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Alert: Global Prison Break - The Dragon Breaks Free; [Closed]
Topic Started: May 1 2017, 04:25 AM (3,993 Views)
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The day had come, it had been months in the planning. Countless rehearsals, strategy meetings, and reviews over their intel that they had over Kull’s prison. But today, the horde was going to be let free from the confining shackles that held it down for so many months.

Skale looked out of the window of the Flying Ruin, the airship that he was ‘borrowing’ from an American Mafia association. It was locked and loaded with multiple weapons, gadgets, and supplies that would harbor enough firepower to blow up that damn prison into smithereens. Aside from the ship, they also had their men armed to the teeth with firepower that would rival those of the armed guardsmen that were there in the prison. And of course, having up to date intelligence on the facility that changed by the minute according to how things were going.


“You look anxious, but you’ve got the firepower that nations would kill for. Why don’t you relax a little before the big bang?” Dustin Smoulder, the American Mafia member who had given Skale and his men their firepower sat across from the anxious man as he peered out the window. “I’ve lead raids before… but I’ve never lead something this catastrophic and deadly. Honestly, I’m kind of nervous, makes me wish that Kull was the one leading his own breakout somehow.” He spoke as he sat down on the comfy couch of their room.

Dustin Smoulder

Before Dustin could respond the door opened as more members involved with the planning for the breakout entered in. First was the angelic hacker, PAL, who with the help of Skale had managed to steal some information that updated itself and kept it plugged up to multiple computers aboard the Flying Ruin. He sat beside Dustin while playing on some portable gaming device. “Everything looks good on the tech front, none of the information seems to be getting corrupted or being surveilled. So they have no idea that we’ve got eyes and ears on them.”


The next one to enter in was the shady contact, Mr. Salt Pepper, obviously not his real name, but all the same, his cooperation and influence in the underground world lead to him having multiple contacts. And along with it, the ability to sneak in a few moles to feed Kull the information about when the attack was coming, along with the magnitude of how hard they were going to be hitting. “Our moles are still feeding us information that might not get picked up by the tech. The guards don’t seem to know that we’re coming, or if they are, they don’t have the date right.” He spoke softly as he looked out the windows. Looked like a nice day for this kind of breakout. “Kull and the other horde members have been informed as to when the attack is estimated to occur, so they shouldn’t be accidentally blasted if they position themselves right. The chaos created ought to give him and the other horde mates trapped inside plenty of time to escape while we bombard them.”

Agent Salt Pepper

Skale nodded, even now they were just barely skirting out of the vision of the prison and other figures that might tip off the fact they were ready for an attack. “Well then, let’s just run over this one more time. We only get one shot at this, and if we fail no doubt they’re going to get paranoid about wherever they keep the guy and we’ll only have it tougher than we do now.” Skale spoke as the other members nodded.

He laid out the prison plans in front of all the participating members. “So here’s how things are going to go…”

Posted Image

There was an odd silence in the prison, sure there were the usual scuffles, the murmurers, the shit talking amongst inmates. But the general mood of the prison, at least in the northern section seemed to be full of anxiety. Some of the guards had expected that perhaps there was some kind of revolt planned, or that maybe there had been some kind of crew war within the system. But they didn’t see any hints that either had occurred, there was just an unnatural uneasiness in the many inmates.

“I don’t like the look of this, not one bit.” The warden of the prison glared at the many monitors. Wondering why all the prisoners were acting suspiciously. “They only get like this when they have hope… and prisoners with hope is just a sign of trouble.” he glared at the screen where Kull and his close knit of ‘horde mates’ had gathered. They were acting, as usual, eating, chatting it up, laughing, talking about what they were going to do when they broke out. They always spoke like that, even though it worried him at first, he never saw an actual attempt. So even hearing them speak so casually about how they were going to burn this place to the ground when they got out didn’t spark any red flags. But the other inmates… those were the ones that sent a chill up his spine.

“How are the other sectors? Anything that might give us a hint as to what might be coming up?” The warden spoke as he looked to the other monitors checking how the other areas were holding up.

Warden Koizu

“Nothing unusual sir, everything is the same as always.” An answer that seemed to only frustrate the warden more as his paranoia began to rise. “...Am I just going crazy?” He uttered under his breath.

Yet the minute he seemed to doubt himself was the moment that panic began to swirl around him.

“Sir! The sensors are indicating a large aerial craft coming in at high speeds!” The warden dashed over to the screen, showing the massive airship zooming in towards their location. “What in the seven hells is that thing!?”

Posted Image

He was stunned by the sheer size of the aircraft that was coming toward them. “Well don’t just stand there! Shoot the damn thing down! Get the prison on lockdown! And make sure that you call some damn heroes!” The warden shouted his orders as he pressed a button to get the alarms sounded.

“We can’t let whatever this is cause any damage to our facility, I don’t want to give them a warning, just start shooting! If they don’t back off it’s their own damn fault!”

With the alarm sounding, guards already began to flood in, trying to get the inmates into their cells. Oddly enough, most were compliant, simply letting the guards bring them back to their cells as the alarms sounded. Kull himself required two men to escort him back to his meager cell, but all the same he sat back in his cell as the guards frenzied about making sure everyone was in their place.

“Heh… just like he said. A bunch of chickens with their heads cut off at the slightest sign of worry. Only a few more seconds now and…” As he looked at the walls waiting for something to happen the other members around his cell had gone quiet, plugging their ears and closing their eyes. Almost praying as if they were hoping that nothing bad would happen to them in the comments moments.

Then all of a sudden, the walls exploded with violent force, launching debris formation l around the prison into the halls. Crushing some of the guards that were making their rounds through the prison. As more and more walls were burst and destroyed the promised land was slowly coming to vision of the inmates as the high-impact explosions weakened the bars of their cells. Kull of course was the first to punch his cell wall open.

