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Techniques and Limit Pool; Show me your moves!
Topic Started: Oct 24 2016, 10:52 PM (14,939 Views)
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Technique Points and Cost

Expanded Table

Table of Contents

  • [go2=Anchor1]Technique Points and Cost[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor2]Limit Pool and Cost[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor4]Offensive Technique & Table[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor5]Physical Techniques & Table[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor6]Material Breakers[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor7]Buffs[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor10]Debuff[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor18]Armor Techniques[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor13]Gadget Techniques[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor15]Item Repair[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor16]Freeform techniques[/go2]
  • [go2=Anchor17]Area of Effect Techniques[/go2]

In MHARP techniques are the most essential element of the combat system. Here you will learn how to make techniques for your character. You are bound by your control rank when making techniques, meaning that you cannot have a technique with a rank that exceeds your control rank unless a specific technique type explicitly allows this. You are allowed to make techniques with a set number of points, we call them Technique Points or in short TP. The amount of TP you receive is bound by by the control rank of your character. Below you can see a table with the quantities you will able to use.

Control RankTechnique Points
D Rank 40
C Rank 70
B Rank 150
A Rank 200
S Rank 300

With your Technique Points in hand you will want to spend them to create your super cool and amazing techniques, but first you need to understand how many do you have to spend to create one.

Technique RankTP Cost
D Rank 5
C Rank 10
B Rank 15
A Rank 25
S Rank 50

This is what you need in regards to TP, yet the MHARP system has also another requirement for creating and using techniques which we will explain on the next segment.

Limit Pool and Cost

For you to be able to execute techniques, you will also need to spend something we call Limit Pool. It could be considered the magic/mana of your character, if he was in a game. When you do a technique, you will need to spend a portion of that pool to act, we call it Limit Cost. The Limit Pool of your character is bound by the characters control rank and receives a bonus based on their stamina.

Stamina boosts your Limit Pool by 5 per rank (Beginning at D Rank and only applies after Letter Grade increases)

Control RankLimit Pool
E Rank 10
D Rank 20
C Rank 30
B Rank 50
A Rank 60
S Rank 70

The table above is the amount of Limit Pool, you acquired by having the said Rank in the Control Stat. (D rank = LP 20). At the beginning of the Story line, your character LP will start at 100% and will deplete every time you use a technique. However, at the start of each post you will recover 20% of your LP.

Technique RankLimit Cost
D Rank 10
C Rank 15
B Rank 20
A Rank 25
S Rank 30

As you can see above, this is what your future techniques will cost to use. A rank D Technique will deplete 10 from your limit pool. A rank C will drain 15 and so on.

All techniques that last longer than the initial turn cost half the LP to sustain. This can be passed for some cases and quirks.

Technique Types

Each of the technique types below is described in detail, while techniques can have additional effects beyond whats listed here. (Usually utility effects related to your quirks). Mixing and matching these types is not allowed under C-Rank. For instance an offensive technique cannot also provide a stat buff, however beyond B-Rank they can within reason. Technique to technique basis based on quirk.

Offensive Techniques

As you progress your Control Rank, the techniques associated with your quirk become more advanced and more powerful. Offensive Techniques use your quirk for direct attacks. The damage these attacks do depends on your Technique Rank stat. The rank of your offensive techniques is capped by your control rank. Note that without the Master of Control Enhancement you cannot make any offensive techniques of S rank.

All techniques have a maximum range as indicated by the table below. While you can have a smaller range on your techniques then this, it can never be bigger.

Technique Rank Range
D Rank Melee or Short (5 meters)
C Rank Medium (15 meters)
B Rank Semi-Long (25 meters)
A Rank Long (50 meters)
S Rank Super Long (100 meters)

Offensive Techniques Example

Physical Attacks

On MHARP, most characters are gifted with a quirk that grants them special abilities allowing them to perform unbelievable feats represented by their control rank, but sometimes that's not enough. Sometimes you just need to give someone a good ol' knuckled-up punch to the jaw. These types of techniques are known as Physical attacks and unlike quirk based techniques, these don't run off the control system, rather, they run off of hard stats.

They are stronger than any freeform attack, but do not match up to Quirk techniques of their same rank.

In the case of Physical Attacks, like quirk attacks, the damage they do depends on your Technique Rank. However, unlike Quirk Techniques which are capped by your control rank, if you have a Power statistic that is higher then your control rank you can make physical attacks of a technique rank equal to your statistic. This means a character can do a B rank power technique if their statistic is equal to the rank. Physical Attacks have the same technique cost as quirk techniques , but limit cost is always 5 points less. Do not forget you still need to overcome the human limit on your Power Statistic to be able to do Physical Attacks of the same rank!

