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|| Current Year & Season: Winter of 426 || Based on Eyewitness accounts and the absolute state of denial the Freedom Pirates find themselves in, they have now confirmed that Lucy, after a years' investigation, died of her terminal condition. Information was gained by WISH's Chief of Staff of the CDC, Mr. Beckman. || Abyssal has decided to hang up her cape after the news of Lucy's death and entrusts her lineage to a hopeful young one, Sub-Zero. Reporters asked a few newer members about Abyssal's retirement and they gave mixed responses.|| “I ain’t going back to Elysium for no damn reward. Fuckers insane.” - Newest Vitality Member, Big Smoke. No extra information was given to explain his ranting. ||

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Alert: Global Prison Break - The Giant Beneath the Streets & the Devil that Lives in the Clouds; Non-UA Students Only || No Spots Left || No Post Order; Graded
Topic Started: May 1 2017, 03:58 AM (5,382 Views)
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The weathermen weren't wrong on their forecasts, it was a cloudy evening, but the men and woman reporting on the matter didn't exactly detail the overall bleakness. The overcast created an overwhelming sense of dread and depression as usual, but the sheer rate the darkness spread and the amount which it loomed over was unfathomable. WISH HQ was buzzing with reports and suggestions and those who were around long enough knew who was here, Oni. Stories were coming from around the world and circulating throughout the internet about multiple jails and prisons begin broken into and it was only a matter of time that the television was displaying the stories as well; and oddly enough, reports found that most of the acts were taken out from within the walls of this encampments. WISH knew; they had seen Oni do something similar years ago, attacking multiple students in different areas, but in the end the cases ran cold and now the case was hotter than ever. The question remained: why now and what for?

"Commander, it's the exact same as the Sports Festival. Your assumption was correct, Ma'am." a man spoke to a well-dressed individual, a young woman standing tall among many paper-pushers who hovered over computers and desks. The room looked to her for direction and she gave a simple wave of the hand and gave a calm response,

"Remove anything about this from the internet, block all media outlets running anything other than the prisons being broken. Any hisses of Oni, and we shut them down. Defying that and going forth will lead us to the use of extreme measures. I'm calling, Lucy." she ordered with a cold, emotionless expression and phone in hand.

Posted Image

"Kage-kun, go, go. This will be fun." A menacing voice cooed in the ears of a masked man whom walked alone down a D.C alleyway, sprinting at blinding speeds. The man was dressed in the same manner that a well-known Hero and U.A Class 1-A Teacher, Kagetora Kanzaki, the Shadow Mirror, would dress. This man could be seen bounding from wall to wall as though gravity held no restriction to him until his feet were firmly planted atop a small roof over looking a vast amount of area of downtown D.C. Looking out, he locked eyes on his target. The man could be seen wearing an odd cloak black cloak, ethereal in nature which stalked over him like a predator about to pounce. Kagetora sat still and the shade did nothing expect break the silence,

"Goooood, now forward. And damn it, stop running and use the shadows..." an androgynous voice spoke, radiating from within the shadow that was a leech on Kagetora's body and as though obeying the voices commands, Shadow Mirror's body was swallowed by the odd liquid shadows that danced behind him, removing him from the sight and mind... for the most part.

In the blink of an eye, an explosion resonated from with the walls of a massive establishment known as the Tartarus. Somehow the gates were sent airborne with only the sounds of the gates themselves crashing into the concrete and skidding to a stop and a chorus of screams would fill the dead air followed by the rattling of gun fire. From there, the inmates began to flood out towards the opened hole,

"Commander, we have been breached from an unknown location. Ever gate is down, we are needing emergency contingency plans! What are your orders!" a young lady cried over the radio, her words being mixed in with gunfire as the security guards began to take shots at the escapees.

"This is Lucy, I'm on vacation with my gang! Leave me a message or call WISH for questions!" a cheery voice instructed before the Commander crushed her phone in hand, taking her radio in the other in response to the sound of shots fired.

"DO NOT SHOOT! DETAIN! We have an image to maintain. Do your best and the heroes will do the rest.. plus, we aren't the only ones suffering. Reports from Japan and China are both in... what is your plan, Oni." she barked and bitched, sitting down at her desk to show her apparent in ability to help.

Posted Image

The hulking fortress was created with the intent to subdue and contain the most dangerous of criminals, most of which should be dead but are kept alive and well fed due to the liberal bureaucrats playing nice to maintain their position. The prison holds three outer walls with a single gated entrance running directly though to the main hub. The main floor holds the least dangerous criminals and is where many inmates are found excising, but are purely to maintain the facade WISH made to hide the inhumane treatment dealt with down below. The Tartarus was an endless pit, and hell held no limit. Only those who would visit would know the truth and all those who visit never leave.

Posted Image

"WISH seems to have upgraded their defenses... quirk negation..pfft. I see they took my technology in my absence too. Sadly for them, it's me and I know all it's weak points." Kagetora ranted out loud, his words being in his own voice, just overshadowed and mixed with a much deeper, darker tone added in. Raising his right hand he generated electricity and in a blink of an eye was from on end to the other of the jail's recreational center, his first through a power box. Sparks soared in the air from ever electronic system inside the building as each light bulb in the facility shattered simultaneously in chorus and it was then that an earth shattering rumble could be felt from below as though Atlas himself was trying to smash his way through the earth his very self.