“Freeze!” One guardsman that had survived the initial volley of explosions pointed his rifle at Kull. “Get back into your cell or el-” Before he could finish speaking his head exploded with violent juices as horde troopers began piling through the openings, firing on the guards and escorting the inmates out into the open fields. “FOR THE HORDE!” They cried as they continued to sweep through the area, going into vicious firefights with the prison guards.

Armed and Dangerous Goons

Kull went over to the cells that held his own personal hordemates. Tank-Shot and Cyril, easily opening up their cages before pointing to the blasted walls where they were to make their escape. “Let’s get a move on! I’m ready to taste some real air for once!”

The two commanders nodded as they followed Kull and his riley horde outside where they would be met with the spectacle of the Flying Ruin having its own firefight against the artillery of the prison itself. “It’s a good day for a breakout ain't it?” Kull said as he looked at the sky, the rays of fresh sunshine warming his skin.

“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?” The warden screamed as he got back onto his feet. “That monstrosity of an airship is tearing our prison apart!” The warden looked as though he were ready to start executing his men for incompetence.

“S-Sir, they’re circling around the prison and launching non-stop bombardments against the defensive artillery we have set up. We can’t fight back! Even if we could get emergency repairs up in time we’d-”

“Fine, screw the canons! Someone want to explain to me why there are armed bandits, massacring our own men down there!? The northern and southern sections are getting slaughtered by these people! And have you called in the heroes for backup yet!? THIS IS A DAMN EMERGENCY!”

“W-We’re doing all we can! Communication is jumbled but we’re getting out as much details we can about the break. All we can do for now is staunch the flow of inmates escaping or focus out efforts to one particular area!” The worried monitor stuttered as he wondered if those murderous members might end up going for their station next. “They’re dropping pods of those killers out there, and some of them are riding out on bikes… it’s hard to keep track of everything.”

The Warden wipe the sweat from his head. “Lord help us… if we don’t get some backup soon we’re just going to end up a smoldon block of stone. We need heroes… and we need them badly!” The warden kneeled down for a second to pray. “Please… send us something or someone to get us out of this catastrophe.”

“Ha! Look at those suckers, praying for help.” Pal laughed as he listened to the communication line. “We ought to sell this stuff on the black market, or better et air it on television when this is all said and done! These guys are pathetic!” He laughed so hard that he was on back holding his sides to keep himself from throwing up his lunch.

“I’ve got a visual on Kull, Cyril, and Tank-Shot. They’re heading out of the northern sector, send them a launch pod so we can get them up here. The other horde members should be finishing their initial sweep of the northern and southern blocks.” Skale spoke, not letting the initial success get to his head. He knew that an attack of this magnitude would garner a lot of attention and that it would happen quickly. Even if they wanted to, they couldn’t revel in this kind of victory for long and had to get as many horde members back onto the ship before some serious reinforcements could get sent over.

“Send hoverbike crews around to scout out any reinforcements that will be making their way around. If we see anything too dangerous coming along, we’ll have to pull out sooner than expected.” Agent Salt spoke as he kept eyes on the radars for any potential fast moving heroes or police cars that were going to be nearby.

“Heh… look at those pathetic guardsmen get slaughtered. It’s good to see all my guns going to good use. I’m glad I came along.” Dustin smirked as he looked at the firefights happening all across the prison. Even if some of the horde members were getting killed off too, they had the power in numbers and firepower. And it brought a tear to his eye knowing that they were dying because of his weapons.

“Let’s just be cautious, we got lucky that we took out the major artillery so they can’t take us down. But they might end up using some kind of quirk or something to try and pull us down. Keep an eye on the visuals, and make sure that everything is going smoothly.” Skale spoke as he looked at the chaos going down there on the ground.

Still, he did feel a little bit of pride knowing things were going so well. He only hoped that Kul and the others would enjoy the spectacle of chaos when they got back on the ship themselves.
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Ciaran had suited up and donned his mask, the slight man having sat casually on one of the beams of the bridge as the others discussed the plan. He wasn't really much for plans personally, so he stayed quiet as they talked, deliberated, and gave orders, idly flipping a coin between his fingers as he waited, swaying with the movements of the ship to maintain balance. He had shed a lot of blood, including his own, helping to get this started, and he could feel the excitement rise within him as he prepared himself for what was to come.

His idle playing ended as they finally began the attack, sitting up on his perch and watching wide eyed from beneath his mask as the airship began to shake, its terrifying firepower being brought to bear on the prison that held their khan. "Why not do both?" he suggested to Pal with a giggle as he listened to the audio cries of the prison guards. "Air it globally but then sell the High Quality audio on the black market~" It amused him greatly to hear the frantic messages that came from within the prison, the guards obviously scrambling to deal with the sudden attack.

"Do we reaaaaaally have to pick up Cyril though?" he asked Skale, his puppy dog expression rather wasted considering he was wearing a full faced mask, but still. He knew that the answer would be 'yes, we do' but he felt the need to ask anyway. Truth be told he kinda missed scrapping with the succubus like a pair of angry cats, but he'd never admit that to anyone. It had been kind of dull without the others around. He was even glad to see the horde all together once more, sure he'd spent time with Skale and the newer recruits to the upper echelons, but it wasn't the same without all the idiots being along for the ride.

"Are we gonna go down Skale? I wanna fight too..." he said poutingly as he watched the visuals coming from the heavily armoured horde members' helmet cams. Some of them were dying, but they were dying in the heat of battle to retrieve their stolen leader, what more could they ask for? And the pretty sprays of blood really drew Ciaran's attention. He wanted to join in... it called to him.
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It was odd how things had been so eerily quiet, something that was unheard of in the prison. However, despite all this she couldn't help but feel a bit of childish excitement at what was about to come. She had been told about the events that were going to unfold, at least to a certain degree but as she idly leaned against the wall of her cell and gazed outside the window as the Flying Ruin emerged from amidst the clouds the woman couldn't help but stifle her snickering for a moment before she burst out into a full on laughing fit. "A dragon and a flying fortress! For fuck's sake Kull have you ever heard about an over the top performance?" At the same time she laughed the assault of the Flying Ruin began, the pods that were being dropped to unleash the armed soldiers of the Dragon Horde had clearly put the entire facility into an uproar as guards streamed into the districts to fend off the troops. It didn't help that the inmates were invigorated by this display of defiance, and upon their cells being opened they joined the conflict eagerly.