All Physical Attacks have a maximum range as indicated by the table below. While you can have a smaller range on your techniques then this, it can never be bigger. You may notice that until B rank this range cannot exceed melee range, this stems from the fact that in order to make a physical attack have a longer range then Melee you need to be super humanly strong.

Technique Rank Range
D Rank Melee
C Rank Melee
B Rank Short (5 meters)
A Rank Medium (15 meters)
S Rank Semi-Long (25 meters)

Physical Attack Example

Material Breakers

A special technique that breaks items, gadgets, and even suits of armor. While regular techniques can break those these are guaranteed to. A material breaker technique will normally break items 1 rank below the rank of the material breaker technique, by spending double the Limit Cost for a technique of their rank a Material Breaker technique may break items of the same rank as this technique or below. With the enhancement: Master of control elite; these techniques may ALWAYS break items up to the same rank as the technique without increasing the techniques LP cost.

Like offensive techniques, Material Breakers have both a Quirk Based and a Physical variation. Quirk based material Breakers run off your Control Rank while Physical Material Breakers use your Power Stat to determine the maximum rank of your technique. However unlike Physical Attacks, Physical Material Breakers do NOT receive a discount in the technique's LP cost. The ranges given on the table below show the maximum range for such techniques based on the technique rank.

Quirk Based Material Breakers
Technique Rank Range
D Rank Melee or Short (5 meters)
C Rank Medium (15 meters)
B Rank Semi-Long (25 meters)
A Rank Long (50 meters)
S Rank Super Long (100 meters)

Physical Material Breakers
Technique Rank Range
D Rank Melee
C Rank Melee
B Rank Short (5 meters)
A Rank Medium (15 meters)
S Rank Semi-Long (25 meters)

With Master of Control Elite

Stat Altering Techniques

Buffs are stat boosts caused from certain techniques. You may create buffs that increases your own stats, or the stats of another. This means you can only have a technique to do a self buff, or a support one, it’s not possible to have both effects together on the same technique. Because buffs are generated by affecting yourself or someone else with an outside hindrance to their abilities all of these effects much run of your control rank and use your quirk in a plausible way to create the effect. Physical buffs cannot be made above C rank and buffs that are grasping at the limitations of your quirk may be denied by the staff.

You are able to sustain this bonus to your stats by spending half the limit cost of the technique. As such if a Rank D technique has a limit cost of 10, to be able to keep it up, you need to spend 5 of your limit pool for each following turn until you either run out of Limit pool, or turn it off.

Buffs cannot exceed the S+ Cap limit

Physical buff techniques cannot exceed C rank

Like all other quirk based technique's buffs have a range. Some buffs can affect more than 1 person at a time. To do so you must use the AOE range given further on in this post, however they can only affect the number of people given on the table below. The two tables given below will show the ranges and the types of buff techniques you can create based on your technique rank.
Buff/Debuff Ranges
Technique Rank Range
D Rank Melee or Short (5 meters)
C Rank Medium (15 meters)
B Rank Semi-Long (25 meters)
A Rank Long (50 meters)
S Rank Super Long (100 meters)

Buff Table
Rank Buffs Targets
D +2 stats Self
D +2 stats 1
D +1 stats AOE
C +3 stats Self
C +3 stats 1
C +2 stats AOE
B +4 stats Self
B +4 stats 1
B +3 stats AOE
A +5 stats Self
A +5 stats 1
A +4 stats AOE
S +6 stats Self
S +6 stats 1
S +5 stats AOE

Example of a Buff Technique


Debuffs inflict a stat decrease to an opponent. These techniques work differently from the buff ones. You sustain them, like buffs; however, the max amount of time you upkeep varies on rank. One round at D Rank adding one additional turn per control level.

Debuff Table
Rank Debuffs Targets
D -2 stats 1
D -1 stats AOE
C -3 stats 1
C -2 stats AOE
B -4 stats 1
B -3 stats AOE
A -5 stats 1
A -4 stats AOE
S -6 stats 1
S -5 stats AOE

Example of a Debuff Technique

Armor Techniques

Armor Techniques are simply techniques where you create armor from the usage of a technique. The rank of the technique used equals the material rank of the armor and the armor itself lasts for however long you choose to sustain it or until it is broken in the same manner as a gadget can be broken. Like with buffs, you need to spend half of the initial limit cost per post to maintain the armor. If it is broken, you must pay the initial cost of the technique to recreate the armour rather following the normal rules for repairing a gadget.