"So, that's where they're hiding you, eh?" the hollow voice moaned, Kagetora rolling his wrist as he approached a large door and began to punch at it one after another before the shadow that followed him chuckled, his fist there after generating explosions as dents began to litter the main prison doors to get inside. Not a single pro hero in sight and it would seem that if no one was to act, the worse was to transpire.
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Mercutio spent no time waiting after seeing the news reports, he already was on a personal mission. D.C was just visited by Rory and Jonah on their own little mission to place Elysiums GPS beacon to enable transportation of Kame House and company. Time was perfect. The news came early that prisons across the world were being breached, their defenses being leveled from the inside out and much chaos had ensued, but the interest Mercutio found when it came to D.C. was that the attacker came from the outside. Furthermore, the reports and allegations that a UA Teacher being wrapped up in all of the bullshit really gave Mercutio extra incentive. Mercutio thought it would help him look good to Principal Yamada if he intervened regardless of his Hero Licence standings and WISH standards. For once, he actually was regretting never getting one of the damn things earlier.

Mercutio left in the early hours of the morning when no one else would be awake and slipped underneath the carpet into the control room where the teleportation and GPS unit was housed. Quickly, he began to program for the location he sought, however, it would be the first time he would shift someone and not the whole house to a single location.. so results may vary. In the end this half-baked thought could end up with Mercutio in many different dimensions and in a million pieces and those thoughts didn't settle to well in his head, but the drive to make up for the wrongs he'd done was nearing an unstoppable amount, especially since his training sessions with Rory and Jonah were going so well. With in moments the coordinates were ready and programmed and all Mercutio had to do was activate and step into the odd Star Trek like beam to phase off. He didn't really like Star Trek too much, but the design was too cool to pass up when he was designing it all. With a deep breathe he pushed forward through the beam and he felt his skin burn for a moment and in an instant, the setting changed and sirens filled his ears and commotion raged on as far as his sight could see, but he felt crammed in a tight place.

"What the hell, why am where am I?" he bitched, crawling his way out of a dumpster, spilling out on the ground below as he gasped for air.

"Plus: Not dead. Minus: could of warped into a wall... Note to self: buy better technology and not third rate back alley shit."

Mercutio didn't know D.C well, so he took to the air to scout the best he could. He towered up from one building story to two to five and took a gander in a good three hundred and sixty degrees before smoke in the distance caught his eyes from the other side of town and he took of in that direction, searching on his phone to ensure he was headed the right direction.

I can cover distance quickly, but when I get there what will I do.. nothing like movie without a plan, Mercutio. You aren't made of rubber. he scolded himself, jokingly referencing the user of One for All, Lucy, as he took to the skies at max speed towards the Prison Not a single fearful thought ran through his head as he made his march forward and it wouldn't take long for him to arrive and see the seen playing out.

A few guards had already managed to shoot down a few inmates that attempt to run, but they for some reason stopped using lethal force and they were now get slaughtered by the criminally corrupt users of quirks so dangerous they needed a pit to conceal them... and these were only the bastards on top. Mercutio dropped down and stood inches of the ground in front of a group of guards who were cornered within the inner most wall of the facility and began to handle the situation the best he could,

"You should kill them, they'd kill you." he mumbled, thrusting his hand outwardly at a group of orange-clad mates in attempts to send them hurtling away as he looked at the cowards hiding behind their armor and fire arms.

"If you aren't going to do anything, fucking leave... because I don't want your last image before death being my back as I walk away from a coward." he instructed, annoyed with their inaction but still protecting them regardless. Mercutio was about balance and nothing screamed chaos more than a global jail break.

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God it was such a pain just to get another ticket to D.C. After the last failure because of a hurricane of all things, she had her airplane ticket revoked because of having her I.D. card 'misplaced,' and it was just nothing but a pain in her ass. Which delayed her a couple of days, but she pulled off her ruse of hopping onto a plane by abusing the fact she's playing off being a blind woman and that she boarded the wrong plane, losing all of her items. Thankfully a hero was nearby and had a "heart of gold" as he bought her a ticket to go back to her 'home' in Washington D.C.

Many days later, after settling into D.C., it was time to meet with her partner she contacted through chat rooms back in Japan, where she could get herself a neat costume of sorts that could conceal her identity. Making sure that she went through the proper channels in order to keep privacy and secrecy, as this was not the legal channels to acquire such goods, Skadi wanted to get even with heroes who conceal their identities and motives through their own costumes.

Meeting with her buddy in D.C., she entered the shabby apartment to find that her buddy was none other than an eighty year old woman whose quirk pertained to creating fabrics. There were no other benefits to the items she made, but the outfits and costumes she creates are form fitting to a degree, to the point where each item seemed as if they were made for that person. After making some small talk and paying the nice woman a fee, the foreign woman left the aparment complex feeling rather smug as she overheard some American speak about something going down.

Having not bothered learning most of the English language, it sounded rather broken, but there were a couple words that she had recognized...

"Eis ru ata U.A. Teacher has attacked a prison? ata ctule Fuck isgo ingon."

Moving her sunglasses hidden eyes to the sky, she could spot smoke coming from the prison. A smirk came across her face as she realized that if what she had heard was correct, then she can actually find a way to document the fact of what happened. Good thing she had her Smartphone completely charged up, as she can record as much as she can once she arrived at her destination.

Spending half an hour to reach the prison, but not before stopping in a bathroom in order to slip on her new outfit, she approached the gates of the prison to find to her surprise that the gates have been knocked down... All three of the large gates. Slipping out her phone to snap a couple of photos, she could hear a commotion going on near the gates as she saw the guards of the prison being helped by another person.

Sliding her phone right into her pocket, she approached the group while pushing the guards to the side, following the odd man who seemed to take charge while moving further into the prison. She was currently in her new disguise as she wore her black dress and blind-fold made of a special fabric that she can easily see through, but not enough for her quirk. Her heels went from stepping in the grass to clacking on stone floors, she made use of her anonymity to speak up to the other guy, asking in a bold tone in Japanese, "Don't care whether you agree or not, I'm helping you out."
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Gjöll awoke to the sounds of shouting and violence as the prison break was well under way. He had spent the last few days in temporary holding cell, while the bureaucrats tried to figure out who he was, after losing control and putting the end to a bar fight that had spilled out into the street. Fortunately, as they were yet to formally admit him to the prison he still had his street clothes, which would make that much easier to spill out.