One particular guard, a tall and muscular figure had just grabbed a hold of his rifle and aimed it at one of the approaching goons before a giant demonic claw tore through the iron bars, grabbing a hold of his head and with a violent squeeze pulled his body into the cell, only a violent scream followed as blood splatters hit the entrance to the cell.

Emerging from within the room the black-haired woman stepped along the corpses of the slain guards and decided it was time to keep her promise to Kull, and upon taking a deep breath she shouted from the top of her lungs "Today is the day we break free! Abandon your chains and hunt like the wolves you are!" The inmates in the district roared in agreement, seemingly invigorated by her comment as they joined the horde members in their offensive. "Or something like that..." she mumbled in amusement as she joined some of the armed mooks of the horde.

By the time she had arrived in the northern district her left arm had already returned to normal, although the bandages stained by fresh blood. "Flying fortress, dragon... I seen it all today. Yo Kull, Cyril, Tank-shot, got some good news and bad news: Southern district is riled up as promised, bad news: I got this feeling your flashy preformance is going to cause some company to arrive soonish."

Noticing some approaching guards from a nearby alleyway her left arm spread sideways and slashed through their flesh as if it was butter. "Anyways I'll follow your lead, just make sure to pick the route with the most resistance, my Daemonblight is itching for a fight." The woman's lips curved up for a moment into a grin at her jest. Still, to think that the plan Kull had mentioned had actually been put into motion, she'd almost felt like a kid on a trip to an amusement park!
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Sirens, men barking orders at in-mates all sorts of noises coming from the outside. While there was a bit of sound-proofing in this nurse's office it didn't hold the flood of noise as a blonde nurse looked up from her clipboard, green eyes widening. Whatever could be going wrong now. Manicured nails drummed against the hard wood as a look of distinct irritation on her face. There was a distinct roar of an engine above her as she sighed as if the on-going riot was the least of her worries. Running a hand through her short blonde bob as a green eye winked at herself in mirror before smoothing out her uniform.

It was a traditional outfit, including an adorable nurse's hat with a red cross on it. Blood wouldn't come out of this number. Then again it wasn't all that hard to steal an identity of said nurse as her lapel slated her name as Reina Winom, a staff nurse for the prison. Still it wasn't hard to play the frightened mouth as her heels clicked along the concrete floor as guards rushed by without a second glance trying to coral rowdy inmates into their cramped quarters. Still, it was to make her blood begin to pump as she could feel the choker hidden beneath her high collared uniform rub against her throat. While the cool concealer of her parasol brushed against her thigh, still ruby lips perked up as the chaos about her stirred.

Excitement sparked in her veins as she finally saw her exact target, the only reason she had come to this wet hunk of rock, braving utterly stupid nurse pick-up lines and occasionally being too generous with painkillers for patients. Still the pay would be worth it as her heels clicked up the metal stairs leading to the upper cells before calling out to the occupant "I am never doing this again..and..I don't have the keys..". Her tone was hushed and almost bored as the brawls continued outside. It would be up to the occupant to free himself from his cage. Shrugging her shoulders as her gaze flickered to the outside before snarking "At least I managed to get here in one piece..right. Do I get a bonus for that?"
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Sitting inside the cell isolated from the rest sat a certain man by the name of Alexander. Not many knew he was here -- he hadn't actually been arrested or anything. No, no, he'd been shipped in and blended in with the other inmates. His job was to bust out from the inside, get Kull, and generally cause chaos. Getting Kull out was their top priority and the money here was big, so he felt it was worth it. Plus it'd be pretty damn fun.

As Sugar made her way to the cell, clad in her nurse outfit and high heels, Alexanders lips curled into a grin. His eyes were glowing red as his Quirk began to manifest, his voice deeper, more wrathful. "Hey there, doc." He joked. "Never been more glad to see you." He spoke as he stood up, and he slammed against the door, knocking it wide open! "Good job getting here. Now then... may I have the honor of causing some chaos with you?" He joked, his heart pumping, blackness clawing at the ends of his fingers.

This was gonna be great.
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Dante had never expected to end up cooped up a jail cell. He had planned everything perfectly when it came to the last project he had worked on. Yes, him aiding the woman in killing the hero was not a part of the plan, but he didn't expect it to all connect back to him. When it came to the art that came out of that ordeal, he plastered it on walls around town and then attempted to post it online. Which apparently led the cops right to him since they were still trying to figure out who had killed the hero.

Honestly, he knew this was going to happen sometime in the future, but as of right now, he was disappointed that he never was able to get his message out to everyone. This was the exact thing he was fighting against, the oppression of people's right to be independent. The Government's rule of this country, of the World, was an issue that still had to be dealt with. He was one of the few that actually saw through this, and yet, here he was on his way to a prison for all types of villains. He was lucky enough for the deaths of others he has caused to not be on file, or he would have been serving a much longer time than intended.

As it stands, he was going to have to either deal with it like a man or figure a way out of this place. He was more prone to do the latter, but he still wasn't that sure on how he was going to do so. It was not as if he was a... sociable person, so getting people on his side could be rather difficult. Either way, Dante was going to handle it as it came, it wouldn't be the first time he was stuck in a situation such as this. While the prison may be bigger, it was still the same as the rest. So the same mechanics still stand, only now he had to deal with harsher conditions.

