use separate spoilers.

Here are a couple of examples;
EP, Techniques and LP

EP in Effect

Techniques Used

LP Spent

As long as you use the above format when writing combat, your opponent(s)/ the moderator are aware of exactly what you have done in your post. It keeps everything in check this way, and all but nips opportunity to god-mod in the bud. Mentioning this term of 'god-modding' leads us into our next section.
God-Modding and Meta-Gaming

If you have RP'd before, you will have heard these terms being thrown around in some form or other. Because the meanings of these are somewhat meshed together at times, we have separated them for you to read and differentiate.

What is God-modding?

What is Meta-gaming?

Player vs. Environment

This form of combat on the site is rather common. When we refer to Player vs. Environment (otherwise known as PvE), we mean any event that is ran by a moderator. While you will typically be fighting NPCs, we still expect you to use normal combat etiquette and phrasing. By this, we mean using attempts as opposed to statements.

For example:
Right out of the gate Kaz saw his target, Gale was running towards the items as well with his hoverboard outstretched like a shield. Out came the sword from the blonds mouth and into his hand, he blurred above and towards Gale, far out of the reach of the board until he was too close and it was too late. The blade in the time he had blurred adopted a sinister shape that looked like golden snakes circling around the metal and it's target was obvious, the board. The heat from the knife alone would horribly burn whatever crossed it and the moment of contact with the board would spell the items doom.

A unearthly cry of steel would ring out as the gadget was cleanly sliced through, turbines sputtering out and dying as fuel was left leaking nearest to Gale. Or some weird fluid, the blond didn't very well pay attention before zooming off backwards with his cooling blade. If the items were still there he'd at least aim to get the helmet and loop his knife around the briefcase before throwing it against the ground and nearest to his own team. Helmet under arm he regrouped, reformed. Waited to see just what he was going up against.

In the above case, the player has stated that a lot of things happened instead of saying that he attempted to do anything. While this example shows PvP, it was in a moderated event which puts it roughly into the PvE bracket, and it is absolutely not acceptable.

An example of attempts can be something like this:
“The fact that you want to enjoy this kill… will be your downfall.” She uttered simply, but with a certain darkness and purpose to her tone that was sure to make the Skeleton man pause, if only briefly, to ponder what on earth had just been said. Using the focal point of where she was grappled, Eve swung her lower body as hard as she could, legs coming together and reaching in front of her to hopefully plant themselves on any part of the skeleton’s body. “Tell me… is your body solid enough for this to work? I suppose we’ll find out.” And then, she gritted her teeth, concentrating all of the kinetic forces in her body to that point of contact in her feet. Orange energy rippled with silver, and it appeared as if she was all but burning. In amongst the chaos of pushing all of this energy onto the skeleton as her focal point for this technique, his long skeletal blades pierced and slashed at her; mainly all up and down her legs due to the angle at which she had worked to execute this risky move. Provided that this blast of energy was able to contact with the skeleton, it came barrelling right back into the girl, a loud scream of pain tearing from her lungs against her will. Coupled with the slashing pain on her legs, and this huge blunt force slamming into her, it was hard to keep her composure. But she had to focus.

While the above is dramatic and written in a certain way, the player of this character never stated that they accomplished something. Everything they tried to do was an attempt, as seen with words like 'hopefully' and 'aim'. The character also took a hit, because they were bound and held in such a way that it could not be avoided. This was a PvE event, and is a good example of how to take hits when it is fair, as well as attempting hits on these NPCs.

The rules when faced with these sorts of events are rather basic and straight-forward. There are only a few, so flouting these rules will understandably incur grievous consequences.
  • The Moderator is God in these threads. They make the final choice, unless WISH Administration (The Crimson or Queen Harmonia) is otherwise involved. Disputes should be taken first to the Moderator in charge, and then to WISH Administration.
  • Controlling NPCs which have been RP'd by Moderators will give you very harsh back-lash. NPCs in these events are not just random fodder characters that you make in your own SLs.
  • In events with a large amount of people, we ask for you include a Summary spoiler at the end of your post alongside any technique/ LP spoilers. This gives the Moderator a rough breakdown of action in your post, and keeps things more organised.

Player vs. Player

Due to the nature of our RP, we really hope to have more Player vs. Player due to the chaotic nature of the world at large! Certain events will also heavily rely on PvP (the short-form way of referencing Player vs. Player), so it is very important that you know how to PvP fairly and effectively.
We all understand the want to appear cool and powerful, and we're all for that. However, it is of the utmost importance that we keep our characters' capabilities balanced with the stat system and normal 'give and take'.

Whereas it is necessary for you to use attempts in PvE, it is absolutely paramount that you use them in all PvP. No matter the stat difference, you cannot state that you do something with absolute success. You must always give the other player their chance to respond, and have faith in their knowledge of the stat system to know when they need to take hits.

Any disagreements with how actions play out in PvP is to be discussed and deliberated between the players involved. Surprise surprise; it's called Player vs. Player for a reason.

(Important: If things cannot be resolved between you and the people involved in PvP, you may defer to one of the WISH Administration. Do not contact them at the first sign of disagreement.)