Gjöll found the door to his cell unlocked, the electric lock completely shorted out. "My luck actually takes a turn for the better for once." He muttered to himself. He slipped into the hallway, keeping an eye out for the guards. The administrative area that his temporary cell was in was surprisingly empty.

'Must have more important things to deal with than a kid who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.' He thought to himself. He began making his way to where he thought the entrance was. Gjöll kept to the shadows at kept focused his hearing on the sounds around him as he worked his way toward freedom.
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There wasn’t a time to come to Washington D.C. better than this time. There was an amazing convention happening here and it was something that happened once a year. It was a good reason to get his family to come here, or at least his mother and his sister decided to come. His older brother had stood back home, which Yuurei figured it was to train and possibly get even stronger. He didn’t think too much about it as they had arrived to this place about two days prior. This state wasn’t a bad place to come to and look around, but it wasn’t his main objective. The convention was happening soon and he couldn’t wait. There was nothing that was going to stop him from going or was there?

It was a cloudy day of course and Yuurei being who he is, decided to take a stroll around the outside before doing anything. He knew how to get around places in America and this was his home for god sake. The young boy could only enjoy the walk as he could see a lot of people walking as well. Of course it didn’t take long for him to not only see people gather around a shop, but there were also other people who had been rushing their way from the direction he was heading to. It caused him to stop moving and he could only scratch his head lost in what was going on.

”What are people running around for? It seems like something is going on in the television as well,” he said this to himself as he looked up to the sky.

The young boy could now see smoke heading into the sky now and noticed that it wasn’t that far off from here. There could have been something bad happening right now and that was why people were running away. He figured he would head over in that direction to see if there was anybody who wanted, or needed help. Yuurei took his first step into what he figured would be a not so great moment. His first step had soon turned into a sprint as he was making his way to the location of the source. When he had arrived there was something that bothered him greatly, and that was a huge prison door being destroyed not far from where he stood.

He looked around and noticed there were still a lot of people here, people who were curious, and police officers as well. He sighed as his curiosity had struck him greatly. He had to see what was going on in there, so he started going through the crowd and pushing his way in and stepping passed the broken doors. It seemed like the officers were preoccupied to notice him entering the facility and he soon found out why. He could see a bunch of people wearing the same outfit and running around creating havoc. ”Prison break, really?” he said it out loud for those close to him to hear.

At the same time he had also noticed that there was also someone in front of him. He looked like he was ready to take leadership right now, or at least everyone behind was letting him take on all the action. Yuurei wasn’t strong, but he figured taking on a bunch of criminals or villains doesn’t happen that often. His feet kicked off the ground, but he didn’t move from his spot, instead he was moving his body in place and gotten into a Muay Thai stance. His body moving was, so that he wouldn’t be caught flat footed. ”Need any assistance man?” he asked.
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“Quickly, quickly! Speed it up!” The commander snapped her fingers as she looked around the rather non-descript office that she tended to reside in. Various other officials were crammed in, cellphones out and rapidly dialling seemingly nonsensical numbers. “I’m not getting any response on my end. Nobody seems to be available.” One of her subordinates flinched as a very loud, creaking and groaning sound filled the area from a location clearly not in their immediate vicinity. But the fact that they could see the vibrations through the floor seriously concerned them. “Same on this end.” Another reported dejectedly.

Commander Morrison gritted her teeth, eyes flicking to the phone located on her desk. Who else could she call that wasn’t included on the lists she had handed out to everybody else? An exhaustive selection of American-based Heroes, none of which were proving to be any help whatsoever. Through pursed lips, she muttered something that nobody could make out. She furiously picked up the wired phone and started hammering in a series of numbers. “Uh, ma’am. Lucy isn’t available.” Her right-hand-man, Louiston, spoke up in the effort to be helpful.

“Lucy isn’t our only option.” She stated firmly and somewhat gravely, before she turned her attention to the phone in her hand.

“… Can I help you…?”

Guards were well and truly flooding the premises now, having poured from the innards of the broken prison with all its great walls. “Quirk Repression Specialists! Front and centre!” The obvious man in charge shouted above the cacophony of yells and screeches echoing around them. A selection of other guards came rushing to the foreground, each one drastically different to the next. One had six hulking arms covered by what seemed to be a glistening solid material. Another had an odd goo oozing from his body, sticky enough to suck up huge pieces of debris in his wake. “Get started on detaining everybody you come across!” His order was received loud and clear, and the team he had brought to front and centre was soon moving to do as they were told, making a good dent in the chaotic situation.
Guard Captain

“Reconstruction! Get to work on patching the gates! That is our absolute priority; nobody leaves these grounds!” He bolted alongside a smaller group of guards, each of which were remarkably sturdy individuals. In spite of the Captain of the Guard appearing positively normal and tiny when compared to the rest of the guards who were now on site, he commanded a certain amount of authority and grit that seemed to have people rally behind him.

Whatever worked.

A hulking 9ft tall brute of a man roared and slammed his fists down into the ground in front of the felled outer gate, and almost immediately, the concrete beneath his huge appendages started to shift and appear like liquid. Without any words of communication from the ‘Reconstruction Crew’, they moved to each side of the hulking creature and worked to build a very sturdy-looking patch-up job. Seeing various press members gathered outside, cowering in fear or trying to get inside, the guard Captain held up a hand towards them through an oddly transparent wall which was being built between them. “No cause for alarm. The Elite Guard Squadron have this under complete control.” He told them loudly and clearly, with a great sense of calmness in his voice.

And just like that, the liquid, transparent mass solidified, sealing up the huge breach. While the inner walls were also breached, the main issue had been stopping the criminals held here from escaping into the outside world. The Quirk Repression group had been busy too; various criminals were now gunked together and unable to move.