With the processing period over with, he was lead to his cell which he shared with an odd fellow that didn't quite say much. Taking the lower bunk, he put down his things and laid on his back, feeling as if there was some form of good that could come out of dealing with this bull crap. As an artist, this was the worse possible place to be in, his art was stunted. There was nothing he could do that would benefit him in the end, even if he did have an idea there wouldn't be any way he could supply it to the masses.

A couple of hours later a loud explosion erupted and shook the prison at its foundation. At the time Dante had been asleep, but the explosion was enough to wake him from his slumber. Bloodshot eyes widen to the point where he didn't know if he was still asleep or actually awake. Raising out of his bed, the noise from the alarms and the sudden screams of the inmates filled his ears to the point where he was completely lost.

His cell mate looks to have been completely fine however, he stood in front of their cell doors with a wide grin the man look to Dante. "What in the hell is going on?" He asked just as the man looked away and began to kick at the cell doors. Before he could realize it, the doors opened without much effort on the inmate's part. The doors open to allow the man to run out and join in on the fun. Meanwhile, Dante went off to look out and see just what he had gotten himself into. It was not as if he could go and find out, not without possibly dying. "Well, I chose an interesting time to get arrested."
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Illium kept a serious, composed expression as he sat beside Skale. Tank-Shot was the one that had originally gotten him in contact with him in the first place. Well, actually, it was a contact of Tank's that got him in touch with Skale. The blue-haired intel broker had proposed a deal with Kull to get him information on a certain U.A. student, Kazama, as well as assist in his breaking out of jail. Thanks to Illium's expertise in technology and data in general, along with his quirk, he could scan for any incoming threats and get them passed security that couldn't simply be brute forced. Ciaran was there too, although this was technically their first time meeting. They seemed especially excitable, at least when it came to this mission. It made sense, since so much planning had gone into this day, but he still wanted to be cautious. "We can't simply rush in, we need to analyze the situation. Allow the grunts to cause chaos and then we go in wherever their defenses are weakest." Illium explained, pushing up his glasses and browsing through his tablet device containing his notes. His eyes looked down off toward the window, down where the violence would be breaking out. They flashed a red color, looking out for any potential threats or people who would be good to watch out for. Soon enough they'd touch down and likely join the fray themselves. So long as Illium wasn't on the frontlines, he was comfortable.

Pressing a finger to his ear, he spoke into a communication device with a slight grin. "How are things on your end, hm? Our end is rather bloody...but in our favor, luckily." This was meant for Sugar, who was currently in the prison on her own little mission. Everything just lined up perfectly, and it helped that Illium and Sugar were also working together on this. One person on the inside, one on the outside. It increased both their chances of success.
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The Master

The streets, the people, and weather were all in perfect alignment today. The scenery surrounding the two was perfect for a walk about. He felt alive more than he had for awhile. His hair finely styled as per the usual bedhead. His suit was tailored just how he liked it. A simple black blended jacket and matching trousers. His dress shirt in sharp contrast to it was blinding white. Pocket square as the standard of a proper gentleman to match. He couldn't say the same to the lass besides him though.

He hair was a mess like his, but so to was her apparel. A mix and match work of greens, yellows, and browns. Though it looked all from a thrift store she had cut each item to show various amounts of skin. He avoided looking all that much. That monster had turned him back to his original age so it would draw stares. Even if that's what the boss man wanted today.

They continued down the city street seeing people shopping, talking, and eating. He could go for a bite. Even more than food he wanted that sweet sweet nectar of the gods. Alchohal, sake, whiskey, tequila, patron, scotch. Anything. Well except for schnapps. The foul drink that Canadian witch drank. It still haunted him.

Bloody hell. A stiff drink would really be aces. Wonder if they built that new nandos. Still need a proper meal from that lot.

His partner seemed quite content with the several puffs of smoke hovering around her.

Nandos? I... I... I don't even know what you are trying to say to me? But, your cute... have you seen Mercutio? The last time I remember I was somewhere around Tokyo!
She was starting to remember the area better and better. It had been some time since she had walked these streets or even slept in them. So much had changed.

She looked at him and gave some praise to his wardrobe choice. She thought a bit of fun with an older gent could burn some time. Though as they walked she began to piece together what was happening.

Mercutio? That bruding boy? He did mention you a couple times, but he was obsessed with a Sabine. If he sees me now... I do feel bad for these normies around here. Where exactly are we heading to now?

He did catch the cute comment...if only that monster hadn't turned him old again.

She forced her body in different directions and nothing worked. With panic laced in her words, I can't move on my own... I don't know what's happening... She started hyperventilate her joint blowing tons more smoke about the two.

He swipeed his hand brushing the smoke from the girl away from his face. After clearing his vision he saw his new torment.

Oh God! This is going all to the pot now. That's my favorite sushi resturant. I can almost taste the rolls. The sake there was pure perfection.

His mouth started to salivate. He couldn't stop his legs as they passed by. Peering in...there were beutiful women everywhere in the resturant! All drinking and having a grand time. As they walked toward their unknown destination he now understood where they were. This must be hell.

A black whisp appeared before the two. It grew to height of the man and the voice from before whispered in their ears.

Enjoying the view? I'm so sad to see you both go before your time, but I do love having the pets I have. Hope the carrot was enough enticement to play along. Though for this next act empty your minds, forget your tethers to this world, and enter the void. You know your parts to play so have fun with it.

They both gulped feeling sweat bead their brows. The things they saw these last few weeks would make them conform. They stepped through the portal.

When the pure empty darkness unfurl before them, their eyes filled with chaos. In this moment, Hana's demeanor seemed to change as though her personality was being hot-wired to skip beats. Fire, ash, and smell of corpses filled the senses. Even all the smoke from her joints couldn't break through this nauseating wash of smells. He knee he would need to work fast. His master had told him who They were here for. The dragon Kill would be a target, but several others were selected as well to join the fold. Fodder could also be grabbed as it loved test subjects.