[anchor]Anchor19[/anchor]Stuns and Binds

Being extremely strong, a built in mechanism has been made to limit this technique functionality that applies to some quirks. Someone suffering under the afflictions a stun or bind, like that of Bloodcurdle for example, may pay 1.5x the amount of the technique used to break from from the condition. Think of it as Shounen Will Power!

You absolutely cannot create a Bind or Stun technique until C-Rank Control. No D-Rank Stuns or Binds will be permitted unless it is an inherent part of the quirk you have. e.g. Bloodcurdle.

Gadget Techniques
Gadget & Weapon Technique Rules

Guns & Gadget LP Rules
Guns brought up a difficult choice for the mod team; ban or not ban the use of them. The compromise brought a new rule over all of the items, weapons and gadgets. While weapon and gadget techniques are still usable, viable and strong; some gadgets felt very lack luster or overpowered with simple everyday use. Guns were violently too strong, the arguments were valid, but the balance still hurt. And thus, canon-ly, guns use the user's life force (LP). This costs the same amount of LP as if it was a technique (D-Rank gun costs the price of a D-Rank Tech which would be 10 LP). This rule applies to guns and guns alone. In addition to this, In order to use a gun, your accuracy must be of equal or higher rank to the guns material rank in order to use it. If you have the Gunslinger EP, this cost for basic usage of your item is halved. Using the item basically, in this case, firing a bullet, is roughly half the strength of a technique. (e.g. Using a D-Rank gun technique is a good deal stronger than just firing a D-Rank bullet).

However, it is important to remember the following:
The maximum rank of your bullet depends upon not only the rank of your gun, but your Accuracy stat, after buffs are applied.
For example: If you have a B-Rank Gun, and you have C-Rank Accuracy, you can only fire C-Rank bullets. But, if you have a technique or enhancement which buffs your Accuracy to B-Rank, you can then fire B-Rank bullets.

Similar to guns, items consume LP to use, but only half the rank of it’s gadget, item or weapon’s grade as if it were a technique as well. (D-Rank taser costs the price of half the rank of D-Rank Tech which would be 10 / 2 = 5 LP) Example: You have an electrically charged glove. You could charge it many times in one turn as long as you have LP to burn. Many would think it stupid to need a technique for something innate. Now the user can freely flow their energy into their item and can activate its innate power/ability. Doing so means that the strength of the gadget is roughly half the strength of using a technique of this nature. (As with guns, using a D-Rank technique is much stronger than using your item/ gadget at D-Rank).

Freeform Melee Gadget Rules

Attacking with gadgets in a melee form, this includes actual melee weapons, with a power ranking higher than the materiel rank of the item causes it to break. If you are using the melee weapon as free form it does not cost LP. However, the damage inflicted to others is similar in the sense of a free form punch and the damage output is based on the users power.

Gadget & Weapon Technique Rules
Even with this you still will want to have gadget techniques as they are far more powerful than any basic usage or ability.

The maximum rank of your gadget techniques are determined by the rank of the gadget. For example, this would mean you can't make C rank lightsaber techniques centred on a D rank lightsaber. Using the example of the gun from earlier, if you had one sure you could shoot it, but you'd need to make a technique in which you shoot it at one place and the bullet ricochets to another. When you sell or trade away your gadget (Basically when you don’t possess your gadget) you regain all the technique points used on said gadget.

Quirk, Gadget and Gun Techniques > Basic Item Usage > Physical Techniques > Freeform Attacks

(Between Quirk and Physical techniques, this is a case-by-case basis dependent on RP and situations.)
Item Repair

So, you bought your fancy new gadget and it’s super cool! It shoots fire and it’s got a gold coat of paint, and oh, aren’t you just the bee’s knees? But, what’s that? You got too heavy-handed and reckless, therefore having your gadget broken? Your wallet isn’t looking too healthy? Have no fear! Here at HARP, we have two different systems to help you out when it comes to items, costumes and gadgets. These do NOT work for single-use items, however. If you use a consumable, it’s gone forever.

Option 1: You can use your Cash to fix the broken item in the Market. To do this, provide the original approval link for the item, and your repair price will be half of what you paid for the item.

Option 2: You can do an SL with a Support Character which has to be a total of 10 posts (5 on each party) to RP out the fixing of your item. This option is free, provides EXP, and can fill your Normal or Dual Thread slot. It also boosts the Fame of the Support Character who fixed your item.