The Guard Captain noticed that there were people now inside the prison who weren’t prisoners, or part of his elite squad. While he should, on any other occasion, scold them for getting involved, today he wasn’t about to curse a blessing. “Men and women who aren’t part of my squadron! Start making your way deeper into the prison and contain prisoners on your travels. The further you get inside… the more fearsome and dangerous they are.” He shouted to the people whom he didn’t recognise, shifting the gun slung across the front of his Kevlar and drawing it forth from its sling. He appeared to break it in half, but instead had pulled it into two separate automatics, each one easily half the size of his rather average height. And yet he did so with little to no effort at all.

“On my life, this place will not fall.” He claimed boldly, and an ethereal sort of pulsation of energy started to light up in his two humungous guns. “Set to stun…” He muttered, and started letting a tirade of bullets loose from each, aiming with scary accuracy at prisoners still running rampant in the outer sector. Criminals from the inner sector had started flooding in too, close to where Mercutio, Skadi and Yuurei were stood.

“Oh, how could I be so careless!!” Kagetora howled, seemingly wounded by a sense of what was happening outside in the outer ring of the prison. The shadows at his feet curled, twisted and writhed, with an eerie smile carved where his head would otherwise be casting a shadow. “Such an annoyance that they have that Elite Guard. Tut tut.”

He clicked his tongue and checked his handiwork, something about his natural, fluid movement to be utterly disjointed. His head twitched as he performed even this simple action, but more importantly, he overall just… didn’t sound like himself. Eyes as black as pitch glared at the door between him and a horrific secret that he just had to unleash. Further roars and all but mini earthquakes ripped through the chamber he found himself in, and yet Kagetora was smirking inanely.


Before he could continue his assault on the huge door with all of its various defences sealed within its composition, he heard a loud sound akin to a throat being cleared to garner attention. Kagetora turned, not quite believing his ears. There was no way that anybody could know how he bolted through the prison, know where he was, or even get there remotely fast enough…

That was, until, he clapped eyes on who was stood opposing him, bold as brass and smug-looking as ever.
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“Hey pal, I hate to burst your bubble, but… this sorta thing is against the law, yanno. The kind of thing I’d do, not you of all people.” The blond male spoke in a very familiar way, contractions littering his speech and a sort of knowledge behind it. The very sound made Kagetora shiver and scowl. “Which is how I know it ain’t you in there, Kanzaki, ol’ buddy.” He continued, and grinned in a lopsided fashion. “So it falls to me to help you out.”

Something stirred in the depths of Kagetora’s currently dark, cavernous mind and the tiniest little spark was formed. Not before the pure inky blackness within him swallowed it whole. “Star Lord. World Number Four Hero. Questionable methods and constant troubles with WISH.” He rattled off, and slowly started striding towards the arrogant blond who was still grinning widely and cheerily, literally all but unfazed by the unnatural voice with which Kagetora spoke. “What on earth are you doing here…?”

Within the inner sections of the prison, more guards were flooding the area and trying to detain all they found. But with news that the outer wall had been sealed, they were no longer in such a huge panic as they once were. As a boy tried to slip away from his temporary holding cell within this inner wall, he would be confronted by a very tall, yet stunningly beautiful blonde woman.
Mystery Woman

“Just where do you think you’re headed?” She claimed, hands on hips and eyebrows raised. Her emerald garb shifted and smoothed in a continuous circle whenever she moved, the colours and ripples all but dancing in a mesmerising fashion. She would say no more, but stand in his way to his ticket of freedom, demanding an answer to her question. Just who on earth was she?
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"Erm, I mean if you can reach me up here." Mercutio mumbled in confusion towards the random girl who approached him, unsure what the hell was going on amidst the chaos that tore across the open field. Enter Yuurei in a flash, immediately offering assistance,


Mercutio attempt to avoid their gaze and shrug off their odd appearance, obviously not inmates. Gun fire blared wildly, but Mercutio was still able to hear the verbal green-light to proceed forward from the persons in charge and that was enough for him. Mercutio wasted no time to approach Kagetora knowing full well that if he touched Mercutio, he'd most likely would wind-up dead. Mercutio wasn't sure to what extent Kagetora was capable of, but upon his approach, something made the hairs stand on the back of Mercutio.

The same signature that wisp'ed away from the scene of a murder, vanishing without a trace from Gavin's body, now shadowed over the Shadow Mirror. The energy that was generated at his core was not the same color as that which was forcibly coursing its way through the Teacher's body. Mercutio hadn't seen anything like it, but it didn't stop him from his approach. However, as he furthered a smug face appeared, blonde hair topping a pompous visage that seemed to be judging with ever shift of his eye and with ever vowel and accented word.

Am I about to watch a 'Sasuke x Naruto' fight? Wait, wait... he pondered, considering just watching the events all play out as he pieced together what was going on. Missing piece: the fuck is a U.A. Teacher here...

Mercutio played aimlessly with his golden charm bracelet, rubbing the small, flat metallic plate that light was inscribed with the name, 'Mia' in memory of his sister who has disappeared without a trace. Mercutio secretly was motivate by this, but he didn't mind the bias he was showing. Everyone has personal connection and saving one person wouldn't be bad, but in order to keep balance... maybe taking Kagetora's was the right choice. After all, he seemed to have gone off the deep end and traded his body... or something for power it would appear to Mercutio through his advance sensory perception.

"Hmm... you two fight like anime rivals." he bickered above them, his shadow hovering over them and his crimson mist swirling him in a think cloud the rapidly began to spread out from his body to encompass a larger area around him. With in a moment, his body would vanish and the once blackened sky would turn crimson and covering a large potion of the battlefield. As he moved, the mist would move to conceal him in a way to not give his positioning away.