He looked at his palms while usually red they now were as black as night. Looking at them they appeared to have infinite depth. She too was changed.

A bit of her quirk oozed out. Different from the tan translucent oil she had produced it now was black as tar. The master had told her to cover anyone entirely and they would be taken back. They needed to be fully encased for the transportation to work.

They both shook alittle but feared him more than they feared what was about to happen to these people. They both looked at each other affirming what needed to be done had to be done.

Well Hana, might as well get while the going is good. No point in fighting the bugger over it.

She took a massive draw from her 3rd joint by his count.
Guess so, maybe I can snag a cute conversationalist to take back home. Gets awfully boring with just you for company. Especially with your morals Gavin. I need to smoke. she muttered, her words and phrasing sounding forced and lacking any emotion.

Gavin sighed...dead or not he still didn't feel comfortable with her. So young...yet so sexually flamboyant. He loved it and hated it.

They took off at a sprint. Intent on finding their prey.

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“Hmm… you know I was honestly expecting that there’s be some kind of resistance right about now. But really everything is just kind of… going as planned. Which oddly enough wasn’t part of the plan.” Pal slumped in his seat as he looked at the scanners of the ship. “At this rate, we’re not even going to get to fire most of the big guns at people…” he yawned as he looked out the window to see the scrambling inmate and guards trying to catch up to them, or just shooting them to keep them from fleeing too far away.

“It is odd… even with how sudden we struck you’d think some hero agency would come by really quick. I guess they’ve got their hands full.” Salt murmured as he scrolled through his phone. “Seems that this kind of thing is happening around the world too, China, America, both of them got prison breaks that are happening amount his time too.”

“No fair! They’re stealing our idea first!” Pal huffed as he swiveled in his chair as Skale kept an eye on the chaos outside. “Ominous to say the least…” He muttered as he turned to Ciaran who seemed all the more excited to get going into the fray. Honestly, he’d prefer if the young man stayed on the safety of the ship, but keeping him cooped up wasn’t fair, especially considering all the work that he had done for them. “To answer your first question, yes we’re going to pick up Cyril, even if we didn’t she’d somehow find a way to get back onto this ship without us helping.” The girl was tenacious to the point where it was scary honestly.

“If you really want to go down there, then you can. You can take a pod, or you can take a bike. Just make sure that you don’t-“

“Whoa! Heads up looks like we’ve got some abnormal readings going on here!” Pal looked outside as he spied two particularly strange people had entered into the chaotic state through some dark void. “Well… I guess those are the reinforcements.” Pal was already setting up the ship so that they could bombard the new folks with everything they had. “Can we use it now? Please?” Pal sounded more and more like a child pleading to open their Christmas gifts.

“I for one am open to the idea of opening fire on them. Gotta keep the guns hot and ready, right? Besides, think of the explosion!” Dustin smirked as he imagined getting pelted by rail guns and a deadly fireball would probably send those two back to whatever darkness they came out of.

Skale on the other hand was… silent. Glaring at Gavin’s face from afar through binoculars as he tried to ensure that his eyes weren’t betraying him. “Tch… that bastard is still alive.” He cursed before turning to Ciaran and Ilium. “I recognize the British bastard, his name is Gavin, and his quirk makes it so that you share pain if you agree to it. Kull told me about it once, so if you get into a fight with him don’t say anything to him.” He turned to Ilium next. “The girl though… I don’t’ recognize her, can you scan her and tell us what her quirk is? If it had anything to do with that dark void thing, we might need to be careful around her.” He then faced the eager men that wanted to just open fire on the two newcomers. “We’ll hold off from being too destructive, we’ve got to get as many of our men back on this ship. Which means most just turning this ground into some desolate fire ridden land until most of them are on the ship.” They were still recovering some of the inmates as the launch pods would land with troops to march in and with inmates climbing back inside in order to escape onto the ship. Others would take a wild bike ride back to the Flying Ruin where the were taken to their infirmary to get treated for any wounds.

“You’ve got the green light to go Ciaran, not that you ever needed,” Skale said as he knew that if there was anyone who would help to get Kull back onto this ship in one piece he was the man to do it.

“S-Sir… there’s a dark void like rift that’s opening up and.” A furtive guard pointed on the screen to where Hana and Gavin had entered the field. The former covering themselves in black tar that would no doubt start encasing and trapping both inmates and guards.

“What the hell!? They sent that pathetic U.A. teacher and… who the hell is that girl? She seems familiar but I can’t put my name on it…” The warden rubbed his chin unsure whether this was a blessing or a curse that came to aid them. By the way, they were moving they were darting over towards Kull’s direction. “Instruct the men not t fire on them… if they’re going to help round up the convicts and that damn dragon let’s not get in their way. Maybe they were short on heroes…” The Warden tapped his foot as he hoped that things would at least get a little bit better with the oddly timed help.

As Kull and his crew made a break for their exit, he looked out onto the field and saw the magnificent chaos that his men were causing. Barrages of gunfire being exchanged, horde mates on bikes that were either making quick hit and run attacks on the guards or were flying high into the sky with the many inmates in tow. There were pods raining down from the sky, carrying both armed horde mates and inmates back up into the sky.

Then there was the best piece of all, Kull had to stare at the Flying Ruin for a few seconds, the sheer size and fear that he imagined it instilled into all the guards that were nearby. “Heh… hell yeah, this thing looks better than the way it was described.” His wings flapped as he wished he had to strength to carry himself up there himself, but he’d just have to take one of those pods that they had designated for him.

He turned to Noir, who had already managed to catch up to him and his nearly free crew. “Well if they bring out some heroes or anyone to stop us. Then we’ll just blow them away.” He pointed towards the Flying Ruin, “I doubt a hero’s going to have an easy time taking something like that down.” He laughed, knowing full well that it would be pretty damn hilarious to see some heroes get turned into ashes from just getting hit with a full-strength fireball canon.