Option 3: The final option is only open to Yuuei Academy Students. To do this, you must submit a Process Pending stating that you wish to have your item fixed. You must do two full main threads without the item while it is away being fixed in the school. The SLs you have done need to be graded before you are allowed to use your item again.
Freeform techniques

Freeform is another mechanic within our combat system that allow a character to perform actions without the use of proper techniques. Freeform is usually reserved for simple actions and comes with its own set of pros and cons, with differences existing between the various mediums with which freeform can be used. In all cases of freeform, it will be treated in the same position at the bottom of the hierarchy of potency in relation to quirk techniques, gadget techniques, and physical techniques. With quirk based freeform, anything done will not cost the user any LP but will only have the potency of 1 rank below their control and cap at C rank. In the case of freeform regarding unarmed physical combat there is still no LP cost, but the potency will hold the same potency as the user's Power stat and has no cap. Much like unarmed physical freeform, freeform using melee weapons/gadgets such as swords has no LP cost and scales with the user's Power, but is capped by the material rank of the item. Freeform of basic gadget usage will cost half LP corresponding to a technique of the gadget's rank, but will also hold the potency equal to the gadget's rank and has no cap aside from the gadget's rank. Gun freeform Limit Cost will still be the full cost of a technique of equal rank, but will hold the same potency of the user's Accuracy stat and only be capped by the rank of the gun.

Freeform Guideline
TypeRelevant StatLimit Cost (compared to technique of equal rank)PotencyCap
QuirkControl01 Rank LowerC
PhysicalPower0EqualNo Cap
Melee WeaponPower0EqualMaterial Rank of Item
Basic GadgetGadget Effect RankHalfEqualGadget Rank
GunAccuracyFullEqualMaterial Rank of Gun


Area of Effect Techniques

Area of effect techniques are a special type of technique. Unlike all other technique types, you can make any of the above technique types, barring physical attacks and physical material breakers be an AOE instead. An AOE attack can only be used using your quirk and your quirk must logically be able to produce an AOE. You can deploy an AOE at any point within the range given on the table below. If an AOE is Melee range, then the AOE radius is instead centred on yourself rather then on a spot within your range.

Technique Rank AoE Range
D Rank AoE Short (2 meters)
C Rank AoE Medium (8 meters)
B Rank AoE Semi-Long (12 meters)
A Rank AoE Long (25 meters)
S Rank AoE Super Long (50 meters)

On your posts where you use techniques of any kind be sure to mention the following:

Techniques used with the amount of LP used.
LP left/Total LP
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Technique Glossary

Physical Techniques

Attack someone without the use of a quirk or gadget (ie, a punch or kick). This scales with Power stat.

Quirk Technique
Attack someone with the use of a quirk. This scales with Control Rank.

Gadget Techniques

Attack someone using a weapon or gadget. This primarily scales with gadget effect rank, but can also rely on physical stats such as Accuracy.

Buff Technique

A technique that increases a stat of a Character.

Debuff Technique

A technique that decreases a stat of a Character.

Area of Effect (AoE)

A technique that isn’t single target, but affects up to three people with a specified distance.

Bind - Root - Stun

A technique that locks the target in place or prevents them from performing any significance actions. The target can free themselves from these types of techniques through 1 of 3 ways. The target can break free of these techniques through sheer willpower by paying 1.5x the Limit Cost of the technique used against them, they may use a technique of their own that is specifically designated as a release from these status effects, or they may freeform their way out by having Power that is at least 1 letter grade above the rank of the technique used against them.

Combo Techniques

A technique performed in unison between two PCs. The TP can be spent by only one user but only the person that has payed TP for the technique may initiate it. Both PCs need to pay LP costs to perform it.

Charge Techniques

Starting at C-Rank, users can take a post round to charge the damage of their ability by +1 stat (capping at +2 at C, +3 at B Rank). At A Rank, users only need one round of charge to jump +3 damage.

Fighting Styles/Stances

Physical (non-Quirk) buff techniques. These are capped at C rank.

Trump Cards

A special type of ability granted by some quirks that temporarily grant the user a dramatic increase in power or capabilities for a specified amount of time (post round duration). Trump cards are always accompanied by a severe drawback, usually in the form of a comparative debuff or debilitating status effect that begins once the activation of the trump card has ended.

This is a short list of what is known and understood, but is not the limit of techniques. Creativity can make many different types of techs happen as well as different quirks adding to the possibilities.
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