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It had been over a year since he left home. Not once did he visit. He came up with all sorts of excuses as to why. Excuses dealing with his responsibilities at U.A. Which of course, were complete lies. What a joke he told himself.

Raikou walked slowly down an empty street somewhere on the outskirts of Washington D.C. He wasn't familiar with the area having never been, but he wandered along anyway.

He wore a lightweight blue windbreaker with a hood over his wild brown hair, since it looked like it could rain any moment. His pants were jeans and his sneakers a gray pair of Nikes. And on his back was a black book-bag filled with something heavy. All in all he looked like another kid walking home from school.

But Raikou hadn't been to school in over a year.

"What a mess," Raikou murmured to himself. "Time to pay the piper I suppose. How the hell am I even going to tell her? Hey Mom I'm back. Oh Hero School? Oh yeah that was a complete lie. Where have I been for the past year and a half? You know, just breaking the law and getting into trouble trying to be a vigilante. Yep! The same kind of stuff that almost got me killed! I know I'm like the best son ever--"


The whole city shuttered in pain. Raikou looked up to see two giant metal gates flying through the sky, slamming down into the city somewhere in the distance.

"What the hell?" whispered Raikou. If he didn't see it himself, he wouldn't have believed it. Those were the gates of Tartarus, America's Super Prison. He knew it well from the hero classes he took as a kid. It was where they locked up the worst of the worst. And now they were... escaping?

Without thinking Raikou darted off towards the explosion. D.C. had smaller buildings then Raikou was used to compared to Tokyo, but he made his way roof top to roof top quickly nonetheless. In a few minutes he was looking directly into the inferno that was Tartarus.

The scene was chaotic with prisoners rushing out, guards attempting to capture them, and onlookers gawking at the situation stunned.

Raikou ran trough the crowd towards the destroyed gate only to see a small child crying and walking right into the action. The guards inside didn't seem to see the boy and were likely to 'suppress' the kid like one of the inmates, if not worse... Not on Raikou's watch.

Right in front of the crowd Raikou crouched down into a sprinters position. Some onlookers noticed him and began to back up.

"Everyone get the hell out of here! Now!!!" screamed the young man as he charged up.

He blasted out from his position like a rocket. He cut through the air like a bullet, slipping past the destroyed gate, and right onto the young child's position. Raikou scooped the boy up in his metal arms before the boy knew what was going on, both diving just clear of some haphazard looking goo.

"I have a child that needs evacuation immediately!" screamed Raikou towards a group of guards. At the same time he noticed the gate behind him become sealed by some impressive looking soldiers. "Just what are these idiots doing?"

There were others trapped inside as well. They looked like they could be heroes but seemed too young. Just as Raikou handed the boy he resscued off to an older guard, he heard orders barked in his direction.

“Men and women who aren’t part of my squadron! Start making your way deeper into the prison and contain prisoners on your travels. The further you get inside… the more fearsome and dangerous they are.”

[i"]Wild,"[/i] Raikou thought to himself. The situation was obviously worse than it looked. It seemed the guards had the outside gate somewhat under control, however they needed support deeper inside the prison.

"Fuck it," said Raikou grimacing. Nothing could be worse than facing his Mother and admitting he was a failure. Not even the infamous Tartarus.

He jogged up behind the rest of the make-shift heroes ready to take on whatever this hell hole had in store for them.

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After arriving and declaring that she'd help this stronger looking person, yet another person arrived... This time a little brat who decided to arrive behind her and wanted to assist the people wanting to stop the outbreak. She had to commend his bravery for one thing, but at the same time he was a young impressionable brat who didn't even look like his cajones had dropped yet. And in a slight fit of comedic insight, the guy in front of them couldn't help but question who they were in a shout. Not stopping a beat, she answered, "You can call me Void."

Giving out a fake hero name right on the spot, she made sure to continue following him down further into the depths of the, scratching the back of her almost the entire way down there. Continuing to scratch, she made sure to keep the guy in front of her in sight, using her incessant scratching to nudge her black cloth down her left eye a bit, just so she could have clear sight with anyone who approaches her, if they had violent intent.

And speak of the devil, as one of the prisoners who had broken out had gotten a bit of a head start on the others, due to his own quirk! It was one of the speedy quirks, as this guy was bolting down the halls at a breakneck pace. Though, that really didn't matter in her opinion as she came to a three way intersection. Noticing at how the guy was hugging one of the walls, it seemed he was going to be making a sharp turn around the corner as he aimed to escape the prison. Sighing to herself, Skadi felt as if this was the perfect time to test the range of her quirk, as she hadn't used it since god knows how long.

Her eyes started glowing brightly, though only one could be seen at the moment by the sprinting prisoner. Keeping her gaze locked on him as her hair floated about as it resonated with her quirk, she made a mental note of how close the guy was getting... Twenty meters... Ten Meters. And it was at the five meter mark that there was some oddity with this guy's actions, as normally he would have been able able to round the corner with only slight difficulty, but because of Skadi temporarily erasing his quirk, his own speed was halted too fast for him to realize, causing him to stumble on the ground and fly face first into the ground. The dark clothed woman was nearly tackled by the falling buffoon as he landed a couple inches away from the wall of the intersection.

Having to keep up the facade of being a hero for now, Skadi felt that it was necessary to take down this convict. As the guy struggled to get back to his feet, the blindlfolded woman kept her eyes trained on him as she stood above him. With a simple raising of her cybernetic leg, she swung it in a downward axe motion, her fake appendage impacting quite severely against the back of the guy's head. And it seemed he was a severe lightweight when it came to taking damage, as he was out like a light.