“Hmm…? Is that…” Cyril’s eyes peered through the chaos as she spotted what looked o be Gavin and some girl in the distance. “Well me, oh my, look, Kull, our friend Gavin came here to see you off.” How could she forget the man that gave her such a ravenous pain filled night… and then proceed to invite that gun slinging masked asshole. She wondered if he was close by considering the fact that the last time they had him hostage up he came around and wrecked shit.

“You shitting me!?” Kull turned to face the bastard. “Just in time to see my great escape then, but what kind of guy would I be if I didn’t least give him a passing present.” He looked up at the sky, he could already see that there was an escape pod coming down from the flying Ruin ready for what he assumed would be for me. But hell he was taking that thing with Gavin around, who knew if that fucker had plans to ruin his escape.

“No time for pleasantries! I’m going to roast his ass right here and make sure that he’s going to end up the same as all the other guards around here. Dead, burned, bleeding, and buried under this rubble of rock!” His anger began to take hold of him as he pushed back the others and inhaled deeply, sending a torrential wave of flames towards Gavin’s direction.

Like hell, this bastard was going to end up getting him caged again when he was so close to freedom now!

"You're going to burn into ashes here you fool! I don't know if you came here to greet me or if you just wanted to ensure that you were given a grave! But that's what's going to happen to you now!"


Techniques and LP

For the people still inside the prison, they would find that guards were too busy rushing out to outside rather than keeping most of the other inmates from fleeing. In their mind, if they had the gall to try and escape, they’d be met with a bullet to the back of the head if their feet touched the grass. Though for the unfortunate souls of Dante, Alexander, and Sugar, they would all be met with a few remaining guards who saw the trio starting to make their own escape.

“Get back in your cells now!” The guards shot at the ground of the people, before turning to the disguised Sugar. “And get back to your station! You don’t need to be out and about when there’s a fucking breakout going on!”
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Illium watched on from the window beside him, his eyebrows widening out of curiosity. Utilizing the camera on his tablet, Illium recorded the events down below, which involved a lot of carnage and a black portal of some sort that brought about two dark figures. One was recognized as Gavin McMaster, a U.A. teacher, while the other was a shorter girl that was familiar but didn't ring a bell for this intel broker. There was a realization, however, and it almost made him completely miss Skale's request to scan the younger girl for her quirk. "Oh, uh, yes yes, of course, but there's something wrong here. We are either witnessing a fantastic magic trick or the dead is walking, because Gavin McMaster was reported as deceased by the Tatooin police force. They had his body in custody as well." Illium explained, pulling up reports on his tablet thanks to searching for them as he was talking. It had been big news that a U.A. teacher was found dead, so Illium had caught the news reports the day they came out. Never did he imagine that he would see the dead come back to life, however. Was the younger girl also someone who was technically deceased, or at least reported as being dead? Showing one of the articles to Skale for just a moment, Illium positioned the tablet back in front of himself and brought a hand to his chin. His expression was both grave and contemplative. "Take all precautions when dealing with those two, there's no telling what is actually going on. Stay at mid-to-long range if at all possible. Relay this information to the rest of your 'horde.'" Illium urged Skale, then looked back out the window once again as his eyes flashed red. Scanning the two individuals, he saw that indeed Gavin's quirk was still Pain For One. "The little girl's quirk is called Stoned, it allows her to secrete cannabis-based oil. That will not mix well with Kull should he decide to use his flames."

Unfortunately, it seemed as though Kull was already preparing to engage them head-on and was, of course, using his fire breath to do so. "Are you-?! Urgh, Skale, do you have a way to communicate with your boss? The sooner we extract him, the better." Illium was frustrated that things were running so smoothly, and yet Kull might get himself in danger due to his blood lust. Even though Illium had already gotten some of the payment for helping with this excursion, he doubted that they would give him the full amount should their leader somehow die out of all of this. If anything, they'd all likely fight over who gets to be the next leader of the horde. They were savages, but Illium certainly had to compliment them on their tenacity and showmanship. This flying fortress and the small army he amassed truly was impressive. Touching his comm device on his ear again, Illium radioed Sugar once more. "How are things on your end? I advise you get out as soon as possible while the chaos is at its peak."


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When Cyril tried to draw Kull's attention Noir's focus shifted toward the direction the source of this new interest had been approaching from. At first sight it appeared to be simply two individuals, an unfamiliar man that they called 'Gavin' and a young woman who had been secreting some sort of substance. The sight of this tar-like matter wrapping around the nearby soldiers of the horde left a bit of a sick feeling in her stomach, especially as the tar started to encase them entirely. "Yuck, whatever that girl is shedding I don't want it..."

Despite the joking nature of her comment her expression had hardened and her left arm twitched slightly, as if she had been ready for a fight when suddenly she saw Kull step before them and after the light push that pulled the group behind him, the dragon exhaled a large amount of flames. For now all she could do was watch Kull's back to ensure that no ambush would come from behind, in the end everyone knew a pincer formation was one of the countless ways to deal with a powerful foe, and yet for the time being it seemed the Horde still had a large advantage over numbers and firepower, but the fact this stranger, this Gavin had rilled up Kull so quickly had made her slightly curious about their history. Was that man going to be a threat to the plan?

It didn't matter, she had experienced Kull's might firsthand, and if for some reason he was unable to handle this foe then surely the combined might of Cyril, Tank-Shot, her would be more than enough to help Kull handle things.

... Something is off about this all, I mean you'd expect an army of heroes to arrive against a jail break that is this flashy, and yet only a duo arrived to deal with them? Standing next to Cyril she whispered just loud enough for her to hear it."Cyril, don't know this Gavin person, but the fact the first none-guard opposition is heading straight for us makes me wonder if Kull got some unwanted fans..."

