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|| Current Year & Season: Spring of 427 || Based on Eyewitness accounts and the absolute state of denial the Freedom Pirates find themselves in, they have now confirmed that Lucy, after a years' investigation, died of her terminal condition. Information was gained by WISH's Chief of Staff of the CDC, Mr. Beckman. || Abyssal has decided to hang up her cape after the news of Lucy's death and entrusts her lineage to a hopeful young one, Sub-Zero. Reporters asked a few newer members about Abyssal's retirement and they gave mixed responses.|| “I ain’t going back to Elysium for no damn reward. Fuckers insane.” - Newest Vitality Member, Big Smoke. No extra information was given to explain his ranting. ||

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The Dead Wilds

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Olympus
A mysterious 'biome' of the Dead Wilds located in the east-most portion of the land. It does not encroach upon the Curse Plateau, as other biomes of the Dead Wilds do, and instead has exact coordinates that can be mapped to mark a beginning and end of it with further exploration. Its namesake comes from the heavy, almost heavenly clouds that cover the ground in a cloying thickness, and an otherwise electrical charge that runs in the atmosphere. Lightning and electricity constantly crackle in the skies, which are somehow a stunning azure blue colour. In spite of the beauty that this biome holds, freak weather phenomena and elemental creatures as never far away...
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Atlantis
Somehow, this portion of the Dead Wilds is entirely underwater. Only small land masses, no bigger than islands such as Hawaii, are scattered across this expanse of ever-changing water. Sometimes it is saltwater. Other times it changes to freshwater. Sea creatures lurk in the vast, deep waters, ready to attack any trespassers at a moment's notice. It is rumoured that the ruins of what was here in the Dark Continent before the collapse can be found under the waters here.
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Regular Forum The Wastes
In the far west portions of the Dead Wilds, a biome of arid desert awaits anybody who travels here. Whereas the sun shines nowhere else on the Continent as a whole, a ball of flames hangs in the sky constantly wherever you and your party go; there is no such thing as night here, and every minute of every day is spent in uncomfortable dry heat. There is only desert, with the occasional Oasis scattered sporadically across the biome. Explorers in this area will be misled by heat mirages and illusions, and face savagely mutated desert-like creatures at every turn...
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Rory, Lost in the Wastes Oct 5 2017, 07:31 PM, By Tsukiko
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The Dead Wilds
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What is known about this mysterious expanse
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