Below is an example of bad PvP:
His thigh muscles tightened and contracted, going into overdrive as adrenaline fed it with much-needed explosive energy to carry out the action he needed. Ran felt the power course through him, the adrenaline in his system going to work like a drug, wiping away tireness, pain, lethargy, everything that didn't matter to focus all the power he had, all the hidden reserves he could draw upon, into this one, single kick. The air hissed and howled around him, as if answering his call; slowly but surely, it began to wind around his leg as he kicked out, gathering speed as the kick progressed. The thundering of the chaos above was forgotten; in this instant, there was only Ran, his kick, and the billowing of divine wind, God's winds, around him, howling with an arctic fury of a wolf enraged. With it he dragged everything- stray rubble, dirt, grit- off the pavement into the swirling cervix of the winds around his feet, a partial sandstorm of gale and kinetic energy swerving upwards to meet the unstoppable force that dropped on him like a meteor above.

Ran didn't contend with Mercutio's Shinra Tensei head-on. Instead, he directed his kick at an angle to the side, acheived with his earlier Ghost Step. Against the overpowering dark crimson, the gales of his Godwind faltered, before being torn to shreds like so much papier-mâché against Mercutio's formidable abilities; but it would serve. The powerful kick had managed to slow the onslaught of crushing scarlet for a fraction of time; while serving to propel Arai back from the blast radius. All was left for him to put his feet to good use (finally) and scamper away from the epic meetings of power against power, to relative safety. The dust and smoke rendered by Mercutio played an secondary role; Ran's sweeping winds had blown them in his direction, temporarily forming a smokescreen between them for a few moments. The mercernary had bought himself a few precious seconds; he had to play them wisely, or face total annihilation.

In the above section of the post, we see a person using a Physical Technique to try and brush away a Quirk Technique. While in some circumstances this can be acceptable, the way in which he executes it does not make any sense. Not only this, but he somehow managed to get away without any wounds that are mentioned, in spite of the technique strength used against him. He also used the absolute no-no of PvP: he made statements, and not attempts.

By contrast, here is a good example of PvP:
Mercutio rolled his neck as he calmly descended a staircase that wasn't there, like a mime box themselves within a glass wall, he mimed his way down to the earth below. A snap of his fingers and he turned on a dime as crimson mist would begin to gather around Kull, first starting from the floor and above him like a make shift cage that quickly began to enclose around him simultaneously as Mercutio pushed his way inside.
"Think you're all hot shit cause you can withstand some burns? Well then le's just turn up the heat and-" He would've spewed forth another wave of flames at the kid, but red mist had obscured his vision and he felt as if he were being compressed into a box.

"What the hell!? What the hell is this!?" It was hard enough fitting his body in any normal building or room, but being forcibly constrained to some sort fo box was worse than doing it when he had to accommodate himself to fit into spaces. It's what made living in a prison so uncomfortable and frustrating.
"I won't miss again." he said plainly, tossing the battered pleb aside and made way towards Kull. Mercutio's hand lazily lead the way, his palm faced towards the heavens and his fingers lightly curled. It appeared as though he were holding a sphere of some sort, and little by little he began to clench his fist only to cause the cage around Kull to tighten; and the mist started to swirl violently around him as though a vortex was over taking him, leaving him stuck in the eye-of-the-storm.

"Quite the mouth on you, maybe I should break it to teach you a lesson, hm?" he teased, squeezing his fist closed now as the pressure surrounding Kull began to increase. Now a bit of awareness sank in and his surroundings seem to perk his attention now... well just Alana.

The above exchange (separated by the [...] divides) shows an example of give and take. The first player made his attempt with a technique, using the words 'would' and 'begin', while making his attack visible with a colour. The second player reacts by saying that he is successfully entrapped, and as such, this enabled the first player to tighten the hold. All of the above went down without moderator involvement, and was decided between the players in the thread.

Main rules of PvP can be broken down into smaller, bite-sized chunks, but they are certainly not limited to this list either.
  • Always use attempts when attacking a player character. Words such as 'would' and 'aim' are good examples of attempting a hit. Statements such as 'hit' and 'struck' are directly written as being fact/ already happened. The latter kind of writing is not permitted in PvP.
  • Remember to give and take when fighting in general. Your character is not invincible, and even someone with high stats cannot avoid everything thrown at them.
  • Always refer to stat differences between characters. They are not, however, an absolute law, and everything is decided upon within case-by-case basis. e.g. A character has higher Speed than another, and it is more plausible for them to move faster as a result. However, the other character has higher Accuracy and they are fighting in an obstacle-ridden field. In this case, the latter character could write in such a way to come out on top.
  • What it will almost always come down to is how you write a scenario, and how creatively you can work within your stats and quirk. This does not give you permission to RP above and out of your capabilities!! It is instead made to encourage unique ways to tackle combat.
  • Only after you and your RP partner(s) have reached a critical point of disagreement can you contact the WISH Administrators to weigh in.

While these rules seem a little weighty and perhaps common knowledge to a lot of people, they are immensely important to keep balance within our site and systems.

Now, fly free, everybody! Have combat RPs to your hearts' content!
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