Her gaze shifted along the area, scanning for a potential weakness in the environment to use. It weren't just heroes who had sidekicks, and in this particular case she admitted her power was inferior to Kull, so if she saw an opportunity or need to step in and help she would be prepared to do so! Speaking of helping, hearing the sound of rushed footsteps she turned toward the opposite side of the prison, where some guards had put on a brave assault, hoping to perhaps catch Kull into a pincer formation assault with the timely arrival of this potential new threat. Fortunately for her those fools had barged in there with only melee weaponry, stun batons and the like so when the first of two emerged from the corridor she had already darted over. An initial forwards swing of the weapon was swiftly dodged by a sideways step, her left hand grasping a hold of his wrist and bend him forwards, a motion that was swiftly accompanied by a kick into the man's stomach with enough force to send him reeling backwards against the bars of a nearby cell.

A second, assault came in the form of a more trained guard who initially made a stabbing gesture at her, one she nimbly avoided with a twist of her body yet when she spun her leg sideways to kick the man's head in, he had deftly blocked the assault with his remaining arm. Still, it seemed like the man had not anticipated her to resume her attack so swiftly, for when his hand grasped a hold of her ankle she twisted her body upwards and made a spinning motion over the man, her other leg kicking the back of the guards's head while slamming him straight into the ground.

A soft sigh followed as she had seemingly dealt with the threat, walking back over to Kull and company to see if the approaching enemy had been dealt with.
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Sugar's lips twitched in faint amusement at her employer's snarky comment deadpanning "I am glad you are enjoying the view. The door. Now. I don't have time for this..". A second later the screeching metal was his answer along with another question as any trace of amusement slid off her face as she snarled at him "Does this look like my idea of a good time. Do you have any idea the time and effort it took for me to get here..Keep up the praise or I am doubling my fee!". Taking a breath in hopes of cooling her temper. While the smooth voice of Illium inquired in her ear piece "Things are going swimmingly...". Her voice was a gritted answer as things got more complicated as she found herself confronted with a request to return to her nurse's station.

Crossing her arms over her chest as the barked command of a guard who's expression changed from worry to confusion as she mutely gestured to her small frame compared to the grey monstrosity that could easily snap her like a toothpick. Throwing her hands up in the air as her expression was remarkably calm as she walked toward the two guards docile as a little lamb. A split second later, a gargled gasp escaped the one nearest to the cells as the pointed end of her parasol struck through his throat. Blood splattered the floor as it was withdrawn as Sugar slammed the parasol into the other guard's head..gravity was a remarkable thing as his body dipped over the metal railing onto the concrete floor below. Humming softly under her breath as she ducked into empty cells, as the scratchy nurse attire was discarded on the floor.

It was difficult to describe what it felt like having her villain uniform crawl over her bare skin like crawling vines. Still it was durable and useful as the final component of her fingerless gloves curled over her hands. Flexing her palm as the faint sound of static popped from it as Sugar smoothed the bottom of her skirt, adjusting her mask with a single touch as her normal eyes gleamed with excitement as she gestured ahead "Well, let's go..I don't want to rip this without a good reason...". Her heels clicked against the concrete floor as she made her way pass the various fights, the bloodied point of her parasol scratching against the floor. Chaos indeed had broken as her fists clenched as she glanced back at Alexander before pointing a manicured nail " Well. There is your package. Don't expect me to get involved, unless you want damaged goods..".

Hell, she would be perfectly content to let the scaled prat rot. Her agreement to this job was merely to assist in Alexander's escape, a delivery girl was not. Yawning under her breath as Illium's voice echoed in her comm again as she stated bored "Chaos indeed. I don't know how the hell you expect to get his scaly ass out of here though. I mean if I had to..sedatives and a nice electric shock can bring down anything..". Her voice let out a hiss of surprise as heat radiated in the air from a fire ball "-Scratch that, I don't want to get burnt...Wait..is that..Gavin? Illium, what the hell is going on! Don't give any techno babble, just answer..is that a walking corpse. Wasn't he killed?". An audible groan escaped her as the faint memory of the man asking her to return home with him after that mess of a night mumbling "If I get hit on by a corpse, I am done drinking...". Turning her attention back to Alexander as she asked "So, whats your plan..then..".

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Dante's eyes couldn't quite register just what was going on. Looking to his left and right, his body stood still outside of the jail he was one locked in. His cell mate had long been gone at this point, which left Dante trapped in the madness. 'One thing is for certain, the guards must have had their hands full with whatever they were dealing with. At this point Dante had already gone off to walk around, he did his best to stay out of sight, but it seemed to be a waste of time. \

"From the looks of it, there must have been an explosion of some kind. Either a prisoner inside managed to construct a bomb or they got some assistance from the outside. If that happens to be the case, there is a strong chance that a hero or two are coming as well. With any luck, I should be able to find an exit before things were to get to bad." The man muttered to himself while hearing the footsteps of oncoming guards. Spotting an empty cell that was opened as well, he went inside and hid out of sight. Moments later a group of guards charged pass the cell, making way towards the location of wherever the explosion came from.

Breathing a sigh of relief, he came from out of the cell and continued on his way. Or so he had thought, before he could realize it, a group of guards were a few feet away from him. Their sights were on Dante and shots were fired his direction. Arms quickly rose to cover himself, only to realize that the shots were at the ground in front of him. Heading into a cell closest to him, he did as instructed, feeling as if it would be stupid not to do so.

Can't get anywhere with them in the way... He thought just as he realized that they had turned away to speak with one another. Using this to his advantage, he placed both palms on the ground and sent out a vibrating pulse on the ground that shakes the foundation below for those within five meters of him. This should hopefully include the guards, enough for him to send them on the ground while he used the diversion to head the opposite direction. Need to figure out a way out of this place... He thought to himself while realizing he needed to find a guard that was alone. "If I could find a guard,
I can take him out and take his outfit. Then I could use the commotion and get the hell out of this place."

