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|| Current Year & Season: Spring of 426 || The World's Number One Hero is still missing. Any information of her whereabouts will be greatly appreciated by the general public. || U.A. is holding its next lot of entrance exams, with a high failure rate imminent to instill a message of excellence. || WISH has updated their Mission & Bounty Boards and advises willing Licensed Heroes to take a look. || "You know, I used to be in General Studies; but the whole time my heart was in Heroics." - Lucy Z. Marvello ||

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Active Topics
  Title Topic Starter Forum Replies Views Topic Info
Regular Grape Force
CrabSage Heroes 3 143
One minute ago
Last Post By: StrongBadEmail
Hot Topic A Lost Land Reappears!
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Rookie Bot Deir Hawe 63 1,493
3 minutes ago
Last Post By: Kotodama
Regular Delete this character pls
Kevho Character Development 0 5
20 minutes ago
Last Post By: Kevho
Regular Dimitri "Dima" Vyacheslav
Kevho Villains 7 472
28 minutes ago
Last Post By: Kevho
Regular Roll for all for NZ
Fumus Approved/Graded 4 55
47 minutes ago
Last Post By: Fumus
Regular Roll for All
Attack Frog Quirks: Approval Pending 3 48
58 minutes ago
Last Post By: BigGuava
Hot Topic The Christening of New Zealand
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Sign Up Here
BigGuava Announcements and Events 74 1,118
Today, 10:15 AM
Last Post By: Fumus
Regular Quinn Campbell: Queen of Diamonds
BlenderMutt Others 3 101
Today, 9:58 AM
Last Post By: StrongBadEmail
Regular Claiming T3 w/ Pancake Coupon
Casshern Quirks: Approval Pending 0 12
Today, 9:30 AM
Last Post By: Casshern
Hot Topic Shot Through the Heart
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Class 1B Midterm
Mod Bot Class B 47 985
Today, 9:23 AM
Last Post By: SmolGremlin
Regular DW roll for 4
For NZ event character
Cloudmonkey Quirks: Approval Pending 2 24
Today, 9:22 AM
Last Post By: Casshern
Hot Topic The Masquerade isn't Over, Yet!
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1-A: Mid-Term Exams
Mod Bot Class A 50 875
Today, 9:04 AM
Last Post By: BlenderMutt
Regular Tyler (ready ready)
New Zealand Character
Casshern Characters: Approval Pending 1 348
Today, 8:53 AM
Last Post By: Casshern
Regular Sustainability
Psycho Character Development 0 19
Today, 8:23 AM
Last Post By: Psycho
Regular Street Fighter 2 World Warrior
Nia and Bricen
LukaLuka Other Locations 6 83
Today, 8:01 AM
Last Post By: LukaLuka
Regular Urban Exploration
sealthedeal Tokyo 5 79
Today, 7:48 AM
Last Post By: Seuil
Regular Hey
Indigo Introductions 1 21
Today, 7:46 AM
Last Post By: BigGuava
Regular Strategic Battle and Command Hero Training (Open)
Battle Chess
Cobdogred Tokyo 11 145
Today, 7:32 AM
Last Post By: Dai
Regular Walk the Talk
Class 2A Final Lesson
Mod Bot Class A 5 108
Today, 7:04 AM
Last Post By: Treizi
Regular Quirk application
Cloudmonkey Quirks: Approval Pending 0 10
Today, 7:02 AM
Last Post By: Cloudmonkey
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