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Heroics Licenses; How they work
Topic Started: Apr 30 2017, 09:47 PM (5,435 Views)
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Official Hero License

In order to perform any form of actions to aid civilians, and help the general public, you must have a Heroics License. Any actions of this nature without possession of this license is classified as vigilantism, which is forbidden in the eyes of WISH, the World Indicative of Standard Heroics organisation.

Not only is it required for active Heroing work, it is necessary to obtain if you wish to use your Quirk in public in a commercial capacity. e.g. If you wish to work in construction with the usage of your Quirk, you will need this license. This does not apply for Internship programmes, because the company or Office will take responsibility for their interns. This regulation is in place within our society to avoid injury of civilians and other untoward things.
(If you are applying for a Commercial License, the examination process will be more focused upon that aspect rather than grading criteria used for aspiring Heroes).

Due to this license being required by most people who wish you use their Quirk in a commercial setting, there are three strands/ types of it:

The Professional Heroics License, The Commercial License and The Knight License!

As it may sound, the Professional License allows Heroes to do what they do in regards to saving people actively as their career. The Commercial License is a more general thing which allows people to use their Quirk in controlled manners to aid society in some way, such as through construction or other areas of life. Lastly, there is the Knighting License. This license allows heroes the basic fundamental with many various restrictions.

Who can apply?
Anybody, within reason. If you have considerably more Fame than Infamy, you will be accepted in the application process. Or, if you have recently repented for your previous misdeeds and provide proof of said redemption. WISH are very forgiving and want the best for our world at large, and is willing to give second chances.

It is a common misconception that only Heroics Academy students can apply. If you are an independently working Hero, you are more than welcome to apply and get your license just as any student could.

When are the examinations?
They occur two times every year, in various locations. Three of the main testing facilities are located in Japan, America and China. They are announced globally whenever dates are set, and candidates must travel to the set location for that particular examination.

Terms of the License
As one may imagine, there are a set of terms when regarding the Heroics License, and they are as follows;
  • People who hold the Professional version of this license are under obligation to actively aid civilians/ people in peril or danger. Failure to do so will result in drastic consequences, unless you are unable to provide aid due to injury or other complications.
  • People who hold a Professional license reserve the right to resort to drastic measures to keep the peace and save civilians. This means that they are eligible to kill and/ or maim people as a last resort only.
  • People who hold either license are under obligation to follow all regulations laid out by the World Indicative of Standard Heroics (WISH).
  • People who hold either license are under the protection of WISH fundamental rights, which states that they cannot be held monetarily accountable for injury caused to civilians when in a disaster zone, or place of work, or other such complications. Any purposeful or malicious injury to a civilian will result in immediate revocation of your license.
  • People who hold either license are allowed to use their Quirks in populated areas without fear of repercussions for utilising their abilities for mobility, commercialism, Heroics, etc, etc. It does not permit them to use their Quirk to cause any harm to civilians.
  • People who hold a Professional license are able to use their WISH connections to purchase S-Rank equipment, gadgets, items, etc.

Knight's License

Terms of the Knight's License
This License is a fantastic stepping stone, but despite the many opportunities this License provides, it is not a WISH sanctioned license. Because of that fact there are many special rules regarding the license as follows:

  • The License can be appointed by Leaders of countries regardless if PC or NPC.
  • It is not the ultimate license and users of this license cannot do heroic acts outside of their country. If they do, their license won't be an official document or point of reference as many countries have different problems.
  • These licenses are seen as recommendations for the International Heroics Exam. The recommendation only is recognized world wide.
  • Embassies in other countries can count as country soil in regards to heroism or heroic acts with this license.
  • If there are two active heroes and one of them has a WISH License. The WISH License supersedes the Knight License and they will be considered the active main hero in the area. WISH approved and recognized Licenses always are higher in jurisdiction than Knight Licenses.

The Side Kick Clause

Sidekick Clause: A holder of a Professional Hero License may appoint another PC as their “sidekick,” granting that individual the liberties of a professional hero license so long as they are under the DIRECT supervision of the licensed hero. (hero must be in thread).
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