Techniques and LP
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Ciaran watched and listened eagerly as the events unfolded around him, leaning forward more and more as a grin spread across his face, his hand tapping against his knee absently. ”Yessssss!” the small man crowed happily as Skale told him now was a good time to leave. ”I know I’m not so great at planning things Skale, but I trust your judgement so I wanted to wait until you said I could~ And I’ll go tell Kull about the oily lady too~” he informed the other man as he hopped down from his perch and began to leave the bridge. They had been through a lot together since Kull’s imprisonment, so he was sure that Skale would understand the importance of what he had just said.

Ciaran didn’t trust anyone after all.

Taking off at a run down the corridors of the airship, Ciaran extruded his favoured bone-sword from his arm, happily swinging the curved weapon in the air in front of him as he headed straight for the bike station. Giggling happily to himself he hopped up onto one of the hoverbikes that the Horde had procured and started the machine up. He’d had enough practice to know he could control one of the machines one handed, which would let him use his sword without much of a problem.

Starting up the machine, Ciaran revved the engine, listening to the whining of the anti-gravity plates mixed with the roar of its thruster engine. It was a beautiful sound to him, and as the shutter doors opened to allow him to exit the airship he began to laugh happily. A final twist of the throttle had him rocketing forward before the doors had even opened properly, propelling him outwards into open air where he hung suspended above the chaos for long seconds. He felt his stomach lurch as he began to fall out of the air with a gleeful whoop, the vehicle’s altitude not set to the height of the airship which caused it to plummet towards the ground at high speeds.

”Yahoooooooooooooooo!” he cried as he hurtled towards the fighting, pulling up out of his dive at the last moment and weaving amidst the carnage on the proportionately huge hoverbike as he sought out targets for his blade on his way to Kull. Various guards would hear the roar of his noble steed accompanied by his innocent sounding laughter moments before their heads were removed by his curved sword as he made his way over to the man he had decided to follow for now.

It wasn’t hard to find Kull, the man was twice Ciaran’s height and easily towered over even the power-armoured members of the horde that were still exchanging shots with the beleaguered guards. Pressing his body low against his vehicle to reduce drag, Ciaran opened up the throttle of the hoverbike and shot towards the massive leader of the Horde, exulting in the speed and freedom he felt from within its’ leather bound saddle. He pulled up near Kull and Cyril shortly after the former’s torrent of flames was unleashed, flicking the blood off of his sword absently before it reached his hand.

”I hope you like the party we set up for your return my Khan~” he called out (assuming he would get a chance to), knowing that even if his outfit was unfamiliar the horned bone mask he wore wouldn’t be, and as far as he knew he was the only one that called Kull that title. ”Skale sends his regards, and some information. First, that girl can create flammable oil, so be careful. Second, Gavin McWhatshisface has already been declared dead as a doorknob, so something really weird must be happening!” he tried to speak quickly and loudly enough to be heard over the din of battle, not sure how long he’d have to pass on the info. He probably should have brought some sort of radio communications device, but he wasn’t exactly one for planning things out.

”I see you survived prison too, old hag,” he added to Cyril offhandedly as he scanned the area for any targets or threats. He wasn’t about to be caught off guard here, though he couldn’t help but side eye the other lady with Kull. ”Hi somebody-I-don’t-know, I like the way you killed that guard.~ ”

He didn’t want to seem rude by ignoring her.



Techniques Used

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Hana was spraying massive amount of dark oil on anyone and everyone. She had to guess at least 20 victims for the master to play with. They charged deeper into the broken prison. While what she was doing sat strangely with her it was refreshing to be out and about about. Darting through the battlefield felt sublime.

She shot sticky tendril out and swung from columns. With her free hand on the swings globs would spring out sticking her prey down before the torrent of darkness covered them and they would fade away.

They came to a stop and she perched on a broken column. A joint already finding her lips as she spread out lazily in the ecstasy of the battle. He mind mellowed as she inhaled.

Fuck I feel like all my tolerance is gone. This high is perfect How about it Gav-y? Want to finally take a ride of the good life...I know you want this.

She waved the lit joint in front of her chest letting the smoke roll up her body. Hana loved teasing the grumpy old man.

Gavin was still trying to catch his breath. Heaved over he just couldn't fill his lungs quick enough. The troublesome teen could swing easily while his legs could only move so fast. He stood tall finally stabilizing and ran his hand back through his hair to better see the field. Looking at Hana she just wouldn't quit.

Gavin raised his hand shooing her away.
I'll stick to my vices. Functioning alcoholic is perfectly suitable for me. Unfortunetly I'm the deemed to be sober for this mission. Enjoy it little one.

He was quite parched. Maybe the bodies of the guards or the warden would have some stashed away. Unfortunetly a tall drink came into view.

By the power of grey skull. Of course it would send me off for you. Foul overlord. Well Krill, I mean Kull, looks like we get another round of playtime. I so did enjoy it last. But I must say my little gecko looks like an all grown up iguana!

He emphasized the last part as if to a little baby. Might as well grind his gear. And it worked. A wave of fire spewed out of Kull' s gullet. Hana went into action spewing her own black out like a downward crashing waterfall. As they connected a green flame ignited against the red flames of Kulls and held them in place. As the red fire receded Hana emitted less and less oil of her own.

[Coolor=lightgreen] Aww he's like a little dragon baby. Your friends are fun Gav-y. Is he the one we want? I feel lots of tethers pulling us towards them.[/color]

He's one of the tossers. Some other ones are scattered about.

Gavin turned back to Kull.

So Kull it's straight and simple. Join or die...then you join...like me. It's not too awful mate. Conditioning is maddening, but you get this cool tricktoo.

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