Just as she wrapped that up, letting her quirk dissipate while her eyes and hair settled back down to normal, she noticed the abscence of a certain guy she said she was going to help. Taking a deep breath, Skadi muttered under her breath, "Shit," as she realized dealing with a moron caused her to lose track of someone who looked as if he had a handle on himself. Welp, this'll teach her for trying to play hero for a false reason, as she was now utterly lost as to which way she should go to find this supposed U.A. teacher who had gone wrong, if the reports were to be believed.

Taking a leap of faith, she went down the hallways of the intersection to which she saw the convict run from, thinking that she was following after Mercutio. What she doesn't realize is that the guy she wanted to follow kept going straight ahead, and that she was heading towards the group of criminals that were starting to flood their ways out of the prison.

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Yuurei had heard the man shout and he could only chuckle from hearing him. It was something he figured he would expect, but he was hoping for more than just that. Still, he had looked over to the female that was next to him. He didn’t notice her at first, but it wasn’t because she was irrelevant, but because he was worried about what would happen to him, if turned his attention away from the larger picture. She had called herself Void and he couldn’t tell what kind of name of that, but he figured it had something to do with her quirk, or a lie. It didn’t matter anyways as long as he could call her something.

”The name is Yuurei,” he gave out his name, so not just her, but anybody else could hear it.

He turned his attention back to the criminals that were running amuck in this prison. The Captain Guard, or at least the man in charge of the men that worked here, had advised them that the deeper they had gone into the prison, the more likely they would encounter people who were probably much more threatening. He didn’t need that, but he watched a man running towards the group faster than anybody else who was running towards them. Yuurei could only wonder, if he could react fast enough to guard against this guy, or do anything at that matter. It didn’t take long though for something to happen; the man had stopped running quickly and the man himself was surprised, but couldn’t stop himself from hitting the ground and possibly knocking himself out.

Yuurei didn’t noticed what happened with Void, so of course he couldn’t tell that it had come from her. Still, the prisoner didn’t stop with just him as another was rushing towards them. The young lad had realized that they were not too far from the exit and that maybe these prisoner were going to try and see if they could break through. He knew that killing anybody was out of the question, so he had to use something that would render this guy from fighting. His quirk made him nervous to use, but he figured that this guy had a price to pay for trying to escape from a prison.

Yuurei stopped moving around, getting out of his fighting stance turning his hands into the shape of magma guns, and he waited for the man to get into range of his technique. When it was time he let out two shots fly out, which were the shape of small magma balls landed on the man’s leg. The man dropped to the ground as he stopped running and was in pain from that attack. Yuurei figured fighting from a distance would be better. ”I wonder who is the root of all this mess,” he thought to himself as he was planning on asking the girl next to him, if she wanted to team up.

When he looked to the side he noticed that she was missing. His blinked a few times as he wondered when that happen. He looked around to see that the other guy was also missing as well. His face expression was that of confusion as everyone had suddenly disappeared. ”One second they here and the next they aren’t” he said to himself. He figured he would find someone to team up with, or he would just carefully walk through the halls of this creepy prison. He started to do exactly that as he noticed how bad it was to be alone.

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"Damn,"the boy thought to himself,"I guess my luck was bound to run out at some point today."

The path he had been following was now blocked by a mysterious woman that he had not met before. She was not dressed in the typical guard uniform nor the standard prisoner jumpsuit, but Gjöll would guess that she was more aligned with the former. He hesitated, mulling over his options in his head.

He could run. However that would leave him open to attack and he wasn't willing to risk losing a battle of speed with an unknown stranger. Not to mention, if she was in contact with any of the guards he would be surrounded in no time at all. No, running really wasn't a good option.

He could fight. This option was by far the worst. He would facing an unknown enemy, on an unknown playing field, without a ultimate game plan. Even if he managed to overcome the mysterious woman, he would almost certainly attract the attention of the guards. Also the penalty for assaulting an innocent or an officer would be far worse than anything he had coming to him for a small bar scuffle. Since fighting and running really weren't good options he would have to talk his way through this.

"With all hell breaking lose, I figured I should see if I could lend a hand." Gjöll answered calmly, adjusting his posture to be less aggressive.

If he wasn't able to escape unseen, then getting released for helping out was the next best thing. Besides, he hadn't been formally charged with a crime yet, and at his age he would probably just get a slap on the wrist.

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Within the depths of the prison, Kagetora hesitated as he stared down the blond man in front of him. The shadows plaguing his mind, which had constantly been flowing, were now being disrupted in small pulses, and his brow furrowed as he tried to deal with this abnormality. “Well, what can I say. I had a good hunch that something was going down here when one of the world’s strongest prisons was broken into with ease.” The one dubbed Star Lord shrugged casually, but in spite of his cheery and chill façade, his body was coiled tight like a spring.

He was ready to fight at a second’s notice.

The pair were interrupted by an unfamiliar voice, claiming that they fought like anime rivals. This had both of them turning and looking at the new arrival, a dark-haired young man who appeared somewhat flippant in his posture and attitude. “Pretty good comparison, yo.” Star Lord laughed, and Kagetora was utterly unmoved. But within him, the shadows stirred and hissed as they recognised a familiar air to this newcomer that he wouldn’t otherwise know. Shadows had a remarkable memory.

With the spreading of crimson energy in the surrounding area, both men stopped before they could even make a movement. “Curious.” Kagetora mused, slowly raising a hand through the mist-like substance hanging in the air. “A power not totally unfamiliar to mine. What a strange place this world is.” It was clear that he wasn’t referencing Kagetora’s power, but instead, the darkening and swirling shadows which poured from every inch of him. He otherwise remained perfectly still, and closed his eyes while he seemed to be… waiting?

Star Lord raised his eyebrows and hesitated even further, not quite sure what the best course of action was to take now. He knew that his intervention here was far from welcome, and if Commander Morrison knew of his involvement here, she would probably hang him out to dry… or kill him. Probably the latter. He had far too many run-ins here at Tartarus for it to be ignored any further. “Looks like you’ve found yourself a perfect adversary.” He smirked, addressing the space where Kagetora was last located before the mist spread and made it all but impossible to see. “Guess I’m relegated to round-up duty. Toodles!” He laughed, and vanished with a flash of dull purple light.

Kagetora growled lowly, stepping backwards until he felt the badly buckled containment door behind him. His hands started to pulse with fissure-like power as he pressed his palms flat against the surface, all too conscious that this was becoming far more complicated than he had planned. “I believe it is past time that my acquaintance makes an appearance.” A smirk spread on his lips, and black plumes of shadow curled from the gaps between his teeth as a heavy pulse was emitted from his palms and shuddered through the door.

A bellow of a roar emerged, louder than ever. Heavy slams echoed on the heavily-composed door in a knocking rhythm, and finally…


“Welcome to the hell that created you… Operation Chimera.”
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The Guard Captain watched as those who chose to aid the effort disappeared towards the innards of the prison, ejecting spent cartridges in both of his monstrous automatics and dropping them to the ground. A child now clung to his legs, courtesy of a brown-haired youth picking him up and saving him before a prisoner could undoubtedly use him as a bargaining chip.

“Cotes. Get this boy over the wall safely, will you?” The Guard Captain asked of a relatively non-descript man stood at his five o’clock. Said man nodded and moved forwards, gently prying the child away and into his arms. “It be okay. Will fly you safe.” Cotes reassured the boy, who eventually relaxed somewhat at the soothing (yet very elementary) words. Air started to build around him and the boy, enough that Cotes was now cushioned on a huge cushion of air pressure. This cushion left the ground and split into two smaller ones, one for each of his large feet, and he floated over the top of the newly constructed wall before landing down on the other side. A very concerned couple were waiting, the woman of which started bawling when she saw the boy. “Now go.” Cotes nodded firmly and handing the boy over to his parents.

“Won’t fail. Promise.”

And with those words left to resound and echo in the air, almost, the small family dashed off. The perimeter had been secured outside the prison now, and the authorities were policing it heavily. Of course there were reporters and journalists scrounging at the edges, begging to get inside. Cotes kicked back up into the air and landed back inside the prison’s outer wall.

By that point, most of this area effectively had most of its prisoners detained. But there were still some, on the other side of this area, that were uncaptured. The Elite Guard had some more work to do.

Indeed, in this labyrinth of a prison, it went without saying that one could easily get lost within its walls. Only one portion of each sector of Tartarus were damaged, and thus, the rest of it was perfectly intact. All of its long and winding corridors made it difficult to navigate at the best of times, let alone if people were unfamiliar with it. Even the convicts were lost in some parts.

Skadi had unfortunately made the mistake of whizzing down the wrong crossroads, and was bearing down upon the prisoners trying to flee the facility. “No, I’m telling ya, we’re going the right way!!” A huge voice boomed further down the corridor and past a bend. Squabbling ensued between the prisoners who were now running right for the young woman, and they soon rounded the corner to see that someone was in their way. “Shift aside!” The obvious leader of the group boomed. He was huge, and looked to be all but made entirely out of a dark mineral of some kind, glittering with small sparks underneath the dim prison emergency lighting which had been triggered when the power went out.

His cronies were considerably smaller and all but ankle biters by comparison, staying behind their battering ram of a boss. And they didn’t slow or even think of stopping as they kept up their pace, right for a collision course with ‘Void’.

As a rather fortuitous twist of fate, Raikou and Yuurei would find each other down a separate corridor altogether from where Skadi had disappeared down. Whether the two of them would choose to work together was up to them, but they would be all but next to one another in the cramped corridor they found themselves in.

Up ahead, the tight hallway exploded into a mess of immensely hard rock and steel. In the clearing smoke, they would be able to see the outlined shape of a very odd creature. Part… wolf, perhaps? And a lot of other parts to behold. It sniffed the air and locked onto both young men, turning and narrowing its piercing yellow eyes on both of them before howling loudly. The pitch and volume were so intense that the ground beneath them would start to vibrate as literal sound waves were produced.

And then the creature charged.

The mystery blonde lady was still smiling as she leant casually against the wall to block this boy’s passage, tilting her head to the side as she watched him. She seemed to have caught him by surprise, for sure. When he responded, she chuckled softly. So he was going to play that game, hm?

“Lend yourself a hand, more like.” She was clearly amused by this, and straightened up properly without taking up all of the corridor like she had been doing before. “Go on. I’d recommend taking a small detour to the Elite Guard’s station in this area to find a schematic of the prison, otherwise you’ll never get out.” She paused, eyes flicking off to the direction that a horrendous roar originated from.

So that’s what the assailant’s goal was…

“Especially now that it has been released. Unless they can wrangle it under control any time soon, I guarantee that they’ll end up levelling this whole place.” Talk about enigmatic. She gestured for the boy to pass, and winked at him, assuming that he did move past her and onwards to leave the prison. “See you around.”

And just like that, she melted against the stone wall she had been leaning on, and disappeared from sight.
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“Hope we’re not late!” the young teenager yelled as he ran beside his friend along a library’s rooftop. They’ve been planning on going to this convention ever since Yuurei had spoken about it some time back, though because Yuurei was already prepared, he had went on ahead to D.C. with his family, though Gin wanted to join as well, but it had taken him some time to convince his mother to give him the traveling money. Because he didn’t want to travel alone, he dragged along Salieri, though surprisingly the goth-looking kid was compliant to go.

Time passed and though they made it to the city, they now were rushing, believing they are running late, though Gin wasn’t sure when the convention would start, Yuurei had not given him the exact time. Though now they ran on rooftops to cut the time… all Seth’s idea, for the boy enjoyed his parkour. Nothing would stop them from reaching their destination… or so Gin thought.

An explosion happened and a commotion rang in the air. Gin pulled to a stop and looked to the east. A plume of smoke risen to the air some blocks away. A strong urge came over him that he knew he couldn’t fight. His arm, a metallic coil-spring, stretched out towards his friend who didn’t notice the situation. His hand caught him, “Seth, there’s a problem over there, we have to help!”

The moment Seth complied, they made their way towards the trouble. Within minutes they reached a nearby rooftop. Gin realized by the layout of the structure, the place was possibly something very important and should be well fortified, but the destruction at the entryway seemed otherwise. Without thinking, Gin grabbed Seth, shot out his arm to grab a street pole and launched himself off the rooftop and luckily landing onto the wall of the fort.

After a small tumble, Gin quickly got to his feet before falling off the ledge. He looked down into the courtyard and noticed people in orange jumpsuits running rampant, then realizing this to be a prison. A quick glance to the right and he also noticed the destroyed entryway being sealed up by some kind of slime.

“Men and women who aren’t part of my squadron! Start making your way deeper into the prison and contain prisoners on your travels. The further you get inside… the more fearsome and dangerous they are.”

The announcement came from one of the guards, without a second thought, or even to ask Seth, he grabbed him once again with his left arm, held onto the ledge of the wall and stretched his way down into the courtyard.

By the time they reached the ground, Gin lost sight of most of the people, though he can still see guards detaining inmates. A thought came to his head, he made this decision, sacrificing the convention and risking his and his friend’s life… he shook his head, he couldn’t be distracted now, the people of this city needed help. He pulled his hood over his head, put on a fake smile as he flexed his coiled arms, “No going back now!” and he dashed in towards the prison.... Not knowing where exactly he’s going.
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Salieri was was here with his friend Gin to see a convention with Yuurei... at least that was the pretense of his visit. In reality the boy had wanted to visit the prison Tartarus in hopes of seeing if his dad had been been captured by someone other then himself. As they were heading towards the convention from the library rooftops much to Salieri's suggestion due his love of anything parkour and climbing...

BANG! and CLANG a large explosion is heard followed by a huge sound of metal on concrete.

While lost in thought something grabs hold of him and he looks to see his friend's limb stretching out to reach him pulling him closer Seth there’s a problem over there, we have to help!" Gin shouted out “Alright lets go I guess but don’t drop me." Salieri muttered they took off in the direction of the explosion. after a few minutes they arrive at a nearby rooftop just in time for him to spot a figure of some sorts flying over the blown off gate towards the building now leaking smoke like a thick fog pouring into the already dark and gloomy sky almost like a foreshadowing of events to come. As he took the time to actually look at the building he recognizes it as the famous villain prison Tartarus and a thought passes his mind... but only for a brief moment and before it even has time to form Gin once again grabs The boy in black and before words can exchanged they’re hurtling through the air once more toward the prison.

They land on the wall of the courtyard and as they regain there footing from a sloppy landing they hear an announcement from a mystery party requesting aid deeper in the prison for outside individuals but warning of danger the deeper you go. after the announcement finished gin grabs in one had and using his free hand they make there way down the wall mountain climbing style. Remembering that as they listened to the announcement a few other people where there as well he wondered who they where and what they were here for as he didn’t take the time to look at them in particular due to the chaotic scene unfolding in the smoldering building. As he looked for them now that they were on ground level he noticed they where all gone... must have made there way inside. As he touched the ground a half mask made of shadow appeared in his hand he donned it and his hood he saw his friend take off towards the prison entrance. He followed after him not knowing what waits ahead of them an eager anticipation was rising in him.

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Yuurei had started walking forward, and of course he was moving slowly. It was a prison and he wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Still, that didn’t take long at all and his movements had come to a complete stop once a certain area of the wall was destroyed. His eyes widen when he seen this happen and his hands twitched as if he had paralyzed. It caught him by surprised and he could only stay there wondering who, or what could have done such a thing. A million things were going through his mind in that second and once he was able to move, he looked towards his hand and noticed that his hands were shaking.

”Am I nervous? Did that really scare me?!” he thought to himself as he was screaming in his thoughts.

His eyes motioned towards the hole that was just recently created and Yuurei could see the silhouette of the cause of this. His eyes changed from being scared to that of anger. He was not angry at the creature that had done this, but he was angry with himself. His right hand had slowly balled up into a fist and soon enough it was quickly slammed onto his leg. He felt the shocking pain resonating through his leg and then soon throughout his body. ”I CAN DO THIS!” he shouted to himself, but of course one would think he was being a brat, or crazy.

Still, the jolt that went through his body had allowed him to move again and his mind was clear to see that the silhouette he had seen was a wolf like creature and this was something he would have to take out before proceeding forward. He had wished that he had used a different variation of weapon, but he was still wet behind the ears to do things correctly. He knew training was one thing, but applying it into a situation like this nerve wrecking. It didn’t take long, but he could tell that this creature knew where they were. The eye contact between the two couldn’t be helped with, but the anger on his face didn’t change. He was going to fight and he was going to help, that was just who he was.

Then it happened, the howling of the beast had caused Yuurei to quickly cover his ears as it was loud as hell. It wasn’t just that, but he looked down and noticed that the ground was shaking underneath him. That was a strong creature, but he knew that he couldn’t falter at least not now. While the creature was running towards him, Yuurei had jumped back a few times to gain distance even though the creature was just canceling the effort. Still, while doing all of this Yuurei had shot out five magma bullets towards the creatures. One might think it was random, but he shot them out in a way that would be hard to dodge them.

Yuurei looked at the area in front of him like a box, and shot four bullets close to those corners and one being right in the middle of it all. This would have the wolf dodging and giving him time to do something else, or the creature would have been hit and it might be strong enough to take it out.

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